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Sion Build Guide by feederfromelohell

Top The Strategically Minded Sion AKA Reddits Inting Sion

Top The Strategically Minded Sion AKA Reddits Inting Sion

Updated on February 21, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author feederfromelohell Build Guide By feederfromelohell 474 30 685,439 Views 14 Comments
474 30 685,439 Views 14 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author feederfromelohell Sion Build Guide By feederfromelohell Updated on February 21, 2020
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Grasp of the Undying

Gathering Storm


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None


If you are the type of player who gets easily pissed off when anything goes wrong and wants to simply turn off your brain and push down a lane without fear of dying atleast 10 times per game and still gain LP. Look no further.

WARNING: This strategy is borderline bannable and will result in mixed feelings in both teams, especially in the enemy team if you win.

Expect to either be reported or get 4 honors and see the enemy team flame eachother and you.

This build isn't known to have a very good kda ratio but instead it's known to have the best win rate to worst kda ratio ever!

Can cause intense hatred towards teammates in low elo games and utter clown fiestas that leave everyone tilted. Use at your own risk! xD

Oh and forget about S+ and honor rewards.

Here is a great analysis of a game I played by Professor Akali props to him for making the video.
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Items & Runes

The items are designed to benefit from hp in various ways or simply add more hp and enough armor/magic resist to not get melted. You gain more ad, damage to turrets/structures and shields from hp making you an absolute monster that is not only as tanky as sion is known to be but it also grants the ability to oneshot carries. For more information see the notes for purchase order.

Grasp of the undying helps you on lane, gives perma health and scales well with Sions high hp.
Demolish scales with hp and is the most important rune for this build.
Conditioning isn't the best rune but it's better than the 2 other options.
Overgrowth gives around 300hp late game... IT'S MORE HEALTH SO TAKE IT!!!
Transcendence is a decent rune 10% cdr is useful especially when the build gives 0.
Gathering storm is amazing for a style that makes games often last for over 30min.Just replace ZZ'Rot with the new Sanguine Blade and you'll be more than fine!
Instead of going with Sunfire, Thornmail & Solari, you can now also choose to build Frozen Mallet, Guardian Angel & Spirit Visage for INSANE dmg and some lifesteal.
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Pros / Cons

+ wave clear, poke, burst, escape, engage, peel, tanky, damage, cc, scaling, impactful, flexible, funny and scary.
- arguably requires practice, abilities can miss, relies heavily on last hitting and always causes someone to cry.
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Laning & Jungling

You should always be sneaky and invade lvl 1 and take their blue buff and gromp or red buff and the big raptor + one small raptor. Then just push as much as possible and keep your tunnel vision on farm.
After finishing tiamat you can go proxy and counter jungle.
This can result in a questionable amount of deaths which might make one ask a difficult question: "to kill or not to kill?" The answer is always KILL.
Because caring about resetting the gold enemies get from killing you is cowardice and "Cowardice will be met with death". There are maybe some rare exceptions to this rule but that's too much thinking so just do it.
This way everyone profits and you get the LP.
Oh! And if you are playing as the jungler try to die alot in the jungle so you can farm with your passive and don't forget to abuse the passive for soloing Dragons.
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Split push / Teamwork

After laning phase is over or there are no more top turrets left.
It's time to go break some more turrets/inhibs. Just pick a lane and press R. You might need minions to weaken the turrets defences and remember to place the zzrot right next to the structure so the voidlings will focus it.
The power spike starts after 2 items but truly kicks in at 3+ items then you become one hell of a splitpusher. They usually need to send more than 2 to stop you from wrecking their base.
That's when your team can fight 4v3 or take objectives. If your team is too behind to fight 4v3 you should keep splitting and drag on the game because Sion has very good late game. Because of Sions great ability to peel and prevent the enemy from ending either by splitting or just defending he goes well with late game ADCs. Your job is basically to create chaos and turn the game into a spine shivering nightmare that will make your enemies swiftly hit that computer power button. The longer the game goes on the more likely the enemy is to suffer a mental breakdown just from the constant fear of hearing your terrifying scream from Unstoppable Onslaught and then seeing their last structures fall in seconds. It can make anyone feel dizzy and fall off from their chair.
A difficult choice to make is when the juicy open enemy nexus is whispering to you "come and get your free LP...coward". In this blood boiling moment many Sions would just smash that "Nothing will stop me!" key.
But if you have better team comp you should 5v5 instead since it is less likely to cause miscommunication. You can also surprisingly join team fight or roam at any point in the game if there is a good opportunity for you to land ult.
Making this kind of plays takes some game knowledge tho. Don't worry just charging at the turrets without any kind of teamwork is likely to win you the game as well.
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Advanced Tips

Incase you haven't read what all the abilities do: ""

- Don't hide in the bush nearest to buff when lvl 1 invading.
- After dying to red buff try to take the big raptor and 1-2 small ones. Then activate W before teleporting back to lane. This way you will only miss 2-3 minions.
- If you are invading blue buff and the enemy is waiting for you start wolves and then take blue. Always steal more than just the buff!
- Tank 1 hit with W from blue/red then explode it for alot of dmg.
- Press W before teleporting to lane for free shield that you can use to farm/poke.
- Press W before hitting your target with R for more burst like W R W Q Basic, Titanic hydra active or E. It should easily oneshot almost any adc or mid laner.
- If you have W and grasp of the undying ready you should win almost any trade especially if you have finished titanic hydra. Against tanks such as malphite just trade whenever Grasp of the undying is up.
- Tell ur team if the enemy used any major cooldowns to kill you and how many of them came.
- Avoid ulting through a lane if you know Anivia or Trundle is there because they can easily stop your ult. If someone is standing on your way flash over them and then ult.
- After pulling 1-3 enemies to come stop your splitpush you can suddenly tp and R to help your team win 5v4, 5v3 or even 5v2.
- Expect your enemies to make big mistakes because of the stressful situation you create.
- I wouldn't recommend this in games near Masters league, which was my highest rank with this style, because they know how to snowball with the kills you give. However Sion with Demolish and/or Zz'rot can always pose a threat of losing important structures no matter in what elo you are playing in. Just got to die way less and be more strategically minded about it.
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It is wiser to not have over level 5 mastery or use a skin since people are going to tell you to refund it anyway and besides who respects sion mains? But hey! Atleast you get to be that feeding clown who everybody prays not to get in their team except the enemy team after they have seen you destroy their top laner. Which makes the in denial about losing Riven player even more mad when his team wants to swap top laners. If your victim is flaming his team don't forget to report him to ensure he doesn't lower the quality of games in the future with his toxicity. The weak deserve to be reported!

When it comes to abusing everyone's favorite element of the game psychological warfare you should keep in mind that you are on very dangerous waters since it gives people yet another empty reasons to report you.
But you can always answer to their complaints with official Sion quotes such as "Your cries disgust me!" or "I'll drown you in your own blood!" or something along those lines they won't realise if you changed something. "You are (low elo) worms!"
After all "No technique is forbidden" Oops wrong quote "Noxus suffers no cowards!"

Sorry for my EU grammar. I'll try to fix the text later.

My Twitch stream:
League of Legends Build Guide Author feederfromelohell
feederfromelohell Sion Guide
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The Strategically Minded Sion AKA Reddits Inting Sion

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