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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Trundle Build Guide by krishtNA

Tank The Tactical Trundle Guide :Top , Jungle & Support (In_D

Tank The Tactical Trundle Guide :Top , Jungle & Support (In_D

Updated on April 20, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author krishtNA Build Guide By krishtNA 87,605 Views 0 Comments
87,605 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author krishtNA Trundle Build Guide By krishtNA Updated on April 20, 2016
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Trundle
    Jungle Troll
  • LoL Champion: Trundle
    Top-Lane Troll
  • LoL Champion: Trundle
    Trolling with the Carries


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Hello my name is krishtNA and I main Teemo ( T_T )
I play at Garena (Pfft...) and you may catch me playing some normals as im always testing new builds.
Enough said about me ,
This Trundle guide focuses a lot on playing as Trundle (What to do when as such)

PS:This is my second guide on mobafire , you can catch the first one here : Summoning Satan

PS2: Skip next 2 sections if you already know about Trundle

PS3: This guide is wordy aka you have a lot to read although you may skip certain sections if you know about the content . However on learning and understanding the tactics fully given in this guide , you can master Trundle and it will also help you with many other champions.
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The Troll who Carries

Trundle - The Troll King
Ranged, Melee, Tanky DPS, Jungler

Jungler ganking potential: Strong as f**k
Speciality: Huge Sustain in Jungle
Briefed Up: One of the best Junglers atm , Will stay relevant as long as Tanks exist.Simply the best anti-Tank in this game right now.Huge Sustain in the Jungle allowing farming to be easy without backing often and doesnt require any sort of potions apart from the health pots in the start.

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Why would I pick Trundle ?


+ Best Anti-Tank in the game.
+ High Dueling Power
+ Insane Sustain
+ King of Trolls
+ Ez Ganks
Trundle is a champion who has an insane potential as a jungler. He has insane sustain in the jungle due to King's Tribute and taking low damage from monsters due to Chomp removing some AD from the monsters, along with this his ganks are inescapable and just require a well timed placement of Pillar of Ice. He gets a nice attack speed steroid and can duel very well inside his Frozen Domain. Lastly Subjugate can be used to tower dive , finish of low hp enemies and Duel with tanks


+ Quicksilver Sash
+ Can be kited
+ Has to farm to complete Devourer
+ He is a troll
+ Spamming Chomp consumes lot of mana
+ Grievous Wounds
Trundle's Prime Weakness is Quicksilver Sash, It completely negates Subjugate which Trundle relies greatly upon to get Tankier during prime situations. If going up against a team with no Tanks , Trundle can have bit of a problem ulting people. Also with Grievous Wounds becoming more easier to apply with Mortal Reminder Trundle has a hard time gaining health back from nearby deaths
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Core Items


Item Sequence

Stalker's Blade - Devourer 2450
Mercury's Treads - Alacrity 1550
Titanic Hydra 3300
Death's Dance 3200
Spirit Visage 2900
Dead Man's Plate 2900

The best boots for a Tank in the game. 30% Tenacity combined with 15% from masteries gives you over 40% tenacity

Converts HP into damage , Extreme waveclear when combined with Sated Devourer

You can now heal of massive amounts of health from the Titanic Hydra Passive and this item also makes you Tanky.

Simply the best item for Trundle.Boosts overall HP gained from Deaths Dance and your passive. Using this in Frozen Domain combined with Runic Armor INCREASES healing to a nifty 55%
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Itemization - Choosing what and when

Picking up the correct Jungle Upgrade :

The 3 jungle upgrades

Skirmisher's Sabre gives you the ultimate dueling power of all the 3.Not only does it deal 60-162 True Damage but it reduces their damage to you by 20%.Pick this against strong Duelists like Jax , Tryndamere , Master Yi etc.

If the enemy has a lot of gapclosers or if you feel that the enemy can kite you despite the your pillar (Ex: Vayne).Pick this if you want to gank more and secure more kills from ganks

So if you are up against a Shaco or any jungler who counter jungles you and ganks other lanes. The wards can be placed on the lane or to either secure your buffs. Vision is very influential in early game

Picking Up the Correct Armor Item :

The 3 Armour Items

Dead Man's Plate gives you 60 movement speed when charged fully , enabling yourself to Roam with ease.It also can be combined with Chomp to deal some significant damage and apply a slow.

Very good item if you want some Magic Damage to enemies while going in Melee range. Although being a Lane oriented item , the burn adds to your split pushing capabilities

So if you are up against Auto Attack Reliant champions like Master Yi , Jax , Yasuo.If your Toplaner / Support doesnt get a Frozen Heart this item is a must buy
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  • Start at gromp ,smite it ,spam Chomp as many times as you can and finish it off.

  • Next max Frozen Domain run over to your blue buff , activate Frozen Domain and spam Chomp like you did with the gromp and you will have the Frozen Domain off cooldown before the blue dies and use it when you are about to kill the blue

  • Always use Frozen Domain before the large monster dies or before you smite Red Buff so that you get a huge amount of health back

  • You will always have enough health to do a full clear , so do one back and grab your jungle upgrade

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Split Pushing

What is split pushing ?

  • When the enemy team groups up in some lane (mostly mid) , you can go to another lane and push it take objectives like towers . This puts additional pressure on the map and the enemy team is forced to send their teammates to stop you .

  • While Sated Devourer Junglers are extremely powerful at dueling , Trundle excels at location based dueling due to the steroids from Frozen Domain .

  • The enemy team is hence forced to send atleast 1 member to stop you from destroying their towers . If you have farmed up (or) if you are fed , then you can easily dive and kill the member they send to stop you (incase of Trundle you can use Subjugate along with Frozen Domain Pillar of Ice to dive the single enemy member.

  • So sometimes the enemy team is forced to send 2 people to stop you. This provides your team a huge advantage where they can fight 4v3 or the enemy team may even be forced to back off.

When should you not split-push ?

  • When the enemy has hard engage champions like like Zac , Amumu and Malphite etc

  • If you are confident that your team can win the teamfight , there is no point in split pushing as you can just group up and get objectives .

  • If there are pulls or dash-engages in the enemy team . If Blitzcrank Rocket Grab's a carry on your team , then he is pretty much dead and you have to defend till he respawns. But you can prevent the grab by using Pillar of Ice (which I will talk about later in this guide). Thus you have a better team presence in this situation and you need to stick with your team .

Note : Never use your Frozen Domain to get the extra attack speed for clearing unless you know that the enemies aren't on the hunt for you . Frozen Domain helps you escape with the bonus movement speed . You can escape by combining Frozen Domain and Pillar of Ice to block of enemies .

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Using the Pillar of Ice

Description :

Trundle creates an icy pillar at a target location for 6 seconds, creating impassable terrain and slowing all enemy units by 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50% around the pillar for .25 seconds. The slow duration is refreshed if enemies stay within the area around the pillar. Enemies caught in the center of the eruption are briefly knocked back.

This is one of the few terrain based skills in League of Legends (along with Crystallize etc ) . This single skill can often change the course of the teamfight and has many tricks that is unknown .

Pillar of Ice can be used in the following ways :
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Counter Jungling and Counter Ganking

What is counter jungling ?

  • When realise that the the enemy jungler is not in his jungle (ex : You are in botlane and he is trying to gank top or you have seen him recall via wards) you go to the enemy jungle , take free buffs from his jungle . This gives you more money and experience and puts you on an advantage over the enemy jungler as he has missed his buffs .

  • Taking the big buffs (Red and Blue) from the enemy jungle puts the enemy on a major disadvantage as the enemy jungler has less sustain and ganking potential without red buff and the enemy midlaner has no resource regeneration without blue buff .

    How do I Counter Jungle ?

    • When the enemy has appeared on the map / you know his location and you are sure the enemy wont reach the buff before you kill it .

    • Map Awareness and Warding are thus 2 very important factors for counter jungling . Knowing the enemy jungler's position , You can completely dominate games by counter jungling and counter ganking and snowball all of your lanes for a guaranteed victory .

    • If your Midlaner is dominating his lane , he can always come and help you if you get stuck in a duel in the enemy jungle where as the enemy mid laner posses a less of a threat since your midlaner is dominating .

    • Do not try and counter jungle with your Midlaner has based unless you are 100% sure that the enemy jungler will not interrupt you stealing his buffs.

  • If you have trouble counter jungling , you can try and go the enemy's blue side . First Smite the greater murk wolf to get vision through out the enemy jungle . You will now be alerted if the enemy jungler enters the jungle .

How do I Counter Gank ?

  • Counter Ganking is when you predict the ganks of an enemy jungler in lane and arriving just in that moment when he ganks to turn the tides in your favour .

  • To Counter Ganking , again Map Awareness is very important . You should be able to predict the position of the junglers via wards and jungle timers .

  • If a jungler is camping a lane , it becomes more easier to counter jungle and counter gank .

Jungle Timers

  • Red Buff - Respawns at 5 mins
  • Blue Buff - Respawns at 5 mins
  • Other minor camps - Respawn at 1 min (Dont track these)

  • Keeping Jungle Timers on check is a very important skill for a jungler . It allows you to plan ganks , base and return just in time when those camps spawn .

  • Learning where the enemy jungler started and keeping tracks of their Jungle Camps (Red and Blue) can lead to extremely effecient counter jungling
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Thats all for the Tactical Trundle Guide (atm) .

Feel free to leave a comment on my guide and ask any question related to this .

I would like to thank jhoijhoi's guide for making a guide and Joxuu's formats for making this guide (<3)

PS: I will be updating this again with videos .

PS2: More Tactical chapters to be added
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