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Nasus Build Guide by Deckstar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deckstar

The toughest librarian EVER

Deckstar Last updated on February 23, 2013
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WHATS UP SUMMONERS?? Decks here making ANOTHER guide, this time for NASUS!

One of the most popular champions and a phobia to many players at the late game, when i was quite a noob, i almost did a PENTAKILL... Unfortunatly, there was a fed-teemo facing me to a duel, after i used my ultimate and made a Quadra, and i didn't knew at the time... But Teemo is a natural counter to Nasus.... I'll explain my build and things like that in the guide, you also might notice the lack of images, thats something common in my guides, but anyways, Hope you enjoy! :D

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Well i have been planing on doing this build to Nasus for quite a long time, Nasus was pretty much my first effective solo-top champion, and i stopped playing Nasus for quite a long time, since i was kinda tired of waiting for the Late-game for me to become a monster, but thats kinda hard when my noob team surrenders at 20... -___-

The reason why i'm doing this is because, a little while ago, some weeks i think... They made some changes on Nasus... They BUFFED HIM!!! Yes! Thats right! They buffed his Q ability where your damage bonus for last hitting doubles if you do it on Neutral Monsters or Enemy champions or large cannon minions! With that a Jungler Nasus is bound to come and pherhaps i do it myself later, but i'm not exactly a HELL OF A JUNGLER...

Also, i will remake my Twitch guide.... One day... But not right now, because the result might end up similar, so right now i will finish this... God forsaken guide which I DONT REMEBER START DOING IT!!! I took a look, and though that the item set was just fine so i will try to finish this.

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Pros and Cons:


- Passive Lifesteal
- 1V5 Easily if well farmed at late game.
- Strong Slow of 93% of movement speed
- OP as fuq late-game
- Nearly invicible
- Stacks itens really easily
- Can be a pure tank while dealing Huge damage.
- His skills can stack their effects in a overwhelming combo
- Fairly easy to play


- Pretty Weak early game
- Must farm A LOT to deal damage
- Extra careful is needed
- Must buy wards or wriggles Lantern if you don't wanna get ganked and feed the jungler
- Kinda vulnerable to CC
- His MAIN damage source is an "next-attack" ability, which can be countered by Jax, Fiora, Teemo... So must be wise when using.
- Extra pacience required.

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Passive - Soul Eater : Gives a Natural Life steal bonus to Nasus, scaling with the level (3 lvls)

Q - Siphoning Strike : In the next auto attack, Nasus will deal bonus damage, gaining 3 aditional points of damage, if a minion targeted is killed, but because of a last patch on Nasus, if Siphoning Stike kills a a large neutral monster, a cannon minion or a enemy champion, this effect would be double, giving 6 points of damage, so if you have farmed 100 minions with the Q you will have extra 300 points of damage. This skill will also be applied to turrets, so 3 hits, when well farmed, one turret down. This skill has a fairly low cooldown and low mana cost and its your main damage source, but others abilites will consume a lot more mana.

W - Wither : This skill is a powerful slow that also effects the attack speed, so with this skill its almost impossible to take Nasus 1v1, only if you are a Nasus's natural counter. The slow effect will increase with a certain time, reaching its maximun, at levl 5 this skill will slow the movement and attack speed by 93%. The cooldown of this ability is quite high, so be wise when using.

E - Spirit Fire: Targets a certain area of the map, dealing an initial burst of magic damage, then it will be dealing damage per second while reducing the armor of any enemy in the circle, this will increase your Q damage, making faster to farm minions, and even to finish enemy champions.

R - Fury of the Sands : Nasus receives a hellsing buff giving him a high bonus of health, attack range, cast range, and also an aura that steals a percentage of max health of the enemy based on 1% of Ap, and then turning a percentage of this into bonus attack damage. This ability is super dangerous on team fights, also remember: Being a tank, does not mean being imortal. So try to stay safe, even as Nasus. Of course, at late game you gotta be agressive but that does not mean being a fool.

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I put more than enough explainatory in the Item notes for purchase order, also, you can see the item's info putting the mouse over the item's icon.

Any others doubt in general, comment in the discussion and i will try to explain in Private message. If i'm lucky i'll be able to learn a thing or two from you.

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Ghost - Great escape and chase mechanism, really useful, i strongly reccomend
Ignite - Finisher, weakness to champions that depends on regeneration on solotop, such as Garen, Mundo, Sion(life steal), Fiora... etc.

Exhaust - Was my main choice, but after sometime i realized that Nasus doesn't need it, his W is even better that the Exhaust, the slow on movement and attack speed is stronger, it has a minor cooldown even though it doesn't reduce the enemy's damage and item damage.

Teleport - Good if you are taking a beat at top lane, you can get there faster, and you will be able to farm much more, but i won't reccomend that much.

Flash - Not so effective for Nasus, since he doesn't really need much positioning, so i would be better with just Ghost, which would allow me to chase other enemies while keeping with my teammates, Its true that Nasus can 1v5... But if you risk too much you might lose much more than just your life.

Cleanse - NO... There are other itens on the build which would act like a better solution.

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Runes and Masteries:

I would pick a standard AD quintessences with armor seals and scaling magical resist gliphs because thats what most summoners have, i don't have a third Tank rune page, so i am going in with just the two AP and AD runes i have, depending on what the abilities scale... However if you have a Tanky based Rune page, i sugest you use it for Nasus.

In the masteries i usely have a page called: Tanky Bruisers, which is kinda self-explained, i focus on defense to get Nasus to be able to survive easily while farming hundreds of minions till late game, and with the rest of the points i focus on attack damage power, with cooldown reduction to be able to use your Q more ofter and Turret damage to be able to push as much as your carry, so if the carry dies in the Team fight you can push the turret yourself, leaving the enemies without much to do.

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About Nasus...


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Yup its over, i know it might have been a drag to read this texts but i thanks for all those who read to the end, i also thanks anyone who voted and gave me a feedback.

I hope you guys enjoyed and i also hope that this guide was useful for you! I'll be updating the Guide now and then.