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Zyra Build Guide by Ishu55

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ishu55

Thorn in their Side

Ishu55 Last updated on March 14, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Zyra support works well to bully many lanes as well as engage and disengage team fights
Zyra support is really strong against melee Supports.
Her main objective in the support role is to harass and lock down enemies who are attempting to engage on her teammates. She has an aoe snare, plants, and a huge knock up ultimate. This is really good for disengaging fights also good for engaging fights.

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Pros / Cons

Pros : Cons :
[*] High Damage [*] Low Hit Points
[*] Good Crowd Control [*] No Escapes
[*] Good Lane Control [*] Hard Skill Shots
[*] Amazing Team Fights
[*] Passive True Damage
[*] Amazing Kite Potential

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Early Game Play

Level One Blue Side :
You want to attempt to getting your golems, Golems on Blue Side is a huge advantage, it helps you and your AD Carry to get a level advantage in lane.

How to do golems :
Always kill the small one first, They spawn at 1:40 seconds in the game, so be ready. You want to line up on the left side of the small golem.
Than auto attack the small one and snare both golems with Grasping Roots.
Now kite the big golem you will have to take damage but after your autos step away until your attack resets. Try to get the golem to turn from you to your AD Carry without swinging this is optimal. Make sure to use your Health Potion.
Towards the end you will have to let your AD Carry take a few hits he will get the Health and Mana back from slaying the beast!

You as a support may have to help your jungler at red if that's where they start, you should tell your AD Carry to go to lane as soon as possible so he can get level 2 faster.

After golems try not to get poked down or engaged on until you get level 2. Once level 2 you can fight, always cast your Grasping Roots first and spam the plants , Your plant will still get activated and surprise the enemy.

Make sure you use your pink ward to control the bush, its hard for the enemy to guess when your going to snare if they cannot see you.

I like to use my pink ward in the front bush, this allows me to put a lot of pressure on my opponents forcing them to back up because they cannot see me in the bush, it also helps you stay in range to snare them with plants.

Level One Purple Side :
Typically you want to help your jungler with blue buff, make sure to watch out by the dragon area to see if they are invading.

After helping with blue buff run to lane as quick as possible, try to delay getting into a fight before level two, your opponents will probably have done golems have will level faster and engage. You want to just sit back ward the closest bush to you until you can get level two.

Once level two you can put your seeds in the bush to help give you vision, also may activate seeds to push your opposing support backward and let you gain ground in the lane.

Remember zyra is really weak level one and you should prefer not to fight.

Side Notes :

  • If you can wait tell you have two seeds , you can do the most damage
  • If you can line up and snare both the support and AD Carry this is optimal
  • Aim your seeds behind your opponent, this will prevent them from running away, the plants are like a minion and block the path of your opponent.
  • For maximum damage use plants outside of enemy tower range. Plants will die quickly and do little to no damage. You might also waste both seeds and they take quite a while to generate back up.
  • Do not forget about your passive Rise of the Thorns, if you die before your ad carry it is always optimal. Do not die just for the sake of dying the longer you stay alive the better. If you think you dying and getting your passive on both enemies this may give your ad carry a double and be worth your death.

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Mid Game Play

Level 6 + Mid Game :
Hopefully by now you have your Frostfang, you should try to get a pink ward for the lane, because now is where you have a huge power spike.
With the pink ward you want to make sure the enemy cannot see you in the bush.

Now with your ultimate Stranglethorns your plants have increased attack speed and you have a huge knock up.
You have huge kill potential if you can land a snare and have two plants , Immediately Ultimate after you land the snare . Try to aim the ultimate a little behind them in case they flash, you may be able to still get them with the knock up.

Remember to maintain ward coverage in the river , with zyra it is possible to come out ahead even if the jungler ganks your lane as long as you get an amazing ultimate you can stop pretty much anything.

Don't forget you can use your ultimate and snare to run away if your in a sticky situation. You can throw down your plants and snare , they will help apply a slow to stop enemies from catching up to you.

If you want to use your seeds to check the bushes, and you need to get more vision try to use your Q Deadly Bloom size 25, this will cost less mana and attack any enemy in the bush 100% , mostly do this to save mana.

I dont mention Deadly Bloom much , as on support zyra its just a tool to do more damage, always remember to cast it after you snare this just adds to your damage total.

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Late Game

Team Fight Phase :
Your job in team fights is to protect the AD Carry , always make sure you use your ultimate on the person diving your AD Carry, Try to aim your ultimate so that it hits behind the champions jumping on your AD Carry. You want the edge of your ultimate to be on them and the rest of it to zone out anyone else trying to get through.

If you can stop them by simply snaring them , use your ultimate immediately after this will make your knock-up stop them their second time . Remember do not forget to cast Deadly Bloom This will add to your damage. This does alot of damage and gives alot of time for your AD Carry to get in a safe place.

Zyra can initiate a team fight also, if you can snare an opponent who gets out of position do so.
Try to save your ultimate however, if the enemy team comes rushing back in you will need it while your snare is down to provide something for your team.

When warding in the late game you do not have to face check bushes, you can use zyra's plants as mini wards they last for 30 seconds, this way you can walk around safely, remember though they do take a while to generate, and you may not want to use them all up in case enemies are nearby.

In team fights its okay if you go into die first, Do not die just to simply die, if you can live the longer you stay alive the better, If you do die first however try to get your passive Rise of the Thorns on as many enemy champions you can, Your passive late game adds alot of true damage to enemies in the late game. This may be something that can change the tides of any fight.