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Thresh Build Guide by Akster

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Akster

Thresh in Akster style

Akster Last updated on July 8, 2014
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Threats to Thresh with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Janna Janna's laning phase is quite weak, as her shield can be poped by Flay's passive. Try engageing with Flay, and use Deathsentence as a follow-up.
Leona Leona's most reliable engage tool is Zenith Blade, however, oyu can Flay her away. Try going agressive pre-six, and stay passive and a bit away from oyur carry when she has her ulti up.
Sona Sona is very squishy, easy to kill early. If she goes for tanky runes/masteries her poke will be a lot less effective. Feel free to focus support against her. An early kill helps, it doesn't really matter if it's the ADC or support.
Soraka She can keep silencing you, but don't get frustrated. If she doesn't have vision, you can go for easy engagements. Just like with Nami, try to go for kills or burn down her mana, as she can heal them back.
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Welcome Summoner!

I'm a high Gold support main player, who just LOVES Thresh. This is my first guide I plan on publishing, hope you'll like it. :) I'd like to point out, that I like to play a bit differently than most players, and I'm sure you won't agree with most of what I'll write, but read the reasonings before commenting on something. Any means of constructive criticism is welcomed!

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I think runes are the most self dependent source of power in LoL, and it's totaly about differences of one self. However, I'll try to give some ideas.


Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Health

Greater Quintessence of Health Regeneration

Since the change of Greater Seal of Armor, Greater Seal of Scaling Armor gives the same amount of Armor at level 6, making it stronger from that point. Against poke based lanes, like Caitlyn + Karma I recommend mixing it up with a few Greater Seal of Armor, so you can survive earlier pre-six.

greater mark of hybrid penetration
Only use greater mark of hybrid penetration if you're sure you can poke the opponent. If you can, all of your basic attacks will deal a lot of damage, because of the passive of Flay. If you can't poke however, I recommend using some defensive runes instead.

If you have both Greater Seal of Scaling Armor and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist, you will be very vulnerable early on. Even tho, as most supports use greater mark of hybrid penetration as offensive runes, and you're up against the ADC itself, your bigest threat early is Physical Damage, that's the reason I use Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Now this is the most interesting of all runes. In early Season 4, Doran's Shield was overly dominant for supports. After the nerf to it, it gives 80 HP and 6 HP/5. With the standard runes then, you had 9 Greater Seal of Armors and 3 Greater Quintessence of Healths, which gives you a total of 9 Armor, 158 HP and 6 HP/5. With 3 Greater Quintessence of Health Regenerations, 9 Greater Seal of Armors and with Ruby Crystal, you have 9 Armor, 150 HP and 8.1 HP/5, and you're ahead in your build! You can build Sightstone out of Ruby Crystal. The 3rd alternative is 9 Greater Seal of Healths, 3 Greater Quintessence of Armor and Ruby Crystal start, which gives you 12,78 Armor, 222 HP, but NO HP/5.

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I consider Thresh a tanky support, and even tho there are uses for him on the Offensive Masteries tab, I won't include them in this guide.


Defensive Tree

In my opinion, Block is almost a mandatory mastery for bot lane, as it can reduce the damage output of the opposing side, as two people will poke you.

If you went for the Greater Quintessence of Health Regeneration runes, you don't really need HP/5, however, if you plan on building a low amount of resistance, I recommend taking this, as Enchanted Armor won't be as efficient.

I love this mastery on Thresh, as I tend to build tanky. The more resistance you have, the more it gives. Also, this sinergises well with Damnation. I recommend picking this up if you plan on building tanky.

This is not an amazing mastery, however, can be pretty useful. It reduces EVERY incoming damage by 1. This is true damage reduction, which means, it even reduces damage from Darius's Noxian Guillotine or Kog'Maw's Icathian Surprise. That's just a fun fact, but it even reduces damage from every single basic attack, which means, it makes auto-attack champions slightly less effective. This mastery is only really effective from the mid game, but I don't think there's a better option in the deffensive masteries if you want to go higher.

Free Health! This is actually a lot it gives at level 3. 36 HP is just about enough to turn around trades. Also, as Thresh, you will get a lot of armor, just from the Damnation, if you collect souls right, and you need to keep your Armor, MR, and Health balanced, to be really effective.

You have two slows, one from Flay, and one from The Box. 3% is a LOT. You practically have 3% more HP while your enemy is slowed. However, it only works when they are CCd. As you want to get to the biggest thread anyways, and CC them, it would work. But if you can't do that, this doesn't give anything. This is kind of a double edged sword. It can be very effective, or totally useless. Also, it doesn't scale with Enchanted Armor .

You know when I said that 36 HP is a lot? Now it's 37. Not a big difference, but hey, synergy! Also, from 1200 HP, it gives the same amount as Veteran Scars , and from that point on, it gives even more. As Oppression gives 3% more effective health, while the enemy is CCd, this gives 3% more health, any time. This is just a straight up better pick up, as you have that 3% bonus health any given time.

If you went for 9 Greater Seal of Scaling Armor, this is very important for you. A lot of people tend to underestimate the importance of early Armor, but without that, poke lanes will zone you out, and you'll fall behind early. I wouldn't say it's good synergy with Enchanted Armor , as it only gives 0,25 Armor.

It's worse in early game, but better in late than Hardiness , as you will have a lot of Armor from Damnation, but it doesn't give MR, which Thresh tends to lack late. I would only pick this up, if I'm against a strong early poke support, like Karma, and a Trinity Force user ADC like Corki. Other than that, Physical Damage is still a biger threat early.

(Not the Garen passive, look at the masteries for this. It recovers 1% of missing Health/5 secs at max level) This can be very strong. That's all I can say. But only if it's level 3. That requires you to put 15 points into the defensive masteries, what takes away options from you.

I tend to get Mercury's Treads, which gives 35% Tenacity, which applyes to any kind of CC, not just slows. If this would be a Tenacity mastery, I might even think about picking this up, but I don't like it... It's rare that the opposing team only has slow as CC, so it's not really effective IN MY OPINION. Still, I can't see a situation where it's worth picking up.

ADCs tend to get Crit Chance. It's a very good pickup against champions who have a built in Crit, like Ashe or Caitlyn. Since the 4.11 patch, Infinity Edge is a common starting item, I like this mastery even more, as you get the effect pretty early in the game.

This mastery is very good aginst team fight oriented compositions, where they have like a Malphite or even Brand, but requires 3 points in Resistance , which seems a bit wastefull. However, if you picked that up anyways, this can help a lot later in the game.

This is a very usefull mastery, when you have an item like Warmog's Armor or zeke's herald, but you need to be low for this to take effect, so it's kind of a risky pick up.

This is a very strong mastery at level 4, even if you're near only 1 enemy champion near you, but if you have more...! However, it requires you to go very deep in the defense tree. If you do so, I recommend picking it up, as you can get up to 20 Armor and 10 Magic Resist, which is a lot for only 4 points.

I said 36 Health is a lot. This gives 50 for 1 point but only after respawns! I try to go for deathless games, so this kinda throws off the mentality. Also, this doesn't scale with anything, easy to poke off, and doesn't regenerate. I would not recommend picking it up at all. Use it at own risk!

Yes please. Tenacity is pretty awesome whoever you play. Unless the enemy doesn't have CC, which is quite rare. If you go deep into defense, I recommend picking it up, as it gives a lot of utility for only 1 point.

Utility Tree

If you roam a lot, you should definitelly use this, as you can get to the roamed lane and back to yours a lot quicker. Also, makes warding a bit faster, and with that, safer.

One ofthe hardest thing to do is managing your Mana early. If you're good with that, I don't reccomend it, as you usually don't need Mana Regen late. However, it let's you harass more early, which is good if you're not against sustain lanes.

I like this mastery, firstly, because it gives you the 4th point on the first row, and secondly, it let's you ward safer, use your Sweeping Lens from further, so you don't have to take as big risks to see if there's a ward. You still need to go close to kill it tho.

You should usually use Spells on lane for trades. It's important to know these timers, for many reasons. For example, if the two opposing lanes are equally strong, so they need the same amount of spells for an equal trade, you need to know, when can you get a beneficiall trade, and when can they. If you don't have this mastery, but your opponenet does, he can hit a timeing, when he can get a better trade. This is true the other way around as well. This mastery either let's you hit these timings, and not get surprised by one.

This is like a scaling Health Regen. It's not really effective, but you only invest 1 point in it, which is not much for it's utility. Also, this makes any Mana item stronger.

This makes Health Potions regen 165 Health and Mana Potions regen 110 Mana. I don't think this is gamechanging, but pretty nice. Also it is required for Culinary Master , which mastery I LOVE. Read on for the reasoning.

I like to go for maximum Gold income, because they accelerate your builds, and as a support, you tend to miss out on Gold. This doesn't help you in anyway late game, but helps you get there early.

This makes your Health Potions regenerate 185 Health and 10 Mana. They suddenly worth a lot more. This will help you survive the lane easier, gives the utility to get out of trades alive, and biscuits are yummi. <3 Well, this is a mastery again, that doesn't give any utility late game, as you won't buy poitions at that time.

It gives you a 2 Gold/10 income, until you're on lane (6 minions every 30 seconds). However, you only have this while you're on lane with your ADC, and it relies on their CS-ing ability. I also like this, because when you "coach" someone, you can see if they actually manage to get the CS. And again, I like to max Gold income.

So... Yeah, it let's you start with any of the starts above. There's not much I can say about it. For example, if you start with Ruby Crystal, you can get both a Stealth Ward and a Health Potion, so over all, it gives you more survivebality and presence.

If you tend to find yourself out of Mana early, this won't help you too much, as it doesn't give you that much bonus Mana early. It gives you a lot of Mana late game, but at that point, you don't really need it. However, it synergises well with Strength of Spirit and Mana items.

I find myself behind in levels every single game. Do I care? Not really. You will get level 6 around the same time as your ADC, even if you roam a bit. I usually get level 13 ( Flay and Death Sentence maxed out) not a lot after the others, and at that point, you have every tool you really need at your disposal. Thresh's Armor doesn't scale with levels, so it's even one less point for it. However, I would rate this mastery a top tier one, as it helps you keeping up with your team a lot. However, if you're not behind, this does nothing.

Gold income. 6 Gold/10 actually, if you can keep hiting at least one enemy champion constantly. However, in case you feel like you can't poke, this is not that usefull at all.

CDR is pretty much what you need no matter what on Thresh, but you will get it from items anyways. And 5% is pretty akward, as only Ionian Boots of Lucidity gives x5% from items. You can balance this with Sorcery, but that's 4 more points invested, and not in a tree you would use. The active item CDR seems kinda ok, but I don't build too many actives to be really effective.

If you roam a lot, pick this up. If you don't, then don't. I'm sorry for the short explination, but it's almost straight up says what I just wrote.

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