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Ezreal Build Guide by Pengwan

ADC platinum

Time for a true display of skill [10.23]

By Pengwan | Updated on December 1, 2020
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Runes: Standard

1 2 3
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down

Manaflow Band

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
What i prefer
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Why play Ez?
Ezreal the Prodigal Explore is a marksman champion in league that deals damage mainly through auto attack and his basic abilites. He reliant on hitting his basic abilites especially his q, Mystic Shot, and hitting these main abilities consistently is quite hard, even for veterans.

Ezreal usually isn't the top adc in every patch either, He doesn't offer the insane consistent damage and tank busting like a Vayne, He does and have a weak early game and falls off late compared to other marksmen. I would still argue that playing him is still really satisfying. Regardless Though he's the kind of champion that if you're good enough you can almost always play him. So even though he has the weakness i still personally feel like Ezreal is one of if not the most satisfying marksman champion you can master.

Although you need to keep in mind he's also on of the more diffucult marksmen to play at a high level due requiring alot of practice to hit Trueshot Barrage, Essence Flux and Mystic Shot consistently. You'll also have to practice how to properly use Arcane Shift either for spacing or damage, while also weaving auto attacks inbetween all of your basic abilities. Safe to say, you do alot.

So if you enjoy a dashing, ability spamming, explorer who you'll have to practice alot of to get good at. Then Ezreal is the perfect champion for you
Itemization Back to Top


Generally as Ezreal you will be chosing between 3 items.

Trinity Force

Trinity Force has always been iconic on Ezreal and it has always been core or at the very least viable on him for a long time. But why is that so?

The first passive spell blade, is the main reason why it's strong on Ezreal. The spellblade passive gives each of your q's extra damage. This allows you to deal alot more damage to enemy champions when you're poking, which as an Ezreal you will do alot

Three fold strike:
Trinity Force's second passive gives you more ad the more you fight aswell as movement speed everytime you hit a enemy unit. For Ezreal who is good in extended fight due to his ability to easily poke with Mystic Shot, this passive is really good. The movement speed also gives you an easier time kiting and catching up to targets.

Mythic Passive
Just a straight up 10% extra attack speed. For Ezreal this is really nice for objetive taking, champion damage, csing and kiting. Think most people forget that he is an adc, all adc's love attack speed, even Jhin

Ezreal has always been the kind of champ that weaves in and out of fight, firing Mystic Shot as he goes along. Trinity Force allows Ezreal to play this playstyle to it's to the fullest. With Trinity Force Ezreal will both be extremly safe due to the movment speed, while still dealing alot of damage through kiting with either Mystic Shot or basic attakcs

Divine Sunderer

Divine sundere is the new item that everyone keeps using for Ezreal. It's deals alot of damage and in alot of matchup it will be even better than Trinity Force

Spellblade :
Like Trinity Force it also has a spellblade passive which deals 10% of target enemy's max hp as bonus physical damage while healing for 30% of pre mitigation damage). This makes the item a perfect tanks buster, espescially if it you buy Serylda's Grudge or Blade of the Ruined King

Mythic passive
It's mythic passive also gives 5% armor pen and magic pen, which allows him to take down tanks even easier. It's also really amazing due to it's mixed pen, since Ezreal has a mixed damage output.

Divine Sunderer allows Ezreal to extra damage to mainly tanks which for the longest time has been a weakness of Ezreal. I would really suggest using Divine Sunderer whenever you are fighting alot of tanks and bruiser, especially HP tanks like Vladimir or Darius.


Eclipse is also a new item and will probably be better if you want more early agency. Due to it being a lethality item it's really good early game, does however fall of a bit late, so long as you can win by 25 min mark you should be fine.

Ever Rising Moon
Eclipse's passive allows you to deal extra damage, gives movment speed and a shield if you hit an enemy champion with 2 diffrent attacks/abilities. This allows normal combo's such as Essence Flux into Mystic Shot or Arcane Shift to be even more deadly. The movement speed and shield also allows you to fight assassins like Zed, Kha'Zix, Akali and so on at close range while still having the option to reposition.

Mythic Passive
Eclipse's mythic passive gives you 4% armor pen which helps alot with dealing with any armor stacking opponent like a Malphite or Rammus

Eclipse is not as good as the other in my opinion, but i still think it's viable. It has omnivamp which is really nice on Ezreal due to mixed damage. Eclipse definitly allows you to play a more bursty style of gameplay but as said, it's more early oriented due to lethality.

League of Legends Build Guide Author Pengwan
Pengwan Ezreal Guide
Time for a true display of skill [10.23]
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