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Trundle Build Guide by D Knight Davion

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author D Knight Davion

Time to Troll! (Trundle Jungling Guide)

D Knight Davion Last updated on April 18, 2012
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Trundle the Initiator

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 5

Honor Guard

Defense: 16

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Utility: 9

Guide Top

Intro' to how I play "Da Troll" and Forewords.

Hello and Welcome to my Trundle Guide ! I am D Knight, Davion. This is a jungling guide, this means that I prefer playing Trundle the Cursed Troll as a jungler.

First of all Trundle is an adept at zone fighting and disruptive actions, 1v1 skirmishes, close to CC immune, tough melee tank / fighter / brawler.

When I play Trundle I am fast, I am a Initiator!
I am showing you how later in the guide.
I play the troll as a full tank when jungling, from my point of view he is most useful in the full tank - jungle role.

Trundle is an underused threat, he is fairly easy to play in both his primarly used roles and he is also very useful for any team the entire match. This little troll may suprise you, he is quite the dominating tank if he is able to get the items he needs !

Later in the guide you will see alot of Notes these are small tips that you should remember when playing Trundle.

Stuff Marked with Orange Text is important and should not be overlooked.

English is not my mothers tongue and I try to keep it understandable for you, if you notice any faults in the grammar, feel free to say so! I am always looking for help to improve :)

Guide Top

Why play Trundle (and some downsides...)

Why would you play Trundle? Why not WW, Volibear or Skarner in the jungle? Well, these are my reasons:

Positives +

- He is easy to jungle as
- Strong ganking (Especially early compared to others)
- Trundle is almost Immune to CC with masteries and Mercury's Treads
- He fits into almost any team, proves to be useful no matter what.
- Extremely Tanky, deals decent damage even with close to no damage items.
- Can steal Attack Damage, Health, Magic Resist and Armor with his skills.
- Epic for trolls.

Negatives -

- Bad positioning of your Pillar of Filth can ruin the day for your team mates.
- Abit Mana Hungry if you spam Rabid Bite too much.
- You may get too brave due to your epicness. (This have happend to myself.)
- Got no way of charging, flashing etc. besides bonus movement and slow. (which kinda makes up for it)
- Got no Stun.

Guide Top

RR (Runes and Reasons)

The Runes are kinda straight forward:

I put 3% movement speed quintessences in for the extra speed when jungling and ganking, and I like the perpetual speed boost, it is nice to have some bonus speed at all times. I dump one flat health quintessence into the mix for added early strength. (26 health may seem as a very small amount, but I find this very useful early.

15 Armor pen from the 9 marks are standard for physical champions, and I love them, I also add 13 flat armour (Seals) and 13 flat magic resist (Glyphs) into my personal favourite rune mix for Trundle, the best offense is defense...

This setup aims at high defensive stats aswell as utility in form of speed and some major armor penetration.

Guide Top

The Mastery Page, and Why?

This is quite the unique mastery page, alot of people use the " standard ones ", but I have fallen in love with this one.

The Masteries are: 5-16-9

Grabbing the bonus damage to minions from Butcher and the extra attack damage from Brute Force in offense.

Always remember to pick Summoner's Resolve in the defense tree when jungling, aswell I grab most of the defensive stuff and also Initiator which greatly increases my movement at a high health percentage.

In Utility I grab Summoner's Insight (This can be put onto Improved Recall if you do not care about the reduced Flash cooldown.)
Also remember to grab Swiftness ! This is a major part of my gameplay.
I love the Good Hands (try not to die too much thou) and Runic Affinity .

You can alternatively go with the Second Option Mastery page I have added, the 0/21/9 still got the speed and also adds in Juggernaut which makes you nigh CC Immune !

These setups are supposed to make it easy for you to jungle, gank often and be extremely fast, a chasing troll from the edge of oblivion !

Guide Top

Summoner Spells, This is kinda Obvious.

I am not going to write more than one paragraph here. I use Flash - Smite for most jungling champions as I find Flash being extremely useful in almost any situation. Smite is obviously for faster and easier jungling.

Faster Jungling = More Ganks = Ganks = Win

Alternatively you can go with: OR both of these are viable replacements for flash, but my personal preference is flash for escaping stun lock situations or catching an enemy flashing over a wall etc.

Guide Top

Skillin' up da Q-W-E-R (and the passive)

First of all lets talk about Trundle's passive. Trundle's passive is Decompose, everytime a nearby ENEMY dies trundle is healed for 4% of their maximum health. This seems like a very, very small amount of health, but being able to Regen Health at all is very sexy when jungling. This is better than you'd expect it to be.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Mana Costs:
Q 40/40/40/40/40Mana
W 60/60/60/60/60 Mana
E 60/60/60/60/60 Mana
R 75/75/75 Mana, worth noting that none of Trundle's spell have an increasing mana cost, and they do not cost much to start with = he is not in need of much Mana or Mana Regen in the Mid - Late Game.

Always max out his Q, Rabid Bite. This is Trundle's only damaging spell except for his ultimate, using rabid bite WILL immediately reset your auto-attack timer, for most of you this means that you would use this just after an auto-attack? Yes, you should use it immediately after Trundle lands a basic attack! = Higher DPS.
Also note that Trundle's "Rabid Bite" steals foe's attack damage, this is very useful in 1v1 skirmishes, it also steals creep's AD a nice niche for jungling in particular.

I max W or Contaminate last (Not Anymore*). This is because it works fairly well at rank 1, it puts down a HUGE zone that increased Trundle's Movement speed by a big amount, his attack speed is also increased and CC durations are decreased by a fair amount.
Alot of people like this skill over Pillar of Filth But I find the reduced cooldown and increased slow of the Pillar of Filth more useful.
A alternatively skill order is maxing this over Pillar of Filth This is up to yourself, feel free to try both of these discussed paths out, or go for a mix of maxing both of them like myself. I now tend to max Contaminate over Pillar of Filth *

By lvl 13 I max E or Pillar of Filth I do this because I want to have it ready as often as possible, and the slow amount if increased per skill rank, making it extremely powerful at higher ranks, which I prefer to have over "W" which we were looking at in the previous paragraph. Always pick this skill at lvl 2, this is your major ganking tool and you will need it as soon and often as you can. Pillar of Filth puts up a big stone blocking movement and cancelling (some) channeled spells if placed Directly Beneath the target. Example: If Malzahar uses his ultimate Nether Grasp on Morgana in the mid lane, you can interrupt it with your Pillar of Filth, IF Placed Correctly, note that it will NOT cancel WW's Infinite Duress, Teleport or Recall .

Note: Pillar of Filth Provides you with a Decent Amount of Sight around the pillar itself, nice for scouting enemy jungle or brush.

Trundle's Ultimate is a really cool ability. R, Ulti or Agony Steals a small amount of targets Health, MR and Armour and then does the same again over a short period of time. Try to Target tanks with it, they will give you a larger amount of defensive stats and make you even more tanky. This spell scales with AP, but I do not recommend using Trundle with ability power at all. Always Level up your ultimate when you can!!

Note: Agony is Useable on Minions, use this to your advantage.

Guide Top

The Route (Jungling Path)

There ain't no hokus pokus here. I start of at the wolves clearing them before blue spawns (This will require team help to finish before 1:55), walk up to Blue, someone pulls it, You should pick up the Blue Buff yourself, but I recommend giving away all others if you can, you do not really need 'em.

There are also alternate routes that may work just aswell, go with what you are comfortable with :)

Now you got multiple choices:

1: Continue to the other side of your jungle, clear the minions and then the Elder Lizard Buff (aka RED) and then start looking for a gank.

2: Go for the early gank! You are now Level 2 and will be one of the best gankers in the game at this level! You deal a decent amount of damage and your big shiny pillar can secure a flash-use or score a kill.

Note: Here is an example of me ganking right after getting my Blue Buff, I see the opportunity and I do not hesitate to take the chance.
3: Counter-Jungle. This is risky, but can prove to be rewarding, first of all, check who the enemy jungler is. Counter-Jungling Rammus or WW is nigh impossible early, but if you see amumu, sejuani, jax or gp this can be a nice suprise gank at their red. After clearing your blue, head straight up to the enemy red buff, choose the path not colliding with their wraith camp, as you may be detected here. If you are Team Blue go just beneath the top lane and stay in the brush until they arrive. If you are Team Purple choose the path close to bot lane, beneath the dragon and do the same as if you were Team Blue.

Note!: Check the enemy support's amount of Sight Ward, if he/she has only 1 left it is very possible that they warded their lane, counter jungling has no use if they can spot you!

Note 2: Clairvoyance from your support should check if they start at blue, if they do not start at blue, do not do Invade the Enemy Jungle as written in option 3.)

Guide Top

When Ganking!

When ganking as Trundle do not reveal yourself by using Contaminate too early, also try to save your Pillar of Filth until the Critical Moment, if possible.

Trundle is One of the Best Gankers in the game at a early stage, many junglers have to rely on their ultimate or a high ranked up skill example: Rammus - Puncturing Taunt does not work that well at a early stage because it will only taunt you for a very small amount of time, while your very own Pillar of Filth is a extremely powerful tool even at lower ranks.

When playing as Trundle you will see yourself ganking more often than most junglers do. You will be ganking as much as possible at a rapid rate. (Do not forget to get your buffs and **** tho, you do not want to be underlevled)

Note: Your Ultimate ( Agony ) deals damage over time, if someone escapes with low health, try to target them with your "Agony" and hope for the best!

Guide Top


My standard-core build as shown at the start of the guide is aimed at being super tanky and still dealing a major amount of damage, this if how I find Trundle being as useful as he possibly can be!

Other items that trolls fancy:

Can be a very handy item if enemy ap carry is fed or the need for blocking a team-fight winning spell is high.

Is another alternative if they have enormous amounts of Magic Damage in the opposing team.

Can often mean the difference between a loss and a win in a teamfight only because you are now reflecting damage back at Tryndamere (He is an excellent example of someone you want to grab Thornmail against) and you are also negating high amounts of all Physical Damage, consider buying this if they heavily relies on AD.

OR Can be very viable items for trundle, especially if you want more damage, or your team already have a full tank, these items will increase your damage by a fair amount, but still adds abit toughness, Consider Getting These Items IF you are doing good, and do not Need Additionally Defensive Items.

Wit's End Is another cool option for Trundle, he enjoys the bonus damage, attack speed and MR, if they have alot of AP this can prove to be a useful choice.

Start of with the 5x Health Potion and Cloth Armor for a nice start ( You can also start with the Vampiric Scepter but I prefer Cloth Armor and Health Potion ), at your first recall you want atleast Madred's Razors and Boots of Speed, if you can afford it upgrade your Madred's Razors ---> Wriggle's Lantern the extra lifesteal can come in handy early on.

Now move on to tier 2 Boots, I usually pick Mercury's Treads, but with the re-mastered Ninja Tabi they can prove useful if their ad carry is fed and they lack CC*. (* CC= Crowdcontrol, stuns, snares, fear etc. etc.)

Tenacity from Mercury's Treads Often makes them the superior choice !

I now go for Frozen Mallet, following up with a as fast as possible Warmog's Armor. If you get this early you are doing good and should be pretty harsh to take down. I then follow up with the natural choice: Atma's Impaler, Crit, Armour and ALOT of Attack Damage, great stuff that is. My last item tends to be Guardian Angel, but it may be Banshee's Veil or Force of Nature aswell. Always build as the match goes and look at your enemy team at all time, who is fed, who's not.

Note!: Sometimes you need to be careful with what you build, maybe LeBlanc Is fed mid, then you're going to buy Banshee's Veil before you get your Warmog's Armor, always take your opponents in consideration when buying items, the build I have chosen here is just a nice overall build that will work pretty much every match, no matter what you're facing.

Note 2: My build is always aimed at being a full tank and useful team member at all times.

Super Handy Tip: You may buy Sight Ward and extra Health Potion at all times if you need to.

Guide Top

Last Words

So this is pretty much it, a look into how I play Trundle, The Cursed Troll in the jungling role. I Like being tanky and fast and disruptive. Short, but exact.

This is my first guide here at ! Feel free to comment, I love tips! as earlier mentioned I am always trying to improve !!

I Hope you enjoyed the guide, and I hope you may have just as much time owning with trundle as I have had!

*Waving goodbye with my club*