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Teemo Build Guide by shinsuky


By shinsuky | Updated on April 19, 2020
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Hello guys, I'm Shinsuky, a teemo main who got some times for explaining you my way to play this champ. I'hve been ban from my first account because of my toxicity (as my champion hehe) that's why i'm not screening you my masteries.

-First of all I'll explain you the good and bad match-up you got then I will tell you how to play with this match-up.

-After this part, I'll explain you how to play in general this champion, there are so many possibilities to play Teemo, but my way is the only way i am playing him, and it's working so I guess it's a good way, not the best but mostly the best on my gameplay.
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In League Of Legend, every laning phase are really important, mostly with The Teemo. This is one of the most toxic level One of the game.. If you know how to poke aswell. Starting with E will give you much power spike level 1 and will help you to farm (don't waste it if you are bad at farming, E squaling on auto attacks, that's why you got more damage in early game, as in late lmao). Lvl 1 try to poke the ennemi every single creep he's trying to last hitting. Don't waste the ennemie's creeps, if you poke him into his creeps you'll take many damages by them.
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Some guys preffer playing with TP in top lane, but taking ignite will give you more DPS in early and will help you to killing you oposent. Yes teemo isn't a pusher, he won't be abble to hard push with TP. As always, in laning phase, the first levels i'm taking the first blood with a flash Q auto ignite because the burst is too much important for the first levels.
-Tips, don't be scared about your damage, if you think it will kill your ennemie, don't waste a flash for nothing if he would die with only ignite+ dot.

As every DPS champion, you are here for deleting the carrys against you, that's why the flash ignite is really good in team fight. With teemo, if you aren't sneaky in a bush for doing a ambush, you won't be abble to find the carrys far behind the tanks, this is why you have to flash in, don't be scared, if you kill theyr carrys you'll win this game, don't waste this thing.
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If you are a good teemo, you should know teemo's ultimate isn't only for doing some dmg. At least it's one of the most powerfull ultimate of the game, it's giving you:
-Map controlling
-important damage to carry
-ambush possibilities
After your laning phase, just roam every time and put your shrooms in every single part of the jungle ennemi, you'll take control of the vision, the deplacement of every one and maybe giving kill oportunity.
After playing teemo, you'll understand where guys are always going on your shrooms.
But don't go on this trap, don't pu EVERY TIME during a game the same shrooms, the ennemies won't (or maybe) be dumb and will have some logic for not going on.
In late game, just prepare ambush to theyr carrys in red for exemple and then try to force a team fight, this is one of the best option for teemo. The other one is to just carrying the fight with putting some teemo's R during the fight on the meleee and everyone would take the dmg.
League of Legends Build Guide Author shinsuky
shinsuky Teemo Guide
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