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Malphite Build Guide by UtimatePr0

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UtimatePr0

Tri-Force Malph-Unleashing the true power of Rock.

UtimatePr0 Last updated on August 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Alright guys, it's me again, UtimatePr0 with a new and awesome concept for Malphite!

Ever found playing Malphite boring? Don't like playing him as a tank? Want more damage? Want to kill and actually make a difference in team fights?


Okay, so I've been experimenting with a new way of playing malphite: The Trinity Force, AP&AD hybrid. Well obviously I'll implement some Tanky items into the build later on but you'll have to choose according to your situation the different item sequence you'll want to take:

I'll have 3 different builds and I will update this guide as time goes on!

NOTE: I would recommend beginners to play a Tank Malphite first so they get used to him before using this build. Check Dotter's Tank Malphite build:

Here's another guide on Mobafire that all people should read, It's basic skills.
Read here:

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Pros and Cons


Very strong burst damage especially in early-mid game
Actually poses a threat to the enemy team and makes a larger difference in teamfights and in the overall outcome of the game than Tank Malphite
Good strong and sustainable harrassment
Fun to play!


Harder to play than tank malphite
Your timing and choices need to be made carefully, you get killed more easily than a tank build
Needs to be more skilled (recommended for experienced players)

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Why would I even play Malphite this way?

I see too many Malphites going full tank and not making much of a difference in the game's final outcome especially in late game teamfights. He gets nearly completely ignored because of low damage output and his only use is to disrupt the fight with his ultimate. Why would people even want to kill you if you don't even make a threat? The whole point of building tanky is because you want your enemies to try to kill you and you'll soak up all the damage while your team's squishies and carries decimate them. THAT is THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF TANKING. However, if you don't deal **** and isn't a threat, why would they want to kill you and throw their spells and combos at you?

And that is why my friends, that Trinity Force Malphite was born.

Giving Malphite with offensive items really help him improve his role as a DAMAGE SOAKER, ANTI-CARRY BRUISER and a DISRUPTER that actually poses a threat and could kill people. Although you will die easier because of less defense, AT LEAST they tried to kill you and put loads of damage into you and AT LEAST they didn't focus your squishies or carries WHICH IS ESSENTIAL! Also, if they don't focus you and leave you be, you can easily go charge at their carries and kill them one by one while they're too busy killing the squishies in your team. I have carried with this Malphite build, not because I want to, but because they all ignored me and the result was me killing their whole team and ultimately granting us a win in a ranked game.

Afterall at the end of the day, winning the game is the most important :)

Interesting Fact: Malphite's tags in the champion description page only have Melee and Bruiser BUT NOT TANK! Suprised aren't yah?

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Which build should I take?

Build 1 is your normal build for most games, you'll deal tons of damage and be able to kill and disrupt team fights, but it also means you're more easily killed. Because Malphite is able to take a medium amount of damage until late game, I don't build tanky items until I have finished my main offensive items.

Build 2 is the tanky build, go for it if your team doesn't have a tank or only has one offtank and the rest of your team is squishy. You'll still hurt people, but less than build 1. The Sunfire Cape passive ain't halfbad with farming as well.

Build 3 is the super offensive build, only take it if your team already has a full built tank and theres at least 1 offtank. Have fun raping people especially those squishies! But remember to play more carefully, as you are even more suspectible to damage than the other builds.

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Runes in the build:


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

Marks: I would really only recommend Magic penetration since most of Malphite's early-mid game damage comes from his skills that deal magic damage.

Seals: I took flat armor cause Malphite is pretty squishy in terms of armor early game so the armor will increase your tankiness and also the damage for Ground Slam. You could change them to Mana regen, ability power per level, or flat crit chance runes. Your choice.

Glyphs: Again, I take defensive runes because Malphite does need some defense or else he'll die easily especially with my build. However, you could take ability power per level or cooldown reduction runes if ya want.

Quints: Greater Quintessence of Desolation I take armor penetration to increase your auto attack damage but you could change them to anything you want. I would recommend either flat health or ability power.

If you're very unsure about what runes you should buy and whats good or not, be sure to check out Searz's guide about runes here:

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Summoner Spells

I take:

- Very nice for that extra little damage to finish off those squishies or to give you a kill.

- Awesome skill to put you in position to kill them or to initiate with your ult. Also good for escaping and blinking through walls.

Other choices:

- Not a bad skill, gives a constant boost of speed for 10 seconds but I would rather take Flash instead because we already have a good boost from your and .

- Some people like this, some people don't. I don't find this essential because if you have good map awareness skills or you have wards to keep track of your enemies, rushing somewhere shouldn't really be needed.

- Wouldn't recommend for Malphite but it's alright for shutting down enemies or stopping them from killing you or chasing you. Good against those dpsers. Your carries should normally take this instead of you.

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My masteries are mainly put into helping Malphite's damage and also some ultility for easier leveling. You could go any way you want, 9/21/0, 9/0/21, 21/9/0, 0/21/9 or 0/9/21.

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-Your Passive. It gives you a nice little anti-harrassment shield that can recharge once broken. When laning, feel free to harrass enemies when the shield is up but once it's broken try to stand a little back and not take damage for 10 seconds so it pops back up.

Q-Your harrassment and nuking skill. It does strong damage early-mid game and also slow's an enemy while giving you a boost to your movement speed. I max this first for the good damage you get from every level.

W-Gives a aoe affect of your basic attacks, making your farming easier and when activated, will give you a good boost to your armor and attack damage! Be sure to use this everytime you fight! I max this last because it's not really that useful early-mid game and the scaling with each level ain't that great.

E-Does aoe damage around you and gives a attack speed debuff to all enemies hit. I use it normally right after I charge in with my ult to ensure I hit more people. Scaled with 50% of your armor. I max this second for more damage.

R-Your ultimate skill. It deals good damage with a 100% scaling from AP. It knocks all opponents hit into the air so it's a great disrupter in teamfights. Also great to chase or even to run away! This skill will decimate champions in early-mid game! I level this skill whenever possible!

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I obviously max out Seismic Shard first for strong harrassment and damage and I max Ground Slam second for the useful Debuff and the aoe damage. I max Brutal Strikes last and whenever I can, I put points into Unstoppable Force-his Ultimate skill.

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Item Choice

Here I will give an inside look on why I choose the different items that I have chosen for each build.

Baseline Build:

-Good early game item for health, ability power and mana regen. Allows you to harrass more and so that your hurts more.

-Another little boost to your 's power and will later build into a Sheen.

-More movement speed is never a bad thing. Builds into Sorcerer's Shoes later on.

-Your first step to Trinity Force and it's passive gives you a great boost to your damage after you cast a spell. With this you should be able to fight more effectively when in close range.

-More movement speed and more penetration to your skill's damage. Your Seismic Shard should be hitting harder now.

-Your upgrade to Sheen. Gives great all-round bonuses and 25% slow on your auto attacks and a 150% attack damage multiplier after you cast a spell. However the choice of build Phage or Zeal first is up to you (I normally take Phage).

And those are the item's in the BASELINE build. Next I will further clarify on the different items on the different builds.

Build 1:

-Gives you decent attack damage and lifesteal and also a small active nuke that will help increase your burst damage. Remember to put it into item slot 1 so you can easily activate it by pressing 1 and selecting your target. Builds into Hextech Gunblade.

-Gives even greater bonuses to Bilgewater Cutlass while also giving you more AP and spell vamp. Your survivability and sustainability in teamfights should be greater. Don't forget your active effect has had increased range and damage!

-Health, Mana, and Magic resist with a spell shield. Great for increasing your tankiness cause you're sure to take more damage now that you're a pretty big threat to their carries and squishies.

-Crit Chance and Armor with a 2% AD scaling from your Max health. With Banshee's you should have 2600 health and that equals 52 AD coming from Atma's. A pretty decent amount for the price if you ask me.

-Health and AP while giving your skills an extra slow (It stacks with Seismic Shard's movement speed steal). Increases your damage and more AD from your Atma's. Very rare would games last that long for you to get up to here.

Build 2:

Instead of taking Hextech Gunblade I take a tanky item-the choice is yours but I would recommend a Sunfire Cape for better farming and a DPS buff around you.

-Good for farming and overall a nice addition to your damage while increasing your Health and Armor. Remember that Health will give you more AD from Atma's and Armor increases the damage of as it scales from 50% of your armor.

Build 3:

I build Hextech Gunblade but instead of jumping into Banshee's Veil, I take a Guinsoo's Rageblade for more damage as the need for tankiness is covered by other members of your team. Feel free to switch Guinsoo's Rageblade for anything you think will work. Also dumping Atma's and going for a straight Rylai's after Banshee's (Atma's and Banshee's are interchangable here. That means if there is more need of Armor, take Atma's or if there is more need for magic resist or a spell shield, take Banshee's).

-A nice addition to your damage. Increases your DPS and also your Seismic Shard's and Ultimate's damage. Note that you're kind of easy to kill if you go for Guinsoo's so becareful about making silly choices or decisions.

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Important Note: USE WARDS!!!!! They're soo important for winning games, and map awareness and is crucial for your team to set up ambushes, watching out for ganks and knowing where the enemy is so you can better make your decisions with your team. Remember it's almost compulsory to have Dragon and Baron Nashor warded 24/7! Want to read more about Wards, why and how they help? Read here:

Early game:
Head to a solo lane (top) if you have a jungler if not, head out to a lane with a partner that can harrass. Harrass with Seismic shard whenever possible to show them who's boss (target the squishy one if possible). If they make the mistake of going out too far with low health, shard'em and ground slam and auto-attack plus ignite to death if nescessary. Remember kills early game will help you a lot in mid game as it puts you foward and lets you rape people! Also remember that each time you port back, you should grab a few for longer lane sustainability. It should become your habit!

Mid game:
This is when you're really THE BOSS. You can kill squishies easily and disrupt fights with your ult. Your team should be able to push with you and be ready to fight as soon as you initiate. Hopefully you'll win the first few teamfights. Try to play aggressively and work with your team to push and win the game before it gets past the 40 minute mark. Remember to focus their carries as they are most easily killed by your amazing burst.

Late game:
You'll still be a boss, but the carries will start to kill you easily now, so remember your job is to charge in first, deal tons of damage and try to kill one or two people and die so that your team will rape them after they throw everything at you. Remember that you're the initiator so when you see a great opportunity, and your team is behind you, don't be afraid to charge in. Remember to still focus their carries!

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I'm pretty busy so I won't be able to write much with this guide and will update slowly. Remember to vote for it if you find it works for you!
And also leave constructive comments for me down below and if you vote down please state why so I can improve the build and guide!
Spread the news cause Trinity Force Malphite is coming to town!

Guide development log:
September 13th: Written guide and published it!
September 14th: Added new sections to guide and spiced up the guide!

Signing off,