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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Daanowntje

Triple support: the alternative metagame

Daanowntje Last updated on November 30, 2011
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Guide Top

Triple support, the alternative metagame

Up for something new and refreshing? Want to win games in about 15 min? Want to get that well-deserved IP in no time? Tired of people starting their guides with these unoriginal questions? Then this is the right guide for you!

In this guide I’ll explain why having three (or more) supports in your team is so amazing! The average, closeminded LoL player would stop reading right here, but please give this guide a quick try, I wouldn't be writing it if it didn't work. Keep in mind that creativity is probably the most underrated characteristic for skill, but in fact is one of the most important! If your opponent doesn’t know how to anticipate on your new, creative setup, it’s a free win, no matter if they’re more skilled than you.

I’ll try to make the guide as short as possible, while not missing out on too much information. I’ll give a quick, but detailed explanation of HOW the setup works, and WHY it works. If you're only interrested in the WHY: skip to the chapter The concept of the setup. You probably wont be able to make sense of it without further information so I suggest reading it all ;)

Note that all information in this guide has been sorted under blue questions, so you'll easily find the information you seek.

Can't be arsed to read and want to see our setup in action? Download LoLreplay for free and download my replay on the following link:

Guide Top

The setup

Mid lane

Soraka AND Sona

Bot lane

Alistar OR Taric and an AD carry
(preferably Graves for AoE dmg)

Top lane

AD solotop, preferably
Garen the man

If we compare this new setup to the normal metagame, you'll see that we have replaced the jungler and the AP carry by 2 supports. The 2 supports will be going mid, so our bot- and top lane will be fighting the usual metagame. This means that the strength of this setup comes from the mid lane, which I will be explaining thoroughly in this guide.

It’s also possible to have a 4th support instead of an AD carry, this generally works even better but is obviously more risky.

All of this still doesn’t make any sense to you? Keep reading! In less than a few minutes you’ll understand.

Guide Top

How we start the game

At level one:
Soraka will take Starcall and Doran's Ring
Sona will take Aria of Perseverance and Meki Pendant + sight ward
Taric or Alistar will take Dazzle or Pulverize and Meki Pendant + sight ward

We’re going to start the game by stealing their blue. We all hide in the eastern bushes near their blue. We'll start running towards blue at 1:48 (time depends on their jungler, Shaco gets it down really fast). Use CV on the last moment. If possible we kill their jungler, if not: have a support tank the blue (he'll be able to heal the damage later on) and give the buff to Soraka. If you don’t manage to get Soraka the blue, this is no disaster, she’ll still have Sona's Clarity and Infuse to compensate.

If a level 1 teamfight starts at blue we will most likely win it due to our setup being so strong early game. You’d be surprised how much damage Starcall does at lvl 1 to multiple targets ;)

After getting blue, Taric/Alistar should be warding the right side of the mid lane, and Sona should be warding the left side. Now everyone gets to their lanes and Early game begins.

In the following section I’ll explain the advantages and tactics of our setup in early and mid game.

Guide Top

Early game

First of all, the element of surprise will give us the advantage. Nobody will expect this setup, nor will they know how to anticipate on it, giving us a huge advantage.

The strength of this setup lies in getting mid turrets down in no time with Soraka and Sona. While being almost ungankable. But how is this possible?
1) Crazy pressure: AP soraka eats minion waves for breakfast (about 2 starcalls will kill them), causing constant pressure to the mid turret. REMEMBER: Get Starcall at level one.
2) Unfair advantage: We will be 2v1 against an AP carry trying to harras us but only going out of mana and getting twice the damage back by doing so.
3) Ungankable: If their jungler comes to gank you we'll see him coming due to our wards, and it will end up in a 2v2: We (the 2 supports) vs them (the jungler and the low HP low mana AP carry). We'll easily win this.
4) Insane durability:The supports will be full hp and mana most of the time due to Soraka’s blue, Clarity, Infuse and the heals. REMEMBER: Sona should get Aria of Perseverance at level one!

How can we afford to overextend so much?
This is simply because ganks by their junglers will end up in a 2v2 fight: our 2 supports versus their jungler and AP carry. Our two supports will easily win this fight. First of all supports are stronger than you think early game, they're just a bit squishy. Secondly, the supports will be on full health and mana while their AP carry will most likely be low on mana and HP by then, due to the continuous harassing. This makes it a 1,5v2 when their jungler comes, instead of a 2v2. We'll also have exhaust to prevent the jungler's damage and we'll have 2 flashes.

Mind you that we will also have warded both sides of the mid lane at the start, so if you see their jungler coming it's often a good idea to run straight towards him and countergank him, don't do this if their mid is still a serioius threat because you didn't manage to harras him enough.

What about ganks from other lanes?
As long as they will be called by our team they shouldn’t cause a threat to our overextending supports at mid. Remember that if there’s only one missing and you know where their jungler is (probably dead :P), you can keep pushing since it will end up in a 2v2 again.

Also keep in mind that mid lane is relatively smaller, making you able to retreat to your turret faster when a missing is called (too late).

How do we get turrets down so fast?
Because of Soraka's insane pushing with Starcall, she kills minion waves in 2-3 hits while not going out of mana. Therefore, the mid turret should be down within the first 5 minutes (our record is 3:39!). Just keep autoattacking the turret eventhough their AP carry tries to damage you, you’ll probably outheal him anyways and he will end up getting out of mana. Also keep in mind, that the rule to success is to make sure you don’t get hit by the turret and lose all your momentum! Harrassing near the turret is good, just make sure u don't get hit, this can slow down things severely.

After the first turret is down, keep pushing to the second turret unless there are people missing from other lanes. Once the 2 mid turrets are down (this can be achieved between 7 and 14 min) start helping other lanes and Mid game will begin.

If there are missings from other lanes, or the situation simply doesn't allow pushing the second mid turret, Soraka and Sona should help bottom lane push the turret. You'll then have 3 supports and an AD carry together, meaning if there's a teamfight at bot you shouldn't have any problems winning. Don't forget to ward the bushes to the right of the turret, so you don't get surprise attacked. Mid will be undefended, but as long as you push the minions to the second turret, it doesn't matter at all.

But what if the opponent decides to put 2 champions on mid as well?
This is probably their only chance at prolonging the game. If they decide to do so, our 2 supports will simply play a bit more defensive while getting soraka farmed and harassing them (sona and soraka can harras like a boss). Eventually the 2 supports will outlast mid lane cause of infinite mana/ health and proper harrassing.
The second advantage we have if they put 2 champs mid, is that their other lanes will be unbalanced. Their jungler will have to stop jungling to compensate for putting 2 champs mid (or he himself will have to help mid). If he doesn't do that, they will have 1 person bot or 0 persons top, depending on the lane that helps mid.

Guide Top

The concept of the setup (must read)

Now that you understand the basics of this setup, I’ll be explaining you the concept that this setup is based on:

Our potential disadvantage from the normal metagame would be:
1) Sona and Soraka sharing experience on mid lane, while their AP carry and jungler get the full experience.
2) Sona getting 0 farms due to Soraka, while their jungler would normally get properly farmed in the jungle.

However, the only way for them to prevent mid getting destroyed at the start (eventhouh this will happen eventually anyways), would be having their jungler put on lane. This turns the tides completely:
1) They will now be sharing experience in the mid lane AS WELL.
2) They will now BOTH have low farms due to their turrets stealing the last hits, versus Soraka getting full farmed.
3) Our 2 supports will outlast mid lane eventually due to OP harrassing and heals.
4) We’re rendering one of their summoner spells useless: Smite
5) Sona can perform well without farms because she's a support, whereas their AP carry and jungler will get smashed mid game due to low farms.

And if their jungler continues jungling, he will be sacrificing his team and we'll have the following scenario to our advantage:
1) The 2 mid turrets will be down in no time due to the 2v1, and us being able to outheal their AP carry while attacking the turret. This gives us a gold and map advantage. Therefore we'll be able to help other lanes push within 10 minutes.
2) We can almost completly deny their AP carry from last hits, while AP Soraka gets pretty much all last hits with her starcall, giving us another gold advantage.
3) And lastly, from experience, I can also say their AP carry will die or have to recall at least once or twice during the turret pushing process at mid, denying himself from experience and giving us a third gold advantage.

Guide Top

Mid game

How are things looking by now?
1) We will have 2 mid turrets down, giving our 2 supports plenty of time to push other lanes.
2) Their AP carry will have close to 0 farms. The turret got most of his last hits. Bet he won't even dare to get in last hit range after he sees how hard you can harras ^^
3) The opponent's jungling will be completely messed up. Betting you a 100 bucks he tried to gank our 2 supports at mid and failed. He also won't have his blue from the start.

This altogether gives us a huge advantage, assuming our bot and top lane played the normal metagame defensively (top and bot can still get ganked). Now that we have the advantage, we should be able to finish the game with ease. But our setup is not only strong early game, it also is midgame.

So what makes our setup so powerful midgame you wonder?
One answer: AP soraka. This week's Top Five League of Legends Plays will give you a good example of AP soraka's strength. Skip to Rank 1 play at 2:54. See how surprised everyone is by soraka owning them? That's because no one expects it, which is exactly our advantage.

Mid game AP soraka will still be one of the star-players of the team. But why is she so good in this setup? The strength of AP soraka in a teamfight comes from being able to hit as many opponents as possible with Starcall. Normally this would mean soraka has to stand almost in the middle of their team if she wants to hit all of the opponents, which would be suicide. But since there’s 2 other supports healing soraka, while soraka having 2 of her own heals, including the life gained from spellvamped starcall, it is now possible to overextend like that and take full advantage of AP Starcall. There will also be sona and taric’s stun, alistar’s knockups or her own silence for protecting Soraka. This, and Soraka’s half-defensive gear will make her able to take damage, while doing a lot more damage in return. Do not go in first as soraka though, try having garen/alistar/taric going first. It's of vital importance that you don't die (too early) in teamfights!

The other 2 supports in our setup and the full-farmed AD-carries will also be doing massive damage, while being tankish enough. The only real squishy target will be graves.

What about our sustainability midgame?
It's perfecto! The advantage of having 3 supports is that we can keep pushing forever because we can keep everyone topped off, whereas normally pretty much everyone recalls after a teamfight. Even turret diving is now a piece of cake because of all the heals available.

To increase our sustainability midgame Soraka should be getting blue buff for endless starcalls and harassing with her Infuse.

Another great use of heals is to bait your opponent when you're low HP. You'll be surprised many opponents will overextend to try and kill you, while you get healed to full HP once you get attacked ;) Don’t get too cocky though!

For pushing even harder, having Garen solo push also works very well. 4v5s arent too much of a problem as long as you play defensively.

REMEMBER: You are on your most powerful TOGETHER due to all the support buffs and heals stacking up! The only one that can split from the team is Garen, if the situation allows for solo pushing. This setup doesn't allow for stupid overextends, you simply don't have time to wait for your team to resurrect! After 40 minutes stuff will become very complicated, so don't die unnecessarily!

Okay... will it ever end with the advantages?
Just one more: Assists, assists and more assists! This setup guarantees pretty much everyone getting an assist for every kill in the teamfight. Which means money, money and more money!

You told us this setup is also possible with 4 supports?
It sure is! It’s probably even better, even 5 supports works. The only danger is them gearing magic resist, since we will now have 4 sources of AP damage. But let’s be honest, how many people actually anticipate like this in normal games? Hasn’t happened to us even once, so feel free to go for 4 or more supports. 3 supports is obviously your safest bet though: if they decide to gear for magic resist we still have 2 AD champs that will own their team while staying fully topped off by the 3 supports. Also AD champs get turrets down a lot faster.

Guide Top

Late game

Wait, what?
If you get to late game you’re doing it wrong!

Guide Top

Gear choice, masteries & summoner spells explanation

The gear choice for our suppports is pretty straightforward: AP/tankish due to the offensive nature of our setup. But....

How can supports afford this expensive AP gear?
Normally supports wouldn't be able to afford expensive AP gear due to lack of farms. However, because of the offensive nature of our setup, early game hardly lasts longer than 10 min, making farms almost insignificant.

Also, mid game will be a setting where pretty much everyone gets an assist for a kill, making our supports able to afford this more expensive AP gear.

What about support's poor AP scaling?
Personally I think AP scales just fine for supports to afford AP gear in this setup. There are obviously spells that scale very poorly, but the rest of the support's spells (usually the offensive ones) should make up for it, since you'll be using your offensive spells frequently due to the offensive nature of this setup. For example taric's Dazzle scales for 100% of your AP!

You're gearing heavy on AP early/mid game, what about support's natural squishiness?
Early and Midgame you can afford to go heavy on AP gear, the heals and buffs we have make up for our squishiness. However, lategame (which you shouldn't reach!) is another story. Just incase you do reach it, I'll explain how to make yourself useful as support lategame.

As you can see in my build, the last 2 items are always heavy tank items, except for Alistar, his ulti should be sufficient to afford a bit more AP late game. The other 3 supports are simply not able to compete end-game without heavy tanking gear. Unlike most AP carries, supports don't really have a burst combo that they can spam before they die and make themselves useful to the teamfight that way. As support late game it's important to stay alive as long as possible, so you can use as many spells as possible before you die. Therefore we'll build tankish lategame,

Remember that we will hardly even be sacrificing AP damage by going defensive lategame! Our AP damage is devided over 3 supports, meaning overall we should still have more than enough AP damage if we get tanking gear.

What about magic penetration?
This guide is only a guideline, you probably shouldn't follow it a 100%. You should always adapt to the opponent's gear, meaning you can take magic penetration if there's a need for it. However, I don't think magic penetration is necessarily needed, because if the opponent gears Magic Resist:
1) Soraka's Starcall has this awesome Magic Resistance reduction debuff that stacks up to 10 times.
2) We have 2 AD carries that will compensate.
3) You'll usually see people gearing Magic Res later in the game, and as you know, there's no such a thing as late game for us ^^

  • Summoner Spells: For her summoner spells i chose Flash and Exhaust, for the extra bit of survivability and countering ganks.
  • Runes: Her rune choice is based on being AP carry, and having an extra advantage at the start: I chose the plain stat runes, not the ones increasing per level.
  • Masteries: Her masteries have been placed in the Offense tree, which speaks for itsself. Don't forget to put a point in Demolition (Basic attacks deal 10 bonus damage to towers), it's amazing for our setup since we'll be autoattacking turrets a lot! The rest has been placed in the Utility tree, for the additional mana which is crucial at the start, and a point for increased buff duration (you'll have blue late game).
  • Gear: Soraka's gear is built for AP carry, Tanking damage and having Spellvamp. Why spellvamp do you ask? It simply gives you this extra cut of survivability and sustainability, making you able to tank minions without healing and lasting longer in teamfights. Also Will of the Ancients buffs your teammates with AP and spellvamp as well!
    Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Rod of Ages? Rylai's! You don't need the mana component of Rod of Ages since you'll be having blue, also Rylai's slowdown gives you this amazing kiting and chasing capability, a must have!
    The last few items you'll be getting completely depends on the game. If you can finish the game before 40 minutes, go for Deathfire Grasp after Rabadon's Deathcap. If the game lasts longer, get defensive items. Late game you'll simply be too squishy to last without defensive items. Most likely an assasins like Xin Zhao or a bruiser will be focusing you, so you'll probably need armor and health! Magic resist is hardly needed cause their AP carry will have an awful game because of you, and you should be saving your silence for him. Your team should be warding off their AP carry as well (Garen chasing him with silence). While your AD carry should be focusing the person attacking you.
    So if you reach late game, save your Astral Blessing for healing yourself (gives 125 armor for 5 seconds on use), and make sure you have enough health for your armor to pay off. Getting Warmog's Armor isn't a stupid idea at all if the game lasts too long! You'll be getting stacks in no time with your Starcall. As for your last item, you'll probably need armor. I find Frozen Heart great for the combination of Armor, cooldownreduction and attack speed reduction. Sona will have Randuin's Omen for even more attack speed reduction! It's also possible to go for Zhonya's Hourglass if you're getting focused by heavy AD champs like Tryndamere.
    Lastly, if you've got all your items and still feel too squishy, it's possible to sell Will of the Ancients and buy a tanking item instead. I feel like Will of the Ancients doesn't scale well lategame.
  • Summoner Spells: For her summoner spells i chose Flash and Clarity. Clarity is a must have for continuous pushing later in the game, and for giving Soraka mana early game when you have blue.
  • Runes: Her rune choice is based on being an AP damage dealer, We'll need AP for some great harrassing at the start.
  • Masteries: Her masteries have been placed in the Utility tree. Sona will be more support oriented. Thus I found the 10% cooldownreduction in Utility tree (making you able to afford Mercury's Treads), more important than raw damage. Also the reduced cooldown on Summoner spells is really nice for sustainability, spam dat Clarity! Don't forget to put a point in Demolition (Basic attacks deal 10 bonus damage to towers), it's amazing for our setup since we'll be autoattacking turrets a lot!
  • Gear: Her gear is built for AP, Tanking damage, Manaregen and Cooldownreduction. Firstly, if you wonder why we're building Sheen, it is because it scales perfectly with Sona's passive, gives you extra damage on towers, and gives you a bit of mana/AP.
    Secondly we'll need a lot of manaregeneration to keep spamming heals. This build should give you plenty of mana due to Chalice of Harmony, Morello's Evil Tome and Clarity. As you know, sustainability is the key!
    Thirdly, you'll need cooldownreduction due to Sona's heal not scaling well with AP. And lastly we want to be a bit tankish, so we'll buy Aegis of the Legion. Sona will usually be on the background so you shouldn't be afraid to get focused. If they do focus you it often means they'll lose the fight cause soraka has free game.
    Late game however, they WILL be able to reach you on the background, so it's important to start gearing defensively if the game is going to last longer than 40 minutes. After 40 minutes, which will be more or less after your Lich Bane, we'll be getting Randuin's Omen because ADs will be your biggest threat and you allready have 85 magic resist.
  • Summoner Spells: For his summoner spells i chose Flash and Clairvoyance. We'll need at least one person with Clairvoyance.
  • Runes: His rune choice is based on being an AP damage dealer. For our setup offense is important to win the game quickly.
  • Masteries: His masteries have been placed in the Offense tree. I found the offense tree more useful, because my build will reach the 40% cooldownreduction cap. Therefore you'll lose the main advantage of the utility tree. The offense tree also fits our setup better, we want to win as soon as possible, so some extra damage is welcome.
  • Gear: His gear is built for AP damage, Manaregeneration, Tanking and Cooldownreduction. As taric you'll be offtanking with Garen, You dont need to be super-tankish due to the offensive nature of your setup and the heals. That's why we'll be getting a decent amount of AP, so you'll be doing nice damage and healing as well (in contrary to sona, taric's heal does scale well with ap!). Don't forget to autoattack the opponent during teamfights to lower your healing cooldown!
  • Summoner Spells: For his summoner spells i chose Flash and Clairvoyance. We'll need at least one person with Clairvoyance.
  • Runes: His rune choice is based on AP/tank.
  • Masteries: His masteries have been placed in the Offense tree. I found the offense tree more useful, because my build will reach the 40% cooldownreduction cap. Therefore you'll lose the main advantage of the utility tree. The offense tree also fits our setup better, we want to win as soon as possible, so some extra damage is welcome.
  • Gear: His gear is built for AP damage, Manaregeneration, Tanking and Cooldownreduction. As Alistar you'll be offtanking with Garen. At the start of the game you'll mostly be a healing machine to support your AD carry. Since your heal doesn't scale well with AP, we'll gear defensive/cooldownreduction/mana at the start. Later on we'll be leveling our knockups that scale better with AP, so we'll gear AP/tankish for some decent damage.
    It's also possible to build alistar heavy AP from the beginning and level your knockups earlier. When in normal games this generally works even better, but your safest bet is to build tankish/cooldownreduction from the start, which suits your role in the setup better.

For your AD carries I suggest the standard toprated guides:

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How to play on mid lane

If you suggest your friends to try out this setup with you, you should probably be the one playing Soraka since she's got the biggest influence on the game. Therefore I'll start off by teaching you the basics of AP Soraka.

How do I play AP Soraka?
The following text will show the complicated nature of the Soraka playstyle *sarcasm mode activated*. When laning as Soraka, you'll keep repeating a certain rotation: You move forward to the creep/opponent, use Starcall (and Infuse to harras) and move back again. Repeat this when starcall is off cooldown again. Still following me? I bet you're not! Just kidding, this playstyle may seem pretty basic, but it's kind of tempting to stand in the middle of the minions and spam Starcall like a boss without moving back, due to starcall's short cooldown.

REMEMBER: Starcall reduces the opponent's magic resistance and stacks up to 10 times! It will hit harder each stack, another reason to keep spamming it!

When in a teamfight, surprisingly the golden rule is to spam Starcall as well.
If you get focused during the teamfight, move back while spamming it. If you don't get focused, run towards them while spamming it. Also don't forget your Infuse, it hits hard when you have Starcall stacks up!

Another great use for starcall is scouting. Starcall hits units in the bushes and invisible targets, so you can use it to scout bushes or scout for invisible targets.

As for using your Astral Blessing effectively: try using it as early as possible without overhealing, the target you heal will get increased armor for 5 seconds making it take less damage.

Another thing to note, is that if you use your Infuse for mana, always use it on a teammate, you will both be getting mana instead of just one person.

And lastly, your ultimate Wish heals a **** lot as AP Soraka, so always use it when your team is really low during a teamfight, it's a great way to bait opponents.

What are some hard lanes to face mid?
You'll most likely be facing an AP carry mid because people don't think of switching lanes in normal games. You'll pretty much be countering all AP carries except for Karthus and Cassiopeia, because of their Q being spammable and long-range, and because of their almost never-ending mana. Also Morgana is a hard one due to her selfhealing, AoE, and ability to snare you next to the turret. You'll have to be max alerted not to get snared in turret range without minions nearby, as long as you don't get hit by the turret you'll outheal her damage easily.

When facing these heroes mentioned above, it is VERY important that you stand between the AP carry and the minions (while spamming Starcall) when a new minion wave arrives. By doing this you will disable their AP carry to damage the minions before they reach the turret, giving you more time to hit the turret and denying him from last hits!!

If they do decide to switch lanes, Rammus, Blitzcrank and Skarner can give you a hard time because of their ability to pull you in their turret. When facing Rammus or Skarner just silence and harras him when he comes in taunt range and you should be fine. When facing blitzcrank try dodging his pull or standing behind your minions full time. Turrets hit hard early game so try not to get hit!

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How to use this setup

Will it work in ranked?
In ranked games it will work perfectly fine up to a certain ELO, a rough estimation would be 1800 ELO, but this all depends on your own skill. I suppose that after a certain ELO people will be better at anticipating (picking ignite and switching lanes etc.). Anticipation comes from both sides though! For example: If they switch lanes so will you! If you get ignited, flash away and tell your team not to heal you, or get Quicksilver Sash! I'm sure there's a lot more options, be creative and you'll overcome your disadvantages. Also remember that the element of surprise is on your side! As long as they have no clue how to react on your setup it’s a free win.

Another possibility is using it as an alternative setup. As you know, this setup can struggle with AP carries that can counterpush you, like Cassiopeia Karthus and Morgana. On the other side, it completely dominates AP carries that go out of mana quickly or cannot counter push. For example, Kassadin Katarina Orianna Lux Anivia etc.

Now, when in ranked draftpick you'll start off by picking a support (Soraka), an AD carry and a solo top. I recommend ALWAYS using this picking order, if they see you pick 3 supports right away it will be easier for them to counter you.

So while picking your solo top, AD carry and support, depending on the picking order, the oppenent MUST have picked an AP carry or COULD have picked one. If they picked an AP carry that's easy to beat, go for it! Pick 2 supports for your last 2 picks, and it will be a free win. If they picked a hard one you can still pick a jungler and an AP carry, and fight the normal metagame. Eventhough I think hard AP carries are also very doable.

Another thing to pay attention to when playing this setup in ranked, are your bans. You shouldn't be banning the usual FotM champions, but you should be banning the champions that give your setup a hard time. We could for example be banning Karthus, Morgana and Cassiopeia, making us very hard to counter. Or you could be banning a specific jungler that gives you a hard time, Amumu for example. The jungler shouldn't be a problem if you manage to harras their AP carry properly though, so choose your bans wisely!

But what we originally created this setup for is farming IP in normal games with a couple of friends! In normal games this setup will win you 99% of the games in a very short time. You don’t have to be skilled either (spamming starcall is hard OLOLOL), just need some basic understanding of positioning and what not. Our fastest game was about 15 min long.

What if I don't have 4 other friends online to try this setup?
No worries, the setup also works when you queue a normal game with 2 friends, or even one. You and your friends will be picking the 3 supports. The hard part will be convincing the 2 randoms to:
A) go AD carry & solotop .
B) follow your tactics (especially when they’re French LOLJK).
The most common reaction will be OMG TROLL TEAM I GO AFK, or people simply not listening at all and picking awful characters or going 3x mid etc. People in LoL are just so incredibly closedminded.... It's happened to us multiple times, but we pretty much always manage to win. When they see you raping mid they'll get motivated again!

So if you queue with only 2 friends and want the randoms to listen, AT LEAST try to be nice when explaining them what you're going to do. If you start commanding or shouting at them because they won't listen the first time, you can be sure they won’t follow your tactic. Remember that you are the one who knows how good it works, they will most likely be pessimistic, so keep that in mind.

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How it all started

It all started by me and my friends being bored and wanting to try something new. We decided to go 5x support. After we dominated the opponent within 20 minutes I was surprised how good it worked, even in my naughtiest dreams I wouldn’t think this was possible. The second game we played, I decided to go 2x supports at mid for the epic lulz, and it worked even better! After putting some more tought in it it wasn’t a crazy idea after all (because you’re pretty much ungankable and completely counter their AP carry).

Eventually I ended up refining the tactics and bringing it down to 3-4 supports and some AD (because if they gear magic resist we would be doomed!). Last but not least we decided to get their blue at start to make stuff a bit more exciting and giving sona infinite mana! Also that worked like a charm. So what started as a joke basically became a very strong tactic.

Yesterday I've been doing a series of 4 games and I thought I'd share it with you. I queued with 1 friend, me as Soraka, he as Sona. Meaning we had 3 randoms in our team.

The first game we had Alistar and Blitzcrank bottom and Poppy solo top (lol). We still won within 17 min (I was 7/0/11)! Blitzcrank and Alistar instantly added us and wanted to play more when they saw us owning mid up. The second game was also amazing, a bit more than 20 min but I was 12/3/24. The third game they let the random ashe solo top vs 2 opponents (don't ask me why 0.o). He ended up feeding talon while being 3-19. Needless to say talon pretty much one hit me but we still won the game after 40 minutes. The last game went so bad cause we were tired (we were accidently tanking turrets and **** like that, up to the point where my friend Sona died from a turret while being 100% hp because he got blocked by minions ;D). I honestly couldn't stop laughing, cause eventough we played so bad we completely owned them. To make it even more fun we kept trying to lure them at 5% hp, then heal with my ulti and kill them :) This setup guarantees some epic lulz i can tell you.

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Last but not least

Please give this setup a try and comment on how it went. Also don’t give up if it doesn’t work the first time. As easy as this setup is, you might still need to practice it a little. Also remember that if things don't go as intended, it most likely is not the setup that doesn’t work, but it is you and your team not executing it properly. I can safely say that after having played at least 25 games as triple support and only losing 2. While we normally lose more than 50% of our games, because Scottish friends, alcohol, and League of Legends don’t make a good combination ;)

Any suggestions and questions are more than welcome. For the rest, thanks for reading, good luck and have fun!


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