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Tryndamere Build Guide by Pozsich

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pozsich

Tryndamere, the King

Pozsich Last updated on December 11, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 24

Honor Guard

Defense: 6

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Hey guys! This is a guide on that champion everyone hates, Tryndamere! I hope to cover anything and everything you or I feel you need to know. This build will cover lane Tryn, jungle Tryn, and all the good info I think everyone should know.

Tryn: In case you don't know, Tryndamere is a Melee AD carry with high damage, good sustain, a strong slow, and a good gap closer. Oh, and if you use his ultimate right, he can't die. Sweet huh?

Me: I'm the type of person who respects and values all ideas and opinions, though suggesting mine are wrong wouldn't get a positive response :P We all have flaws after all.
A little something about this guide and me as an author that everyone should know, is that so far I have been extremely receptive to feedback and active about updating and changing things to reflect others opinions, so drop a comment on anything you want me to know! I can't say I will change my core build over your comment necessarily, but there will almost doubtlessly be some change over every comment.

Why I wrote this: Basically, I wrote this guide in one weekend, wondering "How hard can writing a guide be?" Well, it was a lot of fun. Since I like to write, this was an enjoyable activity! I am currently working on improving this guide in any way I can, but alas, only so much time in a day! It seems to me that since this site helped me so much, I might as well give a little effort to help out, not just leech off everyone else.

I hope you enjoy, rate, and review my first guide! And most importantly - I hope it helps you!

P.S. If you have any qualms about my build, tell me! This is supposed to be for the community so I need community input!


I am planning to rethink some things soon, most likely I will begin re-writing and changing things after this next patch. Although I already cover more or less everything I want to, I am looking to phase my main builds itemization away from "Pub stomping glass cannon of death" to "Solid build at all levels of play," so expect some changes soon. Or later. (Soon don't worry :)

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Overall Pros / Cons

Damn, what a boss!
Easy to use and good escape mechanism!
Strong slow!
Awesome damage!
Cons: His slow can be avoided
He is melee
CC is his worst enemy
Exhaust completely shuts him down
Ignite can be really deadly early.

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Rune Choices

There are varying ways to build lane Tryndameres runes, I prefer to choose runes that help cover his lacking survivability in early game.

My Rune Choices


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Health Regeneration
These are the morereasonable and reliable ones that should generally be used, and a here's quick breakdown on why.

Greater Mark of Desolation So this rune is pretty much critical, it gives armor penetration that you MUST have for this build to work well, because ArP is late if ever in this build.
"You aren't jungling, you don't need armor seals man!" True, I am not jungling, but Tryndamere is susceptible to harrass early, often needing to stay near his turret, which is not good at all because it becomes harder to heal with Bloodlust and harder to last hit. So with these seals, you become less susceptible to AD harassers such as Caitlyn.
This can do two things, it can lower the effectiveness of harrass such as Warwicks Hungering Strike, and can SAVE you from nukes in mid game if your ultimate is not up. ( Annie)
Greater Quintessence of Vigor Ok. Let's look at these carefully for a moment.
So, why does Tryndamere, a barbaric all out offense piss people off champion, need hp regeneration???
Well, a good question! This is a SAFETY NET type of quintessence. If you're getting your *** handed to you in lane, these can help keep you in the game, whereas if you're constantly going back, you're doomed. They should seem logical, because with the armor seals and MR glyphs keeping damage taken down, this helps you to keep HP up if you can't get at the minions! Simple and effective right? Right!

Pros and Cons

  • Awesomely well rounded, can hold your ground against any opponent.
  • Not the typical Tryn thing, so may throw your opponents off and give you a mental edge.
  • Easy to fall back on, even a first time Tryn can easily win with this.
  • The superior ArP can be a great boon later in the game.

  • Has kinda weak damage in lane and is harder to farm with.


Alternative Runes

These are good for higher damage at the very beginning of the game, say before level 5, but drop off fairly hard compared to the ArP marks. If you want the early punch though, that's your choice.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation If you feel you can go without the good HP regeneration, then these are an excellent choice as they increase your damage all game.

Same deal as their counterpart marks, add more damage early but drop off compared to ArP.

Good for early game survivability, is a very good alternative to HP regen. So why do I prefer regen over these? Well... I feel regen is more adaptable, plus I'm just a regen>amount kinda guy.

These are really not a favorite of mine, but I can see why some people may want lower CDs, after all they are the only thing restricting your abilities. And if you do want lower CDs, these are the only runes I would recommend. Anything else just isn't worth it.

If you aren't worried about coming up against magic damage early, these would be a superior choice. Or if you think they are worth the superior late game stats, as that's where Tryn shines, then you can grab these over flat MR. However, I would not recommend scaling armor seals. Most damage early will be AD, and you cannot turn away from early armor for late game armor.

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  • Summoner's Wrath Improves BOTH the lane masteries, it's just logical to get it.
  • Brute Force I should think this obvious, but shall state it improves damage.
  • Alacrity The percents are decent, and better than any other point here. However, it is mainly so that we can get this:
  • Weapon Expertise Is an AMAZING mastery, this makes up for the huge chunk of ArP my items are missing until late game wonderfully
  • Havoc Isn't nearly as strong as it used to be, and takes three points, but is still a decent master for furthering the tree.
  • Deadliness Good for early and mid game when your crit chance isn't insane yet.
  • Lethality Decent, 10% more damage per hit is pretty strong once you get the percent high.
  • Vampirism Free life steal? Sign me up. Is quite useful for sustain before you get your vamp scepter.
  • Sunder hasn't changed at all... It's still the free ArP that I love, love, love!
  • Executioner for those of you that can't do the math to see why this is good: 40% is just under half HP, and 6% is quite a bit. This is more handy against tankier foes, for whom 40% will last much longer than a carries. Even for a carry though, may give your swing the extra kick it needs to kill.



    Not a ton to say about Resistance and Hardiness , these masteries increase durability some and I like that. Works well with my runes too. If I needed to suggest alternatives I'd say drop the MR for Good Hands but keep the armor there.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is a must. It can help you chase, kite, and escape. One important factor to consider is that how often you attack during a chase, and whether or not you may randomly stop, is based on your movement speed and the enemies movement speed. (The random stops though can easily be avoided by manually clicking between attacks) Keeping this in mind, Exhaust and Ghost are excellent complementary spells, between the two plus your spin PLUS your slow it can be extremely hard to escape you. Another reason to get Exhaust is for the reduced enemy damage on auto attacks and on abilities, plus with Cripple you do more damage to them.

Best Alternative Summoners


Ignite Is an amazing summoner spell, and well suited to aggressive Tryns. The best points to this spell are: It can be used to burn through those pesky supports heals, and it can be used to finish off A) An enemy with a natural escape, such as Ezreal or another Tryndamere, but it can also be used to B) Guarantee your kill on an enemy escaping to a turret while you can't dive, and finally-In a 2v1 you can use this on an enemy after you get them near death, allowing you to switch to the other opponent sooner rather than waste auto attack time on the one near death. Ignite is often underestimated, it's damage is a fairly significant number,and it is true damage. Try to use it to it's maximum potential as a DoT if you are going to use it.

Yes, yes... I can see why you may want this, but honestly, I just don't see it being that worthwhile... It can help you in a team fight, but has no utility for your teammates, and is unnecessary in 1v1s. Most likely, if you are in a position to need to use this anywhere but in a teamfight, you put yourself in a terrible situation. (we all do it sometimes) And I find that if the enemy team does have significant CC, you can just get Quicksilver Sash before the teamfights start.

Meh. It's good for running... it's OK for initiating... Why not use Spinning Slash? This is too much of a back up for me to consider as on the same level as Exhaust and Ghost. However, if you just don't like Ghost or Exhaust, trading Ghost for this can be viable, effectively giving you two flashes for easy escapes / initiates.

Teleport is purely a situational and preference based ability. I know I switch between loving this spell and thinking it's useless quite a bit. Either way though, Tryn is a champion who benefits much more from any of the above spells, and this should only be taken under special circumstances.

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Abilities and Sequencing

This is your first skill to raise, in ALMOST all situations. The sustain it gives you is INVALUABLE... Especially since for farm you get Phantom Dancer plus Berserker's Greaves before any lifesteal... that's a lot of cash you got to farm up before lifesteal, so Q is priority.


Try not to use this while you have any form of healing reduction on you, if at all possible wait to use it for max effect.
Try to find a good balance between storing this for higher damage and using it for healing. This will probably depend a lot on how aggressive you play, so experiment and find what works best for you. Personally, I heal with it a lot unless I intend to go for a kill soon.


This is extremely useful in fights with other AD carries to lower their damage, and good for slowing people running away. I feel this is generally better than Spinning Slash, but take a point in spinning slash earlier for the earlier mobility boost.


Can be used to detect people in brush or who are stealthed, you will know if someone is nearby when the icon lights up.
If Master Yi uses Highlander you should consider either using this at the beginning of the slug fest to win the fight, or try to win it anyway and wait for Highlander to wear off before slowing him.


Is very useful for farming, spinning through a minion wave can make them all one hit. It is also useful for chasing and running, particularly if the enemy flashes or there is terrain you can use to escape the enemy. I like the mobility boost enough to get it at level two, but don't hold the damage boost as high and thus tend to level up Mocking Shout over it.


You MUST be careful about extending this ability to its max range, if you don't do this while trying to go through terrain you will most likely lose the chase.


This is practically a calling card in my opinion, it's what makes it easy to make him totally offense oriented. It also may well be the most annoying ability in the game. (other than Intervention)


Know the fight, if you ult at half HP in an auto attack fight, you just wasted some of its time. On the other hand if you ult at half HP and someone like Annie nukes you, you just saved your life.



Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
I think this is a good skill sequence when you are looking for utility, or if the enemy team is mainly AD (lots of people forget Mocking Shout is also a significant AD reduction.)

Now, there are alternatives... If you are looking for more damage, you can shoot for this sequence
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Keep in mind that this sequence should NEVER be used without Exhaust, in chases it is vital you have either Exhaust or Mocking Shout to slow the enemies.

If they have the possibility of a level one stun, or you fear a gank at level one for whatever reason, you could get Spinning Slash and level one and get Bloodlust at levels 2 and 3

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The Way I Play

Glass Cannon. Aww Yeah.

So with much backlash for getting too much AS without other stats early, I have conceded that earlier AD was needed, but still feel AS is a superior early to mid game stat. This new setup is good for farming and pushing, and should allow you to be a bully in lane.

The reasoning behind the Infinity Edge making its appearance behind a Phantom Dancer AND The Bloodthirster is that I feel it isn't effective until you have both high crit chance and damage. Not some crit chance, not some damage, but high crit chance and damage before this so that when you get it your damage should spike enormously, and be much more reliable than "Maybe I'll crit... Maybe I won't..."
The Black Cleaver is a great item, and I feel many people will yell at me that I should hold the second Phantom Dancer for last and put this out earlier on... This is easily the most situational item here. YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT THE ENEMIES BUILDS! If their important damage dealers are not building armor to stop you, leave it for last. You can afford to do less damage to tanks, carries are the priority!
If their carries are building armor, build this instead of the second Phantom Dancer and get the PD last.
To avoid any misconception as to why I hold Phantom Dancer above The Black Cleaver, let me say this: The PD give you crit chance and move speed. I hold this higher than Arp and Damage. This isn't even mentioning PD gives more attack speed.


Alternative Items


Different Starts

This if a good item to start with, the stats are extremely cost effective and it suits Tryn perfectly. The reason I choose not to build it is that I prefer AS, and generally prefer starting items that build into my first purchase.

If you are new to Tryn or to LoL in general, this is an excellent item to stay in lane. It's stats are perfectly geared towards my rune choices as well.

A decent choice for early on crit chance, and builds into an early Zeal. Not my personal preference due to the fact that crits are so unreliable early, I much prefer the more reliable choices.

+ 3 s This setup will allow you to stay in lane for varying amounts of time, depending on how well the opponents can take your HP down. This is an awesome pick if you are an experienced kiter / harrasser. IMO this is not Tryns niche, but some people can do it. And the speed increase gives a very strong edge over people without it. This would be my personal #2 pick. + 3 s


Defensive Items

Whether you aren't doing so hot or you just feel like being beefier, these are some good picks.

This is awesome on Tryndamere. With this and your ult, its' like you have 3 lives. It can also be used like a back up, in case you mistime your ultimate. As soon as you stand up, just ult and spin through a wall to escape five people! Can also be great for taking out carries, as sometimes you may not be able to get close without some added protection.

This is pretty much necessary if they CC you much and you went without Cleanse. The reason this isn't in my main build is that you may not need this every game, but you need the DPS always. I hope I don't need to say this, but if you get this item, use the freaking active. There's almost no point to this item without it.
Note: Do not get Banshee's Veil instead of this. Ever. EVER. The passive is less reliable than this active, and the mana is wasted on Tryn. Why? ... Oh yeah, Tryn has no freakin' mana.

Generally only if they have enough CC to worry you. I wouldn't get it just for the MR as AS would benefit you more. However, the tenacity can save your life if they have good CC on their team.

If the enemy has two or more auto attackers this can be a good choice for the dodge chance, plus the always nice armor. I say AA champs, not AD champs for a reason. If the champion is someone like Riven or Lee Sin who do most of their damage in or because of abilities, these boots aren't as effective as they are against say Ashe Miss Fortune or Caitlyn


Offensive Items

If you want really good ArP this is a good alternative to The Black Cleaver. In addition it is superior if the enemy is stacking massive armor, if they get Thornmail and Randuin's Omen, then it's time to call in the percent ArP over flat. Actually, Thornmail alone is probably enough to call for Last Whisper.

So how do I feel about this item? Well it basically depends on two things, 1. Will your team benefit? 2. Is anyone else going to get it? If the answer is yes, they will benifit, but no one else will get it, YOU get it. It isn't the best item for Tryn, but it isn't bad on Tryn either, so taking a hit for the team is good here. On the other hand, if your team won't benefit, or if someone else is going to get it, much better to leave it to them and focus on your own dominance(:

Can be a superior choice in some cases, generally I would only get this if you plan to be fighting a lot ASAP, and I prefer AS over this. And if you do get this, use the freaking ward. It's VERY useful.

I don't know.. I personally have never had success with this item, and the best Tryns I've seen in my games don't have it. Stats wise it is good though, so grab it if you want. And if you get this, use the freaking active.

Generally get this if you are facing someone with self heals, some people I get this to counter are: Vladimir, Warwick, Fiddlesticks, Akali, and Gangplank. It is also good against any support with heals. Note: Don't bother getting this if you aren't planning to use the active.

The Crit Chance: I have been informed a couple of times now about how getting the second PD pushes Crit chance over 100% when you take fury into account. So I will restate, one final time, the second PD is really more for the MS and AS than the crit chance. Consider your base crit chance being so high a nice side effect, and it going over 100% a forgivable waste for the other stats.

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Some General Advice

Team Work

This is highly game based, based on your teammates capabilities and the other teams capabilities. I'll give a few general scenarios.

Your team is fairly tanky, being able to soak up a lot of damage but also able to dish out some. No matter the enemy team, if this is the case, wait until the fight has started to spin your way in.

The enemy team has lots of CC, and your team is not tanky enough to take all that damage while CCed. In this case, you initiate while your team waits to come in. If you enter properly and do a fair chunk of damage to someone, they may blow over half their abilities on you while you Endless Rage. Your team comes in to win an easy fight while you spin away in the chaos.

Both teams are tanky, and CC is balanced. Wait for your team to start, then go in and prioritize the CC as these will often be the main damage dealers on tankier teams. This is also a scenario where The Black Cleaver may come in earlier, to counteract the tankiness of the enemies.

Both teams are squishy, with high damage, and CC is balanced. You initiate, and use endless rage to soak up TONS AND TONS of damage, then your team comes in to kill the enemies who used their abilities too soon.


Dealing with Opponents

Aggressive Opponents
Well, first thing you need to do is gauge you lanes strength against theirs. If you find yourself able to win damage trades, or if you have more sustain than them, then you can play aggressively back. This can be tricky as you absolutely cannot ignore minions and farm, nor get TOO aggressive. And word of the wise, over extending is death.
If you're losing damage trades, just be careful not to let them harrass too much and call for an early gank; getting the edge early will make them back off, giving you some breathing room.

Defensive Opponents
Honestly, I think this is the best you can have it. Tryndamere benifits from early on kills like any champion, but he doesn't require it. FARMING is what any carry requires! If the opponents are playing defensively focus on last hitting without pushing.
NEVER push up to their turret.
NEVER ignore last hits to harrass. Harrass is good if there is no CS to be had, but gold wins games, and if harrass doesn't net a kill then it was wasted time effort and gold.


Jungler Ganks

Let's face it, a good jungle gank is awesome. And let's also face the fact that you as the laner can make or break a gank just as much as the ganker can. General advice would be that you should ask the jungler when they are going to gank, and start playing more defensively a little while before they arrive.
Playing more defensively earlier will make it so that:
1) You will be pushed farther back.
2) They won't get an instant alarm in their heads. If you suddenly just fall back right before a gank, they're going to realize something is "fishy."



By mid game farming is easy peasy, early game though it's a bit different. The main difference between the two rune builds (as far as farming goes) is the attack speed, this makes it MUCH easier to last hit minions away from turrets. As far as under turret goes, they are fairly similar...
Last hitting on the turret: From full hp, a melee minion should be hit twice by the turret, then last hit by you. A caster minion should be hit once by the turret, then last hit by you. Sounds simple, but keep in mind your minions can make things a bit trickier... When your own minions are around it all comes down to learning timing, watching when the minion attacks land, and when the turret shot lands, and timing your own attack correctly.

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Jungle Everything Right Here

Jungle Runes


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality
These runes make junglingEASY.
1.) Between the ArP Marks and Quints you will be doing true damage with your attacks to all Neutral Monsters except the Greater Wraith.
2.) The Armor Seals significantly reduce damage done to you by all Neutral Monsters, and starting with a Vampiric Scepter is not a very strong choice without them.
3.) The scaling MR Glyphs make ganking an AP mid much easier. Flat MR isn't as useful since by the time you start ganking the scaling runes are already starting to catch up, and you take no magic damage in the jungle.



This is better for an early jungle, but won't produce as much damage on champions since you probably won't fight other players until after these become less efficient.
Good for the faster use of abilities. Obviously. If you feel confident that you can gank mid NP and this is your second pick, go for it!
AS is a good jungle stat, just not my preference. Also, Marks are more worth your time if you want the AS.
Same as the Glyphs. I REALLY don't think taking AS glyphs and marks is a good idea though, one or the other should suit your needs if you need the AS.


Jungle Masteries

This mastery improves the Ghost spell, so we get it.
We get this to clear the jungle a little easier and faster. Also makes early crits more sustaining.
Attack Speed is always nice, is it not?
AWESOME ArP. Isn't a ton in the jungle, but it is some and will help more later on.
Honestly not super powerful, but this mastery is still good for furthering the tree as 1.5% can still make the difference to people relying on lifesteal.
Great mastery for living through the jungle with a little more breathing space.
Simply a godsend for junglers. With this plus ArP runes you should slice through monsters armor like butter.
This is a wonderful mastery for a better jungle, and is useful vs. tanks later on.
I like this for the extra Smite gold, and it helps further the tree.
Lowers monster damage. Take it.
Again, reduces monster damage, take it.
Honestly? Not that awesome for me. Doesn't help much early game, but, it does help some late game and lets us get to our end goal of this defense spec:
This is the reason we went into defense! So far in my experience, this is awesome! Is excellent for maxing survivability on the first run through.


Jungle Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
This is your sustainability skill, by level 3 it should allow you to sustain your health in the jungle indefinitely. If it doesn't, it'll be close enough that adding Wriggle's Lantern will make it indefinite.

This is your only utility ability, and is not important on junglers. The only reason to get it for this build is the slow for ganking, but that's what red buff's for. However, to help get close to a laner to start slowing them with red buff, this is useful. So we grab one point in it at level four.

This is your way to initiate camps with area damage, and to jump terrain to cover distance between camps faster. It is also useful for ganking with red buff as it easily gets you right next to them.

It can be used to tank, to tower dive, to win 1v1s, to survive nukes, to BD a tower while your base is getting pushed, it can be used for SO MANY THINGS. Survive DoTs, Enchanted Crystal Arrows, and Trueshot Barrages. This is one of the best ultimates in the game, and the key to using it is knowing how to time it. In a 1v1 auto attack fight, use it right before you die, but on the other hand, use it as soon as you see an AP nuke landing on your face.


Jungle Items


Yes, vamp scepter first. "DOOD U NEEDZ DA CLOTH ARMORZ POINTZ" No, I don't. The vamp scepter can get you through without much trouble, and once Bloodlust is up a couple ranks, is superior to cloth or a long sword or a dagger in sustainability.

You won't be able to afford this on the first B, so get Boots of Speed the first time. (It's also a good idea to grab a HP pot or two, to ensure you won't be forced back again before the full purchase.)

This is a free ward! YEAH! It's also AR, AD, and lifesteal! YEAH! I've actually been MESSAGED by someone telling my how useless this item is due to Bloodlust... sigh, let me tell you something guys, not required doesn't mean not good. You don't NEED Smite on jungle Warwick but you get it because it's better that way. Wriggle's Lantern is any junglers best friend, it increases jungle speed, makes jungling easily sustained, makes for more efficient ganks, and gives total dragon control which can be VITAL to victory. Get Wriggle's Lantern before Zeal. End of story. Scratch that. Gotta say some more stuff about this. Look guys, recently I have been told that IE should be taken instead of this. IE = High consistent damage, comparatively low sustain, weaker against other AD carries. Wriggles = More jungle speed, High but somewhat inconsistent damage, More sustain, and Domination over another AD carry, and much easier to get early on cuz it's so freakin' cheap.

Whoooo baby! Save up for this and you will PACK A PUNCH!! Your passive should get a decent amount of crits and you have wriggles and berserk greaves for lifesteal and AS respectively, so why not rush some domination level damage?

Now that we've got a grossly disproportional fist, let's swing it faster! This item has VERY good stats for its cost, and getting some extra move speed is the awesome part of this item to me.

If everything has been rolling smoothly you should get this by mid game, but the sooner the better so aim for gold! Because as soon as you get this your damage gets a nice spike!

This will start to put the IE crit passive to good use, it's a big step up from Zeal with a reasonable cost.

Increasing your AD and Arp and AS, what more could you want in one item? (*cough* everything *cough*)

Nothing like swinging faster and critting more... SPRINT! Listen, I know a lot of Tryndameres would prefer two The Bloodthirsters over two Phantom Dancers, but I think that if you are smart about getting in and out you can kill the carry you need to with a single The Bloodthirster and that the second Phantom Dancer is worth it for the move speed and crit chance.

YOU'RE OUTTA ROOM THAT'S TOO MANY ITEMS!!!!!!!!!! Yes, it is. If you get this far into the game it's time to place one last free ward and toss Wriggle's Lantern for this bad boy. Farm on!

All the items in the Alternative Items section up above apply here, except the "Different Start" subsection.


Jungle Route

Here is Stonewalls Video, All Credit to Him.

Stonewalls Jungle Route In Writing

1. Start at wolves, killing the large one first, then killing the small ones.
2. Smite the large wraith, and immediately level and use Spinning Slash to hurt the little ones. Then kill them.
3. Go to red and kill the two small lizards, then use spinning slash to run from red into double golems.
4. Kill the Golems and go B, buying lvl 1 boots.
5. Go to blue, kill the Golem first, smiting to finish. Kill the lizards also before leaving.
6. Go through the jungle, killing wolves - wraiths - red - double golems in that order. You should be level five and ready to either gank or go B, your choice.

Important Note: it is up to you to find the balance between healing with Bloodlust and saving it for crits. Healing between every camp will not work well. Do not depend on where he heals in the video, as it will not happen exactly the same for you.

Also, he jungles Tryndamere with more AS runes and 21/0/9 setup, so expect times to be different, but this is still a good route with my setup.



It is important for you to control both dragon and the area around it. You should, for the early game and mid game, constantly keep dragon warded with your Wriggle's Lantern.


When it comes to ganking

It is better to wait until your first point in Mocking Shout if the lane you're looking to gank has no CC of their own. DO NOT GANK WITHOUT RED BUFF. DO NOT DIVE WITHOUT YOUR ULTIMATE. A lot of people look at a kill for a kill as ok, IT IS NOT. A first blood for a kill is....meh, OK-ish. What people don't seem to realize is the most important thing in LoL is TO NOT DIE. If you're dead you aren't farming, pushing, ganking, dragoning, warding....The list goes on, just don't die.
As for setting it up, wait until a lane is pushed, Spinning Slash on in, slowing them with Mocking Shout if needed, and hack away with red buff. Hopefully your laners will have some form of CC to help you out while you're doing this.

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People to focus

Your ability to close gaps and come in over walls is EXTREMELY powerful and generally not something Tryndameres will do. Tryndamere can do SO MUCH MORE than dive into the whole team and pop your ultimate while you get CCed and generally raped. Play a little more stealthy, Tryns who jump walls to kill the damage dealers or supports with no problem are much more useful than those that just go in and ult.
Magic, AD Carry, Support,

People to Always Focus

Ezreal - Can be AD or AP, focus either way.
Karthus - Douchebag. Nuff said.
Kog'Maw - Can be AD or AP, focus either way.
Master Yi
Miss Fortune
Nidalee - If AP caster only, not if AD or offtanking.
Sivir - IF you actually find a good one against you. Lol.
Sona - High priority, can DEVASTATE your team with Crescendo, and is generally extremely important to their team.
Teemo - Can be AD or AP, focus either way.
Tristana - Can be AD or AP, focus either way.
Twisted Fate - Can be AD or AP, focus either way.

Zilean - Whether playing as a support or AP caster, focus.

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Someone was kind enough to send me a picture of recent games as Tryn, so I figured I would put it here. If anyone wants to submit photos of game results using this build feel free to PM me. (Include a link please.)

1st sender: MechanicalApple

2nd sender: Kingjordan:

Kingjordan also informed me this was using my jungle guide, and that it was his first Tryn game (:

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Thanks for reading, and thank you for any support! Hope you enjoyed the read!
TY to PsiGuard and jhoijhoi for helping me to improve some things (:
And TY to MechanicalApple for sending in the first results picture ever.
And TY to Trenditon who, despite being "just another user", has helped me a lot (: He also has an excellent Tryn guide on 3v3 with Tryn, anyone who liked my guide is sure to like his!

And TY to the all people who have already helped me make this guide better, I hope more do so in the future!