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Udyr Build Guide by Neugebauer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neugebauer

Udyr: 3v3 guide

Neugebauer Last updated on October 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Recent Changes

Since I've written this guide there's been some changes to Udyr.

Besides Mercury's Treads, several other "Tenacity" items have been released. I wouldn't consider Cloak and Dagger on Udyr, despite the nice stats, but Eleisa's Miracle is a decent item. If the enemy team is really lacking in CC except maybe 1 or 2 spells, and you would rather have Ninja Tabi or Boots of Swiftness to catch up to enemies, grab a Philosopher's Stone and don't upgrade it until you need the Tenacity. The extra gold per 10 seconds is really great.

There was a recent nerf to Madred's Razors. You used to be able to heal in turtle stance from that extra magic damage it did to minions; however, now you can't. It's a considerable nerf in laning and restoring health after a fight, but Wriggle's Lantern is still an excellent item.

Udyr's Turtle Stance was nerfed in the patch introducing Talon, the mana return much more so than the health return. It's still a great spell, though.

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Hello. this is my Udyr 3v3 guide. Udyr is a popular jungler, but can be viable in lane. My guide is about survivability and damage, staying in the lane and being able to avoid ganks. This guide has proven failsafe for me in 3v3 matches. The build will give you a high amount of armor and magic resist and enough attack damage to ravage enemies.

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Masteries and Runes

The masteries I have chosen give Udyr balanced damage, defense, and utility. The extra experience from utility is key, dodging and magic resist in the defense tree is extremely helpful in surviving, and the magic penetration gives your Phoenix Stance more damage.

The runes that are key in my build are Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist and Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed. Udyr does not have scaling magic resist and can be crushed by spells early/mid game. The movement speed quintessences are essential if you want to hit your opponents in the lane and are extremely helpful in chasing/escaping. For seals, you can use the dodge seals, but I recommend armor. The marks you pick can be varied; generally I use Greater Mark of Attack Speed or Greater Mark of Desolation. Both can fairly increase Udyr's damage output.

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Skill Sequence and Summoner Spells

Monkey's Agility-an excellent passive, you should have the three stacks up as often as possible when enemies are around. The dodge can activate Nimbleness , which can help with escapes, and the attack speed is great for more damage.

Tiger Stance-This is your best harass, in conjunction with Bear Stance. The damage over time scales very well with AD, and the attack speed bonus is amazing for killing.

Turtle Stance-A key spell in the early laning phase, this will help you recover health and mana in the lane. Using the shield at the right moment can completely mitigate an enemy harass.

Bear Stance-The active on this spell is excellent for chasing, escaping, or getting back into the lane rapidly. And the stun is a life-saver if an enemy is channeling a spell. Never underestimate Bear Stance, and use it during teamfights often.

Phoenix Stance-Many people underestimate this spell's damage. The extra attack damage+ability power is great if you switch back to Tiger Stance and hit someone. Keeping this spell up will give you strong sustained damage throughout a fight.

Ghost is always an excellent choice for Udyr. Since he has such excellent survivability, you don't particularly need Flash to escape. This is also excellent for chasing; combined with Bear Stance you will be extremely fast.

Udyr only has 1 CC that is reliant on hitting his opponent. Exhaust can almost guarantee you will stay close enough to your opponent to bring them down while you chase. Plus, if Ghost is down, you can use this spell to escape, though it is not recommended.


Ignite is always a good killing spell, perfect for when an enemy barely escapes and you can't get one more hit on them. If your team has two Exhausts already, get this spell.

Flash is OK on Udyr, if you feel safer using this instead of Ghost go ahead. But Ghost is a more solid option for moving down a lane or through the jungle.

Cleanse could work well on Udyr, he is extremely susceptible to death from CC, because of his reliance on being close to the enemy.

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Start out with a Doran's Blade. The health improves survivability, the attack damage scales very well with Tiger Stance, and the small amount of lifesteal can help regain health. When you have enough money, go back and purchase Boots of Speed and some potions. If the enemies are ganking a lot, you might want to buy a ward.

The most important item to get will be Mercury's Treads. These give you some of the magic resist that you lack, the movement speed you need, and the tenacity to break CC as soon as possible. Your next item should be Madred's Razor, and that will be built into Wriggle's Lantern. This item is excellent, it has armor, attack damage, life steal, and a free ward to keep in the middle jungle. This will save you money for wards and boost your attack damage past 100.

Hexdrinker is a great choice for Udyr. More magic resist, more attack damage, and a helpful shield that may save you from an ignite or an enemy tower dive.

These are the core items for my build. At this point, you can decide what items you would like. You can become more tanky with a Randuin's Omen or Force of Nature, or, if your team is lacking high damage, purchase a The Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge. But I recommend Trinity Force. This item combines three great options for Udyr into 1 slot. I know many people dislike Trinity Force. If so, you should defenitely get Frozen Mallet.

Late game, Udyr will always need more damage. You should have sold Doran's Blade by now, and it is best to buy a Pickaxe. You can build this into tons of items, but two great choices are Tiamat and Madred's Bloodrazor. I recommend Tiamat because it is cheaper and the splash damage can be wonderful in teamfights, but if you have the money, and the enemy team has someone with a ****load of health, get Bloodrazor.

I've played a few games recently with Udyr where I use Hextech Gunblade. I haven't tried it yet in Twisted Treeline, but it's been a great asset in Summoner's Rift and the Crystal Scar. The recent nerfs to it are dissapointing, but I am still confident that this should be the item to get if you and/or your team's damage is really lacking, or the enemy team is too damn fast!

One more good choice for Udyr is Quicksilver Sash. Udyr can easily die from a bind/stun/fear. This item gives you even more magic resist and an amazing tool for wasting enemy CC. I recommend this if the enemy team has a Fiddlesticks.

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Once the game begins, grab your blade and move down for the gank. If you think their team has a greater chance of killing at the beginning, back off and tell your team. Choose between Tiger Stance and Bear Stance at level one. If your team has a good bind/slow or some heavy CC, take Tiger. If not, get Bear. Ideally you should be hitting every opponent as often as possible in the early gank if you got Bear Stance, to keep each enemy stunned every few seconds.

Stay down at bot lane and don't try any harass until level 2/3. At level three, you should have one point in everything but Phoenix Stance. The best way to harass is a method called pre-loading. Cast Tiger Stance and don't hit a minion. From the second you cast Tiger Stance, you have five seconds until your next attack does the damage over time from Tiger Stance; use Bear Stance to get up to an enemy and hit them. Tiger Stance's DoT will bring down a portion of their health, and Bear Stance's stun will make sure they can't do anything about it. If you aren't comfortable using hit-and-run tactics, then harassing will be extremely difficult, and you should consider jungling with Udyr.

Remember to use Turtle Stance shield to mitigate the damage from a low damage spell or an enemy harass, and to use it to regain health if you are below 70%.

Now you should be farming as much as possible. If you're close to your turret, just hit every minion; if you're in the middle/far end of the lane, just last hit. Stay cautious of ganks and watch your lane partner's back. A Bear stun can save a team mate's life. You should have Mercury's Treads by now, if not, you need to farm more. Get it ASAP. If you have Madred's Razor/ Wriggle's Lantern, you can probably solo dragon, or two man it. Grab lizard buff from the middle jungle as well. The extra gold from both really helps. If the lane has too much pressure, ignore the jungle for now and try to set up a gank.

By now the laning phase is nearly complete, and you still aren't level 18. Now you should be in the jungle often, and if it is clear of minions, try a teamfight. If the enemies have retreated/are dead, push. Finish the core build and decide what items to get next.

In teamfights, the best way to start is activate Tiger Stance, then activate Bear Stance and rush in. If you have no good initiator, you should be the one. Alternate between Tiger Stance and Phoenix Stance to maximize your damage, use Bear Stance to interrupt enemy spells/escapes, and alternate between Bear Stance and Turtle Stance if you are targeted/trying to escape. Try and keep three stacks of Monkey's Agility up, the bonuses great.

Udyr can tower dive pretty well, but always think before you act. If the enemy has CC, if might be best to stay back. If the enemy has a person or two missing, you should stay back. I know how frustrating it is to watch Garen run away with 20 health left, but sometimes there's nothing you can do. Just wait for another opportunity. If you think you should dive, go ahead and activate Bear Stance and kill someone.

By this point your build should be finished/nearly complete. Play smart, and you can win. You can most likely dive and kill turrets that have 40% or less health. Stay with your team.

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Udyr is one of my favorite champions, because he is versatile, tough, and dangerous. You have the potential to win many games with Udyr if you aren't stupid. Thank you for reading this guide.