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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Udyr Build Guide by Necro-Khoria

AD Offtank Udyr - Beast beyond measure, Tiger Jungling

AD Offtank Udyr - Beast beyond measure, Tiger Jungling

Updated on August 31, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Necro-Khoria Build Guide By Necro-Khoria 79 10 1,272,732 Views 47 Comments
79 10 1,272,732 Views 47 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Necro-Khoria Udyr Build Guide By Necro-Khoria Updated on August 31, 2013
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Hello there!

I have finally reworked my Udyr Tiger Jungling Guide and brought it up to speed with the current Meta. New item builds have been added to help Udyr's playstyle in various ways. No matter if you liked or didn't like my guide before I hope that you will atleast enjoy it now!

My name is Ðakuru and I'm currently "residented" on the EU West server. I have been playing in the League for quite a while now and my favorite position has to by far be jungling. I like to play Udyr as a tiger because the playstyle is different to Phoenix-Udyr. Even though that I like Phoenix-Udyr the tiger playstyle suits my way of jungling better than the phoenix way.
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Pros / Cons


Insanely fast with Blazing Stampede
Multiple stuns in Blazing Stampede
High damage early game with Wilding Claw
Shield and lifesteal as Turtle
Very scary to the enemy when he comes charging
Not dependable on any ult at lvl 6


Easily targeted while chasing someone
Has to run in a fairly straight line to charge and stun as bear
Fairly kiteable
No special ult at lvl 6
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Items Build 1

This section will be explanatory to why all items are purchased in chronological order. This build focuses on killing enemies fast while being somewhat tanky. Your main focus is to take out the juicies (ADC & APC) instead of being a tank. That's what Build #2 is for

Hunter's Machete

Standard item for jungling. It is possible to switch for Doran's Blade or Boots, this however makes jungling itself worse, therefore I prefer the machete.

Spirit Stone

Gives you Health Regeneration and Mana Regeneration. This helps out Udyr alot since he is somewhat mana dependant early on and the Health Regeneration is always good. Previously with Madred's Razor Udyr tended to have some mana issues early on.


Makes ganking easier and reduces time spent between camps and lanes.

Spirit of the Elder Lizard

Next tier of the Spirit Stone-item. Provides Attack Damage which boosts up Wilding Claw and a True Damage burn scaling on level. And not to forget the Passive: Butcher which increases damage done to monsters (Camps, Dragon and Baron Nashor)

Giant's Belt

Gives you HP early on so that you won't get oneshot down and eases up towerdiving early on.

Freddie Mercury's Treads

Awesome item, gives Magic Resist and reduces duration of stuns, slows etc. Not really much to explain here

Randuin's Omen

Great item for tanks and offtanks. Gives you armor and HP along with the passive: Cold Steel. "If you are hit by a basic attack, you slow the attacker's Attack Speed by 15% and their Movement Speed by 10% for 1.5 seconds." Its active slows down nearby enemies. This is great for either chasing or escaping one or more enemies.

Warmog's Armor

Gives loads of HP and 1% Health Regeneration of your total HP every 5 seconds. The more, the merrier. This replaces Randuin's Omen when the armor is not needed.

Sunfire Aegis

] Should things not go according to plan and you are already starting to fall behind, get this item instead. This makes you a LITTLE squishier but you can go for BotRK faster.

Blade of the Ruined King

A very common item these days. Especially great on Udyr since his Wilding Claw is boosted by both Attack Speed and Attack Damage. The lifesteal helps out alot when dueling and the Unique Active is great when escaping, chasing, and/or just in fights generally. The Unique Passive is also especially good on tankier champions with much HP. This item hurts less as the enemies HP goes down since it deals damage based on CURRENT not MAXIMUM unlike the Unique Active.

Runic Bulwark

Great support item to help out the team. Even though it says "Unique Aura" it actually stacks up ingame, so shouldn't be a problem if the support gets it as well.

Wit's End

Good item in general. Provides with Attack Speed and a passive that works like his Wilding Claw passive, only except that Wit's End deals Magic Damage and tiger deals Physical Damage. The magic resist is never bad either.
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Items Build 2

This build focuses more on tankiness at the very start instead of going offensive. The items are almost the same as Build #1, however in a different order to adjust to being tankier early on.

Hunter's Machete

Standard as always.

Spirit Stone

Health Regen and Mana Regen.

Spirit of the Ancient Golem

Cheap and tanky item. Provides with Tenacity therefore you don't buy Mercury's Treads along with this item. One of the more used Spirit Stone-items and used on almost every tank jungler.

Wit's End Provides you with some offense whilst still giving you defensive stats.

Ninja Tabi

Standard item when using this build. Because we cannot use Mercury's Treads along with this item, since Tenacity does not stack, this is the defensive item to get.

Boots of Swiftness

I personally rarely buy this item but the item itself is great when you are facing a team with many slows. Provides a little more movement speed than the other boots (except for Mobility Boots)

Mobility Boots

These have to be my favorite boots on Udyr simply because he is a champ that is fun to play with a lot of Movement Speed. Terrifies the enemy when an Udyr comes charging with almost 500 Movement Speed. Reduces time spent between camps and lanes. The bonus movement speed is easily removed by one single attack though.

Runic Bulwark

Simply to help out your team. Gives you a little of everything

Blade of the Ruined King

Warmog's Armor/ Randuin's Omen

Buy item depending on enemy team. Warmog's vs AP and Randuin's vs AD.
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Situational Items

Banshee's Veil

Use this versus AP heavy teams in case you need even more tankiness

Shurelya's Battlesong

Gives a good Active for your team's Movement Speed and Cooldown Reduction. Remember that Cooldown Reduction caps at 40% so never get more than that.

Frozen Heart

Versus heavy AD teams. I don't usually get this item since it does not give you HP. The Cooldown Reduction helps out nicely though. Just remember not to exceed the cap at 40%.


Very nice item if you want more Movement Speed. Overall handy item. Just make sure not to purchase it along with Mercury's Treads and/or Spirit of the Ancient Golem since Tenacity does not stack. Comes in handy when you face an AD heavy team that still have a lot of CC's. With this you can switch boots to Ninja Tabi and still have Tenacity.
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These are the optimal runes that you want for Jungle Udyr

Seal of Armor - Always good for a jungler, whether the enemy team consists of a balanced team-comp. or a bunch of AP carries

Mark of Attack Speed - Faster jungle cleartime and faster punching

Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - Reason for the scaling glyphs is that you will primarily need the magic resist later in to the game when the teamfights start up

Provides you with more utility and in that way you can clear your jungle faster and gank more successfully
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Increases Attack Speed and therefore combat effectiveness and speeds up jungling.


Increases Attack Damage and allows for the using of Weapon Expertise (even though Udyr uses no weapons :D)

Weapon Expertise

Gives Armor Penetration that bypasses enemy armor. Even though the enemy players do not have any items that give them armor they always have a base amount so even then Armor Penetration helps.


Provides HP and allows the taking of Veteran's Scars .

Veteran's Scars

Gives you more HP early in the game to make sure you don't die while jungling. Who am I kidding, you are Udyr. There should be no problem in the jungle.

Tough Skin

Simply put reduces damage taken from monsters.

Bladed Armor

Makes the monsters pay for attacking you in True Damage. Be careful when giving buffs to other players because this can steal it for you if you aren't aware.


Reduces damage taken from monsters (They do physical damage) and Attack Damage Champions.


Reduces damage taken from turrets, making it easier and "safer" to towerdive.


Reduces duration of slows, which can be REALLY annoying as Udyr.

Unyielding & Block

Reduces damage taken from enemy champions and their basic attacks.


Works like Tenacity and even better, it scales multiplicatively with it. Reduces duration of ALL crowd control effects.

Honor Guard

Reduces damage taken from every monster, minion and champion.
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Udyr's Passive Ability. Gives one stack each time he uses an ability. Because it gives him movement speed and attack speed you want to keep this stacked when 1: Fighting to omptimize combat efficiency, 2: Chasing enemy champions to have as much movement speed as possible. Previously it gave him bonus armor and magic resist, however it was changed to give him more mobility.

'Q'. Tiger Udyr's primary source of damage (Hence the name). For maximum damage output you want to use this skill whenever it is off cooldown in fights, because of three reasons; 1: Whenever Udyr activates this ability it deals a 2 second bleed on the enemy which deals 120/130/140/150/160% of his Attack Damage plus an additional 30/80/130/180/230 damage as physical damage. 2: He gains 30/40/50/60/70% additional Attack Speed whenever the ability is activated. 3: His passive [Monkey's Agility] is to be kept at a maximum of 3 stacks at all times.

Udyr's defensive ability. When activated gives him a shield and gives a Passive Effect which works as lifesteal. "Persistant Effect: Udyr's attacks restore 10/12/14/16/18% of his damage as health.

This is what makes Udyr annoying to the enemy team. It makes him very fast and he stuns everyone he hits. Was updated not very long ago to make him leap the last distance when the Active Effect is still in motion and the target successfully becomes stunned. When chasing someone or fleeing from an enemy you use this combined with his Iron Mantle to gain movement speed, keep passive stacked for more movement speed and to reduce damage taken.

The main ability for Phoenix-jungling. This is not used much at all since it doesn't help out much, however I like to take a point in this ability somewhere during midgame if I have to clear a really big wave pushing a lane. Other than that it is not used very much.
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Jungle Route

Start off at the Blue Buff. If your teammates are willing it is ALWAYS helpful to get smiteless blue buff.

If you get smiteless


Go directly to the Red Buff. Take it, then proceed and gank a lane. You are level 3 and have Blazing Stampede so ganking is very much doable at this point.

If you don't get smiteless


Kill the wolves, then the wraiths and by this time your Smite should be almost off cooldown. Start at the Red Buff and then smite it. Either grab golems, wolves or go and gank.


There are many ways to counterjungle and mess up for your opponent. Here are some examples:


If you see that their jungler is ganking a lane you can proceed and steal one of their camps. Always try to leave one of the monsters there, since the entire camp will not respawn until all of the monsters are dead.


If the enemy jungler is a really slow jungler and has to start off at Blue Buff you can proceed and head to their Red Buff if you get a smiteless Blue Buff yourself. The Red Buff can actually be taken quite far back behind the actual campsite. You can with this hide that you are actually taking the buff and the enemy will believe that it is already gone.

Here is a video to show how it's done


Each Buff has a respawn timer of 5 minutes. For example if the enemy starts off at blue buff it will spawn back at aproximately 7:20. You can with this buy a ward and place it in the bush at blue buff around ~6 minutes. By placing it in the bush you have a guaranteed visual in case the enemy jungler chooses to drag the Blue Golem into the bush itself.

Use the following information by enabling time stamps in your chat. Because it says in the chat when your or the enemy team (If you have visual by the time they do it) kills Dragon or Baron Nashor you can with timestamps figure out when the next will respawn.

Blue Golem & Red Lizard

: Respawn Timer = 5 minutes


: Respawn Timer = 6 minutes

Baron nashor

: Respawn Timer = 7 minutes
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Summoner Spells

So, now to the spells

Smite! The key spell to every jungler. This spell is a must, if you are to do well in the jungle. At the end of the game it provides a 1000 true damage spell with a 70 second cooldown. There is no spell that can steal baron better than smite. Remember to never start with smiting a buff unless you are giving it away. If the enemy has warded and they happen to be there they can easily just smitesteal your buff when it drops low enough.

Flash! This is the spell that I use most of all. I use this on every champion except for pantheon and other junglers such as Jax and Olaf. It provides you with a great escape tool, should anything go wrong when counterjungling or in a teamfight.

Ghost! This is one of the best escape spells, right after flash. It is awesome on Udyr and makes him run like a freight train into people. Makes ganking a lot easier.

Exhaust! Great spell for getting away, although not as good as ghost. However this spell is a lot better than ghost in fights. This spell eases up 1v1, a LOT. Never forget that whenever you take Exhaust or Ghost you give up your Flash. Think this through before you play with it.
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So, that is all. Hope that you learned something out of this guide and that you will write anything that I may have missed or so in the comments. If you like it, please vote up, and if you really have to vote down please give me constructive critisism about how I can make it better.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Necro-Khoria
Necro-Khoria Udyr Guide
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Udyr - Beast beyond measure, Tiger Jungling

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