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Udyr Build Guide by Parental Guidance

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Parental Guidance

Udyr - The Tiger Stance King

Parental Guidance Last updated on June 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok so guys here i am, I'm like really fed up of playing people's builds, and hearing people trying to teach me how to play my champ, I'm done listening to them, don't let anyone tell you how to play your champ, you must learn to experiment. That's how all these good builds were found. I'm not any pro just trying to assist my fellow Udyr players, with a build i came up with yesterday, and yes this is my first guide so it might not be so explained, but in the future it might be better D: Have fun and please try to play with the build before commenting harshly, i know its different to all the builds I've seen because most build him tanky but i find him very fun to play with this one, please enjoy ^.^

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Some Usefull Acronyms


AA - Auto Attack
Stun - Bear Stance, immobilizes the enemy, preventing them from performing any actions, other than skills like Cleanse and items like Quicksilver Sash
Slow - the Frozen Mallet passive or Red Buff passive, slows the enemy's Movement Speed
AoE - Phoenix Stance, area of effect
Shield - Turtle Stance, damage absorber
Kiting - the ability to run away while attacking the chaser.
CC - Crowd Control, mainly slow or stun
APen - Armor Penetration
MPen - Magic Penetration
AD - Attack Damage
AP - Ability Power
AS - Attack Speed
MS - Movement speed
MP5 - Mana per 5 seconds
MR - Magic Resistance
CDR - Cooldown Reduction
HP - Health Points
MP - Mana Points
BD - Back Door
FB - First Blood
KS - Kill Steal
Tank - A champion that is designed to take heavy focus for the team
Offtank - A mix between DPS and Tank; Designed to take a beating, while dealing heavy damage
DPS - Damage per Second, refers to champs that deal sustained heavy damage
Rager - A person that has little to no control of their anger and frustration. They can be fantastic players, but have difficulty when they lose control.
QQ - Needless rage talk that isn't targetted at any player, but instead the gameplay mechanics such as skillshots or champion skills and statistics. People QQ all the time ^.^

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Thank you for taking the time to view my build style for Udyr, The Tiger Stance King. As you all know, most Udyr players are used to taking advantage of the bulkiness / slow of the frozen mallet and the damage of Madred's Bloodrazor. That build is definitely viable, but I prefer a more Insane Output Damage Udyr, which in turn means a different playstyle. As his Tiger Stance causes dmg over time, dps Udyr with Pheonix Stance to initiate can be a really big pain ^.^

For a melee champ, one of the best skill sets in the game.
Very strong jungler.
Fantastic ganks; even if it is a failed gank, the enemy will have had to pop at least one summoner spell.
One of the strongest damage shields in the game.
A great stun in Bear Stance.

Absolutely no range. (But mallet and atck speed compensate for this)
Can be a pain in the *** at times because Udyr isn't the best of carries.
CC can become a problem very quickly (If needed cleanse can be traded for ghost)
If your team's carries don't do ****, you are relatively useless.
HUGE learning curve.
The last patch has buffed Udyr's Pheonix Stance, so it = more dmg output per second

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spelss

Recommended Summoner Skills

Ghost- This Summoner Spell is great for Udyr. Think about his Bear Stance. It gives him more than enough movement speed so ghost maybe replace with cleanse if needed. When you pop ghost, you get about 560 or 570 movespeed. The only people that can run away are people that can jump walls or can continuously slow...or unless they are master yi with ghost -_______-

Smite - You are a jungler, and while it isn't absolutely REQUIRED, i strongly STRONGLY suggest this. This is the reason Udyr is one of the fastest jungles in the game. Without it, you just can't keep up with the rest of the lanes, or even the enemy jungle. Highly recommended. Consider it required.

Cleanse - Just because i love this skill. When they attempt to stun lock you, all you want to do is hit W for Turtle Stance or E for Bear Stance. Either one of these could get you out and avoid a death, but those damn CC teams just eat you alive. Well, my friends, Cleanse is going to make all [actually most] of your problems go away. This skill got nerfed, but it still gets rid of all the CC that pisses you off, outside of skills like Children of the Grave and Ignite. Read the damn spell, it doesnt stop damage. Lol

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Dps Items

The starting jungle items are the same, so i won't bother with copy and pasting the same long, dry paragraph. Same old Jungling Route, etc. The Jungle phase is exactly the same for this build, Blue, wraiths or wolves, Red bla bla bla

Early Game

Mid Game

Late Game

Boots of Swiftness- More reliable version of boots of mobility. Same general idea, synergizes really well with triforce. I prefer these over boots of mobility.

Berserker's Greaves- For the diehard DPS player that just has to have the maximized damage output. One of the cheaper boots too.

Wriggle's Lantern - I still take this item because it is just so damn good for jungling and ganking, and gives you early lifesteal that is just too good to pass up. It is all around a great Jungle item and almost every jungle should get it.

Sheen, Zeal, Phage - Obviously you want to get Sheen first, but a lot of people get Zeal over Phage. That's a no-no. Phage is soo much more useful than Zeal early on, because it gives you some really nice health and a chance to slow the target. I honestly think that is way more useful than a small Move Speed boost.

Trinity Force - This item is really nice on udyr but it doesnt make my item build for my play style. Udyr can get that bonus dmg with ease. It is just so good and no one can take advantage of it better than Udyr other than maybe Evelynn. The slow debuff and Move Speed buff are just so amazing for DPS champs, and the constant procs are too good to ignore on DPS champs like Udyr. Who has great dmg bursts.

Phantom Dancer - This item makes u a god in Tiger Stance. Perfect Item to go with Frozen Mallet. They can't run from you at all. A must have for my build, although may be replaced with an item of your choice for atck speed, or maybe Sword of the Divine for a Jax -____-

Infinity Edge - This would be my personal preference if I was going with a B.F. item. It gives you awesome AD, and come ridiculous crit buffs. Which is good because you won't be using Turtle Stance all that much anyways.

Last Whisper - Because Udyr has pretty good base AD as it is, and Triforce procs so often anyways, I figured this item would top it off and officially make Udyr unstoppable. But if u have APen runes u have no need to worry, build this only if u have a problem with the enemy tank.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - Ya... So ArP plus AS plus Move Speed is GG for the poor soul that is getting chased. Plus you get sweet blade flower things around your wrists that just scares the **** outta everyone. But in all seriousness, fairly cheap for a mini Master Yi ult and amazing ArPen. It is something I think all DPS Udyrs should carry.

Situational Items

Madred's Bloodrazor - Again, a fantastic item for Udyr in general, but especially for DPS Udyr. If you can.

B.F. Sword

I put in B. F. Sword because it makes more sense to make a section for all three of them because it is really preference which one to take. And it can be used later for a thirster which is really much needed for that extra lifesteal.

The Bloodthirster - Yum. Really a great item on Udyr. Anything with Lifesteal is good on Udyr. The only problem is you can lose stacks very easily on Udyr, as you are relatively squishy and as DPS Udyr, you are often times a target. Charging it can be a pain.

The Black Cleaver - Attack Speed plus damage plus Armor Debuff. Ya, pretty amazing for DPS Udyr. Just fricken expensive. But then again, all three of them are a ton of gold. If you like the niche that this item provides, go for it.

Hextech Gunblade - WTF Gunblade? on Udyr? Really? Yes really noobs. Think for a second. You have a Burst Tiger Stance, and a proc Phoenix Stance. Both do magic damage and are a big part of your damage. Thats where the Spell Vamp comes in. Then it gives you
some really good Lifesteal that is just great on Udyr in general. Yea mane. It is a mid game item, because it just doesnt have the damage output that the B.F. Sword items do or Triforce.

Banshee's Veil - The typical DPS carry item. It stops one CC every 30 seconds, gives you much needed health, and has a decent amount of MR that combos really nicely with your standard MR per level runes. Best item ever next to Quicksilver sash, only buy this of your enemy team is full of CC.

Guardian Angel - Right. So the revive isn't the greatest, but when you are fairly squishy, the revive is definitely amazing. Its something like a 2 or 3 second revive time that you are invulnerable, which gives your team plenty of time to get to work on the other team. Plus it has some really nice overall defense that rounds out your bulkiness. Better than most think, give it a try.

Frozen Mallet - Well then. This item gives you health, damage, and a 35% on-hit slow. But not really. This item is for those annoying champs that always seem to be kiting you like Kassadin or Ashe. Also makes you dangerous as hell in general. With atck speed its all over, enemy's gonna QQ so hard.

So guys have fun with your Udyr, and thanks for trying out my item preference. This is my first guide and yes, I have used reference to the best Udyr Guide i believe. He made me want to play Udyr so i thank him, some of the info in this guide belong to him, well most actually, i just changed the build, and playstyle.

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Boots Selection

Boots of Mobility - Right. The troll boot. Well not so much my friends. Check it out. 5 Move Speed boost when not in combat. So basically you catch everything in sight. Only problem is that is all it does and the buff goes away when you hit something. Situational, but viable.

Boots of Swiftness - More reliable version of boots of mobility. Same general idea, synergizes really well with triforce. I prefer these over boots of mobility.

Mercury's Treads - for those CC heavy, caster heavy teams. Quite honestly the most reliable all-around boot because I personally love MR. But again, preference. These are expensive boots too. Up to you.

Berserker's Greaves - For the diehard DPS player that just has to have the maximized damage output. One of the cheaper boots too.

Ninja Tabi - the original Udyr boot. Has dodge and armor... pretty self-explanatory. Cheapest tier 2 boot as well, if you want the early Move Speed for ganks, here ya go.

Sorcerer's Shoes - Yea mane. Sorc boots on Udyr. BUT WAIT THERES MORE! Spell penetration on Udyr means more damage from Tiger and Phoenix!!! If you really like your proc damage, go with this one.

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Tank Skills

Just for those curious, you can try different builds and experiment with mine, if u like. I'm listing this so new Udyr players can understand his skills better.

Monkey's Agility - Now, I know this isn't actually a skill, but bear with me on this one. Basically, as long as you stance dance in less than 5 seconds, you stack 10% AS and 3% dodge up to three times, and keep that buff as long as you keep dancing. DANCE ALL THE TIME. Unless you have no mana of course. but that is usually irrelevant after 15 min into the game.

Tiger Stance - Used to hate this skill. Now it's buffed. Holy ****. Have you seen the damage on this badboy? It's actually worth leveling now! Unfortunately for tank Udyr, it is the least valuable skill. But i put three into it after i max phoenix because it is just so good. It can be leveled last too because turtle is also really valuable.

Turtle Stance - This is the skill that makes Jungling so effortless for Udyr. It has amazing lifesteal, and a great damage shield. Max this second after putting three into tiger, because you become pretty tanky with it, as well as great lifesteal that lets you stay in the jungle instead of having to recall for more Health Potions. I max this third because although it is good, your items will do plenty of tanking early on. You need your skills to do damage.

Bear Stance - This skill is great. This is what makes Udyr viable, and in my opinion, imbalanced. A reliable 1 second stun that can be used on every champ on the enemy team, and can be used again on each champ every 6 seconds. Plus it gives you a speed boost for 4 seconds at level 5. Use this. All the time. I put one point in after your first round of jungling, and max it second because I find that the early Move Speed is just too good for early team fights.

Phoenix Stance - Everything about this skill I love. The AoE activation gives you AoE damage as well as bonus AD. Plus every three hits you deal bonus magic damage IN A CONE. That means that not just the person you are attacking takes bonus damage, but everyone behind him as well. This is the skill that makes Udyr OP. Not Tiger Stance, not Bear Stance, and not Turtle Stance. You build full tank and you will STILL rape noobs with this skill.

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Dps Skills

Tiger Stance - Tiger Stance plus DPS Udyr = HEAVEN. Unfortunately, my preference is Phoenix Stance, so ya. Otherwise this would be maxed first. You can choose to max this before Bear Stance, but I like the Move Speed more than the damage boost, mainly because Phoenix Stance is enough for what I want to do anyways. But it is all preference.

Turtle Stance - Meh. Just okay on DPS Udyr. Pretty much all it is good for is a little damage reduction and out-of-battle healing. Leave this at three, but put at least one into it at lv 2 for early jungling.

Bear Stance - Right. So this skill is what makes Udyr ganks so amazing. With the combination of red buff and the stun, your laning buddies have PLENTY of time to catch up, and on the outside chance that the other team DOES get away, they will have to burn AT LEAST one summoner spell, which works greatly into your favor because you can just go back in a minute and gank the same lane. I personally like to max this second because the Move Speed is so broken early on.

Phoenix Stance - I love this skill sooo much. Hopefully it doesn't get nerfed in the upcoming patch. The proc is just soo broken right now. It honestly makes you unstoppable once you have your two main tank items. You can keep up damage output with your dps carries if you are aggressive enough.

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Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Greater Mark of Attack Speed - For most DPS hybrid junglers, I use Greater Mark of Desolation, but because Udyr NEEDS that extra AS, Greater Mark of Attack Speed is almost required. So to counter that problem, Phantom Dancer or Geater Seal of Alacrity fixes that problem with the lack of atck speed. It makes your jungling way more effective. His natural lv 1 AS is soooo fricken slow, so this is almost required, especially for the route that I take. Plus, it procs Phoenix Stance that much faster. This makes your damage insane, and I wouldn't even CONSIDER ArP reds on Udyr. That's how awesome these baddies are.

Greater Seal of Scaling Magic Resist - Some people like to go with Greater Seal of Evasion seals because it stacks with Monkey's Agility, but i say nay. You have base 30 MR, which doesn't scale with level. This is a problem. My solution is using MR per level runes. This way, you have 30 base MR, plus 25 MR from Mercury's Treads, plus 40.5 MR from your runes at level 18. That is 95.5 MR from runes and ONE ITEM. For mid game, this is more than enough to keep you alive long enough to do damage. I thought about Greater Seal of Defense, but this makes no sense, because Armor at level 18 without any runes or items is already at 86. Plus the Wriggle's Lantern armor, you have plenty of armor. So MR is required basically. Runes plus Mercury's Treads and natural armor plus Wriggle's Lantern is basically amazing early game tankiness. But this is not necessarily needed. Glass cannon can work as well, although not really glass cannon since he has about 3k health with this build. He can shred mages in maybe 3 secs with this build. So not necessary. Up to the viewers discretion. Runes are expensive so buy what u think is best.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - This is really the only rune type that i was 100% sure about. Some people take Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction, but you really don't need CDR when you have blue buff, and 5% from the flat CDR isn't THAT useful anyways, because you will be stance dancing anyways, so keeping Monkey's Agility up won't be an issue. MR is incredibly important on Udyr. So much so, sometimes i feel like the MR per level runes were made specifically for Udyr.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed - I thought about using Greater Mark of Attack Speed marks with greater quintessence of desolation quints, but it just didn't have the same effect. I found that the extra 10.6% AS was SO damn helpful. At level 1, with AS marks and quints, plus stancing on cooldown, your AS is .895 attacks per second. Without AS quints, you only get .826 attacks per second. Without ANY AS runes, you have only .724 AS per second. Ew. .895 and .826 may not sound like much, but honestly, I never jungle Udyr without it now. It is so nice to have that extra .69 attack speed. Mind you, this is just at level 1 too. It just gets better with levels. Greater Quintessence of Desolation is usable, but I strongly recommend Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed. Again i say up to your discretion, these are just guidelines ^.^

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End Notes

Now that I have explained my Udyr build, i hope you better understand his style. With a strong jungle phase / early game, Udyr can control the map quite easily. His mid game is a little lacking, but Udyr makes up for it with one of the strongest late games out of any champ i know. His sustainable damage output mixed with his amazing variety of skills and a natural tanking ability that makes any Tank champ jealous, Udyr is nearly unstoppable with the right team. Just don't forget. Play smart, and nothing can stop you. And please, greed will kill you, he may be tanky, but don't let it get to your head and tower dive like crazy. One more thing HAVE FUN!! Yours truly קคгєภtคlĢยเ๔คภςє