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Mordekaiser Build Guide by ShiroChan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShiroChan

Underplayed Metal Guy

ShiroChan Last updated on June 13, 2015
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Team 1

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 15

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 15


Utility: 0

Threats to Mordekaiser with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Diana Tooo easy but don't forget she can counter your early game ignite-ultimate combo using her sheild don't use this combo against her unless she waste her sheild in trade
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GREETİNGS Novice Mordekaiser Player

Welcome to my guide i am SHiro. This is my guide about Mordekaiser. I am planning making a guide for Swain too in near future. Orange parts are important parts
green parts are optional parts. Firstly I want to mention i am not brazilian.(not racist too :b)

Let's talk about our guy. Morde is a tanky ap caster who hasn't got any natural CC or gap close.(it sucks)Morde's job in TF is getting a ghost of enemy adc and stay alive while he got the ghost. Ghost will dissappear instantly if you die.

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When Morde

Picking him no matter what can cause a lot of problems .Well thankfully there is a list over there, ssshh look down

-If your team got a strong assassin that can take out easly take out enemy adc in team fights.(rengar,zed)

-If your team needs an off tank

-(When playing Ranked)Morde is good and sometimes an awesome pick against most mid laners. If your oppenent get crazy-gap close-assassin-trader-snowball character ( i mean akali :b) mordekaiser will be a really strong choise.(He is basically strong agaisnt all kind of assasin)

-If your team got a Counter-jungle based jungler(such as Shaco or maybe Lee Sin) you can safely choose this metal guy

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Pros / Cons


Don't like ganks
Short casting distance
Needs an assassin in team
Can't deal with slow stun blah blah
Uses health
Isn't tanky enough in late game (this is where you need an assassin)
Hue hueh eueheueheueh ehueheeeu

Uno bro es numero cro
Kaiser means king in german
References from heavy metal songs
Aoe damage
Pushes hard (thats more like a tweak)
Strong Mid Game
Can change TF
Instant harrass

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Ability Power
Ability power will give us more dam in laning. After getting these runes try poking in lv 1-2.(don't poke champions who got harrasing shield, Viktor)
Magic Resist
Will make us tougher against ap
Magic Pen
We are building morde as an off tank. In this build tanky items like spirits visage take place of magic pen items in normal ap caster builds. Also having some pen in late game will make us a little bit stronger.
Armour will give us a huge advantage against ad mid laners(altough morde has no problem against them) Also armour runes will make us a little bit tanky in Team fights
Ability Power
Morde is an ap caster sooo? Some builds recommend mobility this is also a viable option will help us to escape from gangs and also will make chasing enemies little bit easy

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15 points in Attack: As a mid laner we need some ap to play agresivly so we get basic agresive ap masteries.
15 points in Tank: Well... our second job is being a tank . (Mordekaiser always have to be a little bit tanky due to his short spell casting distance)And alsothis mastery goes realy well with mordekaiser espicialy when combined with. They will help us to spam our skills more. Instead of getting armour we get %5 ap bonus if you want you can also get some speed boost from utility page

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Skill Sequence

We have 2 different viable skill sequance for Mordekaiser.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
You can max Creeping Death 2th when facing with a melee assasin like Yasuo, Talon. After getting a ryla Creeping Death will be more and more effective against asasins who can't get away after making a trade Kassadin, Diana, Fizz. Also target of Creeping Death gain extra magic resistance and armour.This is what we mostly gonna use as top Morde.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
If you're laning against a caster or a quick trader type assassin Akali, Katarina, Zed max Mace of Spades second it will give you a better burst.

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Iron Man Is our passive. That is the skill that makes mordekaiser mordekaiser... Well not really. Most of mordekaiser players focus that skill while building and become a low damaged ap off tank in TF. Anyway guys I will explain it later. This skill basically like you smash you get shield.
Ace *cough mace of spades gives us some more burst and aoe dam in early game and in late game this skills cooldown becomes 4 sec and with this build it becomes 2.6 sec. Then you can start spamming it like crazy. Also this skill reset your attack animation and do more damage to singular targets
Creeping deaaaaath! This skill is pretty useless against ap opponents if you don't upgrade it after Siphon of Destruction . However it's usefull for getting farm after using Siphon of Destruction cast it on a minion .It will make target tankier and also help you to get assist. You can use it against a Yasuo and remove his shield.
Siphon of destruction is our poking and laning skill. It instantly charges our shield and nearly impossible to dodge. This skill uses health so you can't non-stop cast it ,mind your health while using
Children of the Grave is our ultimate (you must be kidding) many players thinks this ultimate is dealing no damage in early and useless in TF. Gentle men's I can't deny these problems but can find solutions *cheers ,crowd is shouting Shiro! Shiro!. Get blue rod which have mordekaiser hand on it (death fire gasp) and then nuke adc with it. SOLVED tadaaaaa!

HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO IT?(this skill is the most complicated skill in our kit)
This skill has %130 spell vamp (shield add %30) if you use it on a tank you will gain huge amount of health and regeneration buff for 10 seconds. Don't ultimate tank unless you have to survive. If you ultimate Adc carry you can melt tf with it and gain %20 of its ad and ap. Also ghost will gain %75 of your ad and ap(this was why we got ad mordekaiser top ,note: don't try it ,after q nerf ad mordekaiser is nearly useless). Lastly ghost is doing magic damage and can't use any of it's skills except non switch passives while Rengar's Unseen Predator's works Cho'Gath Vorpal Spikes won't work.

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Starting Items

1st Viable Start
A basic start for Morde,pots will help us to maintain our health level and boots will be helpfull in gangs.

2nd Viable Start
A strong start against ad champions with extra armour and sheild you will be real problem for them

3rd Viable Start
Obviusly this start will make us more vulnerable when compared with other ones but it will help us to get our core,death fire gasp easier. Start like this if you're only laning against a champion that gain most of their power after level 6 like dianna akali or kassadin.

Mid Game Items



Late Game Items



Explanation of Items

(After i wrote all of usages I just realised I used formal language too much, you can get bored while reading)

This is my 4 th time changing this item's info. Before luden got nerfed i wouldn't recommend a hexe unless you have got a heavy sustain tank enemy (pretty much renekton). But Now hexe become avaible for even late and mid game with his one person targetted burst. So now it became one of 3 core items of morde (get as first or 2th)

Slowing passive with a moderate amount of health, ap and goes realy wel with Liandry's Torment.


A defensive and offensive item which give Mordekaiser 20 magic pen. 70 ability and 45 magic resistance. A appropriate item instead of Spirit Visage if you're snowballing or have a lot of magic damage in your team.

A defensive item which will boost our ultimate's health regen, Children of the Grave. It will also give us moderate health magic resistance and some cool down reduction which means more spell spamming. I usualy get this item as 3 rd item.

A defensive item which will give slow and attack speed reduction the enemies that hit you. Its active is an area effect slow which is usefull while escaping. You can get it if you're facing with an ad team composation.

A defensive item which will make our Creeping Death stronger it will also give some health and and armour which can be usefull against ad champions. I don't recommend this item except enemy team got any ap caster.

Good for all SNOWBALLİNG ap casters. Basicly will give us more ap.

A strong late game item which will give a huge boost to our ultime when combined with Rylai's Crystal Scepter. It also makes us a litle tanky and gives mp.

A strong deffensive and offensive item which gives us huge amount of ap and some armour. Also it's active makes mordekaiser invisible for 2.5 seconds This active makes this item essential for Mordekaiser in mid-game team fights, with this item you can get enemy adc ghost and active Zhonya's Hourglass after commanding your ghost.

A strong item for Mordekaiser. It gives us some ap swiftness and also boost for Mace of Spades. I don't recommend this item since it's nerfed but you can get it if you're snowballing

A strong magic pen item. Good for improving morde's basic skill damages. Also our ghost dealing magic damage which means magic pen. will improve it's basic attacks ver well.

A moderate item for Mordekaiser. Get it only if enemy team focusing on you like crazy. Also you can controll your ghost during respawn time. This item gives some armour and magic resistance too.

A powerfull defens item against casters who rely on their first skill such as Veigar, Swain. It also gives us some health and magic resistance which will make us more tanky against ap team compositions.



Being fabulous like Swain in tf is hard for morde *sob*. What we need for being tanky in TF is CDR. Most of morde builds don't recommend CDR based items(i don't recommend too that's only a boot) cause they already got CDR on Will of the Ancients. But in my build we only got %10 CDR with mid game items with masteries and Ionia we will have %30 CDR and after you get spirits visage this number will become %40 and then you can boooom pufufufufufu and poffff enemies and be number uno bro pro kro of your team.

For being more tanky blah blah blah everbody knows the usage

If you didn't use my build get this

Don't like get stunned ,facing against an Annie? Get this boots only for 1000 gold 0-0.

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Team Work

Mordekaiser have two passive ability for TF:
Hue hue hue hue hue: Annoys enemy team and causes fear this effect will stack in every successful Brazilian laugh

Smash that minions:
Making Mordekaiser push his lane with all his might without giving any sheep to farming. This ability also makes mordekaiser yolo enemy team and starts a team fight with his dead

Team work means team fight so let's talk about mid game Team fights of Mordekaiser. In those fights you will have a death fire , ryla and Ionia boots. Al of these items will grant us 220 ap %15 percentage health and %20 damage boost . That seems enough for taking adc out. In TF try to be second or third person who dives into enemy team. If your team got tanks or off tanks let them go first don't try to be a hero. After diving enemy team target ad carry start with death fire then nuke her using your ultimate. Try to nuke down adc as fast as you can. After you get Adc you will be super tanky, with your abilities and %100 shield vamp from your ghost's attacks. You won't believe your eyes when you see how fast morde ends TF.

Doing same thing will get harder and harder by the time passes so we will get a Zhonya as 3rd item. Only thing changes in late game is you have to use active after getting adc and let your armour shine bright yellow. Also don't forget commanding your ghost before shinning.

Items and ultimate notes:
Guardian: angel has a great synergy with ultimate it makes you survive even longer and while respawning you can command your ghost. You can get it as a 3rd item instead of Zhonya if your team fights starts with getting ultimated by Warwick

Liandry: have a huge energy with our ultimate and all other things we need as mordekaiser: magic pen health ap and percentage damage which can be boosted by our core ryla. Although this item seems great ,percentage health damage works on current health and this ruins that item cause mordekaiser have to nuke down ADC and this item is ONLY FOR MELTING TANKS. This means that item has no usage for mid Mordekaiser but it's our 2nd core item for top lane Mordekaiser.

Will of ancients: boosts our ultimate and make spell vamping %150 instead of %130. That doesn't seem like big difference but after you get spirits visage number's will be %174 and %150 still not a big difference.

Banshee: if you want to nuke adc you must be close to him. This item will help you to get near enemy adc easier.

Spirits visage: will boost heal from ultimate and it have some CDR

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Mordekaiser aoe makes him one of the strongest pusher in game but not a great farmer. Using all abilities on minions like Zed do don't grant us farm. Always remember that while farming. If you use Siphon of Destruction on a wave use a creeping death to clean rest. Don't cast Siphon of Destruction unless you can poke your enemy ,try farming with q and w. If you feel like you can't farm enough give 1 more point to w.

Mordekaiser pushes lane really hard and mostly his lane opponent farming under tower. Instead of waiting in front of enemy tower for a chance to poke , farming wre *cough birds will be a better option. Smash buttons and clean camp.

Note: don't try to kill monsters with buffs until you hit 5. Grommy grompy I am not sure about the name dat big frog-like monster isn't a wise choice to farm.

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Unique Skills/Game Play

Things that make mordekaiser different from other champions are his Ultimate Children of the Grave and passive Iron Man

Sooooo... Our build and also gameplay must focus on them. I already talk about build CDR makes you tankier , percentage damage boost makes ultimate stronger blah blah blah.

But what about game play? This part will be about how you effectively use your vogue skills.(probably gonna be boring)


In lane: Use Siphon of Destruction only for poking always keep your shield up by using other abilities. Don't spam your abilities untill you get some health(after getting a giant belt). MIND your health and try keeping your lane opponent's health lower than %60. Play balanced untill level 6 if you get ganked before 6 ,escape. After 6 you can consider fighting back try getting death fire as soon as possible. After you complete it you can easily get a double kill.

Note: don't complete boots until team fights cause CDR based tackiness will mostly work in TF . Another important thing: while building Ryla start with giants belt it will make you harder to knock down when ganked.

In TF: start with casting w on diving tank it will make him tankier ,add damage and maybe help you to get some assist. After tank try going near adc as fast as you can then nuke him. After you get ghost, cast e on enemy team and get away. Before getting away don't forget commonding your ghost to attack foes chasing you.


In lane: poke against glass cannons. Try to win trades against tanks. Trading isn't a big problem for us but remember Morde weak against cc so trading with champions like Maokai won't end good for us.

Note: after you get ryla and hexetech you will be a great duelist for top lane so you can try getting a double kill from ganks but if both jungler and lane opponent got a lot of cc don't try it. Start with tanky parts of items while building

In TF: If your aim being super tanky, ultimate enemy tank liandry and ryla combination will melt huge amount of his health. If you're working with your team's assassin ultimate adc this will slow adc for 13.5 seconds and mark him to make him easier to spot. If your assassin made a successful assassination flash back if it's on cooldown up go near your ghost.

Note : after you get spirits visage, with a ultimated tank ,your tankiness level will be over 9999999999999

That's all Check out summary for more info

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Questions from you

Why no vamp

Spoiler: Click to view

Core death fire

Spoiler: Click to view

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Thanks for reading my guide.
You can follow my Facebook page (still working on it) Lol_Shiro I am writing about my building ideas in there

If you have any problems comment it

Also all of my guides will have Shiro-Chan image (first image in introduction). So don't mistake my guides with others.

If you want to learn why i don't recommend spell vamp for Morde contact me or check out Q\S part

(Top Morde isn't finished yet)