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Amumu Build Guide by MetaSolaray

Jungle diamond

[UPDATED] MetaSolaray's Rank One Amumu In-Depth Jungle Guide

By MetaSolaray | Updated on August 20, 2020
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Runes: Tank vs Aggressive Jungler

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Font of Life
Bone Plating

Legend: Tenacity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Hello Apprentice
Welcome to the MetaSolaray in-depth Jungle Amumu guide.

Hey Apprentices, it’s MetaSolaray with another lesson from the Jungle family, Amumu the Cursed Mummy. Today, we’re going on a trip of wonders and magic, teaching the values of friendship, coloring, skipping, sharing, CCing, killing, tanking, willingly being a punching bag and finally - being a good person! Now, if this sounds like your optimal way to start a weekend, then maybe the cursed mummy is just for you. Let’s get started!

Amumu – Why would I want to learn how to make more friends?

Because you’re lonely, and sharing that pain is how we survive as a species. Amumu is a great flexible pick and while his passive Cursed Touch is even more powerful with AP champions, the damage and CC he brings on his own makes him a flexible pick that can move between comp to comp. With this champion in your pocket, you have both an ap champion who can delete a champion in a single target rotation, or a tank who can disrupt enemy front and backlines holding them down for a significant time. Also, with your Despair and Tantrums your damage threat over time can build up to even the most bulky of champions.

You’re going to want to take Flash into all of your matchups for Amumu, the power to turn a single team fight with a Flash ult combo cannot be underestimated with how useful this is. Flash Q’s can put you in an angle to snag the right target, and as always, you’re going to want to be able to make good plays with stealing things with Q, Smite then flashing out. Speaking of stealing things…

Still a jungler, still need Smite, why are you even asking?! JUST LOVE IT ALREADY OKAY!

Cursed Touch (Passive): Amumu's basic attacks and Curse of the Sad Mummy apply a Curse for 3 seconds, refreshing with each subsequent basic attack. Cursed targets receive 10% bonus true damage from all incoming magic damage, calculated before magic resistance reduction.

This is the core of what makes Amumu unique from other tanks. While most champions that serve this option are provided bulkier options from their skills, Amumu is all about enhancing his - and his allies - damage with curses. In the early game, you’ll need to pay attention to optimal orb walking to apply curses as needed and then following your target with Despair to maintain it.

Should you be building for bulky Amumu, your goal is to remain on targets to refresh the curse, to allow your allies with magical based damage to apply their damage in turn. Once you’ve unlocked your ultimate, the ability to stack curses with AoE, allows you to delay your E burst damage after you’ve applied the curses - so make sure to find the targets who need to be exposed, and lock them down. The best form of CC is death, and Amumu’s tears of despair are more then ample power.

For AP Amumu this curse is all about adding a free 10% bonus damage to the latter part of their combo pre 6, and post 6 adding even more power. As the intention for this build is not to remain on target for long, you’re going to find it difficult to remain on a target without either party dying in the process.

Bandage Toss (Q): Amumu tosses a bandage in the target direction that stuns the first enemy it hits for 1 second, dealing magic damage and pulling him to their location.

Amumu’s Bandage Toss is your only means of mobility, and is also your core tool for moving between your camps in the jungle. Bandage Toss is a long ranged skillshot that attaches on first target hit, and pulls you towards that target for a respectfully long range, should they have made a dash or blink away just as they got hit, dragging you with them. Much of what separates a good Amumu from a bad one is dependent on their ability to hit this critical ability. Due to it’s high CD - especially in the early game - missing this ability will leave you high and dry to being severely punished.

For tank Amumu, you’ll want to itemize for CDR, due to the likelihood you need this ability, in particular, for engagements. Once you’ve hit a Bandage Toss, there is no Lee Sin Q to snap your way out of it. You will be dragged in at that point, and hopefully your bulk will protect you with Aftershock. Be careful of who you snap onto, as the dragging function will cause your Aftershock to tank less damage by the time you dive into and finishing following them.

AP Amumu’s Q needs to be carefully aimed, while you have a decent piece of AP in the beginning of your rotation, you’re all in the second you’ve connected to a target. Be careful of who you’ve aimed at, as the wrong target will pull a very squishy Amumu into the middle of a very angry team. This is the ability you’ll be maxing first if you’re using the 2nd form of Amumu that allows for more burst and stronger rotations. As your E is the follow up of your combo, missing Q can mean you have no way to follow up. If you’re going the safer route with E max first then get this 2nd.

Despair (W): TOGGLE: Amumu cries a continuous pool of tears, refreshing Curse for 3 seconds and dealing magic damage every half second to nearby enemies.

This is the ability you take first but max last. As this ability extends the duration of your Curse, you’re going to need to stick on targets with this. While this ability may seem the logical second ability to max, the small % damage increase does little to benefit you if you’re unable to lock down a single target and stay on them. This ability is your threat to front liners, as 1-3% of max health damage of a squishy doesn’t mean much when they’re fighting back. Both Ap and tank Amumu use this ability the same, refresh your curse and maintain stronger threat. Ap Amumu does more damage due to AP ratios but dies quicker, while tank Amumu sticks on the target longer to get more value out of it.

Tantrum (E): Permanently reduces the physical damage Amumu would take. Amumu can unleash his rage, dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Each time Amumu is hit, the cooldown on Tantrum is reduced by 0.5 seconds.

Passive: Amumu takes 2/4/6/8/10 (+0)(+0) reduced physical damage.
Active: Amumu tantrums, dealing 75/100/125/150/175 (+50% Ability Power) magic damage to surrounding units. Basic attacks that hit Amumu reduce Tantrum's cooldown by 0.5 seconds. Tantrum's passive effect increases in potency with bonus Armor and Magic Resist.

This ability is maxed first for tank, and situationally on AP, this ability gives you strong damage reduction from all basic attacks which every single monster does, so you’re going to be a healthier champion in ganks and through contests. Many of jungle champions are actually quite adapt at physical attacks in the early game, as no CDR and damage reduction from that can mean the difference from victory or death. The bonus of each single autoattack reduces its’ CD based on a flat amount so the more weak auto attacks your direction, the more E’s you can dish out.

Tank Amumu’s ability is this bread and butter, waddle in and dish out E everytime someone forces it off cooldown. Make sure to have enough mana for W however, as your ability to hold curse is where your damage comes from. Remember this only comes from auto attacks, so eating a lot of spells is not a favorable option.

AP Amumu uses this ability as a burst once you’ve locked in deep, as you don’t have a way to survive anything, you’re going to need to kill whoever you hit with your Bandage Toss. Do not rely on your Tantrum's damage reduction as you don’t have the bulk to survive.

Curse of the Sad Mummy (R): Amumu entangles surrounding enemies for 2 seconds, dealing magic damage and applying Curse for 3 seconds.

Curse of the Sad Mummy has a huge cooldown to the point of madness, but the amount of value it can bring to swing a fight is rivaled by few champions. The range of the ult is deceptively large for a tank, and provides the same form of CC regardless of who, how far, or even how many people you’ve hit - which is great for the wombo combo team comps. The fact it applies Curse means you should aim to use this ability first if possible, with a Flash engage or flank, but often you’ll lead with Q first then ult with your E.

Tank Amumu you need to make sure this curse hits as many targets as possible. From there, you’re going to waddle to whoever your team can focus and stand on top of them with your W. You need to maintain the Curse as long as possible on targets, so you team can follow up. As your damage is lower than most, your job is to be a source of threat the enemy team has to get rid of.

AP Amumu, on the other hand, becomes a literal nuke the enemy team is afraid of. With your ultimate, you’re going to have a large chance of bursting as much of the squishy champions as possible. While your ult still has the same CC, your goal is to snap towards a squishy to use this to burst them down. With your ult having such a massive cooldown, try to avoid wasting this before you’ve flashed on top of them or hit a Q on the proper target.


A great pocket pick.
Flexible in damage or tank roles.
Disruptive CC that allows him to reach backlines with a dash.
Consistent uptick of damage, % based.
True Damage and Damage Amp for AP based Champions.
Surprisingly tanky due to AA reduction on E


Dependent on mana, without blue, he suffers.
No kit sustain, can slowly be wittled down.
All his mobility is tied to skill shots
No exit ability, either winning or leaving in a casket.
Has low natural tankiness and needs items.


Amumu’s strength is his ability to lay out a lot of AoE CC and lock targets down, but his kit lacks the natural resistances, shields, barriers and damage reduction most other champions have. While he has a small auto attack reduction, this doesn’t matter much in most comps. Aftershock will provide you with the boost into your raw stats to make you unattractive to the enemies as you begin your engage, and if you’ve landed your ult to add a secondary follow-up AoE burst of damage on top of it. As much of your opening build revolves around health items, this will only further be enhanced as the game goes on allowing you to bring more of your damage. Also, since your passive amplified all magic damage dealt into 13% true damage, you’ll only be bringing even more hurt than most other tanks would with this rune.

Honestly, with this champion’s ability to lock down a frontline and apply a damage over time, the value of Font of Life can’t be ignored - especially on a five man ult and the preference for HP Amumu tends to prefer with his item builds, even when he’s going for a bit of carry bruiser style. Font of Life is a consistent rune that allows your ADC especially, but other AA based champions (and those champs like Syndra who mix in AA’s into their combo) to get a spot of healing in the middle of chaos. This healing will always be useful and can prevent someone from being picked off, even if it isn’t obvious. Even if your team is behind, this rune has value. If you’re snowballing or if you’re a far more aggressive Amumu than most due to an early team comp from your allies then take…

This rune will always have a place in the plate taking meta, giving tanky characters a sharp burst of tower threat potential with all the health they're stacking. Amumu should never be spilt pushing due to his poor kit designed for such, but if you have a moment to rock out on top of a tower then this is the rune for you. However, this rune is sub par if your team is playing on the back end and your adc will be far more suited to taking towers than you. With Amumu’s kit being more favored at level six than in the early game, you’ll be hard pressed to get large value out of this rune before 14 minutes into the game.

If you’re against an aggressive early game jungler such as Xin Zhao, Lee Sin, Udyr this rune can be the difference between life and death for burst related champions. Flat reduction will allow your E to stack up quickly against their auto attacks, giving you a chance to fight back fire with fire and hopefully remain alive. With Aftershock, you’ll survive for a good amount of time and Tantrum’s flat magic damage can easily add up with Despair’s % based damage. However, if you’re against a more tanky enemy in the jungle or you're not afraid of the first ten minutes of play then…

This is the rune you’re going to want to take into less aggressive matchups such as Zac, Sejuani, Rammus and you are able to get some time on scaling your defensives up. As mentioned before, Amumu has no natural tankiness beyond against auto attacks flat reduction so anything to pad some stats will always be helpful.

Noticing a trend yet? Nah, I’m not either! More tankiness from your runes, you like health, get health, health loves flat damage reduction. It’s a win win situation. As Amumu will often prio AoE camp clears, you’re getting more monster value than you would off single target, thus you’re far more likely to be stacking this rune effectively.


Seriously I think this rune ought to be named “Best thing ever”. It heals, it scales with your health and it gives you FREE MONEY! Triumph is an effective choice on Amumu as it gives you sustain throughout a teamfight. Healing 12% your missing health x5 potentially in a teamfight can give you the boost you need to survive. To put it in context, for every 1k health you’re missing, you’re going to be healing for 120 HP, that’s nearly a Ruby Crystal, my friend. With your AoE CC, you’re far more likely to snag some “Kill Secure” or “Free Assists” to further boost your limited income.

Odd, he has curse - wouldn’t he want to apply more with AA’s throughout a team fight? No, because Amumu’s main trouble is staying on top of a target after he’s released his Curse of the Sad Mummy ult. This rune allows him to better ignore CC lockdown and allows him to wail over the enemy.


If you’re a more creative summoner, then this is an interesting set up you can consider. With Hextech Flashtraption you can make surprise gank routes with Hextech Flashtraption, then go in for the Q combo whenever desired. As you’re still a tank, you will have to pre-plan this rune to get the most value out of it.

Flash is powerful on Amumu, his ult is his bread and butter. The sooner you can have both up, the better and more effective champion you are.

If you want more strong ganks, this rune will assist in catching up to targets and has less reliance on your Flash and ults, stronger early but it gives up potential mid game strength.


If you’re looking for a bit more personal power, then I have some news for you. AP Amumu is a scary son of a gun. This set is designed for bursting the target you’ve hit with Bandage Toss and so, the runes will be set to cover that course.

This rune provides additional damage on top of your opening engage, as your combo will be W > Q > AA > E and this burst of damage will force enemies into retreat. Furthermore, as the Electrocute damage will not be applied until before your curse has been applied, you’ll be gaining an additional 10% on top of your burst rotation. As you continue to build more AP, this rune will service your needs effectively in the early game where the snowball begins.

Suddenly, a wild Amumu appeared! With this rune, you gain a flat penetration to your % based damage and burst rotation. While it may not be a lot, this is the most effective rune for your overall damage pattern goal. While Cheap Shot may offer some additional flat burst, Sudden Impact will empower your full combo instead of a small burst at the opening.

This rune will provide a more consistent growth between games, this rune provides vision for your entire team and gives you an extra incentive for an earlier Oracle Lens. Often times, I’ll take this with level 1 Oracle Lens so I can check for early wards during a level 3 gank. However, should you be concerned if the enemy team will be warding enough for you to stack this, you can go this option instead.

The snowball rune for the snowball build, this rune grants early game snowballs with even more power. However, should you be falling behind, this rune will have no power to offer from a back footed position as it relies solely on KDA to increase your overall power.

While you’d think you’d want Ultimate Hunter, this rune gives Amumu sustain in teamfights, which is imperative for your overall sustain. Due to the increased damage you deal, this rune is a strong pick for healthier ganks, as you’ll be sustaining throughout the early game jungle.


The free CDR is strong and allows you to freely itemize as needed, should you overcap - you get even more free CDR to double down on your bonuses. Nothing else really is worth it out of this tree, as CDR is so strong. You can make an argument for Absolute Focus should you want to only ruin one person’s life hard, but death is the gift that keeps on giving.

This is great for scuttle duels, gives you more power during objective battles. Remember this fact and force dragons when possible with your teammates. Your AoE ult is a nuke that throws out wide AoE CC, so the more often you can have these kind of duels the better.


Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk > STARTING/TANK
Amumu’s E damage reduction is regardless of your armor and magic resist, and health always is a wonderful thing to have. Chilling Smite is a great tool to access targets and especially making your Q to have a more impactful chance of landing a critical shot. The only times you’re going to look for a skirmisher saber smite, is if you need to reduce damage from a single fed character. Chilling Smite provides more gank power which is always going to be useful.

This item provides enhanced damage for your allies in the magical front and giving you more threat power overtime. Enhanced magic damage from any target - who you likely have applied curse - means even more damage converted to the 10% true damage, in bonus damage. This allows Amumu to carry via proxy of damage and is a huge source of tank sided power. The boost in hp, mana, CDR and magic resist makes you stronger against the very type you enhanced.

One of the main things Amumu loves, especially with Tantrum, is CDR. The cooldown reduction of Tantrum is not based on the overall CD, and by reducing your CD as quickly as possible, you’re looking at more overall damage threat. Amumu will never match the full tankiness of a champion like Sejuani or Zac, so taking advantage of your damage threat increase is going to be something you want to keep in mind.

Randuin's Omen > ARMOR/MOBILITY
Amumu likes items that help him stick on targets, Randuin's Omen provides you a powerful AoE slow so you can wail on them till they fall over. This is the item you’re going to want to use when against crit based champions, especially those such as Ashe, Yasuo and Tryndamere. The high boost of HP and armor scales well with the Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk to enhance your tankiness.

Righteous Glory > Mobility/CDR
Similar to Randuin's Omen, this item provides CDR which, as mentioned with Frozen Heart, is a powerful tool for Amumu’s key rotations. While it provides less hp and armor then Randuin's Omen, this item will help you waddle towards the enemy to pull yourself to targets, enabling you to get better angles with Q. Furthermore, should the chance offer, this can pull you into range for a Flash ult as well.

Against lifesteal based champions or champions like Master Yi? This item will provide you return fire and disable healing, should your team decide they don’t want to invest money into grievous wounds as well. Amumu’s desire to be auto attacked means this isn’t the worst item to consider in your builds. You should avoid doubling down with Randuin's Omen due to a shared passive as this does provide some magic damage, which as mentioned before, is amplified. The lack of CDR does hurt somewhat.

Dead Man's Plate > MOBILITY/ARMOR
This is the middle ground between the raw stats of Randuin's Omen and the speed boost of Righteous Glory. The small additional boost of damage is not important to the overall mobility it adds to your base kit. You’re going to often consider this item if you’ve invested heavily into raw stats and are looking for more bulk with mobility to be added.

This is the single best course of action should you be against dot damage champions who are presenting a certain level of threat. This item provides CDR once completed that stands to aid in your damage rotations, and provides the ability to make more attempts at engages. This is the subpar choice if no champion on the enemy team has repeat damage, due to it’s inferior raw damage.

Since we already build one core magic resist item, this is usually applied if adaptive helm is no aid and the enemy team is filled with magic damage. While Amumu has no natural healing force, the raw stats alone can help you survive with Triumph at the minimum getting a nice boost.

High health pool helps your Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk give more HP, Overgrowth if you’re running this rune and lastly CDR that you’re going to be always striving for. Consider this item as a third or fourth item if you’re looking for sustain throughout teamfights and clearing camps. As Amumu has no ability to sustain without runes or items, this is an excellent one stop shop for you to bulk down with.


Now hear me out on this item, considering this item when you’re looking for chances to make engages and a single enemy spell is negating your ability to close the gap. This can prevent things such as Lux or Morgana bindings to allow you to close the gap quickly. Janna preventing you from team plays? Not anymore, the raw MR it provides and increase damage makes your abilities hit harder and you resist the AP carry damage in return.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter > DAMAGE/UTILITY
This is used mainly for your ability to apply AoE slows after your ultimate. As a front liner after your engage, Amumu does lack in the ability to maintain constant CC and this item aims to fix that. Providing a healthy amount of AP to give you a bit more threat to your bang. Take this item when you’re one of the most fed champions on your team and looking to provide more threat of your own

Liandry's Torment > DAMAGE
This item syncs well with Rylai's Crystal Scepter, giving you a heavy amount of burn damage that is amplified when a target is CC’d. The madness increase means even more magic damage which amplified by Abyssal Mask, which feeds into your passive. In a tanky bruiser AP focused build or with a lead, this is the two item combo I’d consider to be a perfect combo of Amumu’s needs and kit.

Runic Echoes > DAMAGE
This style of Amumu is focused on one thing, making sure one person doesn’t get to play League of Legends today. Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes offers Amumu a way to restore his mana in the jungle, to keep his pool healthy and a higher burst threshold with his abilities. Aim for the Fiendish Codex for that much needed CDR and then transition into your next item.

This item allows Amumu to have a way to not get blown up on his engages. As your full combo is Q, R, E you’re not left with much wiggle room to worm your way back out. This item counters several champion ultimates and allows you an “OH S***” button on speed dial. The CDR and armor means healthier clears, more bulk to fight back and most importantly, that delicious AP.

Rabadon's Deathcap > DAMAGE
This version of Amumu needs as much AP as possible so anything that provides him more burst is always appreciated. This item is a boon even if you don’t have much other sources of AP, as the damage you bring on your own provides a % boost with higher AP returns. A great snowballing item.

Mejai's Soulstealer > DAMAGE
The Risk taker snowball option, only go this item ( Dark Seal) if you have 350 gold and only upgrade it if you’re nearing max stacks. This item can heavily set you back on your intended build path should you begin dying afterwards so you should look to follow this item up with a bulkier AP item purchase such as Zhonya's Hourglass or Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

While the % true damage is a nice boon to your burst rotation, this alone cannot be enough to burst certain targets as the game drags on. Void Staff adds potential near true damage with your choice of targets and makes your AoE ult a true nuke that can completely turn the tides of a fight, should you hit entire targets. This item is vital when against tankier targets so you have a means to actually harm them.

Grievous wounds is a core counter to many champions who rely on combat sustain such as Riven, Fiora, Dr. Mundo, Vladimir and so many others. With all of the AoE in your kit, you will find it easy to place grievous wounds on these targets as needed. The flat penetration will be best used in enemy team comps who find it much harder to itemize against magic damage for optimal kit scaling into the mid game. This is an item that is stronger when MR options/itemization is lower, and loses strength as the game carries on.

Hextech Protobelt-01 > DAMAGE/MOBILITY/CDR
More burst and a quick dash that can put you in range for the critical edge of an ability. As this build of Amumu tends to put you directly on an enemy target, this item can simply just serve to act as more burst for your damage rotation. The CDR it provides only serves to help you even more.

Skill Order --> Despair -> Tantrum -> Bandage Toss
Maxing Order Tank --> Tantrum -> Bandage Toss -> Despair
Maxing Order AP --> Bandage Toss -> Tantrum -> Despair
Item Priority --> Hunter's Talisman -> Refillable Potion -> Control Ward
Jungle Start --> Red Buff -> Krugs -> Raptors -> Wolves -> Blue Buff

With Amumu, you’re no longer tied down to Blue buff thanks to the power of Hunter's Talisman. This opens you up to multiple starts, however the strongest will still be starting at Red buff for a three camp, level 3 clear. Krugs is a vital source of your XP, gold and tempo in the early game and thanks to your E and W passive being extremely powerful in AoE clears. Your main goal at this point of the game is to use a ward defensively to protect yourself, as most junglers go for a similar clear as your own. Before you leave the Red side of your camps, make sure to put down a river ward to protect your mid lane and prevent an angle from your other laner from leaving.

From there, you’re going to need to see if mid lane is open for a gank. At level three, you have enough of your opening to force, and depending on certain champions, this is an chance to start a snowball. A good example of a solid gank is a Talon vs a squishy mage - as long as you hit your Q, the Talon can easily finish off the job in a combo. Bad ganks would be placed towards a slow burner, such as Kassadin who are unable to burst so quickly. Both forms of Amumu will want to play it slightly slow and build up towards level four and five.

In the early game, your best chance is to set an ideal of what your team comp will excel in - for tank Amumu, you need to try to find champions who can use your passive to large effect such as Kai'Sa, most ap mids and other wombo combo champions like Miss Fortune. Since you’re going to be building for a large impact playstyle, you’re going to need to ensure you have someone who can follow up with the hurt. If that champion is outside of the three camp clear path, you can either rotate downwards to them at early level 3 to gank them, OR you can do Blue buff -> Wolves -> Raptors and Red buff to gank them instead. Make sure your pathing ends where you want to end upm and don’t mindlessly farm.

After your first gank, if possible, go for a reset and pick up a Chilling Smite to aid in your next ganks. Keep up the pressure and remember if you have no ganks to do, Amumu can actually solo dragon around level 4 to 5. This isn’t something you should do unless you are positive you know where the enemy jungler is, as soloing dragon attempts is the quickest way to throw our tempo out of the door with the key, and your teammate’s mental.

Ap Amumu on the other hand, is slightly more flexible in his options. His gank chances should be focusing on ganking squishy champions so he can begin his snowball. Since the price reduction of Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes, you need to make sure you’re going to want to get starting as soon as possible.
Set up vision to avoid fighting a 2v2 as soon as possible, until you’re able to get your ultimate. Once you’ve maintained an advantage - or at least scaled safely to six, you’re going to want to play around dragons and bot lane. Your ultimate is best used on multiple targets regardless of AP or Tank Amumu and this is the best lane you can abuse with your advantage.

While Amumu is capble of soloing dragon should you need to do so at lvl 4-5, the risk in this move is highly questionable and should be only done if 100% needed. By ganking bot lane with your ultimate, you set yourself up to possibly get tower plates & dragon’s with your ADC. In both builds, you stand to take advantage of an ADC who is strong, as this forces the enemy team to contest against your AP sourced damage.

Tank Item Priority --> Frozen Heart -> Randuin's Omen -> Righteous Glory -> Abyssal Mask
AP Item Priority --> Morellonomicon -> Zhonya's Hourglass Hextech Protobelt-01

At this point of the game, laning phase is starting to die down, and the ARAM will begin in most games. Your purpose - in both builds of Amumu - is to start looking for teamfights; but how you engage them is entirely different. We’ll be focusing on each section of Amumu to give you some clear goals to aim for, that each form will desire.

Ap Amumu: Your goal is to erase the enemies fed carries, especially if they are squishier targets. Make sure to grab an Oracle Lens as your job is to abuse the fog of war, and the extended range of your Bandage Toss, to lock onto a singular target and erase them from the game. Teamfights are going to be especially scary if you’ve forgone the use of Zhonya's Hourglass, as once you’re in - if the enemy was outside of the range of your ultimate - you’re going to die. Pre 20 minutes, this isn’t as impactful, but you need to pick your fights carefully to avoid trading 1 for 1 with a Baron Nashor in the trade. As the game proceeds past the 20 minute mark, avoid showing bot lane as even from behind, your Baron Nashor threat is simply unmatched. The size of your ultimate and burst is so powerful you have ample ability to lock down an entire team, and steal Baron Nashor for the turn around. While your ultimate is powerful with AoE lock down, your main goal is to remove enemy carries with your Bandage Toss and Tantrum burst, then looking for a multi target lockdown.

Tank Amumu: You are the initiation for your team, and you have the most amped form of engage out of many junglers with the size of your ultimate. Look for a section of jungle that you can sweep up with Oracle Lens to give you more angles of engagement. Your goal is to hit as many targets as possible, so save your Bandage Toss engage or Flash engage until the enemy stands close with each other. Remember, you have no means to force enemies together by yourself, so you should be looking to wait for them to group up. With your Bandage Toss, once you’ve pulled yourself in, you have two seconds of your Aftershock to set up for your ultimate, until the largest amount of your defenses are out - so make sure to pick the right engages. Remember that your ult applies curse, so getting it on the frontline can be even more viable if your AP teammates are fed, than hitting a single target in the frontline. Maintain your Despair to keep curse applied constantly on tankier targets or squishies if they are left alone.

At this point of the game you need to make sure to be playing around your teammates, and if possible, direct them to teamfight around focused objectives. Avoid diving, as especially in lower elos, dives are badly coordinated and can result in one - or even worse - your death; which can quickly turn into a lost Baron Nashor . Team morale is vital, so your best option is to push out advantages through the lane to provide better chances to fight in chokepoints. Clear out the enemy jungle - or sweep up your jungle if on the defensive - to fight in critical points such as the area near Blue Buff or the area near Raptors - as two examples of great chokepoints that forces enemy champions to clamp together - due to the lack of space. Prepping objectives a minute in advance can allow you to force a pick on both forms of Amumu. Due to the need to face check, squishy supports often times feel obligated to ward around this time, so this is a great time for you to abuse this.

Your priority is always teamfighting, in either form of Amumu, so play around objectives and wait for that critical ult that can win you the game. If you secured two kills, even if the jungler is not one of them, look to pressure Baron Nashor . Even the threat of doing Baron Nashor is enough to force enemies into face checking or lose the Baron Nashor entirely for free, and if you’re guiding your allies to turn, by telling them before you’ve started the objective - this allows a greater team focus than a team of five, blundering around trying to figure out what to do.

Baron Nashor or Elder Dragon ’s are coming online soon, and luckily, you’re still scaling. With Ap Amumu, you need to fight with a great 5v5 ult to try to pick off mulitple targets with your rank 3 ult.

At this point, understand that your ability to one shot is going to start falling off, as enemy carries can build items such as Banshee's Veil, Zhonya's Hourglass, Guardian Angels or Quicksilver Sash to counter your entire focus. Keep your eyes on enemy champion buys, and focus on instead bulking up to provide frontline for your late game carries instead. Similar to mid game, your focus should still be vision denial - however at this point your job is to stay near your carries. A lot of people begin to auto pilot as a game extends, so make sure to stay on your team’s mental to ensure they’re not falling victim to random journey’s of wonder into a lane for gold.

A single pick can be the turning point for key objectives or even inhibitors. By this point, you may be forced to tower dive to make a push - when tower diving, always check up on summoner spells, item cooldowns and any items the enemy team has. Going for the three carries with Quicksilver Sash or Zhonya's Hourglass may be a lot less impactful than getting the front line with no tenacity or ways to get out of your CC train.

And from there, we have found our friends and given them endless hugs FOREVER, and I hope you will be a new friend and apprentice of the Flowing Sun Clan as well. If the guide was helpful to you make sure to vote on it and even leave a comment, as I love reading people's opinions and feedback.

If you’re looking for more information or you love to support the dream, drop by the stream and tell me in person! Hearing how these guides help you, make doing them all the better and it tells me where people want new content. May the sun be with you Apprentices!

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