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Caitlyn Build Guide by GinWinsky

AD Carry [Updated] Wanna see a ganking trick? The new META.

AD Carry [Updated] Wanna see a ganking trick? The new META.

Updated on August 19, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GinWinsky Build Guide By GinWinsky 51,809 Views 0 Comments
51,809 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GinWinsky Caitlyn Build Guide By GinWinsky Updated on August 19, 2016
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Why CAITLYN on the Jungle?

1. Good synergy with the jungle item and if you have just a little knowledge on how ADCs work in the jungle, she's a beast;
2. If kited properly, takes almost no damage from farming the jungle;
3. Great ganks with smite + E from behind the enemy;
4. A great burst while ganking PLUS kill-secure with R.
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1. Do not be afraid to build a defensive item. It's like any bursting champion: Scales really fine with AD, but passives from tanky items can also help your way into the game, so if you're afraid to fall behind, remember that when your tanky item's ready, it'll save you from a lot of sticky situations + give you sustain while 1vs1-ing.
2. If you're in doubt on which jungle route do, try the following:
I- Rock Golems;
II- Chikens;
III- Wolves;
IV - Blue Buff / Crab;
V - Crab / Blue Buff;
VI - Red Buff / Recall;
VII - Gank.
P.S.: You can use your HP Pot whenever you feel like you need it. I usually use both doses on the chikens. Try to get at least 650 gold before you recall.
3. Kiting is essencial on the early farming. Whenever you feel like the buff is going to hit you, use your E to get away;
4. Do not gank by the bushes. Try always to FLANK, or, in another words, come from behind the enemy laner and use your early E so he can, hopefully, use all of his damage to secure the kill.

More to come.
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I'm GinWinsky, from BR Servers, and i hope you test my build and enjoy it ingame! I think that every champion has jungling potential, you just need to know how to explore it.
Hugs and Kisses,
xoxo And see ya around ;3
League of Legends Build Guide Author GinWinsky
GinWinsky Caitlyn Guide
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[Updated] Wanna see a ganking trick? The new META.

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