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Urgot Build Guide by Potosu

AD Offtank Urgot - Crabgot in the jungle.

By Potosu | Updated on August 10, 2013

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Pros / Cons

+ Nice ganks (slow with w + lizards buff)
+ Nice mid game (zoning with e-q)
+ Epic ult for ganks
+ Looks very nice (clank clank)
+ One of the best poker

- Low hp
- Have not escapes
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Usually our combo is->auto atack->->x3-4 -> -> then and auto atacks.

You can start with if your teammate have hard cc. (pantheon\ahri\elise and others)
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Blue (smiteless) > wolfs > ghosts > lizard (smite) > golems > recall > gank
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True dmg with q and e, others junglers items not so good.
Urgot need a lot of mana. And murromanas active works nice with q
Its very usefill item for urgot. with spaming e passive works excellent.
Great passive and armor. Urgot need armor.
If team dont have aegis buy it, it is not bad item for crab.(mres\hp)
With our e like a true damage :D .
If your team need tanky jungler build black cleaver instead of
Not bad item, but i use it rarely.
Very helpfull at ganks. Use it then E and spam with Q.
If enemy have hard ad champions, who need atack speed - Kog Maw, Vayne and others.
Usefull vs AP team, also hp regen.
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Use W , then start auto atackm after use E and spam with Qx3-4. If enemy going out flash if needed and use R.
If your teammate have hard cc you can start with R.
For successful ganks take red buff, urgot rly need it, he is not jarvan, who can do ganks just with R.
Will be nice if holding mid independent from mana champion, then you can take blue buff all the time.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Potosu
Potosu Urgot Guide

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Urgot - Crabgot in the jungle.