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Vayne Build Guide by Faintz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Faintz

Vayne- Silver bolts strike harder than rock

Faintz Last updated on July 25, 2011
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So you may have seen her in a game, hopefully on your side, that tumbling leather-covered woman who just destroys everything in her path. And now you want to find out how she does it? Well look no further friends, this is my build "VAYNE - SILVER BOLTS STRIKE HARDER THAN ROCK"

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072411- Added build

072511- Added The viable items list.

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Pros / Cons


Extremely good damage output through the entire game!

True damage!!!(Needless to say)

Decent survivability when combining Flash, Tumble and Final Hour!

Stun with Condemn


Squishy, often targeted in teamfights.

Useless if you dont get those kills early to get your items.

May still suffer from nerfs.

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Greater Mark Of Desolation

Gives you a total of 14,94 ArPen at Lvl 1. This will make it possible to quickly take out Squishys as Twitch and Teemo.

Makes your Silver Bolts trigger more often. In this build much will be focused on % damage so having a lot of AS will make you wreck havoc on the fields of justice.

Basic AD Glyph. Gives a nice boost at lvl 1 once again.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Adds even more ArPen to Vayne, making it possible to shred high armour Champions through the entire game.

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Items / Playstyle

When i first started out testing Vayne i used Trickshots build with descent results. But after a while i started to experiment with the itembuild suggested by him. The build he suggested was a little too costly for me and didn't focus enough on Vaynes biggest strength, AS combined with % and procc damage.

So to start out i pick Doran's Blade to give me some lifesteal and descent AD to start with. Combined with my Runes this gives me a nice chance at getting first blood wich I tend to get in 7/10 games.Do not be afraid to sell the Dorans blades during the game to get some gold if you miss it, its a viable change. When minions spawn i start last hitting as much as i can. During this time i constantly harrass my opponents without using any abilities if not for a certain kill. By laning with a Support as Sona I can usually stay in lane until i've got between 1700-2500 gold by using this tactic.

On my first trip Back i buy Boots of Speed and another Doran's Blade. If i've got enough for it i tend to build Berserker's Greaves at once even if i have to wait some seconds for my gold to pile up some more.

Now you will be somewhere around lvl, 5-7 and you can start to harrass and go for kills for real. Remember that using Silver Bolts is an awsome way to keep your enemies health low at all time and to take care of those Champions that tend to run away juust in time. If they do? Tumble in, shoot the proc, fire twice more/use your condemn if your enemy have a way to get away, and flash out before taking damage from the turret. Feeding process initiated.

On My next turn back i build directly for the Phantom Dancer, giving me awsome Attack Speed and Crit, aswell as a Speedbonus! Can things be better you think? Ofc they can! Now its time to go out there and gank!

Take your picks carefully, dont be afraid to "Killsteal" because your team, will want you feeded lategame and getting your team those Tripple, Quadra or even Pentakills. You will get some whines, but if you know how to play Vayne, dont bother them.

Ok, so back in base again with some nice kills, a lot of gold, and next up Sword of the Divine This item gives you 60% extra attack speed and therefore the biggest buff to AS in the entire game. Plus the Passive and active that it grants you is really good for your continued reign of the battlefield.

About now you will start to notice that people will rather run from you tan take battle, they will try to run to towers or to friendlies so they can combined kill you so be sure to use the tumble/condemn/flash trick i said before to quickly finnish them of. If things look really bad, dont be afraid to use your ulti, it has a really short CD.

Next i Build the Madred's Bloodrazor that will grant you a final awsome AS bonus, and the most important of all, the 4% Damage/hit that it deals will wreck havoc to all targets you face.

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Viable Items

From now on there will be two options: Either the other team will surrender, or they wont and your team will soon start to push all lanes to the final confrontation. All items from here are actually luxuary if you ask me but i have som different options to choose from:

Awsome Item for Vayne and usually built earlier, but i consider it less important than the significant bonus AS / % damage that the other items gives. If youve got the money, get this!

Very viable choice, will send you cascading to the 2.5 AS cap and give you more Critchance.

The other team building heavy (and i mean heavy heavy) armour? NP here is your solution!

Seen on a lot of AD champions, not a big fan of it myself but if you like it take it.

Very Viable pick! Adds a stacking armor-reduction to your target and a nice 30% AS bonus. Works perfectly into Vaynes build and have lately become one of my first picks after core items are finished.

Part frm these there are some variations that can be made to the build in order to get more survivability:

Mercury's Treads A lot ov Vaynes get this to get out of CC quicker considering she is kinda Squishy. Very good pick if you are facing a CC heavy team.

Thornmail Might not be the best of picks, considering you are ranged and wont be as close to the actual fighting, but if you are facing champs like Warvwick you might wanna consider it.

Stinger Along with the 40% AS it also gives you 10%CD reduction, wich is nice for Final Hour and Condemn.

Sheen/ Trinity Force Built by alot of Vaynes out there to get extra damage of everytime you tumble and shoot. Nice add, doesnt appeal to me that much but very viable indeed.

The following items are items that might seem a little more trollish to get and i HAVENT TRIED THEIR EFFECTIVNESS IN-GAME but i think i'm going to try them out so stay tuned.

Tiamat My idea here is that lategame building one of these will make it possible to smack a lot more of enemies in there faces. Even if the splash does 30% less considering they are ranged, the AS you have will still let you deal hellish ammounts of damage... In theory :3

Executioner's Calling The idea struck me when playing with the annoying little brat called Teemo. He's dots kept stealing my kills and leaving me with the assist gold and a very weak lategame. So i thought: Lets counter dots with dots. This item adds a 8 sec DoT to your target, dealing 4 damage/second. This might seem very irrelevant, but as i wrote earlier in the guide, you will want those kills, even if you have to step n some toes. This fella just might give you the weight to tip the scales and instead of Teemo be the one who annoys everyone!(Plus it adds a 15% crit and 18 Lifesteal so it fits in really well to the build) Once again, im gonna try this out in game to see the results.

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Skill Sequence

So i've seen a lot of Vaynes Maxing out Tumble first, but i think that they lack a lot in the true power that Vayne has, her Silver Bolts. They deal %-damage to her foes on each third concussive hit. Very very important skill and the one that makes Vayne. I Max Silver bolts first.

However i always take Tumble at lvl 1, to get survivability from possible ganks and first blood attempts. I max Tumble second

Condemn is a great ability when used correctly but the mana cost and the long CD doesnt appeal to me so i max that one last.

Final hour, well just take it when you can.

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Ok so this is just the start of my Guide and i Will probably add more in the coming days, but i would like some feedback on the build so far. I am going to Add pics of some games that i've done so you guys dont think this is a trollbuild.

Please Vote and Comment and I will Try to answer any questions that might occur.

Thank You!