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This build has been archived by the author. They are no longer supporting nor updating this build and it may have become outdated. As such, voting and commenting have been disabled and it no longer appears in regular search results.

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Veigar Build Guide by EvilDice

Veigar: Somebody Gonna Get a Hurt Real Bad

Veigar: Somebody Gonna Get a Hurt Real Bad

Updated on July 24, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilDice Build Guide By EvilDice 437 98 1,675,784 Views 344 Comments
437 98 1,675,784 Views 344 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilDice Veigar Build Guide By EvilDice Updated on July 24, 2011
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I'm EvilDice, and I'm a level 30 and long time viegar player. As a matter of fact, he was the first champion I bought and he's still my favorite. I've experimented with a lot of different items on veigar and I eventually made a build that works for me and helps me to win the vast majority of the games I play with the little guy. Just thought I'd share my build and the way I play the tiny master of evil. If my build is liked I might add a bit more strategy sections. If not, oh well, I'm open to feedback. Hope you at least learn a thing or two and give it a shot. I want to help you enjoy being the definition of PAIIIIIIIINNNNN.

My ranked stats with Veigar (1600 ELO)

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Change Log

2/8/11 - Build (re)created.
2/8/11 - A ton of new content and build revisions added. New combo notes, Items section made easier to read and (hopefully) less wall of textish. More notes in the Other Items section and size of the item icons increased.
2/21/11 - DV/Trollvote section added, patch section changed. Really trying to get a video up for you guys but my computer just can't handle this recording software :(
2/24/11 - Replays!
2/28/11 - Runes updated. Hourglass moved to the top of the Other Items section.
3/1/11 - New DV/trollvotes added! In this addition we have new detailed veigar build writer and mr. ImSoLazyICan'tScrollDownAFewPixels! Patch notes updated as well.
3/5/11 - Another DV added! Expect a lot of new stuff to be added pretty soon.
3/7/11 - Runes and masteries section added, trollvote added.
3/12/11 - Replay 2 added. Might add a section this weekend we'll see.
3/23/11 - Major update is here! Items and Playstyle section gets a newer, easier to read look, and some more info has been added to it. Haunting guise is now a core item, not a choice. It's just too early on to decide to pick a Void Staff.. They are never going to have too much MR that early. Zhonya's Hourglass has also been moved to the main build as a solid pick if you can't get those mejai's stacks up. It is just too good of an item to ignore. Laning Partners section has been added as well as the How to Mid section. What can I possibly add now? :P[
4/13/11 - DV/Trollvote section removed, FAQ section added. I think this will achieve what the goal of the old section was better.
4/23/11 - Mejai's removed from build up top because at a higher level of play mejai's is not as good of an item. I almost never get it in ranked.
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What did the last patch do for Veigar? (V.

V.1.0.0. 113
Veigar gets a new dance! Best buff to date tbh.. Hope riot is careful with how they nerf him tho. Also got some new splash art. I like the old one a bit more I think. Luckily I have the White Mage skin so I don't have to deal with it :D

V.1.0.0. 112
Our little buddy gets a buff! "Primordial Burst ability power ratio increased to 1.2 of Veigar's ability power and reduced to 0.8 of his target's ability power." Veigar should always have higher AP than anyone on the enemy team (probably by a lot) so this is overall going to amount for more damage. It's going to be especaially noticable vs non casters, making his role as the team's caster carry much more prominent. Maybe I'm overreacting, but this could lead to having the ability to sacrifice some damage for survivability. We'll see how it goes.

V.1.0.0. 111
Morello's Evil Tome in theory could be an excellent item on veigar. It boasts extremely high mana regen and tied for the most CDR in the game. Gonna be hard to find a spot for it, though. I'll do some testing.

Nothing much to report really. Runes got hit some, however you shouldn't notice too much of a difference. Deathcap has also been hit with some significant cost nerfs. This is understandable as it is basically the Infinity Edge of casters. Continue to build it, it's still a great item.

V1.0.0. 108

The last patch was a HUGE buff to veigar. Rabadon's Deathcap is a very strong item and will aid all casters (including our favorite yordle) in achieving a high AP count thus doing more damage. In addition to the direct buff to veigar's damage output, because Rabadon's Deathcap buffs all other caster's AP, this is an indirect buff to veigar's ultimate. He will now be able to hit even harder with Primordial Burst and become an even scarier threat to casters. After this buff veigar is going to be respected (and feared) a lot more and will be an even better pick in ranked play. Very nice buff.
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Let me start by saying that runes are COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY personal preference. Here I am going to suggest some good sets that you may want to try out. Build for your playstyle!

My Set (recommended):

This is the current set of runes I am running. No alternative to Marks for that extremely important magic pen. Mana per 5 reds provide all the mana regen you will need to get out of earlygame (surpass flats at level 5). AP per level quints will give your damage a nice boost for late game and flat health quints to keep you safe earlygame.

Survivability Set:
Greater Seal of Vitality

This set focusses on having a nice, safe late game while dishing out some mad burst. If you have these runes laying around and are dying way too fast try it out.

Burst Damage Set:

To hell with survivability! If you want to maximize your damage output lategame with runes this option is for you. Caution advised, it will make for a pretty tough early game.
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9/0/21 (see top for specifics...

WTF??? YOU TAKE GOOD HANDS!?!?! So noob...

Read it. I am helping you out for every champion you play.

What about Awareness? It has a decent exp boost...

While Awareness is nice early game you are probably going to struggle with mana some. Thus, Awareness is not incredibly important for you. We are all going to reach level 18 sometime, you just are going to be slightly slower.

What about Greed? Don't you need gold?

Greed generates 180 gold in 30 minutes. That's about 6 minion kills. I'll pass.

If you were to alter your masteries, what would you do?

I would substitute the three points into movespeed into exp. Movespeed isn't incredibly noticeable but it does make a difference, as does Awareness.
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Passive: Equillibrium - Veigar's mana regen is increased by .75% by each 1% of mana missing.
A decent passive. Combined with a meki pendant, it should allow you to stay in your lane and farm for a long time.

Q: Baleful Strike - Active: Unleashes dark energy at target enemy dealing 80-260 (+0.6 per ability power) magic damage. If the target is killed, Veigar gains 1 ability power.
Passive: Veigar gains 1-5 ability power when he kills a champion from any source of damage.
This ability is the reason why veigar is the most common champion to see with > 600 AP. Last hit, last hit, and last hit some more! That is what you should be doing with Baleful all game. I don't care if you can kill the minion with an autoattack, the extra AP you get from this ability makes a huge difference. Play some practice games so you can get this skill down. It's very important.
One more quick note - If the enemy grabs a Banshee's Veil, this is the spell you use to pop it (before you stun).

W: Dark Matter - After 1.2 seconds, dark matter falls from the sky to the target location, dealing 120-320 (+1 per ability power) magic damage.
Veigar's main damaging ability with a 1:1 AP ratio. This ability has two major uses. You can, a) nuke the opposing team for terrible, terrible damage, or b) use it to farm minions (once it is maxed). Other uses for this ability include scaring away the enemy when they are chasing you, checking brush and neutral creeps, and scaring the enemy away from attacking your tower.

E: Event Horizon - Veigar twists the edges of space around the target location for 3 seconds, stunning enemies who pass through the perimeter for 1.5-2.5 seconds.
You are going to come to love this stun. It is an AOE stun that can turn the tide of teamfights. The enemy is stunned on the outer edge, so you want to try to land the edge right on their face. Again, this one will take some practice to land. Only repetition is going to help. The main use for this ability is to set up your combo (covered later). It can also be used to catch enemies for chasing, to stop enemies chasing you, and (my favorite) to stick those guys who try to towerdive you in their place for the kill.
This is a picture I took from Roku's veigar guide on the LoL forums. As you can see it's pretty outdated but it looks pretty accurate to me. Use this as a guideline at your own risk :P Credit goes to Roku for the pic! This is a beta HUD. You can't get it. Stop asking.

Ultimate: Primordial Burst - Blasts an enemy champion, dealing 250-500 (+1 per ability power) plus his target's AP in magic damage.
Gotta love Veigar's ult. Once you ult a caster once, they will run all the way to their nexus every time they see you coming. 1:1 AP ratio + the opponents AP can add up to a whole lot of damage. Use it mainly on the enemy caster in your combo to instagib them. It can also be very useful against non-AP champions as well.
The one thing that makes me really mad is when I see another veigar straight up ult me when I am at full health. Please only use your ult if you are at least 90% sure you can get a kill from it!
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Items and Playstyle

First off I want to say that I prefer veigar in the sidelanes rather than in mid. This is because I feel that most champions in mid simply outdo veigar and to keep up, you have to constantly use abilities which means constantly using mana. Since the focus of veigar is to simply farm up AP earlygame, I have an easier time with him in the sidelane.

Alright, now to items.

Start With:

This is going to give you a nice amount of mana regen to get you off to a good start. The two health pots are for survivability.

Early Game:

Now go out to your lane and start farming with Baleful Strike. Your main focus at the beginning of the game is to farm up and get as much AP as possible. You don't have to be too aggressive, save your stun and nuke for special situations. For the most part you want to play defensive and keep the fight at your tower.

If the enemy tries to attack you in range of the tower wanting to hit you just one more time, make him pay and drop Event Horizon on his face immediately. This could be enough to net the kill and get you first blood. You can also take advantage of aoe spells such as nasus's Spirit Fire and take a little damage then drop the stun. Again, the tower will help you with a couple of hits and it could again net you a kill. There will also be other times when you will want to be aggressive towards the enemy and go for the kill. You'll know when. Just because I'm saying to play defensive with veigar doesn't mean you won't get kills. In fact, you may end up with more kills than you would playing aggressively, and you'll be more farmed with more AP and money.

Suffering Awaits! But.. Not yet.

Kage's Lucky Pick

Before heading into mid game, your next items to prioritize are Sorc's and Kage. Sorcerer's Shoes are the clear choice for veigar, as the magic pen is just irresistible and... Necessary.

kage's lucky pickKage's Lucky Pick is going to provide a marginal boost to your damage output and give you some cash. Not to mention it builds towards your bread and butter, a Deathfire Grasp.

Mid Game

In this stage the game is starting to transition to mid game. You should now start looking for ganks (especially casters with half health or lower). If you don't see any good ganks, continue on to your lane and buy a ward if you have the money for it. If you do see a sexy gank, take advantage of it! Run in, stun, drop Dark Matter and ult. If they aren't dead at this point, then they were not a good ganking target or you are farming poorly.

YOU deny the darkness in your soul! YOU deny your power!

You know how to not deny the darkness in your soul? Steal some other souls. Veigar is basically telling you with his taunt, buy a mejai's!!! Next time back you have a decision to make. First look at your score. Are you 2/0, 3/0, or better? Unless your team is getting dominated, it's time to buy a Mejai's Soulstealer If no, look at your team score. Does your team seem to be dominating the game in kills and have a couple towers down? If yes, it's time to buy a Mejai's Soulstealer. If both these answers are no, don't get the item. Note that you don't have to get a mejai's here! If, later on in the game you feel that you can get the stacks up on it, go for it!

Even Death trembles in my presence:

Now you are looking at that goofy face on the shield thing, then looking at me (well, my avatar), then looking back at the Haunting Guise and saying... Is this guy an idiot??? No. Haunting Guise is perhaps the most underrated item in the game. Think about it. Enough magic pen to get most of your targets close to zero, 25 AP, and some quick and early survivability. Haunting Guise brings late game to veigar so much earlier, and though your AP may be lower than the Archangel's builds, your damage most definitely isn't.

Next up is a Deathfire Grasp. This beauty is going to give you so much burst it isn't funny. It is veigar's bread and butter. I'm honestly pretty shocked that in his splash art his weapon is an evil staff. It really should be a Deathfire Grasp. Drag this item to slot #1. Congratulations, you now have a second ultimate on a 60 second cooldown.

You absolutely MUST utilize Deathfire Grasp for it to not be a wasted item space. This is an amazing item for veigar's burst (and a very necessary one), but you HAVE to use it!

Late Game

Now the game is getting later on and teamfights are probably forming so you know where to go. Become aware of the creep camps and golem and try to kill them whenever they are up (unless a teammate needs golem more). The wraiths and wolves should be pretty easy to clear out by now, just use Dark Matter and they are gone.

***CHECK UP! Are you still last hitting with Baleful Strike? It still works, you know!

In teamfights you will want to stay back until your combo is off cooldown. When it is, run in, and use Event Horizon and Dark Matter on the enemy. Then back up and repeat. When you think you can get a kill (and you can get them on casters almost regardless of their health), you are going to extend your combo.

+ + (Before Dark Matter hits) + + = You have slain an enemy.

The reason I decide to use my ult before Q is simply put sometimes in teamfights they are going to focus you. You want to get off as much damage as possible before you are forced to retreat and sometimes this cuts out your last spell. You may not even need a Baleful Strike to finish the enemy off, so make sure you do as much damage as you can. You don't want to be chased away with your ult unused.

You are going to be doing this for all of lategame and if you're doing it right, they won't leave their tower. I cannot stress how important positioning is on this yordle. You want the enemy to have to go through hell and then some to be able to kill you. Run in, nuke someone and GTFO!

Suffering Awaits! (for real this time)

Veigar was raping too much so riot made him buy his hat. Douche move IMO, but probably necessary. Anyway you need to buy your hat, there's a reason riot took it away. As if you weren't doing enough damage already, Deathcap pretty much seals the enemie's fate. Who ever veigar decides to gib is gonna get gibbed. He's got his hat now, *****es.

Magic Pen:


Now if you haven't bought any magic pen, you need to do so now. Even if you have, you will most likely need more magic pen. If you think you need a little more get an Abyssal Scepter If you need a lot more (if their team is stacking magic resist) get a Void Staff. Also, you may be in a point in the game where you have all 6 items. Ideally you are going to end up with an
Abyssal Scepter here as it will provide some awesome magic resist as well, and most of the time you will get this item.

Also, you may be at a point in the game now where you have 6 items. Sell your Haunting Guise and upgrade to an Abyssal Scepter if you didn't just buy one.

Final Item:

Chances are your game is over by now and you are spamming /j (required to succeed with this build) before the victory screen pops up. However if this is not the case, you may not be maxed out on items. If your mejai's is failing, or if you never bought one, the last pick is going to be an hourglass. With huge AP, armor, and a kickass active, Hourglass is going to make you set for lategame.

+ +
+ Kage's Lucky Pick

/ (optional but reccommended)
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Other/Situational Items

Veigar is a champion who has a lot of different playstyles and there are a lot of different ways to build him. Here are some other items I've seen used by other Veigars (and that I've tried as well) which you may want to consider if you don't like some of the items mentioned above.

These items are organized in what I feel to be most to least viable. The top 3 are all items I buy from time to time in some situations. Try 'em out!

Archangel's Staff - This is a very strong item to achieve high AP levels. I've actually been using this for my sixth item recently and it works well even if you don't charge up the tear. May make the main build soon.

Elixir of Brilliance - Always a good item on any caster for the mid/lategame as a money blower. However, make sure it's worth the investment. When you pop this elixir, you'd better be sure you are in some kind of fight where it's benefits will go to use. Don't just blow your money on it (unless you are in one of those insanely long games).

Will of the Ancients - WotA is a great item on a team with 3+ AP champions. The spell vamp is nice and 70 AP (30 of it for team mates) is nothing to scoff at, especially at the relatively cheap price. It's a great item, but it is very situational.

Rod of Ages - I'd definitely recommend this to players new to veigar as it gives him decent AP, mana and survivability. If you are going to get this, buy it as quickly as possible.

Banshee's Veil - Good item on almost any champion who is struggling with spells and CC. It's ok to get this however I feel you should try to be away from the thick of the fight as much as possible. If you have to get it go ahead. It will take away from your damage but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Lich Bane - In my opinion, veigar should simply not play with a LB. I prefer to be out of the fight until my combo is off cooldown not throwing around Baleful Strikes and autoattacking to make the most out of this item. It's just not worth it. Veigar for the most part is a single target nuker and this can easily be achieved with the items in my build. It is also worth noting the a Lich Bane is the second most expensive caster item in the game. On paper it looks like a nice item considering how high veigar's AP can get but I just don't feel it fits his role well.

Rylai's Scepter - Out of all the items on this list this is the one I really don't agree with. Sure it's nice for the survivability, but you are NOT a chaser! You are too squishy. If you are going to chase, Ghost + your stun should be enough. If you want survivability, get a RoA.
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How to Mid

First off I will state, once again, that mid in my opinion is not the best option. You are easy to stop from last hitting via harassment, which veigar has no real answer for. However, if you play an opponent who can't harass you well, mid can be awesome for your farming. If a ranged carry on your team asks you for mid, give it to them. They need it more. You can still farm well in the side lane!

My tips for mid would be to definitely start with a Doran's Ring, and possibly build another if you think you are going to need it. Enhander, who'ms thoughts you are about to read, builds two rings. Play verry defensive mid, and focus on getting that last hit, backing off and repeating. Against rough harassers you may need to just stun them in order to get a last hit. It's necessary. Once you hit level 6 you can start to your E+W combo, but don't just try to nuke them up front, it won't work until you soften 'em up a bit. Look to gank when you get the opportunity; you can do it very well. I would also advise to get a tank to help you with blue buff as soon as possible. This is going to allow you to spam your spells a lot more.

Alright, Enhander is going to take it from here. This is his mini-guide on how to go mid. He is a level 30 veigar mainer and likes to go mid>side lane. He has more expirience mid than me most likely and wrote this awesome mini-guide so I wanted to share it with those who want to do mid. Again, all credit goes to Enhander. Here you go!

I find that playing a passive veigar @ mid is nice. Because Veigar is relatively weak early game, solely focusing on last hitting creeps with no other distractions is why I go mid:

Mid usually produces the squishy opponents: teemo, ashe, karthus, twisted fate, etc. In addition, Veigar is a powerful level ~8 ganker, and mid lane gives him that choice of whether to gank bot or top

Usually, I will start off VERY passive, only going in attack range of creeps to last hit with baleful strike before backing off to about 700+ range of the creeps. In higher level gameplay, people will not be very stupid, but usually in a solo-queue this lulls them into the sense that "I am more poweful than this guy and I can tower dive for those little harass hits" which is where event horizon becomes a big wakeup call.

I keep doing this until level 4 and my exp is halfway full. At this point, I allow my passive to save up mana. Once I hit level 5 and my baleful strike is level 3, I start spamming my baleful strike at the enemy. Usually, this brings them down to about 1/2 health where one of two happens:

They are not very smart and stay in the lane (usually in solo-queue non-ranked). In this case, a simple flash > event horizon > primordial burst > baleful strike > ignite will finish them easily, sometimes without ignite.

The second situation is that they back off and go back to base via recall, in which case their tower is pushed and I go gank top or bottom which usually results in a kill. If neither bot or top is pushed past the river into our side, I will just push mid lane's tower while the opponent is gone.

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Laning Partners

Here are some good picks to lane with as veigar. As a rule of thumb, you want to pick someone who can protect you and allow you to last hit. OR you want someone who pushes like a baws. This will actually protect you pretty well however there is also the prospect of jungle ganks. Usually, you just want to go with the tank. This list is going to be in alphabetical order. Just going to be a list, however I might add explanations at a later time.

Veigar's Best Buddies:

The best of the best, these guys are gonna make sure that you are safe and secure. Common attributes here are good cc, tankiness, and range.

Dr. Mundo
Jarvan IV

Veigar's Friends:

This group will give veigar a bit rougher of a time, but still should give the little yordle opportunity to last hit.

Evelynn(well played)
Mordekaiser(well played)
Twisted Fate
Xin Zhao(that isn't uber aggressive)

Veigar's worst enemies... On his team:

Veigar hates these guys. They either require last hitting for their abilities like him (sion, nasus), or are just like him in that they are squishy and need help. OR they require aggression that veigar simply cannot support.

Pretty much every ranged dps.
Pretty much every caster.
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Skill Sequence

This is how I skill veigar in a normal game. Pretty uncommon right? I like this order because it gives me some good earlygame ability to last hit. Once the game begins to transition to mid/lategame, I begin to max out my nuke for terrible terrible damage. After Dark Matter is maxed, you can opt for more levels of Event Horizon if the enemy is getting merc's treads. If the merc's treads are bugging you earlier than this, you can choose to lose a level of Baleful Strike and Dark Matter to grab a couple levels of Event Horizon.

A lot of people have said in the comments that one level of Event Horizon just isn't enough. I disagree with this, however I see where they are coming from. If you want to grab a second level, you are going to want to get it sometime between level 6 and level 11. I just feel that the normal stun time at level 1 is time enough to get everything off unless it's a vlad or someone with the flash summoner spell who decides to use it. Gotta cast fast bros!
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Summoner Spells

This is also organized from most to least viable.

What I use:

- Ghost + your stun will make it very hard for enemies to catch you. I mainly use ghost as an escape ability, however it is also useful for chasing.

- I think flash is another great escape item on veigar and very useful. I don't know how many kills I've gotten when I flash + Baleful Strike the enemy to finish them off. I use flash evenly for offensive and defensive purposes. It's a very versatile ability. Great spell.

What you can use:

- Very useful spell to finish off the enemy. It is nice for firstblooding.

- A nice spell to stay in your lane even when harassed and to keep your mana and health up. Also nice for lategame map control.

- I would only get this if nobody else on your team has it and the other team has someone like tryndamere or yi. I just feel that ghost does everything you need so much better than exhaust and you would only want it to blind their carry.

- If you are screwed by CC cleanse can help save your life, but you should avoid CC as much as possible as a caster. Stay in the back and you should be ok. Cleanse does have its uses though.

- Well, I honestly would never take this, but it's not a terrible choice. Just feel all the spells above can help benefit you more.

What I don't Recommend:

- IMO this more fit for support champions to help everyone with mana troubles and to keep the fight going. Teleport does everything this does for you plus restore health plus allow you to buy items.

- Once again, mainly for supports. Buy wards.

- Doesn't really fit your role. You need the other spells more.

- See fortify.

- You aren't a jungler or a buff stealer, leave that to others on the team.

- Don't really need to explain this one...
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Here I will post some replays of good games to learn from as they happen. You are going to have to download LoL Replay to be able to watch them. Kudos to Downsite for suggesting this!

Replay 1
Decent game with some mistakes and luck with the other team's difficulties... However it showcases his combo and my playstyle fairly well.

Replay 2
Another game where they struggled with lag a bit. Was a pretty large stomp but the thing to note here is how we dominated bot, I farmed hard and around 12-14 minutes I hit annie with my W for 60-70% of her health. Skill order works bros!
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This is stuff I get all the time in the comments and I'm tired of having to continue answering the same stuff. So here you go.

I don't like your skill order. Why do you max Dark Matter?

Most likely, you haven't tried it! Watch some replays above, and actually TRY it. You are going to be shocked at how much damage you will do mid game; a level 5 Dark Matter this early will mean nuking half of Annie's health in one blow. Think I'm kidding? Watch a replay(replay 2).

I don't like your skill order. Why don't you max Baleful Strike?

Because it is not your main damage ability. It has a low mana cost and you can spam it, however you should NOT be spamming it at enemies. Veigar is not a sustained damage champion. He is a run up burst the **** out of someone then back off champion. You should be FARMING with your Q, not spamming it. This is achieved pretty easily with a level 3 Q.

Why are you getting Magic Pen? You aren't supposed to be killing tanks...

Go find me a high ELO game longer than 30 minutes where the caster did not build any magic pen. Do it. There's a reason you can't find one. The magical item that counters every caster in the game is a Negatron Cloak. This reduces your damage by 20-30%. Any enemy with half a brain who sees you building 0 magic pen will get it. You don't fix that damage reduction with more AP, you fix it with magic pen. Oh, and btw, just because you aren't supposed to be killing tanks doesn't mean you can't, just sayin'.

Why are you getting a Haunting Guise?

It's a fantastic mid game item. In other words, because I like to not be useless for 80% of the game.

I prefer different runes/summoner spells. Ubad.

Good for you. Runes and summoners are completely dependent on personal preference and playstyle. Mine probably is not exactly the same as yours. There's your answer. I invite you to expiriment with your own rune and mastery builds(as well as the item build) to find something that is perfect for you!

Early game I do not do enough damage... Why is this?

You are veigar, that's why. His early game is not as strong as other champions. You make up for this late game, however.

I am struggling a lot with mana.. What should I do?

First of all, this build is optimized for level 30s with full rune pages. If you do not have mana regen seals the game may be rough for you and you may want to buy a Tear/Catalyst. If you are level 30, however I will tell you that mana CAN be rough early on. Going back to base a couple times is not the end of the world, however. As the games go on mana is going to get easier, especially once you have your DFG. I also cannot stress enough the importance of grabbing blue buff whenever it is up. GET THE ******* BLUE BUFF!
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The End

Congrats! You've managed to read the whole thing, and now you get some comic relief from my rambling. Warning - Not school/work appropriate :P
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