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Warwick Build Guide by Prometheus56

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Prometheus56

Warwick in Ranked Play.

Prometheus56 Last updated on February 23, 2012
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Jungle Warwick 3: Lane Warwick

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Authors Note:

Before beginning the guide I would like to thank everyone that gave me constructive feedback on my last two guides, though my mordekaiser one was a trial and error guide into the logistics of mobafire and the people that view said guides, my recent guide with Jarvan IV went over spectacularly in comparison and I began working on a guide for another of my favorite champions: Warwick.

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Introduction To Warwick's Ranked Attributes:

Warwick is, quite literally, the perfect jungler. His passive insert passive here in conjungtion with his q: Hungering Strike makes him able to solo any jungle monster available at lvl 1 without help from another champion or even smite. His abilities further lend to many different gameplay styles and champion builds that rival any other champ. I have seen warwick played as a “Magewick” Something I would not advise but that others find very viable. I have seen him played as a full tank “Tankwick” which I have tried myself with mixed but generally very good results. My most common playstyle is of a hybrid damage dealer with a lot of beefyness incorporated into the build. With the first three builds I included fluctuating levels of tankiness and damaging abilities. NOTE: all of the builds that you see present are neither exhaustive nor definitive. You may change up the build to suit both your playstyle as well as building according to the enemy champions and there playstyles. I have also included several different rune and mastery combinations for the different roles you might play (I also included one “Lanewick” Build) in hopes that you will find one set that you are comfortable with.

Though (in my opinion) I do not fully agree with some part of it this is a VERY good intro to Warwick.

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Video's of Warwick In Good Gameplay

Video's Of A Warwick Owning:
Though these may be considered "Show Off" videos i think they give some very good examples of warwick's abilities and gamestyle as well as just how much of a threat he can be.

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Runes and Rune Adaptability:

Jungling Rune Sets:

I have included three different (albeit only slightly different) rune builds for WW. I will expand upon this section primarily because there were rune questions accompanying my last build as Jarvan IV. For a jungle warwick I usually go with a good amount of FLAT DAMAGE and FLAT ARMOR PENETRATION. This helps to significantly expedite the jungling process, Making for more efficient ganking as well as jungling completion. The Attack speed bonus that the alacrity runes provide coupled with warwicks W: Hunters Call make for EXTREMELY fast and easy jungling.

Laning Rune Set:

Warwick is one of the most sustainable laners. Once again this is primarily due to his excellent passive and his “Q” Hungering Strike which allow him to keep health in lanes where he is getting harassed or otherwise bullied. The rune set I’ve provided in the last build: The one for laning. Is centered around mana regen and the masteries I have coupled with it reflect that and buildupon the runes. The mana regeneration runes are to help keep warwick in a lane successfully for amazing amounts of time. These help him maintain use of his “Q” ability, which makes a direct exchange of mana for immediate health and damage. This ability is what makes Warwick one of the most sustainable laning champions in the game. With ample supply’s of mana and mana regeneration WW will be able to outlast most champions in any lane he’s put into.

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Items and Item Adaptability:


That being said: I have included a wide variety of builds for Warwick. The first three are for jungling as Warwick. Which is his most effective use in nearly every circumstance.

Jungling Build #1:

This is the build I usually use as Warwick and one that I have found to lend a fair amount of defense to my champion without sacrificing an amazing damage output. I have gotten (Litterally, you make check my ranked statistics with Warwick) five pentakills with this build. Simply because it allows you to deal amazing amounts of damage while still maintaining excellent survive-ability.

I start this build off with the classic jungler items: A Chain Vest Two Health Potions And one Vision Ward This allows me to place a ward (I will show you where in the latter portion of the guide concerning jungling in ranked play) gather my first round of jungling and at least one gank/ lane replacement. On my return I continue my jungling build by morphing my Chain Vest Into Madred’s Razors A necessary item for any jungler, at this same time I pick up my Boots of Speed which I then make into either Berserkers Greaves or Mercury’s Treads Depending on the amount of crowd control on the enemy team. From there I get the next item in the Madreds Bloodrazor build: Either Recurve Bow or Pickaxe,I generally prefer the Recurve Bow firs over the Pickaxe but t is entirely dependent on how much money I have at this time. From this step I begin building an early Guardian Angel Beginning with Chain Vest and Null-Magic Mantle Then skipping the Cloth Armor entirely in preference of the 1500 cost over two trips. From there I build a VERY useful item for any Warwick: Sheen This gives you a damage bonus on nearly every fourth or fifth hit depending on how often you use your abilities. NOTE: At this point in the guide I would like to give my primary reason for the build picks: ( Sheen The later Trinity Force Which it will be built into, and the Madreds Bloodrazor Which you have already completed all stack amazingly well with Warwicks Ultimate and each of there regular bonuses provide you with a solid foundation for any battle you will face.) After this point I build the Spirit Visage Though this may seem like an early game item and it is entirely up to you whether to get it before Guardian Angel as well as getting Trinity Force Before Guardian Angel It is a matter of my personal preference to get Sprit Visage Second to last. I finally complete my build with the The Black Cleaver an Item I absolutely adore. This is the end to a build that centers around buffing Warwick ultimate while at the same time giving him a surplus of health and defensive bonuses as well as an amazingly good damage potential against almost any type of champion.

Jungle Build #2:

This build is centered around more of a damaging potential, once again centering around items with good effects that join them. This build is more centered around effective damage dealing so should be used with a team that already has a good amount of beef and defense.

Though it is pretty straight forward, Staring with the usual preferred jungler items: Cloth Armor and Health Potion Then morphing into a more damaging potential. I would like to Address some of the stuff that I would liked to have put into the cheat sheet but refrained from adding to keep the clutter out of the pictured build above. I added Hexdrinker For a team that had a particularly annoying caster that often could nuke me to low health, Though I survived nearly all of the nukes except for two it was due primarily to luck and the skill of my teammates at containing the enemy team and it made me reconsider my current build I was using which had a Sunfire Cape In place of the Hexdrinker when I switched to Hexdrinker the next game it gave me vast improvement in my survival of team fights. Personally I think that Hexdrinker is one of the more underrated items in the game. It provides you with a nice Damage boost as well as a nice magic resistance bonus from the Null-Magic Mantle needed to build it. And its Passive is absolutely wonderful when facing a team with a heavy nuke. I would suggest you incorporate Hexdrinker into the build whenever facing such a team and if there team has many ad champions or a particularly annoying champion such as Tryndamere Then I would go ahead with the Sunfire Cape Build. The second thing I would like to point out is the inclusion of Last Whisper Into the build. Though I have much preference for them to reinstate the old Last Whisper and its attack speed bonus the new one suffices fully and is also one of the more underrated items in the game. Although this item is optional and you may feel like you need a more solid item such as Atma’s Impaler or Banshee’s Veil I generally only get the Last Whisper for teams that have a significant amount of AD damage reduction. As usual I would finish up this build with the normal Trinity Force Although you can build this at any time during the fight. I think that it is an invaluable item for Warwick To have during Ranked play.

Warwick Jungle Build #3

This is the Tankiest jungle build for Warwick that i use:
As always i begin with the basic Cloth Armor But i STOP upgrading it at a simple Madreds Razors (this is my personal preference, i prefer these for a faaster jungle and then sell them later) I follow this up with your basic "Tank" Boots: Mercury's Treads From here i immediately construct the Spirit Visage Finding it's cooldown reduction and healing boost much appreciated. From there i build Frozen Mallet for some wonderful health and slowing power. I continue with a basic Banshee's Veil Followed by Atma's Impaler to take advantage of my prestigious health. Topping everything off with a Guardian Angel For a defensive boost as well as it's nice passive effect.

Lanewick Build:

My last build focuses on a Laning Warwick or "Lanewick." Though i do not use this build very much and i do not lane as Warwick very much i find this to lead too the most sucessful results when i do.

I begin with Doran's Ring This item gives me a health boost, a slight AP boost which is useful with my "q" Hungering Strike and (my main reason for getting it) A bit of mana regen to help me stay in the lane longer. From there i build my Mercury's Treads and Kindle gem which i morph into Spirit Visage from there i build a Phage for a health and damage boost before starting on my Hextech Revolver which, in conjunction with my Spirit Visage greatly boosts my healing power from my "Q" and my Ultimate Infinite Duress from here i complete a Frozen Mallet followed by two tankier health items: Banshee's Veil and finally a Sunfire Cape

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Appropriate Summoner Spells:

For a successful Warwick there is a fine like of summoner spells that are acceptable dependant on his role:

For jungling:

One "Escape Spell"

Flash Is a very useful spell that couples well with Warwicks Ultimate.

Ghost In conjunction with Blood Scent Will make it impossible to outrun you even with spells such as flash.

Exhaust is a spell that i have seen used but would not recommend, simply because it does not fully support any of warwicks abilities and uses.

One spell viable for "Jungling"

Ignite Is a spell that makes for slightly slower jungling but guarantee's you a nearly 100% kill ratio on ganks.

Smite The traditional junglers spell.

For Lanewick:

Any of the above mentioned escape spells in conjunction with:

Teleport A very useful spell in all circumstances.

Exhaust a good spell when NOT jungling.

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Jungling Route During Ranked Play:

I will give you my PREFERRED ROUTE, in other words: if you are not being harrassed by the enemy team and feel as if you can pull this off successfully then use THIS ROUTE:

This is my customized jungle map for Warwick. I begin by telling all of my team members to follow me immediately when we start. I proceed to the enemies double golems. I already have a pre-scripted text to type into the chat box In-game. It goes something like: "Help me get the double golems, Let me take damage, you may get xp but may not last hit them. If there champ is there kill him quickly then run." this gives me and my champion a slight xp boost before we go to the lanes and i return to get the blue buff. Warwick is fully capable of taking all the damage from these monsters without using Smite and with only popping one Health Potion

From there i follow a standard jungling route as shown in the image above.

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Guide Conclusion:

I hope you found this guide insightful and beneficial towards your Warwick playing. Though i'm not sure if asking works: I would request no troll votes on this guide please. In addition: if any person has a question or a section that they would like me to delve into deeper detail on i will be glad to either answer it in a Private Message in the comment section underneath the guide or if i find it something that could be included i will make it part of the guide itself. Either under an existing heading or in a completely new heading dependant on the subject of teh question.

Once again to all who view my guides:
Much thanks,