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Warwick Build Guide by RainbowMaster

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RainbowMaster

Warwick - The Blood Hunter

RainbowMaster Last updated on July 31, 2012
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Magical DPS Path, Debuff

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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is a melee jungler specialized in ganking and pushing

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Eternal Thirst
Each of Warwick's attacks will heal him for 6/12/18 health. Each successive attack against the same target will restore increasing amounts of health to Warwick.

* Eternal Thirst
o Heal per stack increased to 6/12/18 from 5/10/15
o Maximum number of stacks reduced to 3 from 4
o Duration increased to 4 seconds from 3
* Base attack speed reduced slightly

This is slight nerf. It won't affect early jungling a lot,but I think that full AS runes are even weaker than before. However,I suggest you to get one potion before going on Dragon.

Really good passive,especially in early jungling. It can stack 3 times on same target,so you can restore 18 hp with each attack early game. This is the first reason why we don't stack lifesteal.

Hungering Strike
Strikes an enemy for the greater value between 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+1 per ability power) and 8 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20% of the target's maximum health (can only do flat damage to monsters), and heals Warwick for 80% of the damage dealt.

This ability is really good,with spell combination --> you can deal 50% damage when you have Madred's Bloodrazor,even to tanks. Second reason why we don't stack lifesteal.

Note:It deals MAGIC damage.

Hunters Call
Warwick lets out a howl that inspires all nearby allied champions. This increases Warwick's attack speed by 40/50/60/70/80% 10 seconds. All friendly champions gain half the bonus.

Great for early game jungling,downing towers and winning team fights.

Blood Scent
Warwick senses enemy champions under 50% life within 1,500 / 2,300 / 3,100 / 3,900 / 4,700 distance of him; Upon sensing an enemy at low life he will gain 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% Movement Speed.

Good for cathing fleeing enemies and also for escaping.
From patch it's toggle,so you can toggle it when you need. That's actually pretty good buff because enemies won't see that you're coming to kill them. Turn it on when you're really close to them and when they already see you.

Note:This won't reveal stealthed characters,but you'll still have the buff.

Infinite Duress
Warwick lunges at an enemy Champion, stunning them for 1.7 seconds. While they are stunned, Warwick quickly strikes the target 5 times for 33% of his attack damage plus 40/60/80. Infinite Duress gains an additional 30% lifesteal bonus.

Warwick's ultimate is really strong early-mid game,but late game it isn't really good. Use this to kill enemy champions in combo -->. From patch it also surpress summoner spells,so ultimate is not cleanseable anymore!

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Position of Warwick in current meta-game

Most of you already knows what's the current most popular meta game. But for those uninformed:

Mid: AP carry
Bottom: AD carry + support
Top lane: AP carry ( EU ), Tanky dps ( EU,US )
Jungle: Tank, Tanky dps, Melee carries ( rare, but Nocturne and Tryndamere fit this role )

Another great thing about Warwick is that he can go solo top lane. And he's really good there! Very sustained and have ability to zone non-sustained enemies. I put whole topic about lanewick, so check it out!

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Important masteries:
Sunder -6 armor penetration
Archaic Knowledge-15% magic penetration ( because of and )

Awareness-5% XP
Utility Mastery-Increases duration of neutral moster buffs by 30%

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Summoner Spells

Smite every lower level ( or runeless ) Warwick must have!You need it for early jungling.

Exhaust is really good spell,it slows and reduces physical and magical damage of target. Great for nullifying damage from every dangerous enemy,especially from hybrid champions!

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Early game-jungling phase

Warwick also can choose whether he'll take Smite or not. While I really recommend you to grab Smite, you can also do jungling without it and you'll be fine.

Warwick can also take various paths,depends on your confidence and situation in the beggining of the game.

Get Hunters Call.Go to wolves camp and clear it, afther them go to Ancient golem Smite him to get the kill. After it go on your wraiths kill the big one first , get Hungering Strike and kill little ones.

Go to the lizard. Kill him and the little ones , go recall. Buy Boots of Speed.

LVL 3 and LVL 4
Get [[Hungering Strike].
golems --> wraiths --> wloves

You have 3 options:
1. Go on enemy ancient golem
3. Recall and buy.

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Counter jungling

In the last few weeks,I'm playing Warwick more and more. Also,in 50% of cases enemy team in normal games have jungler,so I can try counter jungling. It's so effective and funny tactic that it can completely destroy enemy jungler! My favourite enemies to counter jungle are: Shaco,Akali,Olaf,Xin Zhao,smiteless WW... basically everyone who have low health on lizard.

As you can see in my video,I put ward at enemy Lizard. Be careful,and watch your map. Enemy jungler will probably come to Lizard at the same time you come. In 99% cases you'll have more health than enemy jungler. So,when you see that the enemy jungler is doing lizard,go on him,wait until he's got very low health,attack him and use Ghost and Exhaust to ensure kill. After kill or disrupt,kill enemy lizard fast and get back! Enemy team will probably try to gank you in their jungle!

Items to counter jungle: Cloth Armor + 2 Health Potions + Sight Ward
With Sight Ward you can do active counter-jungling and also protect yourself and make your jungling safer. However,you'll jungle little bit slower.

Some notes about counter jungling:
1.Ask your teammates to protect you while putting ward on enemy lizard. Sometimes enemy team will guard whole jungle in order to protect their jungler.

2.In lot of cases enemy junglers are faster than you ( in the beggining of jungling ). They'll start lizard little before than you. So,wait few seconds and don't start attacking your lizard. Enemy jungler will probably start attacking lizard. Fast go in bushes close to lizard from where you can easily steal their lizard and even kill enemy jungler. Mid lane can also help you with little push,so you can take faster way ( BLUE PATH ) and get sooner to enemy jungler. If you can't do that,take RED PATH. Also,if you're still in smaller side of jungle ( GREEN ELLIPSE ),you can take 2 GREEN PATHS,depends on your position.

3.You can do this tactic with Smite jungling! Take same starting items as in smiteless jungling and same jungling setup.

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Early game- lane phase

If you're lanewick ( which I strongly suggest if you have another good jungler in team ), your place is at top lane. Start with Doran's Ring. Farm every minion you can, try to harras your enemy, especially if he doesn't have self heal. However, be conservative with your mana. Until you get 1 or 2 more Doran's Rings, you can't spam your Hungering Strike. Coordinate with your jungler, at your level 6 jungler should gank because kill is almost guaranteed if you have harrased your enemy. One more thing: buy that damn Sight Wards! Don't think that support will go to top lane only to put ward ( some ppl thinks that support should roam and put wards ). Map awareness is OP! Srsly...

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Boot choice

Berserker's Greaves
Common choice for Warwick,but I don't take them because of low AS boost. You already have good AS from Hunters Call.

Sorcerer's Shoes
Unusual,but great choice for Warwick because of magic damage from Madred's Bloodrazor and Hungering Strike.

Boots of Swiftness
You already have great movement speed with Blood Scent,so additional movement speed isn't necessary.

Mercury's Treads
Good choice against CC,but they won't save you from interrupting your ultimate.

Core items

Madred's Razors
Gives you enough damage for early game and farm steroid.

Spirit Visage
You wanna more lifesteal? Then this is the item for you! It passive affects your passive and Hungering Strike,so you'll heal yourself more. This become my favourite item every game and I take this item almost always immediately after finishing my core items.From patch it also gives you additional health instead of health regen. That's good buff! Note:Credit for Heat 'n' Serve for this advice!

Frozen Mallet
Survivability+damage+slowing effect is ideal against heavy physical teams and as your last core item. However, there's another option:

Sunfire Cape
I have ignored this item for too long. It gives you great defensive stats and also passive which really helps you farm and deal some AoE damage in heat of the fight.

I won't put here core build anymore. From 4 items, you choose 3 and only one is not optional.

After core
Madred's Bloodrazor
After getting some defense, this item is very good upgrade from Madred's Razors. Traditional choice, good for longer and tied games.

Wriggle's Lantern + Wit's End
After getting some defense, these 2 items are very good upgrade from Madred's Razors. Modern choice, good for finishing up games quickly and/or to catch up with opponents.

Other items

If you're having hard time against physical damagers,take this.

Atma's Impaler
All of my builds have high health and Atma will turn that health into damage. It's really great and cheap damage+armor. Your 5th or 6th slot against physical teams.

Wit's End
Great against casters. If you're going on Madred's Bloodrazor, this item is good suplement for MResist and some damage.

Tried this item and it's really good. I don't take this item only because of shield,it also has nice damage and magic resistance stats. Your 5th or 6th slot against magic teams.

Banshee's Veil
This item can save you from stopping your ulti.If you have shield while you're casting your ulti,enemies must throw 2 spells to interrupt you. Second must be silence or stun.

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Lets compare 2 items,both of which can serve as third item: Spirit Visage and Wriggle's Lantern!

Defensive stats:
Spirit Visage VS Wriggle's Lantern
Physical health: 0 : 1
Magical health: 1 : 0
Effective health: 1 : 0
Combined: 2 : 1

Note: Spirit Visage is much better defensive item. Difference between those 2 items is really low if you compare physical health,but it's much higher if you compare other 2 stats.

Offensive stats:
Spirit Visage VS Wriggle's Lantern
Damage: 0 : 1
Lifesteal: 0 : 1
Jungling: 0 : 1
Combined: 0 : 3

Note: Unexperienced Warwick player would say that Wriggle's Lantern is obvious winner here. That's right only for jungling. But,situation isn't so simple.

Utility stats:
Spirit Visage VS Wriggle's Lantern
CDR: 1 : 0
Map control: 0 : 1
Increases regenerations: 1 : 0
Combined: 2 : 1

Note:Those 2 stats are most useful on those 2 items. Free ward is really good thing at it MUST be used always when you can. CDR is other story. It really complicates offensive stats comparison. First, lifesteal becames almost identical because you can use your Q more often in battle. Also,that indirectly increases your damage,because you can cast your abilities more often. If we include these informations in our comparison,we'll get this numbers:

Damage: 0,5 : 1
Lifesteal: 1 : 1

So,lets see combined scores from all stats:
Combined: 5,5 : 5

Conclusion: Spirit Visage is better item. Combined scores seems almost identical,but defense is much more important for Warwick,so that makes difference bigger. Take Wriggle's Lantern ONLY if enemy team is heavy physical or you plan to solo Baron as soon as possible in game.

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Theorycrafting behind this guide

Here I'll explain my choice of runes,masteries and items. Again,thx on little help from Heat 'n' Serve.

I know basic Warwick rune setup is attack speed+armor penetration. My runes are slightly different.
I have armor penetration,magic penetration and armor/magic resistance per level runes. Why those runes?

Armor penetration-without armor penetration,jungling is much harder,especially killing dragon. He has 21 armor,that's around 17% damage resistance. That's why I have 21.65 starting armor penetration which reduces his armor on 0 and you do 100% damage on him.

Magic penetration-I think I have explained already why is magic penetration useful.

Armor/magic resistance per level runes-Warwick is weak late game,and those runes makes him much stronger and harded to kill even in mid game.

Mastery setup is pretty usual,but I'm not going deep into any tree.Nothing unusual to explain.

Note:Rest of the theorycrafting section is outdated,but I'll leave it here.

The Black Cleaver
I thought that this item is better than Madred's Bloodrazor in mid game.But,lets count damage from ulti on 2 enemies.
1.enemy:Ashe without any defensive items at lvl 14
Magic resistance-30

Your stats ( at lvl 14 ):
194 damage
21.65 armor penetration

194*33%=64.02 is damage without any resistances
1.hit-35.25 armor=(1-(100/135.25))*100%=26.063% reduction
-64.02*(1-0.26063)=47.33 DAMAGE
2.hit-23.25 armor=(1-(100/123.25))*100%=18.864% reduction
-64.02*(1-0.18864)=51.94 DAMAGE
3.hit-11.25 armor=(1-(100/111.25))*100%=10.112% reduction
-64.02*(1-0.10112)=57.55 DAMAGE
4. and 5.hit-0 armor ( can't penetrate past 0 )
-64.02*2=128.04 DAMAGE

Combined damage=47.33+51.94+57.55+128.04=284.86 DAMAGE

Also,add 60 damage per hit from ulti:
1.hit-60*(1-0.26063)=44.36 DAMAGE
2.hit-60*(1-0.18864)=48.68 DAMAGE
3.hit-60*(1-0.10112)=53.94 DAMAGE
4. and 5.hit-60*2=120 DAMAGE

Total damage=284.86+44.36+48.68+53.94+120=551.84 DAMAGE

Your stats ( at lvl 14 )
135 damage
21.65 armor reduction
26.65 magic penetration

Physical damage from ulti-5*135*33%*(1-0.26063)=164.7 DAMAGE
Additional damage from ulti-5*44.36=223 DAMAGE
Madred's Bloodrazor damage
4% from 1465 is 58.6
2.8475 magic resistance=(1-(100/102.8475))*100%=2.77% reduction
5*58.6*(1-0.0277)=284.89 DAMAGE

Combined damage=164.7+223+284.89=672.59 DAMAGE

-=120.75 DAMAGE

Well,it's obvious that I was wrong when I wrote that The Black Cleaver is better choice.

Lets see another example:

2.enemy: Nasus with Guardian Angel and Mercury's Treads at lvl 14
Magic resistance-93

Your stats ( at lvl 14 ):
194 damage
21.65 armor penetration

194*33%=64.02 is damage without any resistances
1.hit-110.35 armor=(1-(100/210.35))*100%=52.46% reduction
-64.02*(1-0.5246)=30.435 DAMAGE
2.hit-98.35 armor=(1-(100/198.35))*100%=49.584% reduction
-64.02*(1-0.49584)=32.28 DAMAGE
3.hit-86.35 armor=(1-(100/186.35))*100%=46.337% reduction
-64.02*(1-0.46337)=34.35 DAMAGE
4.hit-74.35 armor=(1-(100/174.35))*100%=42.644% reduction
-64.02*(1-0.42644)=36.72 DAMAGE
5.hit-62.35 armor=(1-(100/162.35))*100%=38.405% reduction
-64.02*(1-0.38405)=39.43 DAMAGE

Combined damage=30.435+32.28+34.35+36.72+39.43=173.215 DAMAGE

Also,add 60 damage per hit from ulti:
1.hit-60*(1-0.5246)=28.52 DAMAGE
2.hit-60*(1-0.49584)=30.25 DAMAGE
3.hit-60*(1-0.46337)=32.19 DAMAGE
4.hit-60*(1-0.42644)=34.42 DAMAGE
5.hit-60*(1-0.38405)=36.95 DAMAGE

Total damage=173.215+28.52+30.25+32.19+34.42+36.95=335.545 DAMAGE

Your stats ( at lvl 14 )
135 damage
21.65 armor reduction
26.65 magic penetration

Physical damage from ulti-5*135*33%*(1-0.5246)=105.89 DAMAGE
Additional damage from ulti-5*28.52=142.6 DAMAGE
Madred's Bloodrazor damage
4% from 1670 is 66.8
56.3975 magic resistance=(1-(100/156.3975))*100%=36.06% reduction
5*66.8*(1-0.3606)=213.56 DAMAGE

Combined damage=105.89+142.6+213.56=462.05 DAMAGE

-=126.505 DAMAGE

This is even bigger difference,so here is conclusion:


I planned to do this even for Cho'gath with Warmog's Armor and Mercury's Treads,but it's not necessary.

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Spell combos

Basic Warwick combo
Warwick basic combo,deals around 50% of target's damage,which also activates your Blood Scent.

Armor shredding
-->+ The Black Cleaver
Do this in team fight on their tank,it will reduce his armor for 5 seconds. After this,your carry can easily finish him.

No escape
No escape for your enemies,even if they're really fast! Only Master Yi can escape from this.

Massive lifesteal
When you're low on HP,go to any neutral creep camp ( possibly lizard or big golem ) and restore your health.

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Working in the team

Most of advices for early game are in earlier sections,but let's sum it up: you must jungle fast and safely. Try to get dragon as soon as possible and do some ganks. Remember,don't stay whole laning phase in jungle! If one of your towers is in danger,you should come and help your teammates or if your teammates are recalling,you should come and protect your tower until they come back. That's jungler purpose: to secure buffs,to gank and to protect his team in early game if needed.

Team fights should start now. Check their team,create priority list ( strongest targets first ) and try to use Infinite Duress on that target. You don't even have to do sneaky approach to your target,just walk through enemies and wreck your tagret. To ensure approach,don't go until team fight starts. Also,in this stage of the game you're not so tanky and,if focused,you'll die fast. Don't worry,after getting 2 defensive items,you'll be pretty hard to kill. Remember, mid game is maybe the most important! If you scare your enemy,they'll focus in even in late game where you're freaking hard to kill!

In this stage of the game one ace can decide the game. You still do your job-focus one target and kill it! If you're doing your job right ( and if they're scared of you from last few fights ),enemies will focus you as soon as they see you attacking their carry. When they realize that their carry is dead,you still have more than half health and you're ready for more blood,they have only one choice-escape from you or face death. Sometimes you won't ace their team,but situation will be around 3v1 or 4v2. Tower pushes will mostly be like this-they'll be outnumbered,but safe because they're under tower. But,you're really great towerdiver and you can kill your enemies under their tower with help of your teammates.

If you're doing everything right ( and your teammates too ) you'll most probably see that big,sweet word VICTORY on your screen.

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Creep Jungling

Always when you can,take small camps and get free and easy gold.Also,keep your buffs up,especially lizard buff which has great synergy with your ultimate.

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Enemies ( and how to deal with them )


She's one of those glass-cannons which can really tear your team apart if she's fed. If she's good,she should be your target priority. However,her Twilight Shroud can be tricky to deal with. So,get Oracle's Elixir.


He shouldn't be your main target,but care about using Infinite Duress close to him. He can break it easily with Pulverize and Headbutt,so care!


Similar to Ali star,he isn't your main target. Care about his Bandage Toss and try to stay out of Curse of the Sad Mummy range.

Skilled and fed Anica can do crazy burst damage to your team,so focus her. Dodge her Flash Frost and don't let her to finish Rebirthin.

Similar to Anica,she can do an super OE stun with Summon: Tiber's,so try to stun her before she stun your team. That will scare her and she'll use her ultimate to defend from you,instead of attacking your teammates.

Heavy damage-dealer and great initiator. If you can stun her before she uses her Enchanted Crystal Arrow,you'll do similar effect as with Annie.

He's not problem alone,but his Rocket Grab can be really tricky to avoid. In team fights he can't do too much to you and therefore he isn't your main target.

Similar to Ashe,she hasn't so scary stun,but she can escape from you easy as Ashe can. However,this shouldn't stop you from wreaking her!

Haven't seen her much in game,but same rule applies as with any other fed AP carry.

You'll rarely kill him 1v1 because of his Valkyrie,but that means that he'll be out of fight fight seconds and he can't do anything to your team. And that's your job,isolating their carry,isn't it?

See Cork,replace Valkyrie with Arcane Shift and you'll get the point!

He's not so strong 1v1,but his Crow storm can devastate you team. Try to stun him while he's channelling or even before. Otherwise,run from him and kill him after his ultimate.

He can be played as a tank and as an AP nuke,but in both cases save your Infinite Duress to interrupt his Idol of Durand. Without ult,he's not so strong and you should be able do defeat him in 1v1 combats.

OK,he is one of your worst enemies. Stunning him with Infinite Duress won't make any effect because he still can use his Remove Scurvy. Also,in late game he deals absurd amount of physical damage,but you can't really interrupt him because of reason stated above. One way to deal with him is to force him to attack you. Exhaust is really useful here and use it on him if you have. Try to weaken him early game so he won't do so much trouble to your team.

After some patches,he becomes bulky DPS with good Decisive Strike burst. He shouldn't be your main target,but he can interrupt your ultimate with Decisive Strike.

Bulky AP champion who can really make mess with his Explosive Cask. So,use same tactic as with Annie-stun him before he uses his ult. However,if he's under farmed,he shouldn't be your primary target.

Some buffs finally made him viable,but he shouldn't be your main target. Only if he's super fed focus him.

Damn hard target ( if built right ). She is really strong 1v1,so don't focus her in team fights. If you're gonna attack you 1v1,save your Infinite Duress and use it after her Equilibrium Strike.

Great supporter,but don't focus her. She'll simply save her Monsoon and push you back after your ult. So,save Infinite Duress and use it while she's using ultimate.

Jarvan IV
Pretty strong tank,initiator and team disruptor. If he's building pure AD,he's doing wrong. He shouldn't be your main target,but care,his Cataclysm can lock you in his arena! Save Infinite Duress for leaving that arena.

Well fed Ajax will make you team cry,like Gangplank. He's one of the rare champions who can defeat you 1v1. Try to weaken him early game. In team fights force him to attack you. You have bigger chance to survive 1v1 encounter with him than your carry.

She's supporter, so she shouldn't be your main target. Only if she's super fed,focus her.

If he's strong,focus him. He really isn't problem 1v1,but try to kill him away of team fight. You can't interrupt his Requiem ( almost all Kath's will use it after their death,but if they use it in team fight,don't miss your chance, interrupt him! ),but he shouldn't harm you team with his Defile.

Smart Kassadin's will jump in team fight,quickly burst one target and get out of quickly. If you're fast,ult him before he finishes his combo. Isolating him is the best thing you can do!

Simply,save your Infinite Duress to interrupt her Death Lotus!


Not finished yet!

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Warwick is really good and fun champion. He's really strong in early-mid game. When you're playing him,try to win game in 35 mins because Warwick loses his power in long games. But,that shouldn't stop you from choosing Warwick. His early contribution to the team is amazing ( level and gold advantage ).
I hope you enjoyed reading this guide! Rate it and leave your comments. Please,I want only constructive criticism,not comments like "bad guide". Good luck and see you ingame!

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Replays from guide readers!

I wanna encourage you to try and to use one little,but very good program,which is called LOLReplay! Download link is below!

It will make replay of your game. During recording,you won't experience any lags,and replay is only 5-10 MB big! So,if you wanna show your pro skills,or you wanna blame yourself ( or anyone else ),put links to your replay files in comments section.