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Nasus Build Guide by Bliztron

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bliztron

Watchdog Nasus; A Support Twist

Bliztron Last updated on June 8, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 0

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 21

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Hello, I'm Bliztron and this is my first guide! I will be recording all of my match scores below. I don't have proof so you can choose not to take my word on it, but go ahead and try it yourself!

Current Win/Loss Ratio: 18/10
#1- 5/10/23 Win
#2- 9/8/20 Win
#3- 9/6/20 Win
#4- 4/4/1 Win
#5- 4/10/3 Loss
#6- 5/8/21 Win
#7- 0/6/0 2 leavers, Troll Game
#8- 1/9/23 Loss
#9- 3/3/22 Win
#10- 3/8/20 Win
#11- 2/5/9 Win
#12- 2/9/24 Win
#13- 4/9/25 Win
#14- 4/7/20 Loss
#15- 4/6/24 Win
#16- 1/1/9 Win
#17- 5/6/19 Win
#18- 4/6/11 Loss

Season 4
#19- 0/9/8 Defeat
#20- 1/0/4 Victory
#21- 3/2/13 Victory
#22- 2/9/24 Victory
#23- 2/3/4 Defeat
#24- 1/1/5 Defeat
#25- 1/13/17 Defeat
#26- 0/1/8 Defeat
#27- 8/14/15 Defeat

Also keep in mind that this whole guide will receive updates at an average rate, so feedback is welcome!

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May 19, 2013

With the nerf to Nasus's W, support Nasus has had a huge nerf. He is no longer as good at shutting off people in teamfights and is no longer as good as a defensive player. His movement speed slow is still good though, and is very effective for chasing.

From a response, I have added Twin Shadow and removed Shard of True Ice do to the lack of range utility that Shard of True Ice offers.

November 23, 2013

With preseason 4 live and running, Support nasus has come back with new items and support tweaks. He still has a little bit of a hard time against supports like Zyra, but he is now much more viable and fun.

January 26, 2014

The nerfs to Nasus, although hurting him, still do not take enough away to make him unviable.

April 14, 2014

There have been so many changes to League of Legends in all aspects that this guide is due for a severe update. I have begun experimentation with different items, spells, and skill progression.

April 23, 2014

Updated the format of several things.

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As we all know, Nasus is hardly ever seen in ranked games. In fact, Nasus was only played in 2.7% of the games in Season Two. So why is this so? Well, for starters, Nasus is a very risky champion to use. He lacks good poke, has sub-par tradabily, and his famous Siphoning Strike is chancey. I, for one, like Nasus alot and think he is very fun. How would he fit into the current meta you say? As a Support!

Nasus' abilities offer alot for champions other than himself. For example, his Wither is an intense slow and his Spirit Fire shreds a great deal of armor. He also does not require AP or AD to effectively dish out damage.

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Pros / Cons


+ Great single target CC which ensures trade offs going well
+ Denies huge amounts of farm when played effectively
+ Shreds a huge amount of armor to a group of people
+ Makes you allies' skillshot landing life easier with his W
+ Has strong tower diving potential
+ Can turn the tides of the battle with your E + R
+ Great late game trade-ability and damage, even while being insanely helpful.
+ Is a dog. Autowin.


- Requires to be out there and takes a lot of damage early on. Requires caution.
- Lacks AoE CC
- Cannot heal or shield
- Requires active using of active effects from your items
- Has a very hard time holding ground against long range cc bots like Lux and Zyra
- Chases cats

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Ability Explanations

Soul Eater

This passive's use depends on the enemy's playstyle. The passive gives you straight up lifesteal without any drawbacks. The passive itself doesn't help your lane partner but can provide you with some much needed sustain. Be careful not to last hit or hit too much as it will off-set the AD carry. In mid game, this passive allows you to stay under turret focus longer as your tower-dive. In late game, you can get your life up quickly after a poke or taking hits for your team.

Siphoning Strike(Q)

This ability is Nasus' most well known. When people think of Nasus they think of this ability. It gains a maxless damage boost from last hitting with it. How does this apply to support Nasus? It doesn't. Support Nasus CAN use this effectively, but it takes much practice an is very fine.

You may ask about the cs problem and why I abandon his all powerful Q. Well, I didn't abandon it. With the addition of Relic Shield, Nasus has a really great time in lane. First off, tell your ADC that you are going to Q on siege minions with Relic Shield. Whenever a siege minion comes down, use your Q on it. This will generate up huge amounts of Q farm while not taking away from the ADC's farm whatsoever. In addition, this heals up your allies. When you have stacks, and an ally is injured, use your Q on a minion.

Wither (W)

This is without a doubt your most important and awesome ability. At end level, the ability slows a single target's attack speed by 45% and movement speed by 95%. That is huge. Its a complete anti-carry ability, and should be treated as such. Within lane, use this when your enemy farms to slow their attack speed and disrupt their farming as much as possible. While other Attack Speed slows are constant and an enemy can adapt to their new attack speed, Wither constantly increases the slow so the enemy will struggle with their own basic attacks. Also, in a trade-off, this essentially shuts the enemy AD Carry down for a few seconds. It is also really effective for catching up to an enemy, slowing attackers, and taking the AD Carry out of a teamfight.

Spirit Fire (E)

This ability is most useful in lane and in teamfights. First off, it makes a large area which enemies tend to avoid, causing enemies to naturally turn away. This gives you a chance to deal extra damage or even escape. The area deals good damage over time and, most importantly, shreds a huge amount of armor to all enemies in the radius, allowing your carry to deal large extra damage. When combo-ed with Wither, your ADC can poke and the natural damage will ravage an enemy's health. Make sure to use this in the center of a fight so your AD Carry can deal more damage and also you can deal some damage too. This also makes enemies less willing to farm if its placed effectively, further ruining the enemy farm. Be careful, though, as it can disrupt your own's farming as well. Also keep in mind that this reveals a small area close to the center, which is great for scouting out bushes or furthering bush control.

Fury of the Sands (R)

This ability gets you out of more situations than you can imagine. Besides that, this has two really powerful effects: one in game and one outside. First off, the ult grants you large bonus health, which makes tower-diving easy and also makes it so you can absorb a lot of beat down from the enemy champions. The second effect is it draws attention passively. It makes players tend to target you out of fear. This effect is noticeable on many tanks.

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My Main Spells

Ok let us take a second and talk about what Heal offers now. First off, it provides you with quite a nice heal which both helps you and your ally survive attacks. It also cleanses healing reduction, which is always nice. But the biggest thing that helps this skill is the fact that it now grants quite a nice boost of speed that feel similar to Shurelya's old active. This spell helps you escape, tower-dive, survive, trade-off, and initiate and win a fight in lane.

This allows your ally or allies to take down an enemy a lot easier. When chained with Wither, you have a powerful and long slow which can easily trap an enemy down for a long time. Also, it can be dual casted with Wither to stop two enemies in their tracks during a gank or even during a trade-off.

Viable Options

Nasus has no movement speed buffs, at all. I have found myself in the position before that I wish I had a speed boost as it helps in getting away, getting to lane faster, and catching up to W or E an enemy.

With the changes to Heal, it offers enough that it is better quality than Flash, but Flash still has its own quality. Flash allows you to get away and make a sneaky Wither, which can grant your lane a kill. Also, since you now longer get Shurelya's or Twin Shadows, you have no speed at all.

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Boots of Swiftness (+Enhancement)- With the ditxching of Flash, this is just a good item for the amount of speed it gives. It also gives a reduction to slows, which is quite nice. Captain Bonus allows allies to move faster while heading towards you, allowing you to make it easier for allies to catch up on an enemy or run away. A more preferable upgrade is Homeguard, for the sheer amount of uses it has.

Warding Totem vs Sweeping Lens- When starting off the game, Warding Totem will help you a lot in lane. It helps give bush control quite nicely and you can never have it as a wasted slot early on. KEEP IN MIND YOU NEED TO SELL IT ONCE YOU GET YOUR RUBY SIGHSTONE. After selling the Warding Totem, just grab your Sweeping Lens. You can de-ward your enemies while at the same time granting great bush control with your Ruby Sightstone, where the ward trinket is a waste.

Relic Shield to Face of the Mountain- I will tell you this right now. If you don't want to get Relic Shield, don't bother reading this guide or playing Nasus support. This item, and its upgrades, are the whole reason Nasus is brought back as a viable and intimidating support. After this there will be a full section on how to use this item effectively.

Ruby Sightstone- Gives you early survivability and allows your lane to always be secure. Ensures great lane dominance. NOTE= Remember to trade your Warding Totem in for Sweeping Lens once getting this item.

Locket of the Iron Solari- Great team helper in general. Helps in teamfights and generally keeps your allies alive longer. The shield is also great when combo-ed with Face of the Mountain.

Frozen Heart- This makes it even HARDER for the enemy AD Carry to be of use. Also gives good CD Reduction, Mana, and armor.

Alternate Offensive

Twin Shadows- This gives movement speed, Magic Resist, AP, and a nice active for chasing.

Blade of the Ruined King- BotRK, BotRK, BotRK. With this and your passive by your side, you can shred through tanks, carries, minions, monsters, kids, buildings, statues, cities, or anything you set your mind to. The active also is great for closing the gap between your Withers.

Frozen Mallet- If you want to be a tanky bulldog, and want to keep on your enemies like glue, grabbing this item isn't a bad idea. Just make sure you keep basic attacking.

Alternate Defensive

Mercury's Treads- If the enemy has just too much CC to handle, grab this item. It gives you a slight bit more tankiness but at the same time you trade in speed.

Spirit Visage- With your already insane lifesteal, this really is just the chocolate on the cake. If you ever had any doubt, or needed a nice boost in MR, grab this.

Sunfire Cape- Great health, great armor, and the extra AoE damage helps if you grab a sticking item like Frozen Mallet.

Warmog's Armor- You think you are too squishy? This is the solution. With a whopping 1000 health and a regeneration passive that will help you stay alive throw everything, this isn't a bad item to grab.

Randuin's Omen- If they have insane amounts of AD, grab this. It can transform teamfights, gives you a huge boost in defense, and is generally a good item. Also helps with closing the gap between Withers.

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Relic Shield: How to Use

Relic Shield is the main thing that brings Nasus support back into the picture. What? How can one item change a whole champion? Well, for starters, lets talk about what it does. The main use of it is to heal up your ADC while giving you Q farm and also giving your lanemate gold. It also gives health and health regen, which is quite nice. It will also execute minions under ~200 health, which overall is very helpful. When it is upgraded into Face of the Mountain, it gains a very powerful and reliable shield on a decently low CD that comes with AoE damage. How do you use this wondrous item? There are three major things that you need to do.

Siege Minions: Nasus's Property

First things first. The single most important time to use Relic Shield is when a siege minion rolls into lane. Why? First of all, siege minions grant Nasus double the power from his Q. Second of all, the execution is quite nice in that you don't need to worry about its armor getting in the way. Finally, the 2% max health heal is increased significantly because the siege minions have a good deal more health than other minions in lane.

At the start of the game, tell your ADC that you are getting Relic Shield, and that you will be Q'ing all of the siege minions. If the ADC is not stupid, he will understand why you will be doing this. In lane, get to level 2 as fast as possible and grab your Q. A siege minion will roll into lane. Have your ADC soften it up then run over and Q it. If the enemy ADC pesters you, make sure to Wither it so that either your ADC can counter or so they can deal minimal damage to you. When you get farther in levels, make sure to ALWAYS get the siege minions, and use a Wither+ Spirit Fire combo if the enemy ADC advances on you. Upon leaving laning phase, expect to have a 100 or so heavy bonus on your Q. Also, the heal will greatly help your ADC stay in lane.
Extra Stacks (Sustain)

Obviously, a siege minion is not going to always be around for you to Q. You will be gaining a great deal more stacks of your Relic Shield that you will need to spend. First off, check your ADC. If he is injured, make sure use a Q + execute on a nearby minion to both gain Q farm and heal your ADC. This heal is not significant enough to change the tide of an engage, but it is strong enough to turn the tide of a lane. The fastest way to screw up is going to far. Make sure that the minion you target is not close to the enemy ADC / Support. Try to pick minions that the enemy cannot engage on. Also, make sure not to kill a minion without your Q if you can avoid it. Q farm is important.

Extra Stacks (Securing)

If you have bonus stacks and the ADC is full or near full health, you should instead focus on helping the ADC not miss any farm. If the ADC gets caught in a situation where he is going to miss a cs, go ahead and Q + execute it for any little sustain and bonus gold for your ADC. Try, try, TRY to never hold on to max stacks for more than 10 seconds or so, because that means you are wasting precious gold and heals.

Watch Your Stacks

As mentioned before, killing siege minions is a HUGE priority. Therefore, you must become relatively comfortable with the spawn times of the siege minions and also the generation speed of stacks. If you can, try to always keep up 1 stack of Spoils of War for the siege minions. Also, make sure never to think you have a stack, run up and Q a minion, and find you don't have one after all, wasting your Q, mana, possibly losing a cs of gold, and also needlessly pushing the lane.

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  • Mark of Armor Penetration

    This really only helps two things: Your Q and your natural lifesteal. It gives that extra little nudge to help you in lane, and helps you cave in squishies late game.
  • Seal of Armor

    I used to argue for mana regeneraton runes, and, while still a good alternative, armor just helps you more. You are GOING to be hit by basic attacks, and it will hurt without armor. This essentially just rounds out your defensives early and late game.
  • Glyph of Magic Resist

    While I used to say CDR glyphs were the way to go, 4% just really isn't cutting it. MR runes help a lot more in lane and teamfights, and don't turn useless when you get a full build.
  • Quint of Movement Speed

    Helps you avoid skillshots, catch up to enemies, and escape enemies. Also help you catch enemies during a tower dive. Constantly good late game. A good alternative is Gold/sec Quints.

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NOTE= Ones in orange are core. Ones in pink are changeable.

Fleet of Foot- More movement speed. A no brainer.

Meditation - I mentioned you have mana problems, and this, although very slightly, helps take the curve off of your issues.

Scout - These help you find wards farther away. The end.

Summoner's Insight - Reduced summoner spells are useful on anyone, but Nasus needs it for exhaust. It is convenient,and very helpful.

Greed - Any gold is helpful on a support, and this master helps you get more items faster.

Scavenger - Free gold when a nearby minion dies. This is self-explanatory..

Inspiration - This is incredibly helpful. For starters, this, if you fall behind in exp, helps keep everyone up and together.

Wealth - 40 Bonus gold is very very helpful. I personally buy a whole extra ward and seize lane control. An alternate spend can be a health and mana pot, as it gives you more sustain in lane. You could buy a vision ward instead of a normal ward for counter warding. A great deal of options open when you chose this.

Intelligence A smart dog is always good. Cooldown reduction comes close. This allows your dog to cast more spells faster than ever before! This also reduces the CD on all those pesky active items.

Wanderer - While this is good for obvious reasons, a great use for this is the fact that you get a better initiation, chance to dodge abilities, and getting to lane.

Block - I have mentioned that nasus is going to be being hit by enemy ADC attacks. This is the perfect solution.

Enchanted Armor - This is a solid defense boost that every melee should have.


Veteran Scars - 36 bonus health really helps early game in all respects.

Juggernaut - +3% maximum health is self-explanatory. It makes you more tanky. GG.

NOTE= You can chose to go into offensive tree for more damage, but I find that it makes you alot weaker early on and generally weakens your laning phase.

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(General) Early Game

Coming Soon

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Lane Composition (Enemy ADC's)




Important Notes
  • Huge amounts of CC with constant slows as well as her ult, Enchanted Crystal Arrow.
  • Easy to shut down damage due to extreme lack of damage without basic attacks.
  • Kites easily if you waste you Wither
  • Volley can hurt in lane

Ways to Counter

  • Stand behind minions to minimize damage from Volley.
  • When she goes in to farm, Wither her so she does not farm easily.
  • When she reaches level 6, make sure to always watch her and you ADC. If starts to play aggressively, stand in front of your ADC so he does not get stunned by her ult. If you get focused, make sure to pop your ult to survive, if you have it. When the stun ends, Wither her and if lucky you can score a kill.
  • Keep an eye on her support at all times if it has CC. Try to absorb the cc so your ADC can maximize damage.
  • Wither removes a large amount of her slows since she cannot slow as often, as she will not basic attack as much.
  • Keep in mind that she lacks an proper escapes, so you can effectively catch her if shes running away. If she flashes, Wither will slow her enough to negate the tactic.




Important Notes

Ways to Counter

  • When shes far enough away, clear out her traps.
  • Avoiding her Q will drastically reduce her damage. Make a note to your ADC to do the same.
  • When she reaches level 6, make sure to always watch your ADC. If your ADC is low, she might use her ult in attempts to score a kill. Just constantly stand nearby your ADc to make sure she doesn't get any snipes.
  • If her support CCs you, she can chain her trap and you will be disabled for a good time. Try and use your Wither on Caitlyn if she even seems to be going for a kill.
  • When moving in for a gank, CC'ing the ganker is usually a better idea since Caitlyn cannot dish out much moving damage. Just watch out for her ult.
  • Keep your ultimate ready as much as possible. If you escape with low hp, wait for her to start he ult before popping yours, forcing her to waste her finisher.




Important Notes
  • Avoid his reveal and you can easily avoid his dps.
  • His missles, while able to deal damage, doesn't deal enough damage to worry about..
  • Valkyrie is a really, really good escape.
  • Deals a majority of damage through basic attacks, so Wither can shut him off a bit
  • True damage shreds your defenses.

Ways to Counter

  • If he is foolish enough to Valkyrie into combat, maximize the hurt he recieves with your Wither.
  • Wither him if he is targetting you or nearing cs, as he scales largely by cs.
  • Standing near your ADC or around cs makes his ultimate more effective, so generally avoid it.
  • Corki has very minimul assisstance to his team without damage, so shutting him off his cs early on will severely damae his gameplay.
  • His Valkyrie is a very good escape mechanic. If he has it available to him, don't even bother tower diving him or chasing him with you Wither
  • In teamfights, Wither will disable a large amount of his damage output, but beware if he targets you as your armor won't hold much against him.




Important Notes
  • Making him miss his axes is very important, as he deals less damage and doesn't refresh Blood Rush
  • Spinning Axe makes him an easy enemy to counter as your Wither can make him miss his axes and placing Spirit Fire at the end location makes him throw himself into danger to get his axe.
  • Blood Rush is very powerful in that it refreshes. Wither can shut it off, though.
  • His E makes ganks and tower dives tricky.
  • His ult keeps you on your toes

Ways to Counter

  • Since his only movement speed consists of Blood Rush, Wither can make him almost immobile.
  • Wither him if he is targetting you or nearing cs, as he scales largely by cs.
  • Always have two escape plans. If a jungler attacks, Draven might be able to use Stand Aside to push you away from plan A. Switch up your escape tactics to make yourself unpredictable.
  • Whirling Death and Fury of the Sands are two very powerful adversaries. As a support, you will want to absorb as much damage for you ADC as you can. This does not mean putting yourself in harm's way, but getting focused instead of your ADC helps your ADC. Nasus's ult makes him a good meatshield. When you get low enough, the enemy Draven might attempt to finish you off with his ultimate. Make sure you can counter ult.
  • When he is farming in lane, you can majorly slow him down. When he uses Spinning Axe, Spirit Fire the end location and Wither him. This forces the Draven to either pull back or rush into the damage just for some farm.
  • Draven excels at dishing out large burst damage and good cc at the start, but Withering him will help with canceling out his afterwards damage.




Important Notes
  • Large burst damage with Mystic Shot.
  • Great mobility with Arcane Shift, but at rank 5 Wither, it won't be much of a problem.
  • His Essence Flux can increase both his and his jungler's attack speed, so AD junglers can be a problem.
  • Watch out for his attack speed buffs. They can quickly make your Wither less potent.

Ways to Counter

  • Keep an eye on the enemy Ezreal's Rising Spell Force stacks. If you can, try to interrupt them.
  • When the enemy Ezreal goes in, Wither will be good against him, as his abilities deal little damage besides his Mystic Shot.
  • When Ezreal reaches level 6, make sure none of you are low on hp. Although Trueshot Barrage scales off of AP and doesnt deal much damage, it can still hurt greatly. You also have no way to block it, but still standing in the way can reduce its damage on your carry.
  • If the enemy support has CC, try to absorb it all to assist your carry, as Ezreal has no CC of his own.
  • Ezreals' escapecan be powerful for short distances, but if Ezreal has far to go, the ability will be negated by Wither




Important Notes
  • Large amount of burst that has nothing to do with basic attacks.
  • Has no mobility besides Quickdraw, which is negated by Wither
  • Falls off late game.
  • Buckshot devours mana if used excessively, but can hurt, so be careful.

Ways to Counter

  • Be careful when going in to Q a siege minion, because Buckshot will sting.
  • If Graves goes in and tries to counter your Q farm, Wither and Spirit Fire him.
  • To engage, make sure to Wither him and hold on to your Spirit Fire. When he uses Quickdraw, place it in front of him.
  • If he rushes in to burst you, use your Fury of the Sands and then proceed to engage on him.
  • Smoke Screen will disrupt you and stop you from using Wither if you are not careful, so Wither him as quick as you can.
  • True Grit will keep him alive if at full stacks, so pushing him back for even 3 seconds will reset it, allowing you to hurt him much more effectively. Try using Wither and Spirit Fire on him to bully him back.

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Lane Composition (Enemy Supports)




Important Notes

Ways to Counter

  • When going up to Siphoning Strike a siege minion, be careful to not get too close, as he WILL combo you.
  • Use Alistar to your privilege. If you want to make plays and are confident in surviving any attacks, bait out his combo to get you closer to the enemy ADC and keep Alistar from comboing your ADC.
  • Do not Wither until Alistar pops his Unbreakable Will, as it removes Wither.
  • He cannot 1v1 you, but he can escape you, so do not chase.
  • Triumphant Roar naturally pushes the lane, so you will have more range to use your Relic Shield or Spirit Fire, and get stacks on your Q in safety.
  • Do not underestimate what he can do in duels. Do not fight him and his ADC unless you know they will take more damage.




Important Notes
  • Huge amounts of burst that hurt a great deal.
  • Her Pyromania gives you an important pause that will help them attack your ADC unhindered.
  • Take care about her Summon: Tibbers. It is instantaneous and summons an annoying Bear at her disposal.
  • She has short CDs but nothing to heal or shield her ally, similar to you.

Ways to Counter

  • The key to beating Annie is baiting her Combo and surviving. If fighting an Annie, getting Magic Resistance early is never bad.
  • Separating yourself from you ADC will force Annie to attack you or your ADC; she cannot effectively attack both.
  • Never Wither Annie in a fight until the enemy adc is dead or gone.
  • She can easily 1v1 you, which requires you to be cautious.
  • Pyromania scares you away from Seige Minions, which weakens you even more. Don't feel afraid to turn a passive-agressive Pyromania enhanced attack into a full blown engage.
  • Your Fury of the Sands is very helpful in that it will help you surviev and recover from a Annie burst.

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Comments and Responses


"I'll give you poitns for writing the best support Nasus guide I've ever read, but the only real viable support option with Nasus is his Wither. All else is either too mana-costly to utilise, or requires farm to use.[/color]

And hence, the following pros/cons don't exist:

'Denies huge amounts of farm when played effectively' - This has never happened to me even laning solotop against Nasus. Why should it change in a duo lane? What else can he do other than Wither and then be useless for 15-10 seconds?

'Has strong tower diving potential' - Not without items, and therefore, not without farm. Not to mention a lot of champions these days are like this anyway.

'Can carry if your carry can't' - OK, so you have W to limit their damage and stop them escaping. You have E to limit their defense capabilities. You have R to buff your own damage/defense. But, oh wait. What's the most important part? Damage! If you can't damage anything, how do you expect to carry? And then how do you expect to damage if you don't farm your Q? An unfarmed Nasus can't carry.

'Requires to be out there and takes alot of damage early on. Requires caution' - Why is this even remotely true? If you're taking damage during laning, you're doing something wrong.

'Requires active using of active effects from your items' - And this is false of any other champion, right...?


And why the hell would you wait as far as completing your Shurelya's Reverie to upgrade your boots?"

Well, you are thinking very veryically. Nasus's Wither and Spirit Fire are both very helpful in denying farm as well as helping your AD Carry win trade offs. spirit fires's 40 point armor shred in an AoE is extremely helpful and is very effective when comboed with your AD Carry. The area is quite large and deals considerable damage, discouraging the enemy carry to stand on the feild. This radius is large enough to force the enemy to take time avoiding the area or forfeighting cs in the process. If your AD Carry is willing, he can basic attack the enemy carry while they stand on the field for a good damage boost. At level 2, Spirit Fire has the potential to completelty remove the enemies' armor. If the enemy AD Carry feel like recieving large harass, then he can stand on the field and farm. Either way he is forced to fall back after a while, reducing his overall cs. Also, Wither is one of the most powerful anti-carry things about Nasus. First off, it lasts 6 seconds, slowing by a great amount over the full duration. Without CD Reduction, at max level, the enemy carrty will have 6 seconds when they can farm effectively without burdens. With CDR, the enemy carry has about 2-4 seconds of unburdened farming, which in that time you can effectively use your E to deny farm. The reason your solo top doesn't deny farm well is because you aren't focusing your items, abilities, or masteries/runes in doing it. You focus on farming your Q.

His tower-diving potential is amazing. Items help alot, but even without items he can do it effectively. His 5 second Wither and large health boosting Fury of the Sands allows him to take large amounts of turret damage while your carry easily dispatches of the enemy. With items, Shard of True Ice slows even more and Shurelya's gives you the ability to ruysh up and rip the enemies apart. Also, farm is not the only way to get gold. Your passive gold generatuion for masteries and runes, as well as that amazing passive on your shard of true ice, allows you to get your items considerably fast and be very effective. Farm generates gold fast, but your unconventional way of gold generation works just as good. With your "not to mention must champions are like this anyways," I would like to see Soraka, Sona, Nidalee, or Nami dive and accept alot of damage dished out from the turret.

If your carry dc's or decides to not help in any way, you can farm up your Q while he is not helping. Nasus does not require AD or AP to dish out considerable damage. In the Ability Explanation on his Q, I do some math showing just how much you can hurt with your Q, even as a support. Alongside your powerful ability to shred armor as well as shutting down your enemy while you beat on him, you can be a considerable threat when facing off against an enemy. When you are fighting an enemy support, you can effectively rip up the enemy support as it will have alot less dps than you. his ult, Fury of the Sands, also deals a % of thier maximum health every second, which scales off of your AP. With Shard of True Ice giving you ability power, plus any Will of the Ancients which pass by, your ult can shred a considerable amount of AoE damage.

Nasus's playstyle is very up front in the enemies face, like Alistar and Leona. With you getting very close to the enemies to cast your E and deny farm, you are in a position to recieve alot of viable poke from the enemy AD Carry or eventhe enemy support. As you generally lac any large poke, you can't easily fight off the enemies from a distance. THis problem is solved easily with health regen and health from your masteries, runes, and items.

The reason you take Shurelya's Reverie before boots is because you want to maximize the amount of help you give to your ally. If he enemy jungler comes to gank, this item gives you and your ally the spee to escape. This also helps your jungler gank easier. While boots help you get around easier, [[Shurelya's Reverie helps your allies get ariound easier: the whole purpose of a support.

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