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Kha'Zix Build Guide by ThUrsT

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThUrsT

What? Kha'Zix is evolving! - Lane/Jungle(coming soon?) Guide

ThUrsT Last updated on November 7, 2012
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A different view

Ability Sequence

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Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Hello everyone! Looks like you accidently stumbled upon my guide. Note that by no means I am a pro, and this is just how I play Kha'Zix

P.S. This is my first guide, so criticism and tips on how to improve this guide are appreciated.

P.P.S English is not my native language, so excuse me for any mistakes i make.

P.P.P.S I have spent alot of time on this guide, so i would appreciate if you would read the whole guide before downvoting it.

P.P.P.P.S I think I'm making too much of theese post scriptums, don't you think? Okay, lets get back to the guide.

Are you done reading that? Good. Lets look at the great Kha'Zix, The Voidreaver!!

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Pros & Cons


[*] Good Assassin
[*] Fun to play
[*] Versatile(?)
[*] Can escape very well
[*] First Pokemon in League Of Legends


[*] Squishy
[*] Much CC makes him cry
[*] *Shrugs*

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Nothing smart here.
Greater Mark Of Desolation

Armor Penetration marks

Theese are useful on all assassins, ad carries etc.

Flat Armor Seals


Magic Resist per level glyphs

are pretty good and recommended for all champions. More armor and magic resist = more time alive in fights.

Greater Quintessences of Strength

Theese help alot for last hitting minions. Nuff' said.

Here's an alternative rune set:


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
Flat Attack Damage marks compensate for dropping
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage You can also swap theese for
Greater Mark Of Desolation. They fit too.

Speed Quintessences are good if you want to be more of a predator, silent and quick assassin type. Also useful for junglers to help clear the jungle fast.

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summoners wrath - take it, don't ask why. It improves your offensive summoner spells alot. For example if you are taking exhaust, it doesnt just slow your target, but also... you know what? Just read the effects for your damn selves

Brute Force - extra attack damage is useful for last hitting and generally killing.

Butcher - gives you extra damage against minions and neutral monsters. They give gold. Gold gives you items. Items give you power. Power gives you kills. Kills give you gold. Gold gives you better items. Better items give you more kills. More kills gives you more time. More time gives you destroyed enemy turrets. Destroyed enemy turrets gives you ability to destroy their inhibitors. Their destroyed inhibitors give you ability to destroy their nexus. Their destroyed nexus gives you victory. Victory gives you joy. Capiche?

Alacrity - you hit faster and do more dps.

Deadliness - almost the same as Brute Force only gives you attack damage per level.

Weapon Expertise - very important mastery. 10 percent armor penetration is very handy.

Vampirism - when you think your Void Spike isn't enough.

Sunder - Extra armor penetration for good boys and girls ^_^

Executioner - You are an assassin right? And assassins tend to look for low health, injured targets. So this mastery helps you alot for putting them out of their misery.

Resistance - Extra magic resist for good boys and girls ^_^

Hardiness - Extra armor for good boys and girls ^_^

Durability - Even though with 4 points in this mastery extra 108 hp at level 18 looks a little low, you might just survive that ignite.

Veteran Scars - extra hp never hurt anyone yet. YET.

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Abilities & Their Overview

Taste Their Fear is Kha'Zix's main damage source: It has an incredibly short cooldown for an ability that deals over 9000- I mean that deals even more damage to targets that are isolated (some distance from their allies). Take it first, max it first.

Void Spike is a skillshot nuke, that deals some damage to your prey and even heals you a little if you stand in the explosion radius. The healing effect is quite useful, especially for junglers, but it eats your mana like Cho'Gath eats yordles. FAST! It should be maxed second, but if you want a shorter leap cooldown, you can max it third.

Leap is your best friend during ganks and assassinations. A very good escape skill too. It can be used to jump a HUGE distance, when evolved, but should be maxed last. Unless you are not going to rely on your Void Spike, you can max this second for shorter cooldown. But when you evolve it, the cooldown resets when you get kills and assists so i don't think this should be worth maxing second.

Void Assault is your ultimate ability. This is what makes you an assassin, a hunter..

A Voidreaver!!

Max it whenever you can. This is a handy skill indeed when it comes to ganking, escaping or even turret diving when you evolve it.

We'll be talking about evolving your skills later, so stay tuned!

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Yay! We are finally at the item part. So now i'll be talking about items you should buy on the great Kha'Zix.

Starting Items

All laners should usually start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion. Boots give you movement speed you need for evading enemy abilities and potions are just potions. Don't forget to use them when low on health. I can't count how many times i reached The Brutalizer and realised i didn't even use any of them when i was low.

You really shouldn't start with this item, because you won't have any sustain you would have with 3 health potions. Although you will last-hit easier, buy this item only when you are in lane with some healer champion.

Core Items

Boots of Mobility help alot for an assassin. What is more fun to watch how you use theese boots to get behind enemy lines quickly and just rape gank 'em and kill 'em.

The Bloodthirster gives you tons of damage + good amount of lifesteal. Item all assassins praise.

Last Whisper - armor penetration all the way. Attack damage too. If your enemies do not build extra armor yet, you can delay this item for later.

Guardian Angel - even though i think you should go straight attack damage and no survivability, i take this item for extra protection and 1up.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - finally i managed to spell and write this item correctly. Took me about 4 tries to do that. Useful for extra cooldown reduction, attack damage, armor penetration and a cool-*** unique active.

The Bloodthirster - I find this item very useful, when it comes to assassinating. So i take another one. But if you do not like it, or think one is enough, here are some alternative items for you to choose:

Alternative Items

If you don't want to be more of an assassin type, and there are alot of CC or/and casters in enemy team, you can pick theese up.

Still don't want to be assassin type? Well you bought an assassin buddy, deal with it. But if there are alot of ad in their team and you dislike Boots of Mobility for some reason, pick theese.

I don't think you should pick berserker greaves, because you are not an ad carry, but if you want to co-operate with your The Bloodthirster more, you can take theese.

It's like The Bloodthirster, only without lifesteal, but gives you more magic resist and a useful 400hp shield against magic abilities which does a damn good job.

Not feeling healthy enough? Enemies get away easily? Take this item and your problems will be over. With 40 percent slow, 20 attack damage and 700 health you can't miss.

Got tired of that Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab? Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow? Other bulls**t slow or stun ability? This is the item for you then, my friend. Free extra magic resist, health and mana included!

Counter Tryndamere, Corki, Varus or any other ad carry with this.

Your Taste Their Fear's cooldown not short enough? Enemy team full of ad carries? F*ck Thornmail? Order now!

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
I always max Taste Their Fear first, for it's damage, and it also the main damage skill of Kha'Zix.

Void Spike comes second, for it's damage + utility.

Leap is the last rank you want to max. Even though it's a very good skill for escapes, ganks and etc., it still isn't worth maxing it second. But if you are that stubborn, go ahead.

Void Assault - your ultimate should be maxed whenever it's possible. Like all ultimates. It provides you a good ganking utility and it makes you special and unique. It makes you



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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are a very important part of your life gameplay. Smartly picked summoner spells can win your game.

Of course i think you can decide what summoner spells you should use on each champion by yourself, but here's some of my own thoughts:

Recommended Summoner Spells

Flash is one of the most useful summoner spells in the game. Need a quick escape? <Insert Button Assigned To Flash Here> DONE! Want to towerdive, but you are afraid you are gonna lose too much hp? Leap in, devour your poor enemy, and Flash out! It's that simple.

Ignite is quite a useful summoner spell. Got a healer? IGNITE!! Got a low hp escaper? IGNITE!! Got a doctor mundo? IGNITE!!

So, Ignite is a viable option if your laning partner already has exhaust.

Ah, the Exhaust. Saved my sorry *** hundreads and hundreads of times. Racked me up with some kills too. A good option if your laning partner already has ignite.

It's a must for trolling jungling. No jungler (well maybe except Shaco and some others) goes without this summoner spell.

Usable, but not recommended Summoner Spells

This summoner spell is good for squishy ad carries, supports and etc. and might be good on Kha'Zix too, but Kha'Zix could use one of more useful summoner spells like Ignite or Exhaust.

A nice summoner spell to have. Good for escaping and good for chasing. Plus the ignore collision but our Kha'Zix already has two escaping and chasing skills of his own: Leap and Void Assault. So i wouldn't pick it instead of Flash. It's just not that good in my opinion.

A spell used by solo tops and mid champions. I would only take it if i was solotop. But even then, i would seriously think about getting this instead of Flash or Ignite.

Quite nice summoner spell especially for Kha'Zix, since he's very vulnerable to CC, but i don't think it should be taken instead one of your other summoner spells. Take it if you want it. That was just my opinion.

Never take theese Summoner Spells

Take it, it's one of the most useful and the most underused spell. No, just no...

You are not an ap caster. Even though you might get low on mana, kill an [ancient golem, but don't take Clarity.

This isn't a very usable spell, however i have seen it used more times than Cleanse. It might help sometimes, but there are more useful summoner spells to take.

No. Useless...

You are not a support.

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Evolving & Stuff

So we are finally here! At the Evolution stage!!

Here's a preview of how Kha'Zix changes upon evolving one of his abilities.

Not bad, huh? So now i'm gonna explain you on how you should evolve his ultimate, Void Assault.

Information on what, when and why i evolve certain Evolutions

So, lets take a look at his abilities:

Taste Their Fear - This is the ability i thought about the most. Now at first, You might think, that this should be skill evolved first, but i had many thoughts about this and decided, i should evolve a damage skill last. For example: At level 16 i would probably evolve Taste Their Fear. You now might think "why?" "Isn't it the main damage source?" "Shouldn't you evolve it first, because of damage?"

No, i would say. Kha'Zix does pretty good damage even without this ability. Evolving it only makes it stronger against isolated targets. And in early game, i don't think you'll be seeing many of theese. For example if i'm laning. I see two people in my lane. They are often near their minions and each other and evolving Taste Their Fear first isn't practical.

Now about Void Spike. This is also a good damage ability, procs with your passive and might be considered evolving first. You can. But there could be a better decision. As i mentioned earlier, I keep my dmg evolution (it's either Taste Their Fear or Void Spike) for last.

Leap Is the ability i always evolve first, rain or shine, day or night. Why? It gives most utility than your other skills would.

For example: i'm getting ganked. I jump to my turret. Done!

Another Example: i'm chasing an enemy. I jump to him. Done!

What i mean is Leap Is the most useful evolution you will ever have as Kha'Zix Of course, this is only my opinion. But i'm sure many people will agree.

Void Assault is your ultimate skill. I usually evolve it second. It's necessary for Kha'Zix. 1 Extra Cast of Void Assault Can save your life, plus 40 percent damage reduction while in stealth is a life saver. You can dive a turret with it, you can halve the damage you would recieve.

But not always I consider maxing it second. It can be maxed third


enemy team has no nukers that do much damage in one or a few hits like AP Sion, LeBlanc etc. Then I max it last, and max either Taste Their Fear or Void Spike on level 11.

Evolving Conclusion

So, if you are still here, then that means i didn't mess up writing all that stuff about what and why i evolve certain evolutions. Now lets summarise:

Evolve Leap first, for it's utility and usefullness.

Evolve Void Assault second, if enemy team has any heavy nukers, or if you think you are doing enough damage already. If not, evolve it third.

Now, you will have to make a tough choice:

CHOOSING BETWEEN Taste Their Fear AND Void Spike

Now look at your enemy team:

Will you still farm? Jungle? Yes? Take Void Spike

Do they often walk alone? Yes? Take Taste Their Fear

Do enemy team have much CC and can focus you down easily? Yes? Take Void Spike

Need some extra basic attack and Taste Their Fear range? Yes? Take Taste Their Fear.

Void Spike has proven me to be much more useful in most cases, just because it's helpful not only for me, but for my teammates too. When chasing, when escaping your evolved Void Spike slows them + damages them and that gives the utility evolved Taste Their Fear couldn't give.

But the choice is up to


If you are one of those readers that just don't have time and want to just take a quick look and play, here are the evolutions of my choice:


Don't be afraid of experimenting with different evolutions. I may not be correct in all cases. Hell, i could even be wrong about EVERYTHING that i babbled here. You decide.

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Build "A different view"

After not playing Kha'Zix for a long time,I tried him out once again. Decided to use a totally different build with him and it turned out to be pretty good

Looks like our Taste Their Fear is very useful when used with Trinity Force, for dealing tons of damage with your Taste Their Fear, autoattacking (dealing tons of damage that way of course), and repeating. Although this build requires some mark of desolations, because there is no Last Whisper in this build, and you just need some armor penetration late game.

I evolved Leap first, for the mobility in lane, being able to jump in for a kill or jump out to avoid ganks. Second, came the Taste Their Fear, for the maximum damage output. Last, but not least, came Void Assault, because as I mentioned earlier, you shouldn't need two of your damage abilities at the same time.

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You are still reading this? Hell, you are one hardcore reader. Even i couldn't read my whole guide without falling asleep. Well, that's it folks! Please let me know what you think about my guide, and how could I improve it. Thank you for reading. Happy hunting!

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2012 Oct. 1st - Guide Released to public. Hip Hip - Hooray! High-Five! Anyone? Anyone?
2012 Oct. 2nd - Added a little more info on "Choosing Between taste their fear and void spike".
2012 Nov. 6th - Added the build "A different view", updated the changelog to a more stylish version ^_^