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Blitzcrank Build Guide by letsgoROSH

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League of Legends Build Guide Author letsgoROSH

Where You Going? Blitzcrank guide

letsgoROSH Last updated on July 5, 2011
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This is my second guide that I've made. You probably didn't know its on Blitzcrank, another one of my favorites. Once again, I am still new to this stuff, so take it easy, but any feedback or suggestions is much appreciated. Please read through all of it.

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Pros / Cons


-Great ganker
-Fun to play
-Can move really fast
-Great initiator with Rocket Grab
-Deals decent damage late game
-Good as solo or duo lane
-Is a good tank


-Hard to master
-Very mana dependent
-Slightly item dependent
-Needs teammates to be at his full potential

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Summoner Spells

For Blitzcrank's Summoner Spells, I go and ]

for obvious reasons... It can give you that extra space between you and the enemy to live, or can set you up for an awesome .

because early on, as I will explain later, you will be trying to grab your opponent into your tower, especially if you are solo. Your usually won't be enough to kill them, unless they are slow. So that is where comes into play. It also helps with AD carries such as .


Can help with blind-, but save it for your supports.
As mentioned in the "Pros/Cons" section, does have problems with mana, especially early on. It is a possibility.
If the opposing team has a lot of CC, this is a good idea.
This is an awesome spell on Blitz as well... When you an opponent into range of a tower, your combo will look like: + =First Blood. I just don't find much use in it late game, not as much as
This combined with is pure win. You run so fast, that you won't need to risk using your and missing. Its or ...its all preference.
Not bad, you shouldn't need it though.
This is a great skill when you have those pesky low-life runners that you can't knock up one last time...Oh wait! You can pull them back with you don't need
Tried this one, its no good. No different with Blitz.
I love this spell for any jungler. Guess what Blitz is not. But, surprisingly, I have seen this used very effectively on Blitz. What you do, is have ONE creep between you and the enemy hero. They are being rather cocky and just tease you behind that one creep. You then smite the creep, and very quickly, grab them back. Can be used if you have quick hands, but try to stay away from it.
Not bad on any Champion, but Blitz moves quick enough to get into a lane. If you like it, take it.

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With Blitz, my Runes look like:
9 = 8.55 Spell Penetration
9 = 16.2 Magic Resistance at level 18
9 = 101.25 Mans
3 = 78 HP

I chose because most of Blitzcrank's damage comes from his spells.

As for as Seals, I went . I did so because I thought Blitz needed a bit more Magic Resistance, and his armor is high enough with this build.

to help his passive early on. It also gives him more mana to cast spells early in the game.

because with this build, you will get enough Armor and Magic Resistance, but your HP could be higher.

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Your core build will look like: With these items, you will be able to tank well, and kill effectively too.

Why I go these items:
I put this in the build because it is a build versus a balanced team. It is built to tank physical damage, and magic damage. If you are playing versus a heavy magic team, mercury treads may be better for you. But if they have heavy AD, is what you should be going.
This one of my favorite items on Blitzcrank, whoever your facing! First off, it gives you a slow-on-attack passive, and HP. Next it gives extra move speed and attack speed, which combines nicely with . Lastly, the bonus from +=total ownage. Early-mid game, it adds MAJOR damage; a single attack can deal 200+ easily.
I love this item on Blitz! It has so many benefits for him. To start off, it gives him nice HP, and some armor. But the passive is in my opinion, the best part about it, especially on Blitzcrank. That combined with is great for farming. It also helps with chasing, allowing you to do massive damage, just be running by an enemy.
Just a good item for any tank, but a great one for Blitz. This combined with can throw the enemy team into a loop. It also gives him some nice armor, CDR, and HP.
Like , it is good for any tanks, especially against heavy CC teams, but works wonderfully for Blitz. First, it gives some HP, which is just nice. It also provides some nice mana, which is awesome for Blitz. Last but not least, it gives a great passive.
I get this for the MR mainly, because it gives so much of it. The extra MS and HP regen are nice add-ons though.


This is a great item. It gives benefits to you, and your team, for a cheap price.
This is another great item on Blitz. It adds amazing armor, and good MP. Much better if your facing a team of heavy AD.
Works well for Blitz, it gives a ton of HP and an awesome passive that helps ganks/chasing. But you don't really need it, you already have .
Its a nice item, and is really helpful if you are being targeted early on in team fights. Why only if its early? Because of you are targeted last in a team fight, you will die, and come back with little life. Having less than 1000 HP, you won't be able to kill 2-3 champions alone. It also gives some nice armor and MR.
I have never been a HUGE fan of snowballs, but since does a lot of ganking, and will get kills/assists, it is actually pretty good on him. It is especially good when you get at 20 stacks. Because that 15% damage + the 4% damage reduction from is 19% damage reduction. That is almost 20%, that means you are a WAY better tank.
This item is in the recommended item build for Blitz, but I don't really like it on him. It gives him amazing mana which gives bonuses to his attack and , but I just don't like it.
Really good if the enemy team has lots of CC, but all it gives is an amazing active, and MR.
Awesome item on Blitz, tons of HP, nice mana, and a little AP. Works well on Blitz.
Great item versus heavy AD teams. I think it is basically necessary versus heavy AD teams. Its just that good.

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As Blitzcrank, and with this build, you are a tank.

*Early game; Levels 1-6*

As showed earlier on the guide, I pick first over . But why not ? Because its great if you can knock up the enemy up if they tower dive at level one, but most of the time, you won't have stupid, greedy enemies who tower dive at level 1. But they will toy with you, staying right out of range of the tower. That's where comes into play. You pull them into range, and exhaust them. If you have a somewhat smart teammate with you, its an easy first-blood.
But besides level one, when you get to either level 3-5, you can harass your enemy safely, because most people don't think about the fact that they can attack you if you pull them in. What you do is get on the side or behind the enemy's archer minions. Your opponent has two options. First: he/she stays out of range of your grab, and also the range of EXP gain. Or he/she can be money/exp greedy, and stay there, you pull him in, knock him up, and hit him a couple times. But don't overextend.

*Mid game; Levels 7-12*

At this point, you should be ganking any lane that is being pushed, and if you are safe, possibly invade the enemy jungle. Make sure you are getting good farm, but if your carry is nearby, and there is a large creep wave, it will probably be better to let them get it. Just make sure to gank as much as possible!

*Late game; Levels 13-18*

When this time comes around, you should be finished with your core build by now, if not, really close. Now keep in mind, you are a play one. You are also a great initiator, so take advantage of that. If you are pushing a lane, or defending one, make sure to try and pull an enemy in, if possible, DO NOT grab a tank, like or ...that just sets them up more than it does you, unless your team is really fast at reacting, and kills him rather fast.

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Rocket Grab

When I first started playing League of Legends, one of the first champions I played was Blitzcrank. I hated him then. I felt like they stole the idea of ~Pudge, the Butcher~ from Defense of the Ancients, a meta-game from Warcraft III. He had a skill that was almost identical to . But, as time went on, I started to LOVE Blitzcrank's version of the skill.
In my opinion, it is what makes Blitzcrank himself. Its what keeps me playing him. But unfortunately, learning how to use it is very difficult. This section will help you learn how to use it.

First off, know who to pull! If you have to choose, and have time to, your first priority, should be the ranged carries. But, most of the time, you won't be able to get close enough, let alone a clear shot to the ranged carries.
If the ranged carry is not an option, the AP carry should be your next target. They deal way too much damage.
Next on the list, people may not agree with 100%. I next target the support, IF you can get them.
If you can't reach the support, AD carry is next on the priority list.
Lastly, the tanks. You will really only using Rocket Grab on the tanks will be when they are trying to run away from a dying fight.

How to aim it~

Tons of people will hate you, if you miss an easy . There are some key points to know:
First, know how people run! If you are ganking somebody, say in the enemy jungle, and they are killing getting the red buff. They are already at 1/2 health after killing a teammate. You knock them up with and use trying to kill them in time. But before you can, they flash over a wall. You used your Rocket Grab before hand, and has one last second until the CD is finished. You can't see them, but you know, that the enemy is going to head back to base, assuming they are fine. This is where experience comes into play. You have to know how far the enemy will travel in a certain amount of time. You calculate a rough estimate of where they are, you grab them, and get the kill.

The second point that you need is: to have coordination with your teammates. If you are ganking an enemy with an ally, and that ally has a stun, make sure you know how long the stun/ensnare/trap lasts. If it lasts 3 seconds, you don't want to Rocket Grab the target in the first second. Wait until about 2-2.5 seconds to use , and you will grab them right as they are coming out of the stun/ensnare/trap.

Also, know the animation(s) of . You have to know, that sometimes, will seem to go over the target, but in reality, it doesn't pull them back. But, one thing, that I have found, is that the targeting missile is a little shorter than the actual distance it go and pull. Also, just because the line of the animation is so thin, it will grab units that are close to the side of it. So keep that in mind.

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Key points to remember

-You are a tank
-Practice using ...A LOT
-Don't SPAM your spells, only use them to harass and kill
-Don't be too careful, don't be too crazy