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Udyr Build Guide by letsgoROSH

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author letsgoROSH

Udyr: Burning through the Jungle-Phoenix stance style

letsgoROSH Last updated on April 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is my second guide on MOBAFIRE, and it is on my favorite jungler, Udyr. He is probably my favorite off-tank in the game aswell. Please make sure to read through all of the guide and drop a comment with your feedback, thanks.
Please read the section in items that's under: *PLEASE READ*
It contains very important information on the build I have chosen

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Pros / Cons

-Great jungler
-Pretty tanky
-Has a stun
-Deals amazing damage
-Good ganker
-He turns into different animals
-No ultimate
spacess spacess *CONS*
-Has no range
-Mana is an issue for a while (that is why we get BLUE BUFF)
-CC (ex. snare/stun) is a problem
-Pretty hard to learn
-Tends to be targeted in fights due to his damage output

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Summoner Spells

  • Smite You need this because your jungling, and without it, you cannot get Blue Buff at level one. This is a must
  • Ghost This will help you tremendously with early game ganks. The reason you get this is it can act as a chasing tool, or an escape tool
  • Exhaust Same as Ghost, helps you a lot with ganks early in the game. This will also helps you completely shut down a carry


  • Cleanse This will be your best friend VS. teams with heavy CC. It won't help you early on with ganking, that's why it isn't at the top of the list
  • Flash This is better for closing gaps very quickly, and will allow you to get one or two attacks off(more if you stun first), while Ghost allows you to chase the enemy and continuously attack them
  • Ignite You can take this, especially if the enemy team has a healer (ex. Dr. Mundo, Swain). If the other team doesn't have a healer, and/or your team already has an Ignite, don't get this
  • Fortify Don't laugh at this, it makes you deal extra damage to creeps, and allows you to save your teammate(s) who is being tower dived across the map from you Doesn't exist anymore
  • Surge I have seen this, and tried it, and it doesn't seem to be the best. Granted, it is very nice. You can get Blue Buff quicker, and allows more Phoenix Stance proxs, but your ganks stay the same


  • Clairvoyance Don't need this. Sure it helps making sure you don't get ganked in the jungle, but its better for your support to take this
  • Clarity It would help you with jungling, but with this build, you can get Blue Buff at level one
  • Heal Would be nice, but you already have Turtle Stance
  • Promote This really is not worth it even when laning. Especially when jungling
  • RallyThe only use you could really have from this, is getting an early Dragon, or a safer Blue Buff/Red Buff Doesn't exist anymore
  • Teleport Why would you need this? That's what I thought
  • Revive Nope, just nope!

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With Udyr, my runes look like:
9X Greater Mark of Attack Speed = 15.3% attack speed
9X Greater Seal of Armor = 12.69 Armor
9X Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist = 24.3 Magic Resistance at level 18
3X Greater Quintessence of Health = 78 Health

because the bonus Attack Speed makes your Phoenix Stance proc faster, and your Turtle Stance recover more HP and MP faster.
because the extra armor early on helps keep your jungle time safe.
because you need the extra defense against spells later on, but not in the beginning.
Same reason as the Seals, it helps you jungle.

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My mastery tree looks like 0/21/9

  • Nothing is needed in here. You can go some if you want more damage output, but I much prefer to last in the jungle.

In the Defensive Branch-

In the Utility Branch-

Guide Top


This is a more carry/damage build. Your core build will be With these, you can tear an enemy apart very quickly, and still take a good amount of damage. I ALMOST always get these four items in every game. The last two items can be bought to fit your needs (ex. If you are facing a heavy AP team, go more MR as opposed to Armor).
The entire CORE BUILD will cost 9557 gold.

I am quite aware of the fact that this build lacks much survivability (ex. not much Armor, MR). The reason I don't put Armor, or MR in the build, is because your build as a tank/off-tank will change from game-to-game. One game, you may face a team of all AP, and the next game the enemy team will be all AD. That's why you should look at the Optional Items, and build your items according to your needs.

What to get first:
X5 These are to help you jungle at level one. The also builds into .

What to get next:

IF you can afford the whole Madred's Razors, finish that, ALONG with your boots.

After you go back and jungle more, and gank a lot, go get:

As the game goes on, get:

If you can only afford one of the two, get The Brutalizer first. Even though Avarice Blade gives you money over time, which will make it more cost-efficient, but The Brutalizer gives so much benefits, with the CDR, Armor Pen, and damage, there is a reason they made this item cost *1337* (computer language for LEET).

As the game goes on, you should be finishing your build. Just use the items in the given build, but you can buy them according to your needs. If you are getting focused in team fights and/or CC is a big problem, Banshee's Veil is a good idea. Or if you are running over the enemy team, feel free to get The Bloodthirster.

*Items, why I get them*

I get this because you need to reduce any CC(snare, stun, slow, etc.) on you.
This is if the enemy team has lots of CC. If they don't, and they have a more physical team, Ninja Tabi is a better idea.

Gives you some Armor, AD, Lifesteal, and lets you jungle easily! And you can lay a ward down every 3 minutes! And to top it all off, its cheap.

This makes you kill like a boss. Combined with Tiger Stance makes you attack like a mad-man, and with Bear Stance makes you lightning quick. It also gives some nice CDR, Armor Pen, and damage. You should definitely get this.

At first, I put Frozen Mallet in the recommended build, but I later realized after more testing, that Trinity Force is an all-around better choice. Granted, Frozen Mallet does give excellent HP, and a great slow. But, this gives nice movement speed, attack speed, HP, and a bawler passive. Also, with how fast you attack in the end, you will attack quick enough to surely get the passive off.

As mentioned before, Udyr has trouble while facing CC. This really helps out with pesky stuns/snares/slows that prevent you from killing the enemy team. Also gives that nice HP/MP to help you spam your skills.

Gives you that extra UMPH on your attacks. Also, you can get to full life in less than 10 attacks while you are in Turtle Stance.

The entire build will cost 15272 gold.


Optional Itmes

Really nice item. That slow really helps you with chasing enemies after stunning them. But, you already have Trinity Force to help with the slow, and with how fast you will attack, 25% chance is enough
Really cheap, and combined with Frozen Mallet gives nice survivability and damage. But, this build isn't built around this, otherwise you would get Frozen Mallet and Warmog's Armor
The reason you would get this, is if the enemy team has too many healers (ex. Swain, Dr. Mundo), and your team has one/no Ignite
I really don't like this item for Udyr, but it does work. Gives nice damage, some lifesteal, and an active slow.
Great item for any AD champion. Two problems with it though: it's expensive, and you cannot crit while in Turtle Stance. Really only get this if you have no chance of losing
You should really get this if the enemy team is stacking armor. Around 130-200 armor is when you should get it
If the enemy team has a lot of HP, definitely get this
Actually not bad for you. Gives attack speed, lifesteal, and more armor reduction.
Actually this is really fun with Phoenix Stance. Otherwise, only get this if the enemy team has dodge-fanatics (ex. Jax)
Really a beast item for you. If the enemy team has abput 90-110 armor, you can get this WITH Youmuu's Ghostblade
If the enemy team has some heavy AP, you should probably get this
Really solid item, for anyone really. I highly recommend getting this if you are getting focused first in teamfights, and die rather quickly, that way you can come back use Turtle Stance and kill some more, or use Bear Stance to run out of the fight. Also, some nice armor.
If the enemy team has too much CC and Magic Damage, you should really look into this.
When you face a team of heavy AP, but little CC, you should get this. Also, if the enemy team has just too much AP, get this and Banshee's Veil
You should get this if the enemy team has spells that they usually save to kill you with (ex. Karthus, Zilean, Malzahar)
Yet again, too much CC? Then you should get this.
You can, but with the same reason I didn't put in Frozen Heart in the DEFENSIVE section, was because you are not a tank you are an off-tank. But, if the enemy team has an AD carry who is the only reason they are still playing, feel free to get this
Never have been a huge fan of this item, but it will help you with a much safer farm/jungle. It also gives some MR and CDR, but you don't need this to be effective
This + Phoenix Stance = Awesomeness! You can kite the hell out of the enemy with this! Also makes you much beefer with the HP and armor
To be honest, if you have a heavy AD champ on the other team, I would recommend Randuin's Omen or Frozen Heart over this. Because if the enemy AD carry is any bit smart, he won't focus you first, meaning Thornmail will be practically useless. Frozen Heart will slow his attack speed, even if he doesn't attack you, so this gives more benefit to your team
To be honest, this item is too expensive for how "good" it is. It costs 3000, and gives a max of 1370 HP...Really? Granted, 1370 HP, and some HP regen is pretty nice, but spells/crits/everything, will still tear you apart! I mean, think about it... Malzahar's Nether Grasp in late game, while he has maxed AP, his ult will easily do over 1350~ damage! Magic Res. will decrease that damage by a lot, maybe 50-60%~!

WHY ARE YOU EVEN TAKING TIME TO LOOK AT THE BLACK SPACE??? READ THE GUIDE...AND IF YOU ALREADY READ IT, MOVE ON, AND GO TRY IT OUT!! ANYWAYS....................TO MAKE THE GUIDE LOOK GOOD...IM JUST GONNA KEEP ON TYPING TO TAKE UP THE SPACE!............................................................................................

Guide Top

Other Possible/Situational Builds


Against Heavy AD

Against Heavy AP


Glass Cannon

Phoenix Stance Utilizer (JOKE)

Guide Top

Madred's Bloodrazor VS. Wriggle's Lantern


In many games that I have played as Udyr, one question that I've been asked, is why I don't get Madred's Bloodrazor. This little section is going to explain why this is.
Why Wriggle's Lantern???
-It builds from Madred's Razors
-Even upgraded from Madred's Razors, it keeps
the 20% to deal 500 damage to creeps
-gives some damage
-Allows you to place wards
-Grants lifesteal (really nice with Turtle Stance
-You can build from it at level one ( Cloth Armor)
SPACESTUFF Why Madred's Bloodrazor???
-Builds from Madred's Razors
-Allows you to tear through tanks
-Gives good attack speed
-Provides nice damage
-You can build from it at level one ( Cloth Armor)

That is
Why NOT Wriggle's Lantern???
-You don't deal the extra %4 of max HP of the target
-No attack speed

See? Wriggle's
is just too good
SPACESTUFF Why NOT Madred's Bloodrazor???
-It is VERY expensive
-No more 20% on hit to deal 500 damage to creeps
-No lifesteal

As you can see, Wriggle's Lantern has many more PROS and less CONS, than Madred's Bloodrazor. That is why we get Wriggle's Lantern!

But, you may be wondering... "Wards aren't that great! At about 30:00 they are useless!"
WRONG!!! They really can be game-changing!
Think about this... Your team just pushed Mid lane, but it didn't go too well, say two teammates died. About a minute or so later, the enemy team decided to go get Baron. At this point, your teammates are already alive and getting back into the game. The enemy team is sitting there, trying to get Baron, but little do they know, your ward is right there, watching them. Your team gets together, and ganks them. Your team ACES them, and you get Baron. And viola! You push middle and win the game.
Reason of Victory = Wriggle's Lantern...not Madred's Bloodrazor.

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Jungling...or Laning?

As of recently, more and more people are convinced that Udyr is meant to lane, and can do it very well. Granted, he can stay in a lane rather long, especially if he has a philosopher's stone. But, almost all of the Summoners don't realize the downfall of being in lane. Here are some of them:

  • You can be harassed VERY easily, due to lack of range
  • You really won't have chances at killing the enemy (if they are any bit smart)
  • To keep at high HP/MP, you have to auto-attack the creeps, which leads to you pushing the lane
  • You no longer have an amazing jungler

One of the biggest points, is to have the sustainability in a lane, you need to auto-attack creeps. One or two attacks will not be enough HP/MP regen for you. You will need to start attacking the creeps as soon as possible, and attack until they are dead. That leads to you pushing way too much. That means the enemy jungler has an easy gank on you.
It's really a big cycle:
As you can see, it is too difficult to stay in your lane, defend it, and farm it constantly.
Jungling is just too good to throw away!


Guide Top


This is your jungling route, and you will be able to safely go through it easily with the skill sequence and items you get.


Number ONE
Initial Spawn Time: 1:55
Respawn After Death Time:5 minutes
Total EXP Earned: 280
Total Gold Earned: 80

You need to kill that level one to make your jungle time fast. To kill it, have your teammates come and protect you, just in case your enemies decide to gank you. Have somebody leash the golem, and if they are feeling generous, attack him a couple times. Make sure to use Phoenix Stance right after the golem has been leashed. When the golem turns to attack you, use a potion right after he attacks you the first time. Once Phoenix Stance is ready again, use it again. When the golem reaches 445~ HP, use Smite on it. Just finish killing the little lizards afterwards. You should have leveled up, so put the point into Turtle Stance and move onto the Wolves.

Number TWO
Initial Spawn Time: 1:40
Respawn Time After Death: 1:40
Total EXP Earned: 190
Total Gold Earned: 57

With the Wolves, use Phoenix Stance, and start attack the big red wolf. Use a Health Potion if you are 250~ HP from your max HP pool (ex. 500/750). Attack the big wolf until your Phoenix Stance procs, then use turtle stance to get some HP back, maybe 4 hits. Use Phoenix Stance once more and kill them. Then go to the Wraiths.

Number THREE
Initial Spawn Time: 1:40
Respawn Time After Death: 1:40
Total EXP Earned: 180
Total Gold Earned: 71

With these annoying creeps, you should almost do the same thing as you did with the Wolves, you should use Phoenix Stance and attack until it procs. After it procs, use Turtle Stance. If needed, use a Health Potion, if you are missing about 250~HP. Don't use Smite(it shouldn't be ready anyways) on these.

Number FOUR
Initial Spawn Time: 1:55
Respawn Time After Death: 5:00
Total EXP Earned: 260
Total Gold Earned: 80

Ah, this makes your ganks kick-***. Without it, don't really try and gank. But how to kill it? Go up to it, and use Phoenix Stance and attack until it procs, like all of the other camps. Once it has proced, use Turtle Stance. You will most likely need to use a Health Potion. Just use phoenix and its proc and Turtle Stance until its at about 495~ HP, then use Smite on him. Then just finish the two little lizards and move onto the DOUBLE GOLEMS.

Number FIVE
Double Golems
Initial Spawn Time: 1:40
Spawn Time After Death: 1:40
Total EXP Earned: 280
Total Gold Earned: 60

Alright, with these two, basically use the same strategy as you did the other small creep camps. Use Phoenix Stance, attack four times, then use Turtle Stance. Use a potion if necessary.
If you think you are going to gank mid/bot lane, just auto attack the two golems until they die, that way, you have PLENTY of mana to use a Bear Stance to catch up and stun, use Phoenix Stance to deal damage, and possibly a Turtle Stance if you are going to tower dive. If you are not going to gank, just use Phoenix Stance to your heart's consent, doing this you will kill them much faster, but use up your mana.

Special thanks to Xenasis and his guide, Jungling 101 - What You Need To Know!, for providing the stats about the different creeps!

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Skill Explanations/Usage

_____This is your attack speed steroid throughout the game, and will be your main damage output lategame. A while ago, it wasn't that amazing, then they buffed it, A LOT. The DPS from this is really insane.

Uses - This is your single-target damage output late game

  • In a 1v1 fight
  • Taking down towers
  • Getting Dragon quickly


  • Remember that it gives attack speed in it's passive, AND it's active. Utilize this
  • The DPS from the active can be put on a target more than once. So keep activating when fighting

_____This here folks, is your "piss-off-the-enemy" skill. You can become ridiculously annoying when the enemy team just can't seem to break it, because you are spamming it constantly. This is also what allows you stay in the jungle forever.

Uses - This is your survivability skill

  • Surviving in the jungle
  • Regain mana after spamming
  • Blocking tower hits when tower diving
  • Reduce damage in team fights
  • Blocking "last-hit" spells such as Requiem, Time Bomb, etc.


  • As said above, do not forget that this can save your life in tight situations.
  • Periodically use this in team fights, to secure your safety
  • Same goes for get towers. Rotate this and Tiger Stance to dish out tons of damage, but still stay alive.

_____AKA Udyr's "gtfo" skill. That's exactly what it is. For when you are about to die, pop it, and bam. You now live. Its other use is to close down any gaps between you and the enemy champions.

Uses - This is your movement and utility skill

  • Chasing an enemy
  • Running from an enemy
  • Getting around the map faster
  • The stun


  • This is a great interrupter, so when some one like Nunu, Katarina, or Karthus (if he is alive) start to cast their ult, hit them once, and wait for their QQ
  • Run Forest run!

_____This is seriously an underrated skill. Everybody pushes it aside and go straight for Tiger Stance, but Phoenix Stance has a faster jungling time, because after 4 attacks, you do AoE damage.

Uses - This is your early game damage and late game farm skill

  • Jungling quickly and effectively
  • AoE damage
  • Extra damage and AP


  • Remember that after 4 attacks, the extra damage goes to targets in a CONE around you, so make sure you have the targets in front of you
  • This is super good at taking down huge mobs of creeps. Use this, get on the side of them, and let your DPS do the rest of the work.
  • When ganking, and you have RED Buff, remember to use this too. The DPS from RED Buff along with your Phoenix Stance is pretty deadly early on.

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Skill Sequence

Now, you may be slightly confused about how I level up the skills, hence why I made this extra section.

At level 1: Phoenix Stance
You NEED this to kill the BLUE BUFF at level one. Without it, your jungle time is rather slow, and you will have to go back to base multiple times.


At level 2: Turtle Stance
This will keep you safe in the jungle, and helps you recover MP/HP quicker, leading to more Phoenix Stance. You also need it to kill RED BUFF.


At level 3: Phoenix Stance
That way you can kill RED BUFF and the DOUBLE GOLEMS
*NOTE* You can still gank without Bear Stance, so if you see the opportunity show itself, take it. But, if the enemy has Flash, Ghost, or Exhaust, it will be MUCH harder to successively gank them if you don't have your stun.


At level 4: Bear Stance
This is only to help you with killing/ganking.


At level 5: Phoenix Stance
The last rank you put into this skill. Why? Because this skill is used early to help you jungle. By the time you are level 6-8, you will be ganking a lot, and even covering a lane while an ally heals/shops. Phoenix Stance has now lost almost all of its use.
Also, late game, Phoenix Stance doesn't even come close to Tiger Stance when it comes to usefulness. For Phoenix Stance to be useful, you will need the 4, maybe even 8 attacks. That will take about 5 seconds. That is an awfully long time. You will be CCed by that time. Tiger Stance is much better because:

A) Makes you attack MUCH faster
B) Makes your first attack on the target do MAJOR damage

Your damage output late-game comes from Tiger Stance, and your main protection is from Turtle Stance, and your chase/flee skill is Bear Stance. Phoenix Stance= your early game farming tool.


At levels 6 and 7: Turtle Stance
Why? That way getting Dragon will be much safer. Also, really pisses people off if you are in lane/covering somebody's lane.


At levels 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12: Tiger Stance
At this point in the game, you should definitely have your boots ( Mercury's Treads, Ninja Tabi) your Wriggle's Lantern, and maybe The Brutalizer. But for sure the first two items. So, you need to start upping your main damage output. Once again, don't need to up Phoenix Stance any more!

At levels 13 and 14: Turtle Stance
Tiger Stance is maxed out, and you don't quite need your Bear Stance leveled up yet, but the extra protection is always helpful.


At levels 15, 16, 17 and 18: Bear Stance
Now, you may ask here, why not up Phoenix Stance now? Bear Stance doesn't get any better even if you level it. I disagree completely. Because, in team fights late game, you will be such a threat, that squishy champions will run from you at first sight. So, you use Bear Stance and Youmuu's Ghostblade and voila! You then easily catch up to them, hit them once for the stun, then use Tiger Stance and rip them to shreds.
If you don't up Bear Stance, your ability to chase/hunt down is not nearly as good, and that is why we up that, as opposed to Phoenix Stance.


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Warding/Wriggle's Lantern

This is such an amazing item on anyone, especially junglers. The passive was practically made for junglers, and the lifesteal isn't a bad thing at all. In my opinion though, I think the free Ward is the best part of it all. I cannot stress how game-changing wards can be, early and late game. It can allow you to counter-jungle, or if the enemy team has a jungler who keeps invading your jungle, you can have a ward to catch him and gank him. Also, its a free late-game Baron/Dragon ward!

Here is a map of the essential and optional Ward-placements-

-Red Wards: These are needed, almost constantly. The Baron ward can wait until 15:00 (when he spawns), but you can still put it there to prevent Top/Mid getting ganked. The Dragon ward needs to be down as soon as possible. Even if he is dead, the ward can protect Mid/Bot. These are your first priorities for wards.

-Yellow Wards: These wards are used for protecting/invading the jungle. Mostly for your RED BUFF/BLUE BUFF. If you want to prevent counter-jungling, or you want to counter-jungle yourself, you will need these for sure. These are second when it comes to priority.

-Purple Wards: These are to protect your lanes from being ganked. You as a jungler won't have to worry too much about this, but it will come in handy. Say the enemy jungler is waiting in the brush, waiting for the lane to be pushed. With your ward there, you can see him, and go gank him = easy kill. These aren't at the bottom of the priority list, but they are third.

-Orange Wards: These wards are not necessary at all! They are more obscure gank-preventing wards. You really won't need these until later in the game, when towers are pushed, and teams travel together more. Yet again, if all the other spots are warded, and there are some left-over, feel free to ward these locations. These are your last priority for wards.

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Game Play

*EARLY GAME- Levels 1-6*
Pretty much, just read the JUNGLING section in this guide, and you will have this taken care of. Just follow the jungle route, once your finished, do some ganking, nothing out of the ordinary.
Items you should aim to have by the end of EARLY GAME:


*MID GAME- Levels 7-12*
You now have some options on what to do here.

Option one: Keep jungling/farming.
This option is when your team is holding/pushing towers in their lane and are doing fine in kills and deaths. This is more of a pre-made option. If you aren't pre-made, you will need very very good teammates to do this.

Option two: Roam/gank like crazy.
This is more of Normal game style of play. If you are playing a bunch of noobs, who don't have map awareness, ward, type "MIA" or "care for ganks", or push too much without being careful, this will be the better option. But if you are playing pre-made, or are much higher ELO, this is much harder to pull off.

Option three: Backdoor/push
Out of the three choices, this is my personal favorite. Because, from my point of view, you don't win by who can farm the best, or can kill the most. No, the game is determined by who can push the best. Now, if you are super farmed and/or have killed the enemies, you can push with ease. But, the technique known as "backdooring" takes a different approach to pushing.
With backdooring, you wait until their team is completely occupied (ex. Pushing, ganking, getting Dragon). Then you get into the lane furthest away from them (ex. if they are getting Dragon, you would go Top). While they are doing their thing across the map, you are at Top, pushing. You use Phoenix Stance to kill the creeps, and Tiger Stance to take down the tower.
Once again, if you are playing higher ELO matches, or pre-made, this will be much harder to pull off.

Items you should aim to have by the end of MID GAME:
(If you can't get the full Youmuu's Ghostblade, just make sure to have The Brutalizer)

*End game- Levels 13-18*
At this point, there will be nothing that can stand in your way. Make sure you keep in mind, that you are an off-tank. So don't sit in the back of your team and wait for them to initiate.
In team fights, your order of focus should be:

Basically, if you get the chance, push a lane, but don't overextend. Jungle if you can't push, and there are no lanes where you can farm.
Items you should definitely have by the end of END GAME:

You may not be able to finish your entire build, depending on how long the game lasts.

Guide Top

What to do when...


Okay, so if you do happen to get ganked while covering an allie's lane, what do you do?!
First, you have to consider ALL of the facts! I cannot stress how much you need to know what is happening around you!!

==>> First think, do you have a ward protecting the lane/area you are in??? If so, PAY ATTENTION TO IT. Let's look at a description of a ward: sight ward
Read through it? Does it say: "The moment an enemy champion enters the sight range of the ward, the minimap will automatically be pinged 100 times, a giant wall of text will appear in front of you warning you, and the game will even say to you, through audio: 'Do not surprise them with your decision, don't PUSH PUSH PUSH!'"?
Hey! newsflash, it doesn't! So you still need to pay attention to the map.

==>> You don't have a ward, and your just straight up ganked! So, what's going on?

Who is ganking you? Is it...(Each situation will have a solution below)

  • Someone with nothing but DPS? Somebody like Master Yi?
-Quite simple, simply pop your Bear Stance, hit them once, and run away! If you are low life, and want to be sure you live, use Turtle Stance -This is a much harder situation. Your best bet is to use Turtle Stance to soak up any damage they deal while you are CCed. When you recover from the stun/snare/slow, use Bear Stance, and book it! Don't even look back!
-This is where, you have to use skill. This is where you separate yourself from the "NUBS" category. This is where you show HotShotGG he's not the best one in town. This is where... okay moving on. Really, it is simply put: You have to know how they play. If they have a super pro Blitzcrank, your bet is to predict where he will use Rocket Grab, based on how he has done previously.
Also, don't set yourself up! If you are bot, and you are being ganked by Anivia, please, for all that is good, don't run to the bushes!! Because he will just wall you into a corner, and nuke you to death!

Now, is it a combination of options above? Let's say you are being ganked by Janna (Hardcore CC [maybe terrain changer if you want!]) and Pantheon. So, think about it. Janna is a rather speedy champion, and has a knock up and slow. Pantheon is not slow, or really fast. You are mid and they are coming from the bottom lane. Now include some more aspects of the game: -If so, use it, and use Bear Stance, and run in the OPPOSITE direction that they are ganking you from. Just because there is a tower, doesn't mean it can protect you (think about it: Pantheon can block the tower shot, and Janna has a shield).
-No? Still use Bear Stance and see above ^ -If so, predict where they might go! If they have Flash, they will probably try and cut you off, so take a little detour! Try and outrun them!
  • Are you running TOWARDS another enemy?
    -Don't do that...

Alright, almost done! There is just one more thing to think about, and that is: Who/where are your teammates?
  • Look up, your being ganked by Pantheon and Janna. Now look down, back up. Who is coming to your rescue?
-So think about who is on your team. Your team composition should be something like this:
_____So, you got stunned by Pantheon, and then knocked up by Janna. So snap back to reality, oh, there goes gravity, but now whatchu gonna do? First see who is close. Now, your best bet is someone who can: dish out major damage, prevent the enemy from chasing you, or help you. So, anyone will do! But it depends what situation you are in. If you are hurt, your support will be the best option, so they can heal/shield you, and you can make it out alive. If you are still fit to fight, a Tank or Caster will be best, that way they can CC them and then you go take them to school!
  • So now you know who is on your team, but Where are they?
-Now you know your team, and who you need, but are they close enough? If you are so low life, like 400 hp low, anyone will do! If you want to kill, but you only have a support nearby, don't run away from him! Go towards him! The only exception, is if you KNOW you are going to die, and if you run to your ally, that they will take him out too.


Okay, seriously...this shouldn't be too much of a problem. Let's say you just ganked their team at Baron, got it with Smite, and then killed 4 of them. There are like less than 6 champions that can really out-push you. They are: Even then, you can keep up with them, so really you should be okay.

The Other Team is Getting Baron


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Tips & Tricks

There are a couple little things to remember/do in game. Here they are:

  • Bear Stance + Ghost + Youmuu's Ghostblade = So fast nobody can catch you or run away from you
  • When attempting to gank someone, use Bear Stance about one second before you reach the target. That way, you can run to them with the bonus Movement Speed; but, more importantly: when you attack them, you will stun them. Right as you hit and stun them, you switch to Phoenix Stance (or even Tiger Stance) to deal damage. The reason you cast Bear Stance before attacking is because your skills have a one second~ cooldown after casting any other skills. This way, you use Bear Stance, catch up to them, attack them, and by that time, you can use Phoenix Stance
  • Use Tiger Stance to take down towers
  • To achieve your maximum Attack Speed, use two spells, (ex. Turtle Stance then Bear Stance) and then use Tiger Stance. You use the first two spells to get your passive, Monkey's Agility at two stacks, then Tiger Stance to get three and the bonus attack speed.
  • Keep in mind that you can only stun a target while in Bear Stance ONCE EVERY SIX SECONDS.
  • Always remember to use Youmuu's Ghostblade in team fights, it is SOOOO helpful.
  • Gank whenever you get the chance.
  • Get a leash on BLUE BUFF at level one.
  • BUY WARDS! And don't forget to place them!!!
  • Pay attention to the map! If the enemy team doesn't have a jungler, but one of them is MIA, you may want to watch your back! Especially if they are good early-level 1V1 fighters (ex. Xin Zhao, Lee Sin, Gangplank)
  • If you are being counter jungled, ask for a teammate's help to take them down! Don't be shy, just ping where they are, and ask the closest lane to help kill him.

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Well, that brings this guide to an end. Make sure to try this out before you upvote/downvote! I hope you enjoyed reading it and learned something from it. If you have questions, constructive criticism, feedback, or suggestions, feel free to tell me about them, so drop a comment. Thanks for reading!