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Draven Build Guide by ManAmIThirsty

AD Carry Who wants some Draven? A Guide by Thirsty

AD Carry Who wants some Draven? A Guide by Thirsty

Updated on October 12, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ManAmIThirsty Build Guide By ManAmIThirsty 2 4 10,081 Views 8 Comments
2 4 10,081 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ManAmIThirsty Draven Build Guide By ManAmIThirsty Updated on October 12, 2013
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Draven has the best facial hair in the entire League.(Although Graves is a great contender)
This Guide will tell you how to put all other ADCs and the rest of their team to shame while maintaining those style points.

Note: Draven Has the best Axes in the game.Screw Sion and that nuisance of a brother Darius and their axes.
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This ability helps Draven snowball hard. Every time you catch an axe or kill a creep you gain a stack of Adoration. Once you kill an enemy champion, ALL your adoration stacks are consumed giving you 3 gold per stack. If Draven gets ahead he can keep that lead very easily. Only bad thing about this passive is that it is useless late game.

Draven's Main Ability.This ability makes your next attack a spinning axe instead of a regular auto-attack. Two axes can be activated making your next two auto-attacks spinning axes. Once thrown the axe will ricochet off the target and will land in a spot determined by your movement.Note that everyone,including the enemy will,see where the axe will land making you vulnerable when going to catch an axe.If you attack standing still the axe will land close to you and you won't need to move to catch it, if you're moving as you throw it, it will land in a spot in front of your direction.Try to catch most your axes to conserve mana,but never go for one that will put you in serious danger.Farm with one at all times.Max at level 9

An attack speed and movement speed steroid. It has a fairly low mana cost and its cooldown is reset upon catching an axe meaning you can spam it when killing champs.Also use it to get escape or chase an enemy, or get to lane faster.Max at level 13

This ability has a knock-aside and slows enemies briefly. Use this to slow an enemy when chasing or escaping.It can also be used to get a free Spinning Axe off on an enemy if done quickly.Max at level 18

A global ultimate where you send two blades out and once you press R again or until it makes contact with an enemy champion it'll slowly reverse direction and come back and damage enemies again if they don't dodge it. The direction that it comes back can be slightly changed, if you move somewhere else, it comes back to your direction meaning you can curve it's trajectory back to you which can sometimes secure a kill. This also damages minions so Long Range Money Making is also a option.Max at level 16
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Pros / Cons

[*] Very good early game
[*] Great Lane Harass
[*] Spinning Axe Can be caught and reused for no mana
[*] Ultimate is a great finisher
[*] Unique Play Style
[*] Maintains High attack speed during fights
[*] Great Mustache

[*] No Immediate escape/maneuver abilities Such as Quickdraw, Arcane Shift, Ambush,or Tumble
[*] Vulnerable when going to catch Spinning Axe
[*] High Learning Curve
[*] Spinning Axe Sometimes lands in awkward areas such as terrain
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Summoner Spells

For Summoner Spells I generally run Flash and Ignite

Flash because Draven does not have an immediate escape ability. Flash allows a quick and easy escape or chase especially if Blood Rush is used right after.

Ignite Can often secure kills and has a useful health reduction effect

Cleanse is also a viable option for the removal of exhaust or Ignite and other debuffs

Barrier If you are not sure what to run barrier is a safe and great option. You can bait,deny kills,and block fatal damage ex Requiem
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I am going to do a brief rundown on the items used on Draven

These are an absolute buy on any AD Carry, mostly because of the attack speed increase. Consider The Homeguard Enchantment if the enemy is pushing your base,or Furor if you want more mobility when kiting or chasing.

Due to the fact that Draven's Spinning Axe can crit makes the passive of Infinity Edge extremely powerful. Along with the huge spike in AD and critical chance create another big spike in damage output for Draven.

A Great Second Item when combined with Infinity Edge as it supplements it passive by making Crits more consistent and buffing attack speed.

Great for life stealing to gain health during or out of battle.Also gives a big AD boost.

Why Trinity Force on Draven? Because it can greatly increase Draven's damage output by activating Blood Rush multiple times to receive damage procs from Sheen.Also slow procs and the movement speed bonus from Trinity Force make it easier and safer to catch your Spinning Axe to reset your Blood Rush and to continue receiving Sheen procs.

Good for dealing tons of damage to enemies with stacking armor,gives a nice 40+ damage boost, and is relatively cheap compared to other items.

I sometimes run this because I like the defensive aspect of the greatly increased health and the ability to slow down the enemies from the slow proc,also the 30+AD does not hurt.

Like Last Whisper this item is great for killing enemies stacking armor and this also gives a 55+AD boost.

If you are getting focused hard in team fights you might want to pick up one of these. This revives you after death bringing you back to the fight.Note that this has a 5 min. cool down,

If there is a champion that can reel you into their team such as Blitzcrank or a team that can poke you down it would be smart to buy one of these to avoid a surprise death or a reacll before the fight even begins.

When the enemy team has a ton of slows or stuns that will easily shut you down, the active (like Cleanse) will remove all disables and save your life.
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Support Synergies

Draven works well with supports with CC or Stuns.

Leona is one of the best supports Draven can have.With multiple stuns and the CC effect from Solar Flare she can almost guarantee a kill lane.

Taric is also a great choice.His stun allows multiple Spinning Axes to land causing the targeted enemy to loose a huge chunk of health or be killed. Also Taric's heal can give a slight sustain factor in the lane or (if timed properly)save you from Ace in the Hole, Bullet Time, or Trueshot Barrage

Sona is another amazing support option for Draven.With a heal and poke ability Sona can provide some sustain and great harass.Also, her ultimate Crescendo can pick up a easy kill or provide an escape.

Zilean is a fantastic support for Draven because the combination of Spinning Axe and Time Bomb provides some great harass. His ultimate Chronoshift can greatly turn the tide of battle. Also Heightened Learning Zilean's passive can help you out level the enemy ADC.

These above Supports work the best,in my opinion, with Draven, but Blitzcrank, Alistar, Thresh, Nami,and Lulu are good choices as well.
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ADC Match ups

Just to be clear I will only be covering TRUE ADCs, none of this Teemo or Urgot(ew) "ADC"(also top lane carries)

Varus is one of Draven's hardest counters.He out ranges and out harasses him.When facing Varus focus on creeps and avoiding harass.Avoid his Piercing Arrow and Hail of Arrows. The best support you can have in a Varus match up is a sustain support.

Caitlyn is one of those characters that Draven has to outplay to secure lane dominance.If you are able to dodge Piltover Peacemaker multiple times then you are able to out harass her with your Spinning Axe. Be aware and stay close to your support when low health post six to avoid a Ace in the Hole death. Draven scales better than Caitlyn late game so shutting her down early or denying cs isn't extremely important.

Kog'Maw will out range the heck out of Draven post six with Living Artillery,so try to get an early kill or deny cs as much as possible and secure lane dominance before he can.Also when securing a kill on him(if low health) quickly run away to avoid him picking up a kill due to his passive Icathian Surprise

When facing Tristana the best thing to do is out harass her.Seeing as she can pretty much deal as much damage as you can a sustain support can be very beneficial. When she uses Rocket Jump to attack you, use Stand Aside to block her and either escape or follow up with an attack. (This same tactic can be used for Quinn's Vault)

The Above ADCs should always be fought starting with Boots and 3 Health Potions
for survivability
The Below ADCs should be fought starting with Long Sword+2 Health Potions or a Doran's Blade for better damage output

Vayne Scales better than Draven,so shutting her down early is your best bet. Your support should be poking as much as possible to keep pressure,and along with harassing her yourself, try to keep up with creeps. Remember to always stay away from walls as she can use Condemn pinning you to a wall and getting free damage or a kill.

The Rest of the AD carries Ashe, Corki, Ezreal, Graves, Miss Fortune, Quinn, Sivir,and Twitch will be worked on later because I feel I need more experience going against these carries.
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Draven is a exceptional AD Carry and can lead his team to victory if used correctly.I hope this guide has helped any Draven owners improve their skills with the GLORIOUS Executioner

Any feedback would be appreciated as this is my first guide.

Never Forget to welcome your foes to the LEAGUE OF DRAVEN
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ManAmIThirsty
ManAmIThirsty Draven Guide
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Who wants some Draven? A Guide by Thirsty

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