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Quinn Build Guide by johnbazooka

AD Carry Who's there? Quinn & Valor

AD Carry Who's there? Quinn & Valor

Updated on January 18, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author johnbazooka Build Guide By johnbazooka 12,698 Views 1 Comments
12,698 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author johnbazooka Quinn Build Guide By johnbazooka Updated on January 18, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Hi guys! This is my first guide and I love to teach about my favorite ADC: Quinn & Valor. This ranged fighter (she's a fake ADC) always can win bot line, because she has a blind for the enemy ADC and a 1st bursty basic attack, movement and attack speed.

Sorry for my english, but it isn't my native language.
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+ Blind
+ Wins Attack+Movement Speed constantly
+ Constantly Map Vision
+ First bursty Basic Attack
+ Good persecution
+ Great Split-pusher
+ Not Mana hungry
- Underrated
- A difficult champion
- Only one escape and is difficult to use
- Her W and R have a long CD
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Greater Mark of Attack Damage: Harrier, Blinding Assault and Skystrike have a good scaling with AD, and works for your farming.

Greater Seal of Armor: Required. Specially for AD junglers when they gank you.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: In early AP Supports and ADCs like Ezreal, Tristana and Varus have a lot magic damage. What do you think about Zilean's Time Bomb?

If they don't have so much Magic damage, you can reemplace this Glyph for Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed: Excellent for farming and for ADCs.
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21 in Offensive

Fury : More Attack Speed always is good.

Butcher : for better farming.

Feast : A little bit health and mana sustain.

Brute Force , Martial Mastery and Warlord : More AD, more kills.

Executioner : This is a very important mastery for any carry. You must kill'em all, and this really helps you.

Dangerous Game : Important mastery too. You have the Damage, so you are the main target of the enemy team. They hate you and they will do everything to hurt you, so when you beat your enemy, this restores a percentage of your missing Health, nice? Perfect for some damage over time like Noxian Diplomacy or Toxic Shot.

Frenzy : You'll get this +5% Attack Speed (stackables trice), +5% Attack Speed for Fury AND the bonus of Attack Speed for your ability Heightened Senses.

Devastating Strikes : Both penetration, so outrageous. Armor penetration is always perfect for you.

Havoc : your most important role is hurting other champs.

Sorcery: Although Heightened Senses and Tag Team have a long CD, you don't need the CD Reduction. Use those abilities wisely and enjoy more Attack Speed picking Fury .

Expose Weakness : Let this mastery for abilities that initiate a teamfight and make damage in an area, like Tidal Wave, Stranglethorns or Glacial Prison. Quinn doesn't field this requeriments.

9 in Deffense

Block : This would help you receiving less damage from the enemy ADC and ranged Supports.

Recovery : better sustain in early game.

Unyielding : this mastery works better on Quinn because you're a ranged champ AND a melee champ when you use tag team, Valor receive -2 of damage (instead of -1).

Veteran Scars : more life, nice.

Juggernaut : good Quinns always buy a health item. This mastery helps you a little bit.

Enchanted Armor : Generally you'll buy only one deffensive item.
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Summoner Spells


Flash is obligatory. You don't have many ways to escape, and is very powerful when you use it offensively.



*+ The Editor's Pick +* Useful to save you and your lovely Support. Heals a good ammount of Health (you and your partner) and you two receive 30% of Movement Speed (feel free to use in teamfights).

When your Support has Heal, use this spell if you want more survival. Remplace Heal with Barrier if you're versus an ADC with Grievous Wounds (like Miss Fortune's Impure Shots).


Perfect when your prey tries to escape, guaranteed kill. Also works for keeping a safe distance from your enemy in dangerous situations.

Better in Top Quinns for ganks + Dragon . Works nice with Valor if you want go around the map cleaning low Health champions after a teamfight.


Guarantees the kill making True Damage and putting Grievous Wounds on your enemy. Nice against champions with insane sustain.
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Passive Harrier:

The reason of your bursty basic attack is your passive. When Valor says "Attack!" with the targets, you must attack. This works with Heightened Senses, and this is the reason why t's important maximize W in 2nd placce. The passive is off when Valor is active, but don't worry, Valor has improved Movement Speed and Attack Speed.

Q Blinding Assault:

Why Quinn & Valor always wins versus a basic attack champion? This ability. The blind always makes the difference. Use wisely when you are Quinn, you can fail the skillshot. Use it when nothing can collide. Have in mind that when Valor collides, makes damage and blinds in a small area.

Maximize in 1nd place.

W Heightened Senses:

Active: You can see in an area around you. Works for everything: Check red and blue buffs, Dragon, Baron, bushes, maybe a gank, invades, jungle, etc. This have a long coldown, but don't be afraid if you wanna use it.

Passive: Vulnerable target hates this passive. As Quinn you gain so much Attack+Movement Speed... FREE!. Perfect when you try to get the kill and the enemy tries to leave. Perfect to escape too: Valor targets him? Shoot a basic attack and run. If you maximize this skill first, your DPS will be high as Quinn and much higher as Valor. Also you can secure a kill at level 6 if you haven't killed yet.

Maximize in 2nd place.

E Vault:

Costs only 50 Mana and is perfect for poke, because Quinn targets the enemy with Harrier, so you can hit 2/3 basic attacks with this ability. As Quinn, This ability is your unique escape, you must use it at the perfect time. When the enemies are close to you, stay in the direction of your escape and cast: you distance yourself from your enemy and slows him/her for 2 seconds. With your enemy vulnerable, shoot him/her a basic attack (this basic attack gives you a percentaje of movement speed) and run. You can also use this skill to pass over thin walls if you cast it correctly.

As Valor, you should use this ability when the enemy use an ability to escape, so you get closer and kill him/her.

Maximize in 3nd place.

tag team
R Tag Team:

"VALOR!" Time for fun! Use this ability to kill. When you see the enemy with low health, don't be scared, trust in Valor. Don't use in a middle of a teamfight or to start a teamfight, this simply doesn't work and you'll probably get killed. When the teamfight is ended, it's not for Valor. With your kit of abilities you can see them in the jungle with Heightened Senses and catch'em with Vault.

R Skystrike:

Simple. You use this ability to do the last hit.

ALWAYS maximize at level 6, 11 and 16.
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Early Items

Doran's Blade:

Perfect for early Damage+Sustain+Health. If you back soon to base, is good to buy another Doran's Blade.

The Attack Speed Item (Choose one)

Statikk Shiv:

The item for the bursty basic attacks. With Harrier make a good couple, and with Infinity Edge much more. Don't use when the other team have a lot Magic Resist.
Phantom Dancer:

*+ The Editor's Pick +*With the nerf on Infinite Edge, you really need the 35% Critical Chance, and gives you more Attack Speed than Statikk Shiv. You can ignore unit collition too.

The Life Steal Item

Blade of the Ruined King:

Attack Speed+Life Steal+some Damage, nice! Perfect for healthies like Vladimir, Garen and Dr. Mundo. Active very useful for run and chase.
The Bloodthirster:

A focused deffensive item, but with huge damage. Great for jungling (included Dragon and Baron ). Great for teams with much poke. Great. Great. Great.

The Huge Damage

Infinity Edge:

Essential for any ADC. Stacks with passive of Statikk Shiv.
The Bloodthirster:

Sometimes we just need only more Damage. Perfect as 2nd Damage item.

The Penetration Item (Choose one)

Last Whisper:

If they build armor, buy it.
Youmuu's Ghostblade:

Perfect if you need more Critical Chance and the other team don't have much Armor. The Active can help you killing champions or for escape.

The Deffensive item (Choose one)

Frozen Mallet:

My favorite defensive item. A lot of Health, some Damage and excellent passive for hunting preys.
Maw of Malmortius:

Excellent for AP teams when you trade damage.

Spirit Visage:

Excellent for AP teams. More sustain than Maw of Malmortius, less Damage. Buy this when they have a lot of Magic skillshots.
Banshee's Veil:

When they have THE ability that initiate teamfights (like Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Glacial Prison and Rocket Grab), this is your item. Buy if they are at least 1 AP.

Randuin's Omen:

Classic for AD teams (and against basic attacks champs like Quinn, Jax, Xin Zhao or Master Yi). Nice active witch slows enemies.
Warmog's Armor:

If they don't buy Blade of the Ruined King (like Ezreal) or Liandry's Anguish, it's your item.

Guardian Angel:

Perfect against champions that can deleting you in seconds spending all their skills, like Talon or Kha'Zix.

When they have A lot (but really) a lot of CC, buy this item. Also gives you Attack Speed and Damage (and some CD Reduction, but not important for Quinn).

Mercurial Scimitar:

Perfect against enemies with a hard CC like Warwick's Infinite Duress or debuffs like Zed's Death Mark. Gives you a lot of damage and Magic Ressist, but it's expensive. You can buy Quicksilver Sash if you need the active quickly.

Other Items

Trinity Force:

This item is perfect for your busted basic attacks, and gives a bit of everything (AS, Critical Chance, Movement Speed, etc.). Too expensive though.


Berserker's Greaves:

Nice for Quinn when everything is ok.
Mercury's Treads:

If the enemy team has lots of hard CC in early ( Leona+ Fiddlesticks+ Sejuani+ Warwick+ Lulu), is worth sacrificing 25 attack speed for the Tenacity.


Greater Stealth Totem:

When you build is ok, upgrade it. If you see a lonely prey, Valor loves go hunting.
Oracle's Lens:

Perfect against Akali, Twitch, Rengar, etc. Also you can see Stealth Wards.


Enchantment: Furor:

When everything is ok, buy it.
Enchantment: Homeguard

When the things are not so great and you recall a lot, this is your Enchantment. Useful with Valor too, hunting preys.
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Duo bot: Supports

The best friend of an ADC is his/her support. Now lets see how our BFF can helps us.


*+ The Editor's BFF +*

Pros: Her passive Tailwind is simply awesome, AWESOME!!! You'll feel free to poke and back safely. With your passive Heightened Senses you always feel fast. She can save you with Howling Gale for ganks (cutting casts), balancing the Quinn's poor salvation. Gives you AD ( Eye Of The Storm), perfect for an ADC with good AD scalings (she should use when you start the Vault).

Cons: She's very squishy and a little mana hungry in the first levels. Protect her.


Pros: A little of everything. Saves you, helps you with kills, multiple CC, etc. She poke more than other supports. Is better Help, Pix! in you than in the enemy, because when you have the bonus Attack Speed of Heightened Senses, Pix hits more. She can use Wild Growth offensively with Valor, knocking up and slowing your enemy.

Cons: She's a bit squishy, protect her.


Pros: An area stun, she heals you a bit, excellent. But her passive Surging Tides is made for Quinn: some more Movement Speed! and with Tidecaller's Blessing, MUCH MORE DAMAGE FOR YOU BASIC ATTACKS! I love this mermaid.

Cons: She's very squishy, and when Aqua Prison is in CD, you both must play passively, because you don't have a real way to escape safely. Protect her.


Pros: She pokes, heals you and increase your Movement Speed, The Girl of the Auras. For the passively games.

Cons: She's squishy and Mana hungry in the first levels. Her stun is magnificent, but is her ult, and have a long CD in the first levels.


Pros: Gives you free Armor and has a targetable stun, nice. He's tank, nice! When he use Radiance, it's time to attack. Gives you power and breaks the enemy's armor.

Cons: It's not easy for him to combo the enemy, be patient. His heal in early is poor and consumes a lot of Mana.


Pros: The popular Support. Can save you easily with Dark Passage and his abilities helps you a lot with your Vault. Also makes a good poke.

Cons: You must trust him. The lantern can either save you or get you in trouble.


Pros: DAMAGE! DAMAGE! SLOW THEM! FAST ME! Look if Zilean uses Chronoshift on you, watch the hourglasses around you.

Cons: The most squishy support, his speed up is fantastic, but useless with tons of hard CC. No heals, no barriers like other supports. Only offensive lane.


Pros: The grab, the stun and an area silence, perfect! A little tank, perfect!

Cons: He doesn't have abilities to save you. If he doesn't grab anyone, is a useless Support.


Pros: The tank with stun, slow, stun... Her passive Sunlight helps you for the bursty basic attacks. Guaranteed kills.

Cons: She can't really save you, she often sacrifices herself for you.


Pros: So much Damage, CCs and a barrier.

Cons: Very squishy. A good enemy can easily avoid her Light Binding. He can KS you a lot, because of her huge damage.


Pros: Poke and stun. She can save you with her Black Shield, so you can ignore all the CC (perfect against Leona). She's offensive and defensive at the same time.

Cons: As a Support, squishy in late game. She's a great Support, but not my favorite for Quinn.


Pros: A lot of base Damage, she doesn't need much AP to be very useful in late game. If she can apply the snare of Focused Resolve, you can win the trades or get some killes in lane phase.

Cons: A bit squishy. Good players can avoid easily Inner Flame.
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The End

Thanks you for read! I hope you liked this guide. You can comment below for create a disscution about the items, the abilities, the supports, aesthetic aspects or whatever you want. See you next time!
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Valor image: ask-the-winds-of-demacia

Thanks to:

ZeroBeazt for teach me a lot about this champion.
Stewox for language correction.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author johnbazooka
johnbazooka Quinn Guide
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Who's there? Quinn & Valor

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