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Riven Build Guide by LunarkeGG

Middle [WIP] Riven from 0 to toxic riven main [WIP]

Middle [WIP] Riven from 0 to toxic riven main [WIP]

Updated on October 19, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LunarkeGG Build Guide By LunarkeGG 6 1 15,521 Views 0 Comments
6 1 15,521 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LunarkeGG Riven Build Guide By LunarkeGG Updated on October 19, 2019
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  • LoL Champion: Riven
  • LoL Champion: Riven


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Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

[WIP] Riven from 0 to toxic riven main [WIP]

By LunarkeGG

Hello, I am a streamer that goes by the name of Lunarke (loon-are-key). I've been playing league since season 4 and I have 11 accounts! I struggled a lot to find my main throughout the time I've played and I've played every champ and every role but still had no idea who I wanted to main. I would pick a champ and play it for about a week or two then get bored with it and go on. The only champ I ever played for a long time was Kayn which is why you'll see my love for him in a lot of the fan art I retweet on my Twitter. But honestly I hated playing jg and it wasn't because I was bad it, I just felt forced to play it to gain elo. Then in came riven she was one of the first champs I picked up and instantly liked mainly for dunkeys rap with him playing riven which I loved at the time and still do I just struggled so much with her combos. So I recently finally decided to dedicate myself to playing a champion I love in a role that's, not jg :3 haha.

I love to play in low elo to make friends so feel free to join my Discord to talk to me more and maybe give me tips on my guide or Riven! And no I will not boost you. xD

My Stream
I mainly stream league but I will stream other games like Minecraft, OSU, Borderlands so come check it out if you are interested!

All the Links
Twitter LunarkeGG
Discord OffMetaGaming Server
My Stream lunarkeGG





I'll talk from personal experience. So no guessing or anything. If I've played the matchup more then a couple of times I'll post the champs name down here and let you know how I've won the matchup and the things that cost me the matchups.

These are all the matchups i have done. still WIP just listen em to remember!



The first thing you HAVE to learn is the fast Q combo. Not only will this help make your trades faster but it will help you with every other combo!

If done correctly the fast Q combo can save you more then half a second which in league can be pretty big if used repeatedly/correctly!

Basic Combos

Gap close combo
Q > E > Q

Fast combo
AA > Q > Move > AA > Q > Move > AA > Q > Move

Short trade combos
Q > AA > W > AA > E
Q > Move > W > Move > E

Tiamate combos
T > W
E > T
T > Q
T > W > R1 or R2
E > T > W > Q
E > T > W > R2 > Q

Initiation combo
E > R > F > Q3

Double Casts

With E
E > R2 > W
E > W > Q
E > AA > W > Q
E > R2 > Q
E > F > AA > W > Q
E > F > W > Q
E > R1 > F > W > Q

Without E
R2 > Q
R2 > W

Big Combos

Lunarke Combo:
Flash less combo for when you don't have flash and still wanna all in a team fight.

Lunarke combo

Q1 > Q2 > E > R1 > Q3 > AA > W > AA > T > R2

Shy Combo:
Used to inflict as much damage on an enemy in the shortest amount of time.

Shy combo variations

E > R1 > F > W > Pause > AA > T > R2 > Q

E > R1 > F > W > Q > AA > T > R2 > Q

Q > E > R1 > F > W > Q2 > AA > T > R2 > Q3 > AA

Taiwan Combo:
A one-shot combo that looks cool but isn't that effective.

Taiwan combo variations

R1 > E > R2 > F > W > Q

R1 > E > F > R2 > W > Q

NidJr Combo:
Like the shy combo but without tiamate.

NidJr combo

E > R > F > W > Q > Move > AA > R2 > Q2

Exil Combo #1:
Taiwan combo without the flash.

Exil combo

R1 > E > R2 > Q > W > T > Q > AA > Q > AA

Exil Combo #2:
One-shot squishy.

Exil combo

E > R > Q > F > W > AA > R > Q > T

BoxBox Combo:
Flashy engage in a team fight.

BoxBox combo

E > R1 > Q3 > AA > W > R2 > T > AA

BRNA Combo:
Short fast combo.

BRNA combo

E > R1 > F > T > W > AA > R2 > Q

Try to get as close to this as possible! I find 40CS at 5 min and 90CS at 10 min to be my average (in real games, not training mode) so let's say that's a safe minimum. My daily routine as of right now 10/15 is to CS to 5 min while using just autos with a long sword and repeating till I have 50CS at 5 min. Once I have that I do the same thing but this time I can use my abilities as well. Then lastly I'll do it one final time but this time I can use only autos and I have no items. This mainly helps in two ways knowing the last possible second to last hit (good for freezing and slow pushing) and can help you micro-manage your time thinking to yourself I can still kill this cs at this hp so I have X amount of time left to fit in a short trade.

No need to get down on yourself if you are under the goal of perfect cs at 5 min. It happens a lot, especially in difficult matchups but its the way you come back from a bad early game that will make you a better laner. Win lane isn't always the way to win the game.

Quick tip for combos
Something that can help you a lot is pausing in between every action.
Aka E > pause > R > pause > Q > pause. Try to rush a combo and you could end up making the combo take longer then it should for instance if you hit E > R > Q to fast you will still be locked in place for the R animation. But also make sure not to take to long of a pause either since that can again cause you to be stuck in the R animation.
Quick info on Riven in the meta

Here are the current matchup win rates at the moment. Just so you can get a little idea into what lanes Riven will smash!

As you can see she has a very low win rate but that doesn't mean you can't climb as her!

Things i learned while learning riven
I learned the thing stopping me from doing the fast Q combo especially when I was doing it in a combo like E > F > AA > W > Q > Into fast Q combo was I was Q'ing through them and not on them which was making me miss click a lot more and in turn slowing down my combo.


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