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Nunu Build Guide by Gott der 7 Meere

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gott der 7 Meere

Wriggle's Nunu

Gott der 7 Meere Last updated on September 11, 2015
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Nunu belongs to the old school junglers. Can he compete with junglers like Nocturne or Vi ? After changes to Nunu, jungle and jungle items no one really knows how strong he is. I barely see anyone play Nunu nowadays and there are no good guides on him. I think that is a mistake.

Nunu excels at one thing: stealing monsters. Rewarding big monster kills with additional gold, exp and damage stacks just seems too good to be true. To him, the enemy jungle just became a lot more appealing.

With new jugnle items, the new wards and trinkets, as well as a changed and upgraded Consume, Nunu is a force to be reckoned with. Longer spawn timers, items rewarding counterjungling and new camp effects just making him really strong overall, and with this build in particular. I encourage you to write a new Nunu Jungle guide.

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Runes, Masteries, Summoner Spells

First of all, Nunu's jungle is not relly relying on any runes, masteries or items. But it can be sped up a lot with the right stats. Above all, CDR dramatically increases his Consume use, it has a huge CD at low levels. Other stuff can be helpful, but is not mandatory.

Runes - I go 20% CDR as that gets me to the cap with blue already. If you dont have them, go for AS (red) and Armor (yellow). You reach the cap with some scaling CDR or Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

Masteries - I grab 10% CDR from Sorcery and Intelligence and go for the jungle utility, starting gold and movespeed. I whatever else you take from low tire defense or offense is up to you.

Summoner Spells - Smite and Clairvoyance. Theoretically, you don't need Smite on Nunu. But it speeds up your jungle immensly, increasing your gold income by over 30%! Additional jungle speed, buff control, really every jungler gets it.
Flash and Ignite can go instead of CV, I just found CV to be the best counter-jungle spell there is, blue trinket doesn't come near it, really.

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Makes yourself mana independent as long as you chain it right. Endless jungle farming guaranteed. However, your mana pool is low, your skills high cost, meaning you won't get several rotations unless you auto attack.

Your defining skill, a NomNom for big monsters. Just gather all the sweet stacks. It heal and gives weird, unexpected stats, too. Spellvamp for a mega-heal. Your personal low-CD Smite makes you the one who can solo dragon and baron the earliest.

Really good for you. Due to this you can skip boots for the biggest part of your early game. And are guaranteed to be faster than your enemies. The buff is great for your adc late game.

Mostly for ganks, as it costs a lot of mana. With enough CDR you can chain spamm this for a perma slow. No one will escape you. No one.

Great skill. Allthough a channel, its slows are huge for teamfights and the surprise kills if you use it from bush make you and your team smile. Also your only way to quickly farm minion waves.

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As I said, you are not really depending on anything specific. Your one cornerstone is Poacher's Knife. Still, I found that a tanky bruiser build suits him better than AP, so have a look at what I suggest.

You start with Machete and pots, wards if you don't have CV and want to invade early. You really only need one Health potion for soloing your first buff. Standard Jungle setup:

Next is your Jungle farm stage. Unlike on most champions, I also tend to upgrade my trinket as soon as I turn 9, I think the vision pays off for counter-jungling and snowballing. If you have money left, get defensive item parts.

New jungle item replaces sunfire, yay! I always get Ohmwrecker next. They are your big defense and help you to dive, splitpush and escape from the enemy jungle. When I want damage, I tend to get Hextech Gunblade. I rarely upgrade my jungle item, Nunu has no direct benefit from any of the upgrades. Just because he can build them, doesn't mean he should always do that. If you do it because you see a snowball comming, go for Devour. Spellvamp is needed for baron.

Finish Your build with the right defense. Make up for lack of damage if you have to. You can vary from Abyssal Mask and Wit's End to Randuin's Omen in your last slots.

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Let me rephrase a simple, yet vital, fact for you. Big monsters in the enemy jungle give +50g with Poacher's Knife, and half your Smite CD...

Your job is not really to fight the enemy jungler, its to steal his farm. Give him an Ice Blast if he goes for you and walk away with Blood Boil. Unlike Shaco you are not the greatest duellist until you get damage items. Your big strenght is that you just have to pass by a camp and eat away the big one, do that regularly and your enemy jungler will be useless. Use your CV to track him and put a ward in his jungle. If the enemy jungler farms your camps, then you can battle him with your team. Pay special attention to the wight camp, its single target and really sweet for you. Make sure to smite the Raptor for an Oracle.

You migth even follow the enemy jungler around, outsmiting/consuming him for several minutes to make him rage-quit.

Do it right and you should have tons of money and an xp advantage, allowing you to control every objective. Get dragons and towers early and literally snowball your team.

If you just want to farm your own jungle on top of the occasional steals, you may ask your mid laner to clear away the small wraiths, making your wraith camp a quick farm for you.

Always keep an eye on baron. You can duel it as soon as you get spellvamp, you can solo it as soon as you have 2 defensive items and dodge his spells (dangerous though).

Make your early and mid game count. Your late game becomes reliant on good carries and you don't want to loose to a Vayne or Fizz. Your Ice Blast can be countered ( ), your ult interrupted. Nunu is in no way a free win, but he is one of the strongest junglers there is. Devour upgrade can be helpfull to scale a little for late-game, and works well with late game teams.

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The End

I hope you liked it, write a better guide if you disagree (Old Nunu guides are terrible IMO).