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Warwick Build Guide by DatTrashy

WTFUUUU..Nomnomnom. Warwick was here. :3

By DatTrashy | Updated on April 23, 2012

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Who the fuck are you??!11

Heyo, my name is DatTrashy, Ingame deVaginator, and I'm from Germany. (which will maybe explain my terrible English)

So... WTF are u doing here??!11
Well, this is my first guide on Mobafire, and it's about Warwick, one of my main champions on the top lane (and imo one of the strongest champions ingame).

I visited your profile in LoL...YOU SUCK!
This game is about team play, so scores just show how bad or how good your teams are. Most time, I try to help out in my team where I can - not that easy every time. :/

Wow, you're so pro! I wanna know everything about you!!11
Yeah, it's k... I know! Well - I play top. Nuff said. I play top every match I can, You could almost say that top is the only lane I can and want to play on. So I watched some streams, read some helpful guides and I learned. And now I want to help you learning to play on this lane. Some people think that playing solo top is really easy: farm. Basically right - but what to do if your enemy is too strong, what to do if the ganks are too strong? - I will explain you something.
Have fun with my special Warwick-Guide. :)
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WHO is Warwick?

Warwick is a **********in wolf which is usually played in the jungle or on the top lane (I think 2nd is definitley more viable).
Just like Renekton, Jarvan IV or Riven you can build him as an AD Offtank. I will explain you why there's a better way to play him: Since Warwick's passive Eternal Thirst got some changes with one of the last patches, it deals additional magic damage with every hit and heals warwick for a amount of the damage.

So...What is the difference between attack damage and magic damage?

Against attack damage you just need to buy armor. Armor. Armor. ( Thornmail hello!)
Against magic damage, ofc you have to buy magic resistance. (Just items like Force of Nature or stuff like that.)
But what should you buy if your enemy deals magic AND ad damage?
Everybody who ever played against attack speed / offtank-Warwick will hate you for using this guide. But damn - It's so funny! ^_^
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- GREAT sustainability, thanks to Hungering Strike
- Very tanky
- A lot of mr/armor mid game
- I know NO counterpick on this way of playing Warwick.
- Until you got a 2.000 attack speed, there's sobody who can beat you 1v1
- Dat ULTI! <3 Infinite Duress
- Great farmer
- Great AP&AD damage at the same time
- Unstoppable in end game

- Squishy in earlygame
- Laning against AP champions like Rumble or Mordekaiser can be difficult if they are good.
- SOMEWHAT item dependent
- You need to farm a lot. Farm. Farm.
- No real escape mechanism. (You won't need it! >:D)
- Comparatively weak mid game. (not that tanky, not that much burst damage)
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I take Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion at the start, which will give you almost 400 movement speed with the right runes and also enough sustain. ( Hungering Strike+ Health Potion)

Now i take Kindlegem and if you already farmed enough, buy also some Sight Wards and a Recurve Bow - you will need both.

2nd BACK:
If you farm good, you should be able to finish your Spirit Visage and Wit's End now. Why do I pick this items?

Spirit Visage is epic on Warwick. EPIC! 15% more heal for your passive and for Hungering Strike will help you to stay on your lane. If you got counterpicked with a AP Champion, the magic resistance will also help you a lot.

Wit's End is the 2nd Item which will help you to destroy your enemy. Attack speed, magic resistance and this additional magic damage which works pretty well with your passive. Just awsome!

Now you bought some Health, some magic resistance and also some attack speed. Now you need health. More health. And an item with a epic passive of epicness. You know what I mean? RIGHT!

Sunfire Cape will make your enemies burn! 35 Magic damage per second in a range of 400 is just OP. And again...It works good with your passive and Wit's End
And if dat fed Vayne from the bot lane makes you angry, 45 armor also makes this item really viable.

Now we are in mid game - and from now, you just will get stronger with this build. Your next item is...

Ionic Spark! - Some people don't know how strong this item is on Warwick. An example:
After getting this item you will have a 2.000 attack speed but not that much ad. Why? You don't need it. Every auto attack will deal 116 damage without any ad items.
116 damage per hit + 42 (from Wit's End) + 35x ( Sunfire Cape = 193 damage per second. The passive of Ionic Spark will give you additional 110 magic damage up to 4 targets in range.
For a singe target this means SICK 303 DAMAGE every 4th hit -> every 2 seconds.
Epic, and now you just have to add the passive 4% from...

Madred's Bloodrazor! - This means at least 303 Damage + 4& of the enemie's HP per hit. Epic, isn't it?
And since your Ultimate Infinite Duress applies on-hit-effects, it's way more epic.

Situational, you can also pick another last item.

Fed AD Carry from the bot? - Thornmail
Not tanky enough? - Frozen Mallet / Warmog's Armor
You die too often? - Guardian Angel
Some life steal and AD? - Bloodthurster

But in most of all cases i would buy Madred's cause it's way stronger. You have to decide. :)
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Summoner Spells

My main summoner spells are Ghost and Heal - Why?

Ghost will be your missing gap-closer it makes chasing enemies way easier and is also good for running away. Definitley viable.

Heal is really strong since it got buffed. You get tower-dived? Just ulti+ Heal and they know why you picked it. You are fighting in a very close 1v1? Heal will save you. Take it!

Flash - I don't like it. Really. Since it got nerfed i flash against walls all the time...:(
Ofcourse Flash+Ulti is a great positioning tool, but Ghost is just better.

Teleport is good for holding your top lane, defending towers or just for getting back on your lane. If used correctly it will garant you a farm advantage. But I just don't like it. It can't save you in a fight, so better take other spells.

Exhaust would be my 2nd choice after heal. A exhausted AD carry is almost a won teamfight. So...Why not? :-)

Ignite - I don't like it on Warwick. You don't need much kills. It's just a situational pick, for example against dat scary AD Sion or dat fed Tryndamere.

Reivive - Your team won't like you. Feed faster.

Smite - Kill the big minion, KILL IT!!! Uh? No. Just no.

Clarity - Umad bro?

Cleanse is pretty good against guys like Malzahar. But you really don't need it. You just will tank dat ****!
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Just some explanations cause some guys asked me:"DA****? Magic penetration runes on Warwick?! Umad bro? Short answer: Yes. This magic pen runes will garant you the earlygame advantage you need to dominate your lane. Your Hungering Strike, which is your main skill for harassment and farming, will deal way more damage with this magic pen runes. Trust me and try it!

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9 on the reds
Greater Seal of Armor x9 on the yellows - You need the armor against every AD champ.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x9 on the blues - just as important against AP champs as Greater Seal of Armor is against AD champs. Take it!
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed x2 - Helps you a lot. You'll need it for chasing enemies and this way you don't need to buy your mr-boots instantly.

Greater Quintessence of Health x1 - What's better than 500 health? Right! 520 health.
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Laning opponents & some comments

Here I will show you some other solo top champions you maybe will play against. I played against every of them more than one time. Here we go...

Mordekaiser - Uh. Maybe your hardest lane opponent. Maybe I just hate the champion, but without a really good jungler you will get problems. When Mordekaiser gets his Hextech Revolver it will be really difficult to kill him. I don't know if you can beat a equal skilled Mordekaiser. Just try to avoid big minion waves and farm. Farm. Farm. Wait for ganks. Farm. At least you should beat him in endgame.

Jarvan IV - GZ! You countered this guy pretty well. Try to harass him hard in earlygame. Without pots he has almost no sustain without a Wriggles Lantern. So just kill'em.

Renekton - Not a easy lane at all. Avoid his early game damage. Give him your Hungering Strike as often as you can and keep playing defensive. Until minute 15-20 you should be able to beat him in 1v1.

Riven - Same as Renekton. Really hard early game burst but lower sustain than you. Try do give her your Q without her shield.

Nasus - Maybe his w (attack speed debuff) should be good against Warwick, but I never had problems against this guy. Just don't let him stack his Q, that's important.

Skarner - Most time seen in the jungle, but he's really strong against Warwick. I don't know exactly why but with his shield and with his E he has a lot of sustainability. Better play passive and wait for ganks.

Tryndamere - Iknow, his crits are pure madness in earlygame, but you should be able to heal the incoming damage with your Q. Definitley try to beat him before he reaches Lvl 6.

Rumble - *******, dat Rumble... Avoiding his Q and E sounds easier than it is. Same as Modekaiser - stay defensive and wait for your jungler. And farm. FARM.

Yorick - Yorick isn't that early-game strong. Ignore his ghouls and just spam your Q on himself. In 99% of all cases this means WIN for you.

Poppy - Her sustain just sucks and her damage isn't enough to 1-shot you. So just kill her .

Udyr - Let him waste his E, run away every time he wants to use his stun on you. It's a equal lane, may the best man win! ;)

Nidalee - AP is no problem for you. AD deals a lot of damage, iknow, but you should just outsustain her. Poke with your Q, wait for the jungler...It will work.

Dr. Mundo - SERIOUSLEY. I HATE THIS GUY. This Mundo makes me mad every time i lane against him. This isn't a easy lane at all. Avoid Mundo's Infected Cleaver and important: Take Ignite against him. His Ultimate suxx.

Gangplank - You are a counter. DESTROY THIS OP CHAMP!

Malphite - Also a equal lane. I never really destroyed a Malphite, but he also didn't destroy me.

Olaf - This guy deals 300 true damage every 4 seconds. But luckily your Hungering Strike is made for cases like this! But still don't fight him 1v1. He just will win cause it's Olaf.

Wukong - This banana-junkie makes me mad, really. He won't beat you, and with a bit luck and skill you will beat him. But he's still pretty dangerous. Keep saying miss and watching the map. Your mates will love you for this.

Lee Sin - Another champ in the long list with champions making me mad. Ungankable but still so OP. His damage output will destroy you. How to counter? Just avoid his Q and farm. Farm. Wait for ganks. Farm.

Irelia - Not played yet.
Shyvana - Not played yet.
Master Yi - Not played yet.
Kennen - Not played yet.
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Nothing to explain here.
I prefer 9/21/0, 21/9/0 would also work. I'm not sure if 0/21/9 works, but it should work too. This is your choice.
9/21/0 gives me more HP, some armor and magic resistance. I got enough damage with my runes, so defense is more viable.
Try it yourself. :)
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What is your role in a teamfight?

You are Warwick. A damage-dealing tanky *******. But if the enemy team does right, they won't focus you. They will focus your AD carry, for example Ashe, Vayne or Graves. In some cases it also happens that they focus your AP carry, guys like Fizz, Brand or Malzahar.
If played correctly, you can decide a teamfight, you can make your team winning or loosing. Important in teamfights is your ultimate, Infinite Duress.
Infinite Duress surpresses another champion for 1,8 seconds, enough time for your team to kill him. So you should set your ultimate on the enemy which deals the most damage -> The AD/AP carry of the enemy team. If your team is good, they will follow you to kill this guy as soon as they can. If your ulitmate gets cancelled or is over, you have to defend your carry. Remember: better YOU die than your carry.

Some examples for good focus and for bad focus:

You should focus:
- This fed Miss Fortune with 3 Bloodthursters
- The Brand with 20/0 who's raping your team
- The AP- Nidalee with her javelin-aimbot and 40/0
- The full-tank- Shen with Thornmail and Force of Nature ... Wait... What?

Better don't focus:
- The 0/21 Ashe that deals negative damage
- The ...
Okay, I think you got it. I hope so.
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A story about lane control

First of all something generally:

On the top lane, FARM is something very important. You will earn all your money with this sweet little suicide-creeps. But ther is a difference between farming and pushing your lane.
In early game you should just lasthit the creeps. Wait until their HP is falling low and hit them once. You need to train this. If you are new in League of Legends, gold per second items (like Heart of Gold and Philosopher's stone) will help you to get enough gold for this expensive items you want to buy.

When should I push and when should I let my opponent push?

You need to know when you can push and when you can't. Stay defensive until minute 4, when the enemie's jungler will gank for the first time. Look where he is on the map. When he is far away, on the bot lane for example, you can push your lane. Why?
This is simple: You want to push your minions to the enemie's tower. So he looses some lasthits. You should also try to push when your opponent is away. So he will loose experience and creeps. If the jungler could be on his way to your lane or if your jungler wants to gank, you have let your enemy push, but you want still some creeps. So how can we reach this?
It's also pretty simple: You just have to leave the big minion of your enemy alive. After some waves the lane will push automatically.

AND REMEMBER!!! Get some wards every time you go back. Your job is just to avoid ganks, not to ward key positions. But if you have enough gold, you can also set some wards at the enemie's Bluebuff or at Baron Nashor's. Your supporter will love you.
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This was my first guide on I hope you enjoyed it. :) Don't forget to vote and leave a comment below. If you have some ideas for the build, for the guide or just for other guides I could create, just tell it to me.
Cya ingame! <3

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