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Wukong Build Guide by InvalidUsername117

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author InvalidUsername117

Wukong, Easy Champ, Easy Wins

InvalidUsername117 Last updated on March 2, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Just so we're on the same page.

Welcome, and thank you for looking at my build! This is in fact my first one, so I'm not too sure about how it's going to look or if I did everything right. Personally I don't own Wukong on MY account, but I do play him on my FRIENDS account. I play him madly when he's free though, and I get great results. My past few games were both stomps, because of me (Meaning I got my team kills etc, and spilt pushing) using this build. I strongly encourage you to at least try this, at least in normals. What's one lose going to do hm?

ALSO. I was originally in Division 2, I did well PERSONALLY but my team well... Did not due to lack of communication, and simply put... They were honestly just bad... (I know totally original but honestly. They just did stupid things.) Long story short, I'm saving up IP to get a champion I can carry with/ Waiting for my friend to get to silver so I have a greater chance of getting decent team mates. AND: I noticed when I was previewing the build, it says that you have 500+ AD while remaining decently tank-ish... I'm not sure if that's honestly what it is, or if its just the system, meaning it adds all of the items together rather than just the final products... When I played I did reach around 400 AD I THINK. I am not sure though. And I'm too lazy to check ^^ <3

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Laning Phase

As with all champions (except supports) you want to get as much gold as you can as fast as you can. Wukong scales especially well with gold, as his items really do carry him. Idealy you want to farm as much as possible, meaning your Crystaline flask is a very important first buy. Once you go back for the first time, you want to get a Rejuvanation Bead (or two depending on your gold), a ward and maybe Cloth Armor or Null Magic resist depending on your opponent. Some may say to rush a Tri Force but Tiamat helps so much more and gives you an extra ability (It's active Cleave). Other than that just try to poke the enemy a bit, farm a lot and try not to die (Thanks tips). If you really start to win your lane feel free to roam and help other lanes, if necessary.


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Mid Game

Around 20 minutes you really should have a Tiamat, and some of your Tri Force built (At least) and a fair bit of CS (Creep Slain). You really don't want to leave the lane unless you really have to, meaning enemy coming to gank, or team mates needing help etc.

Falling behind?
Falling behind as Wukong (Losing first tower, dying a lot etc) Isn't really too bad. As long as you get the gold you need for your Tiamat and keep up in levels you should be just fine. It's always good to get a gank or two if you notice that you can't really win trades (You two fighting, you coming out with less health) to stop it before it happens, maybe even gain the upper hand.

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Late Game

At this point you should have: Hydra, Tri Force, Hex Drinker (If you need it) Black Cleaver. I've noticed Wukong is really only useful in team fights for his Ult, and if you have a Tiamat/Hydra; which helps you split push quite a lot. Wukong really shines on 1v1 Scraps, and as long as you know how much you can take and dish out you should always try to just poke at them when wandering. Worse comes to worse, have some fun and pretend to Decoy ;)

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Before Deciding on what to buy...

Look at the enemy team. If they lean more towards magic damage build more of a magic resistant (Runic Bullwark, MoM, Banshee's Veil, Spirit Visage etc) Wukong, like wise for physical damage (GA, Frozen Heart/Randuen's Omen, (They don't stack) or Sunfire Cape). A Warmogs is a decent choice if health is an issue, but really Ranuen's Omen is probably a better choice because of it's active.

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Thank you!

Thank you for reading this, feedback is very much appreciated (If you can idk lol), I really hope you enjoy Wukong as much as I do, and I hope this build helps.

Farm A LOT. Communicate. USE SMART PINGS. Don't do stupid plays and blame me.

Always say GLHF, and GG. After all, games are just for fun.