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Wukong Build Guide by 3ckh4rdy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 3ckh4rdy

Wukong -Pwning the Twisted Treeline O.o (+solo top & jun

3ckh4rdy Last updated on August 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi! This is my first guide here and i´d like to present my guide of WUKONG, the monkey king.
I play Wukong a lot, especially in tt and since i tried this item build i won 90% of the games.
For other opinions, tips, etc. comment plz :D

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This item build works in most of the games. BUT its important to vary the items, depending on the other champs and their builds. This means that you probably have to change :

Against too many Mages :

Frozen Mallet --> Maw of Malmortius / Banshee's Veil / Force of Nature
Last Whisper --> Maw of Malmortius / Banshee's Veil / Force of Nature
Wriggle's Lantern --> Maw of Malmortius / Banshee's Veil / Force of Nature
Ninja Tabi --> Mercury's Treads

Plz DONT sell all of theese!!! Change one of them...Maximum 2!!!

Against a lot of AD :

Frozen Mallet --> Thornmail
Wriggle's Lantern --> Randuin's Omen / Frozen Heart (CARE u wont have lifesteal!!!)

Against Tank :

I think the normal build is very good against Tanks but you can change it a little anyway :

Maybe Madred's Bloodrazor or Youmuu's Ghostblade for the Lantern or the Mallet...

Frozen Mallet --> Trinity Force ?

Hmm... depends on your team! u have way more hp with frozen mallet... Atmas will give u more ad... but its possible! in a tanky team you can also go for a trinity, but you will be more squishy in earlygame, and in lategame the dmg isnt much more!

Other Changes:

Wriggle's Lantern --> The Bloodthirster

Its ok when ur rly rich...Or sale the Lantern in Lategame

Warmog's Armor --> PLZ DONT SALE UR WARMOGS!!! u rly need the hp

Atma's Impaler --> Neither sale it!!! Crit+Armor+AD is epic!!!

Last Whisper --> Youmuu´s Ghostblade

Ye why not?^^ Youmus ability is very useful!

Other shoes?!

Ninja Tabi --> Berserker´s Greaves

Also possible if the enemy team hasnt that much ad

Ninja Tabi --> Mercury's Treads

Take it against AP and a lot of stuns/slows etc.

Ninja Tabi --> Ionian Boots of Lucidity ...U dont rly need cd reduction
Ninja Tabi --> Boots of Swiftness ...The same... u rly dont need more movement speed ( frozen mallet!)
Ninja Tabi --> Boots of Mobility ... :/ there are better abilities from boots!

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You can change between Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Mark of Attack Damage... it rly doesnt matter!
But plz take some armor and ad/armor penetration
Mage resist, etc... YES u can take it, but i think ad + attack speed + Armor + armor penetration is perfect because you get a lot of Armor penetration through ur Last whisper! If you want more Mage resist, just make some changes at the items (You can see them in the "Items" chapter ^^)

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Well... Just dont change them, it wont get better :P
Only change them as jungler! (21/9/0!)

For jungle dont skill Deadliness and Lethality !
change them for Tough Skin and Bladed Armor

(blue = defense, red = Offense)

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I guess the way i skilled is the i wont say anything to this chapter!

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Summoner Spells

Vary them! Exhaust or Ignite... pick what u like more

If you need another escape ability, pick Ghost or Flash!

The rest rly is useless... U dont need a Heal... AND I HOPE I DONT HAVE TO SAY ANYTHING TO ALL OTHER SPELLS!

So my recommendation to the summoner spells is:

Exhaust + Ignite if ur rly skilled with wukong and u dont need more escape abilities!

Ghost/ Flash + Ignite or Exhaust if u start playing him or just need theese spells! :D

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Pros/Cons of Wukong

Pro´s :

- Good Farmer
- Nice escape abilities
- Offtank with big DMG!!!
- Not countered through armor (crushing blow (q))
- gets attack speed from Nimbus Strike (e)

Con´s :

- easy to harrase by faster Champs and Mages
- Needs a lot of Farm

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How to use Wukongs skills

Q : Crushing Blow
Use it after e ( Nimbus Strike ). Only use it on the champ that ur team focuses at the moment! Nice to farm!

W : Decoy
Use it to escape, to gank or to initiate a battle

E : Nimbus Strike
Use it also to initiate a battle, use it on the enemies minions to escape, or use it to follow an enemie with low hp!

R : Cyclone

Its also an escape ability (u gain movement speed and u can knock up enemies!)!
It deals big dmg in an area, so try to hit as much enemies as possible!
Use it to get escaping enemies.

Skill combos:

Start with ur Nimbus Strike (e) . U will gain additional attack speed!
Next is Crushing Blow (q) for additional dmg and to reduce the enemies armor.

1. If the enemie is stronger than u, escape now with ur w.
Result : U dont loose hp, but u deal big dmg and u get on the enemies nerves :P

2. If the enemie is at same lvl and has almost same gold earned, attack now!
through ur increased attack speed and through ur summoner spells (exhaust and ignite)
u can easily pwn him. If he s still stronger just escape with ur w!

3. If he s running follow him with ur e and pwn him absolutely with ur ult :D

4. If u dont have ur ult, follow him with e, exhaust him and then kill him!

Other posibilities:

1. Ganking

Wait somewhere in a brush. Start with Decoy (w) and get as close to the enemie as u can.
U will have an epic gank and with items like frozen mallet, the enemie is totally lost :D

2. 3v3 or 5v5 teamfight!

Summoners rift:

Get invisible with Decoy (w) and try to get the carry with ur Nimbus Strike!
If many enemie Champs are on the same place, dont hesitate to use ur ultimate!
U wont get focused, because ur tanky , but ur dmg will be epic anyway...

Twisted Treeline:

Initiate the battle! Maybe u will get focused here, but if the dmg gets to high, hide with Decoy.

CARE : Champs like Lee Sin, Morgana , Katarina ..., and items like oracle ... etc will pwn u!!! Decoy is useless against them!!! So try to rid of them as fast as possible ^^

Another skillcombo ( decoy/ nimbus Strike/ Crushing blow) makes u able to steal dragon/ Nashor / red/ blue buffs!

Last help to wukongs skills:
Plz never hesitate to use ur ultimate! The CD isnt that big!

It needs some practise to know how you have to use all of ur skills!

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Wukong jungle/ Solotop

Start with Boots of Speed 3 x Health Potion or Cloth Armor 5 x Health Potion for solo top or jungling

In both cases i would buy the Vampiric Scepter way earlier!

Start with Boots of Speed / Vampiric Scepter / Doran's Blade OR Cloth Armor / Vampiric Scepter / Ninja Tabi / Doran's Blade for solo top lane! The rest is similar!

Start with Cloth Armor / Vampiric Scepter / Boots of Speed / Madred's Razors / Ninja Tabi / Wriggle's Lantern OR Boots of Speed / Vampiric Scepter / Cloth Armor / Madred's Razors / Wriggle's Lantern / Ninja Tabi for jungling!
The rest is also similar!

Dont forget to buy Health Potion and Mana Potion!!!

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Helping ur Team with WUKONG

If u want to help/save/assist an ally u dont rly have many possibilities...
Ur Ultimate ( Cyclone) can save them through its knock up, and ur Frozen Mallet too.

You are NO supporter! U dont have to save ur allies if u die after it! Save them if possible and if not it also doesnt matter! If u want to help, buy some sight ward, and maybe Oracle's Elixir

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Jungle route for WUKONG

- Start wolfes (if u dont jungle often only start blue buff!)
- Ancient Golem (blue buff)
- Wraiths
- Golems/gank mid!
- Lizard Elder (Red buff) when smite is rdy/ 10 secs before its ready!
Now ur lvl 3! U have epic ganks now!
There s no need for a 2nd blue buff , so leave it to the middle!
Go back when ur at low health! (after ganks, probably after jungling)

Dragon is possible in lvl 8 +(solo)
Or lvl 6 + when u have help

Plz dont think ur op and then die from the dragon... if lvl 6 isnt enough for you just wait!
There s no guarantee, that you can kill the dragon in lvl 6!

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Some help for playing

- Try to make the enemies believe that ur clone is you! In many cases ur double gets exhausted , ignitet, has to eat the Morde ult xD , etc...
- many teamfights are won through a nice placed Cyclone from Wukong! ;)
- play some games with wukong, learn to use the ability combos and then ur rdy to pwn ur enemies! :D

thx for reading my Wukong guide :D