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Wukong Build Guide by OCE Fat Panda

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OCE Fat Panda

Wukong Season 5 Top Lane Guide

OCE Fat Panda Last updated on December 18, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 21


Utility: 0

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Why max Q instead of E.

I have seen people max q and other people max e, I prefer maxing Q because of its early game damage burst and low cooldowns. People say max Nimbus Strike because it gets more damage per level however Crushing Blow scales better with AD and actually does more damage early-mid game when Wukong is incredibly strong. Crushing Blow gives a higher damage early game and it better for short trades. Maxing Crushing Blow lowers the cooldown so when you get into a longer fight you can use Crushing Blow more often and still gives more damage]]. However if you want to max E it's fine, it's up to play style and preference.

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Pros / Cons


+ High Burst
+ AoE Crowd Control
+ Massive AoE Damage
+ Gets defence boosts in team fights with Stone Skin
+ Attack speed and haste steroid
+ Escape and initiate abilities
+ Fun to play
Wukong can offer high AD burst damage with his Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow. He can bring AoE disruption to enemy teams with his ultimate knockup and gets bonus armor and magic resist by being near champions due to his passive Stone Skin. He has an attack speed boost with his Nimbus Strike and a movement speed boost with his Cyclone. He has initiation and escape abilities which allow him to go in and out of fights easily. His mobility, ability to juke and dodge, high damage and AoE cc makes him extremely fun to play.


+ His only true escape ability is Decoy
+ If the enemy team uses a Vision Ward or Oracle's Lens you will be seen in your stealth and most likely die.
+ Nimbus Strike is your only gap closer to stick to targets
+ Cannot decoy while ulting, you have to cancel it or finish it.
Wukong only has one escape ability which is Decoy and although you can use his Nimbus Strike to escape and juke. If the enemy team buys Vision Wards and Oracle's Lens the effectiveness of your decoy just drops. Wukong has no other way to close gaps other than his Nimbus Strike. Try not to sneak initiate when they have a vision ward or oracles since it'll probably just get you killed.

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

You can change the marks to flat ad for more damage in lane but the armor penetration marks will be better for late game and team fights when people start building armor.

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Wukong's role in team fights is to tank and create AoE damage and CC. 9/21/0 allows Wukong to get extremely tanky. These masteries give Wu more armor/magic resist and bigger regen along with and .

Although you can go 21/9/0 for more damage but you'll be too squishy and you'll wont survive in team fights.

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My most preferred start is the long sword and three pots. The long sword gives Wukong enough damage to trade in lane and the three pots allows him to stay in lane. The long sword start allows you to rush The Brutalizer early. Use a long sword against weak early game champions.

The other start I use it the doran's blade. I only use this start if I need sustain and/or health in lane against other early game champions.

One of Wukong's core items. Brutalizer is one of the best items to build on Wukong. It gives him the damage and armor penetration he needs plus the cooldown reduction for multiple Crushing Blow

Hydra lets Wukong farm and clear waves and sustain in lane. The lifesteal and health regen allows Wukong to trade and regain his health quickly.

If you are stomping your lane/game try to get a last whisper. It gives the armor penetration you need plus an extra 40 damage.

An upgrade of The Brutalizer. This is again one of Wu's best items. The cleaver passive has great synergy with his ultimate giving AoE armor shred.

Trinity Force gives tons of damage. The spellblade passive just adds to the already massive burst that Wukong has. The rage passive lets you stay on your target. ONLY GET THIS IF YOU'RE MASSIVELY FED.

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Skill Rotation

Lane trading

> >

Team fights

> > >
> > >

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Flash lets you escape easily, initiate easier, surprise opponents with Flash> Nimbus Strike> Cyclones and lets you stick to your targets when using Cyclone.

Ignite gives better lane domination and executions. It also helps stop annoying heals and lifesteal.

You can choose teleport instead of ignite to get to fights and gain better map control. Since your job is to be in team fights and an off tank, teleport might be nice to get to the team and help them where ever they are.

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Okay, Wukong's ultimate is an AoE KNOCKUP meaning his ultimate has big synergy with ultimate Last Breath.

You can also do ball deliveries for and her Command: Shockwave.

can use his Cataclysm (he's helping) and you can use your Cataclysm on trapped opponents.

and her Death Lotus works as well with Cyclone letting Katarina use to freely ultimate on disrupted enemies.

also has great synergy with , , .

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Wukong ability tricks

His Decoy is one of his escape abilities giving you stealth for a short amount of time while leaving behind a clone. You can use this to initiate so that the enemy team won't know you're going in and you can hit Cyclone on multiple opponents.

Another trick using his Decoy is to press S and you will stand still and people may think that you used your clone and just walk pass. If there is a Vision Ward or Oracle's Lens or an ability which grants vision to stealth, this trick will fail.

Decoy clone is counted as a champion so if timed well you can use it to block skills and abilities. You can use decoy to block skillshots and lock-on abilities like Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole by facing away from it and using the Decoy. You can also use Decoy to block Ignite, Garen's Demacian Justice and Darius' Noxian Guillotine if you time it right.

You can use Decoy to tank a few turret hits. To do this, you have to cast decoy before the last minion dies under the turret and the turret will attack the clone instead of you. You can use this trick to finish off low hp turrets.

Nimbus Strike can be used to escape by dashing away from champions to minions or monsters.