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Wukong Build Guide by Zarno

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zarno

Wukong the Jungle King (Updated for S3!)

Zarno Last updated on December 7, 2012
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Standard Build/ Tanky build


Assassin Build

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Hi there!

I am a long time user of mobafire, 1st time making a build so here it is. I have played lane wukong for awhile, but I always wondered if Wukong could jungle. Through some experimentation i believe he is quite viable in the jungle (where the monkey belongs) as his strengths in ganking and jungle speed make up for his relative faults in sustain and relative squishiness.

10-18-12: Hey it looks like my guide made the top 5! Thanks everyone who voted for me, i will continue to tweak the build, and will completely overhaul it for season 3! Happy jungling!

12-7-12: Season 3 update, will Wukong be unusable in the jungle with the recent changes?Yea he will be completely fine

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Pros / Cons

Primate Pros and Carnivorous Cons

+ Excellent ganking with proper use of Decoy and Cyclone
+ Fast jungling speed
+ Gets quite tanky late game (depending on build)
+ Great chaser
+ Hard to counter jungle due to decoy and speed
+ Can do a bunch of roles effectively (off-tank, assassin, tank-support)

- No sustain, so potions are very necessary
- Needs blue
- Squishy most of early to mid game
- Need to use interactions between E and Q well, or jungling becomes very difficult (info in jungling section)

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For my standard off-tank build I go 24-6, this gives all the damage output needed while still retaining some tankiness and survivability. Because this is a jungle build i also take advantage of the jungling masteries that lower damage from minions.

Tank suooprt: This is still up in the air, but for now I go 0-21-9 to emphasize tankiness and allow Wukong to live in team fights.

Assassin build goes 25-5 for extra offensive output, while still retaining the jungle helping masteries.

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Summoner Spells


I take ghost over flash in this build because ghost leads to better ganks and chase speed, and allows Wukong to easily slip away while stealthed.

The essential jungling summoner spell.

Other good picks
Flash is always a good pick, and it's utility is not over rated, great for closing and escaping.

Exhaust is also a great tool for securing ganks, and can really end people in team fights. If you are opposed to ignite or just want to give more in team fights

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For all: Start off with Cloth Armor and (x5) health potions. At 1st return to base get boots. Follow up later with Madreds Razers and then a Wriggles Lantern. After that get Mercury Treads' to dart in and out of fights. The assassin build uses boots of lucidity to allow for aggressive ganking.

Why?: The armor and potions are a necessity when jungling with Wukong, allowing him to survive long enough to successfully farm. His early game sustain problem is taken care of by the lantern, allowing for longer stays out of the base.

From here things get specialized

Off-tank: This Wukong can gank well and has great damage output, but can still take a beating. My standard build.

Get a Phage to give some tankiness and aid with ganks and chasing down enemies. Follow that up with a Sheen to give your E and especially your Q great extra damage through Sheen's basic attack bonus after using an ability. Then just get zeal for a nice MS buff and finish off the Trinity Force.

From there get a Giants Belt so you can initiate well (one of Wukong's great strength's)and still survive in team fights. After that a Warmog's Armor will be the next thing to build to for obvious reasons of tankiness and helping towards our next item. At this point you should be tanky enough for most situations, which means it is time for Altma's Impaler! This should give all the late game damage necessary. If things go REALLY late, consider a Frozen Mallet to help out that Altma's and slow enemies to a halt.

Support Tank: This Wukong is built to last, use your ganking and Cyclone to allow your team mates to score easy kills and be very hard to kill.

After Wriggle's Lantern, immediately rush Giant's Belt to Warmog's Armor This gives you great mid-game tankiness, and Warmog's passive allows you to gain more health all game. After that go for Guardians Angel to lend needed armor and magic resist to make you very hard to kill. If the game goes longer than that consider a frozen mallet to give more tankines and help slow enemies who try to escape.

Assassin: This build is high risk high reward, more of a carry, needs lots of farm and kills to enable it to go off. Low cooldowns, high damage output and movement speed make this one a ganking monster.

After Wriggles Lantern get Boots of Lucidity to help your cooldowns, you will want your R ready as soon as possible. Before getting Phage, I reccommend an Avarice Blade to help with gold production and crits. I still recommend Phage after this to give more damage and slows. After that get a Brutalizer and Yomumu's Ghostblade to give great damage and a very useful active ability.

Yomumu's ability gives increased MS and AS, so in ganks it is invaluable. It has a fairly low cool down (especially with boots of lucidity) so use it often

After Yomumu's, finish off that Trinity Force to give more MS, and that Sheen passive.

For late game i recommend an Infinity Edge for great damage and criticals. If you arent ruining peoples day's by now I do not know what will.

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Jungling guide

Standard Jungling build:
Starting Off: Grab cloth armor and health pots(5x) and get someone to leash blue for you. Wukong gets through blue fairly quickly but make sure to lookout for blue ganks, wukong is very weakened if he does not get blue. After you get blue, level up the Q.

Next proceed to wolves, you will need to use a potion or two, as Wukong has zero sustain. This is not a problem later. After wolves proceed to the wraiths and make quick work of them. By this time you should be level 2 so make note after using your E, DO NOT use your Q right away, you will want to take advantage of Wukong's attack speed buff to mitigate his low sustain and plow through jungle creeps faster. you WILL need to go back to base more often if you do not take advantage of this.

After the wraiths pop another potion if needed (if you have utilized your E and Q interactions you may not) and go to the golems. Use smite to start off the golem and use your abilities like previously outlined to get to level three which should be used on Wukong's E again.

At this point you have two options, if you used your E and Q well you should still have a potion or 2 left, in this case i recommend and early gank, wukong is a ganking master, and if your top is being pushed hard, definitely go for it, i can usually take down the solo top from near full health just with my E and Q working together.

The other option is to go back to base and get boots. also pick up a potion if you need it.

After leaving base for the 1st time head to red buff, your smite should have gone off cooldown so open with that and alternate between E and Q. Once you have that keep an eye on the map for any opportunities to gank, and just rotate around to get more farm, and level.

Ganking: This is where Wukong shines and in fact, he is one of the only champions who is better at ganking when the enemy has placed sight wards (not vision wards)

You must be thinking "Thats ridiculous!" well let me explain. If they don't automatically run when they spot you near their ward you have an amazing opportunity. Use your W to place a clone down, since you were likely just standing in wait the person being ganked will not notice the difference, then suddenly BAM you are on top of them inflicting pain.

To gank as Wukong normally is this. Start with a W to get closer with stealth, E and Q in to close the gap and inflict great damage, then finally utilize the R (cyclone) to knock them in the air and allow your team mates to close in.

If it looks like they are going to get away after this time, your E should be off cooldown, so feel free to repeat the process again. Its very hard to get away from Wukong.

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Specific Wukong Jungle Farming

This is mentioned in the jungling guide but I figured that alot of people would not read the whole thing, and this is very important.

After using your E, DO NOT use your Q right away, you will want to take advantage of Wukong's attack speed buff to mitigate his low sustain and plow through jungle creeps faster. Try to time the use of his Q until just after the attack speed buff ends. This is the best way to put out damage in the jungle and you WILL need to go back to base more often if you do not take advantage of this.

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Skill Sequence

LVL 1: E; Put your first point into E, it's attack speed buff, and AOE is very needed to get through the jungle early.

LvL2: Q; gives a good bit of burst damage to finish off creeps and improve jungle speed.

Lvl3: E; Gives better damage and attack speed, still very useful while Wukong is vulnerable early game.

LvL4: W; This is needed to execute better ganks and get away from sticky situations, but only one point is necessary early game. You are always stuck at 1.5 seconds stealthed, and while it does a good amount of damage late game it is very hard to hit with, and scales off of AP. So a no go there.

LvL5: Q; From here on focus on your Q as it's cooldown lowers at higher levels, making it very important in team fights and finishing off enemies. You do not want this on a long cooldown when you need it. I max this first over E because while E does more damage, it is stuck at an 8 second cool down, making it inconsistent. it should really only be used as a gap closer, attack speed buff, and farming tool anyways.

LvL6: R; Duh.

LvL7: Q

LvL8: Q

LvL9: E

LvL10: Q MAX; by now this monster is only on a 4 second cool down and is a very consistent damage tool

LvL11: R

LvL12: E

LvL13: E MAX; here the E is almost a small nuke, and while the cool down is pesky, it is an invaluable gap closer.

LvL14: W

LvL15: W

LvL16: R MAX; Now this is a great damage and CC tool, and has a relatively low cool down.

LvL17: W

LvL18: W MAX; Now this should do a fair amount of damage, but late game it is limited to escaping really, not a lot of ganking going on at this level.

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Overall I really like the feel of a Wukong jungle despite early game survivability troubles.

Going from bush to stealth and closing in on an opponent with the E is very satisfying, and has great damage output. Cyclone just up's the ganking shenanigans.

The fact that their are 3 distinct roles for him to play leaves room for experimentation, and i recommend trying each out, as each experience is quite unique

I will update this guide regularly with new variations on what this guy can do!

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Update Log

8-20-12: Updated assassin item build to include avarice blade earlier to promote gold production, moved Yomumu's Ghostblade ahead of the trinity force, as it would be pointless after with little opportunities to gank.

8-21-12: Will be expanding on all areas of the guide to be more in depth, and added a jungle guide and skill sequence explanation

8-22-12: Updated standard 1 end game items

8-26-12: New picture added, and added a summoner spell section

9-4-12: Adjusted masteries for standard build, and added a Wukong specific farming section

10-7-12: updated for s3

Hey guys check out my other build for Renekton-butcher of the sands
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