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Xin Zhao Build Guide by noxiqt

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League of Legends Build Guide Author noxiqt

Xin the Milfhunter (AP Bruiser)

noxiqt Last updated on November 23, 2013
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Hi guys this is my first build and guide on Mobafire. Note this is my personal build that has worked for me everytime ive played him. Opinons and comments are welcome.

Xin Zhao is my favorite champion for many reasons, he is such an amazing champion to use and he deals so much damage and plus he heals himself with his Battle Cry based on ability power! In my opinion he is 1 of the best 1on1 champions in the game. (You can also play him on mid-lane)

This guide is to show you how i use Xin Zhao throughout the game! I Hope you Enjoy it!

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Here you can see my matchhistory for prove

Some of you will ask yourself "why did he get exp?". The reason is i got banned on my real account and needed to play on this account (i am lvl 26 right now) to show you that it works. But i played with some friends on lvl 30 so we killed the same enemy like on lvl 30.

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This is why I play Xin Zhao on ability power (Spells)

- Audacious Charge deals AP aoe damage and slow the enemy (its the only spell which deals ap damage).

- Battle Cry is also a very important spell, because every third hit heals you based on your ability power.
- Three Talon Strike is the spell you only need for the stun after the first 2 hits. And it deals a bit more dmg like the normal auto hits.
- Crescent Sweep gives you incredible defense and makes you tanky like no other champion if you hit 5 enemys with it. You can also split the whole enemy team so they dont stay together anymore and you can easy take your targets down. If you see them walking in the jungle and splitting try to flash in so your ally can easy kill them in no time.

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The difference between pure AP and tanky AP


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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

-For theMarks i pick Greater Mark of Attack Speed, i bring it up again you'll need attack speed because you do massive auto attack dmg + Spellsword (we picked it in the masteries) + you heal yourself with every third hit.

-For the Seals i choose Greater Seal of Armor, when you go top you normally face an attack damage doing champion and you'll need it in the late game too. With it you survive more then 1 hit. :)

-For the Glyphs i take Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist, cause you need it like the armor seals, your oponent will have an ap carry, or ap damage.

-For the Quints i got Greater Quintessence of Ability Power every ap champion needs ap damage and you get 15 AP from it, thats an amazing start with Amplifying Tome

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There is only one difference between top- lane and mid- lane. On top- lane you pick 3 Hardiness and 1 Resistance . On mid- lane you pick 1 Hardiness and 3 Resistance , because on top- lane you usually face AD champions and on mid- lane you normally face AP champions.

If you play this in ranked you can vary your runes, if you face an AP on top- lane you logically pick your midlane masteries and vice versa.

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You start with an Amplifying Tome and 1 Health Potion, because you do have the healing advantage with Battle Cry, and you need to abuse it in early game.

After Boots of Speed you rush instantly Malady because it is to op for Xin Zhao. Watch the passive from it: you deal 15 magical dmg + 10% of your Ap with every autohit. Additionally you reduce the magic resistance of your enemy target around 28!

Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads give you good defense. Thats all you need atm.

After that you buy the Fiendish Codex, cause of more Cooldown reduction and good AP values for the early game.

Now you buy Giant's Belt. Its an epic item, because it brings you massive Health. You'll survive the laning time and it prepares you for the teamfights. That means you dont die in 1 second.

Nashor's Tooth is the next item why? It simply brings you the right values.

Sheen is also awesome for Xin Zhao on ap. It gives you that passive Spellblade: after every spell you get a buff which deals +dmg with the next hit (2 seconds cd). If you get a sheen you can solo towers.

I decided to add a Kindlegem. You get cooldown reduction and life. (The item you build with it will be 1 of the important items in late game.

Now you need Lich Bane for better values and tons of dmg.

Spirit Visage is so awesome cause you heal yourself around 20% more that means massive healing and acceptable health values.

At least you buy a Rylai's Crystal Scepter. You are a good tanky AP Xin Zhao now

Consumables: Elixir of Brilliance

You dont need Enchantment: Furor, but if you have enough money, buy it!

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Pros / Cons


+ Is easy to play
+ His heal from Battle Cry makes him a bit tanky
+ His Audacious Charge deals AOE- dmg
+ Noone beats him 1on1 in mid and late game
+ Crescent Sweep splits the whole enemy
+ Good elo pusher


- Not the best tank with this build top lane, your jungler needs to buy tanky items then
- Needs items to be usefull
- No escapes besides Audacious Charge
- Doesnt have a good burst, he deals dmg for a time

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Summoner Spells


Absolutly viable, you'll need it nearly with every champion. You can flash in and use your ultimate and get massive Magic Resist and Armor (you get 100 armor and magic resist if you hit 5 champions), or you can simply flash out of dicey moments. You can also flash to get a target into your Audacious Charge radius.


Viable, it got nerfed in the past, so I usually pick Exhaust now, it fits more to Xin Zhao. If you choose this spell use it to end up your targets, or when you engage for pretty good burst and low heal income for your enemy. WARNING Ignite is the anti AP Xin Zhao spell, because you cant heal yourself that good anymore, so go back and wait till it ends or use Cleanse to get out of this situation.


Cleanse is 1 of the spells which noone picks unless the ADC. But on AP Xin Zhao it works well, cause you get out of every CC and it cleanse you from Ignite, Exhaust or other Summoner Spells. So you can heal yourself without getting cc'd.


Most viable. I pick it in most of the games I play with AP Xin Zhao. It helps you to get away sometimes, or start a 1on1 cause you slow your enemys down and their attack speed. If you skilled Summoner's Wrath in your masteries you will also reduce the Armor and Magic ressistance around 10 of your oponent. The most of the top laners deal their main dmg with auto hits, so you will win the fights most of the time. You can also engage with your Audiance Charge and use your Exhaust to start a successful gank. In late game you simply hit the oponents ADC with Exhaust and focus him at the same time.


NEVER pick Flash and Ghost at the same time. Ghost helps you to chase your enemy, or to get away. Its a bad Summoner Spell to engage, because your enemy will be prepared and can easy go away and stay cool. All in all i think Flash is a better choice to suprise your enemy with cool engages, or wallflashes.

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I said it more than 1 time in my guide, farming is the game. You dont need kills if you can farm, if your enemy cant harras you, because you win 1on1, keep farming and you automatically win your lane! You can harras your oponent sometimes with your Audacious Charge + Battle Cry + Three Talon Strike combination, but dont forget your farming. Dont lose the big farm and kill the golems if your lane is pushed. Avoid ganks, if you are dominating your lane.

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Here you can see the dmg of Sheen. Remember the passive of sheen has 2 seconds cooldown. So imagine your dmg if you use it every 2 seconds. Maximize your dmg in 1on1, try to use your Audacious Charge + 1 autohit wait a second and use your Battle Cry + 1 autohit, wait a second and use your Three Talon Strike + 1 autohit. So your cooldown on your spells will be ready then, because Three Talon Strike resets the cooldown of your spells about 1 second with every hit.

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Thats 1 of the best properties of Xin Zhao AP (top lane). You get countered by noone. You dont agree with that? Prove me the converse. I promise it, cause noone expect that you build Xin Zhao on AP + you cant get harassed (only for a period of time in early game), because you heal yourself so much with every third hit that you can heal yourself on the minions easily :). If you push to hard farm the golems or buy wards for more safety.

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