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Yasuo Build Guide by pepino

Assassin Yasuo - How to get camped 101

By pepino | Updated on November 30, 2016

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Hey guys, I'm Jhinception, a "Jhin Main" (I guess), but my most played champ is Yasuo, and he's definitely my favorite champ as well. He fits my playstyle very well as I like being highly mobile and having a lot of sustained damage/burst. He isn't the easiest champion to play at a high level as he takes quite a bit of practice to master, but once you understand his mechanics and how matchups work you'll do just fine. Hope you enjoy my guide!
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Some people prefer to take Ignite on Yasuo, but I prefer Exhaust for the utility it provides. Instead of just kill pressure, it allows you to also escape from a bad fight, or help out your team in a fight. You can take Teleport if you go top lane for the roaming and splitpush potential, but it's up to you. Cleanse is also a viable option if the enemy team has a ridiculous amount of CC (such as an Alistar or Leona support, Rek'Sai jungle, and Malphite top, or some other ridiculous team comp.)
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Skill Sequence

Maxing Steel Tempest or Sweeping Blade on Yasuo is, or used to be, a tricky subject. When he first came out, nearly everyone maxed their Q. It seemed logical seeing as it was his main damage output aside from his autos. However, all his Q does when you level it is give you a bit of bonus damage. Its cooldown scales with your Attack Speed, and you make it do more damage by building AD anyway. Maxing E, however, allows you to have a lot more early game power. When you max E, the cooldown is lowered, the cooldown on individual people before you can dash on them again is lowered, and the damage per stack is increased. This allows you to become incredibly mobile and deal more damage than you would maxing Q. However, it won't kill you if you prefer to max Q instead. Some people, like UberDanger, for instance, still max Q because they're used to the slight increase in bonus damage they receive for levelling it.
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Unique Skills

Yasuo's W, Wind Wall, is a very unique ability in the sense that it blocks and destroys any projectiles that hit it. These include auto attacks, abilities, and any ranged attack that counts as a projectile. This ability makes it very easy to counter ADC's or mages that rely on ranged damage from abilities or auto attacks. A well placed Wind Wall can easily win a fight. His Q, Steel Tempest, is also a very unique ability. Normally, it's basically a second auto attack in a line wherever you aim it. But, if you land the ability twice within a certain amount of time, your 3rd Q will instead fire a tornado with decent range and a knockup. This is your main way of using your ult, Last Breath. This ult makes you dash to, and suspend in the air, any knocked up enemies within its range. Upon landing all enemies caught by it take damage, and you land near the enemy you targeted. This ult is also an incredibly good one for teamfighting if you can synergize with your team or if you land a good tornado.
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Farming with Yasuo is fairly straight-forward. You use his Q or his E to last hit minions, and if you need to wave clear you can use your E+Q combo to make you hit your Q in an area around you.
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Pros / Cons

Highly mobile
High damage
Decent waveclear
Good skirmisher
Fast pushing
Wind wall can block many abilities
Fun to play

Squishy most of the time unless you sacrifice core damage items
Very hard to 1v5 carry with if the enemy team has any sustain or cc
Hard to play and master
Easily countered by stacking armor/ Randuin's in general
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Team Work

Yasuo works very well with any champions with displacement abilities, such as Alistar's Q or W, Vayne's E, or Orianna's ult. Any type of knockback or knockup allows Yasuo to ult, which can set up some very cool synergies or wombo combos. I recommend communicating with your team that you'd like a champion with a knockup and then trying to use your abilities in sync, it just makes life a whole lot easier when you don't have to generate your own knockups and throw yourself into the enemy team to hit their backline with a tornado.
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In conclusion, Yasuo is a highly mobile, high damage carry champion mostly played in Mid with a somewhat versatile build path and many different ways to utilize his kit. If you guys would like to see me play Yasuo or other champions, I do have a twitch, however I do not stream often. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed my guide and gained the information you need to stomp your games with Yasuo. Have a good day!
League of Legends Build Guide Author pepino
pepino Yasuo Guide

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Yasuo - How to get camped 101
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