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Yasuo Build Guide by Piksterr

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Piksterr

Yasuo Tips!!!

Piksterr Last updated on August 10, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is an EXTREMELY damage build. Most yasuos go tank after Shiv,IE,and BORK or BT.Only go that way if you really are getting focused a lot.Most Yasuos go Bork but unless they have 4000 HP then the Bork will be useless. BT gives more lifesteal and it'll be less broken since of you passive.There is no Last Whisper due to you Ult granting you 50% Armor pen from all sources for 15 secs.

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Hi I bought Yasuo when he was released have over 1000 games with him in ranked.He has insane damage ,mobility,and amazing late game. He can kill early game very easily since of his E stacks.When You buy your IE At that point you will beat anyone combined with staikk shiv.

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Your Q is a good harass at early levels. Most Yasuos think E and Q and them E backwards in lane thru a minion is good. But if you have your 3rd Q you can try that combo and get off an extra AA or two.If they are AD mid and your minions are attacking tower and they come to farm you can Q from a distance and get damage off while not taking shots.

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1. You Wind Wall gives vision.
2.You can E thru the Wight to get out of Certain situations.(You must E the wight at certain angle if you are inside of the wall ,if you are outside place your W and E into the wight).
3.Blue buffs,golems,wraiths,wights,wolves can be used to escape with your E however u must be really close to the wall to go thru them. Place your W and escape it comes in handy.
4.You can get stacks from camps for your Q since wriaths are really close to mid lane .
5.When ulting on purple side there's a glitch when you ult in front of enemy tower. Instead of Ulting you right next to them , on Purple side you will be given an extra amount of distance away from the tower so tower diving is really easy.
6.Your E moves you a fixed distance , so if your mid lane the ridge on the outside of wriaths and your enemy is chasing you try to position yourself where you can E thru them into the bush.
7. If a jungler ganks try to bait out spells and use your W to dodge and if they are really close to you E thru them to safety of your tower. Or E thru minions to create distance of the jungler .
8.If your Against Ap Mage try to place your W so they can't CS preferably on the Cannon minion.
9. If your are being sieged place your W in front if your tower so the ADC and others won't get damage whole backup or your minions get time to come help you.
10.Literally just about every champ has a knock up well 90%. You can ult off Fizz r,Threshes Q or E, even Darius pull or Shyvanas ult.Just Learn the other champs.
11. You can control your ult , the closest airborne target will be ulted. So if there are multiples knock ups are the same time but different air space between them then you can ult a much better target.
12.Lietrallt After you ult there's nothing that u can't kill. Just rem if u can't get to the ADC you can kill the tank easily with 50% armor pentration for your ult.
13. Your wall can block Dragon and Baron AOE and its AAA.

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Usually if Malphite or some1 with a AOE knock up will initiate the fight, just rem to ult the most important person u can ult on. Right after ulting press Q for tons of damage. Your Ult+Q= Atleast HP and ull have 50% aromor pentration.
If you can try to zone out the adc with your wall, the time they waste skirting aroudn the wall should give a HUGE advantage.