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Yasuo Build Guide by Pixel Bliss

AD Offtank Yasuo Top/Mid Build :D

By Pixel Bliss | Updated on January 2, 2014
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Welcome to my Yasuo guide! Allow me to introduce myself, my summoner name is Pixel Bliss. I enjoy playing high mobility and assassin type champions. My best roles are probably mid, top, and support. The reason I've decided to make this guide is to help new Yasuo players with their build. Most people think that Yasuo is an assassin and should be built with full damage. This is not the case because it's hard to get your 3rd Steel Tempest(Tornado) out during the fight when you're so squishy because you'll most likely die from the enemy team's damage. I prefer to build him mid game defenses for short skirmishes because a statikk shiv gives a ton a damage during these, and late game damage for team fighting and survivability.
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The runes I chose are very simple when it comes to the glyphs(Scaling magic resist) and seals(Flat armor), however there is one critical chance mark along with eight physical damage, as well as 2 movement speed quints and 1 physical damage quint. These allow you to make the most of your passive while still being able to dish out damage.
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For Yasuo I enjoy a 21/6/3 masteries. In the offensive tree, you must get four points in the Fury because the Steel Tempest cooldown is reduced by attack speed. Six points are put into the Defensive Tree for early game survivability against poke, and 3 points go to the Utility tree for movement speed.
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Pros / Cons

• Very hard to catch and tons of outplay potential
• Nice amount of late game damage
• Works well with a lot of different items
• Easy to get back in the game if you play correctly
• Extremely fun to play

• High Skillcap
• Destroyed by hard cc
• Vulnerable without a good initiation or front line
• Very reliant on hitting the 3rd Steel Tempest
• Requires a lot of team coordination
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Yasuo's passive is amazing. Not only does he get doubled critical strike chance, but he also gets a free shield the more he moves around. This lets him safely harass his lane opponent, and safely get minions. This critical strike chance bonus is just icing on the cake. Rushing crit chance items become very effective while playing Yasuo.
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Steel Tempest (Q) - Your Steel Tempest is your best poke and it's a great tool to help you get minions. If this is used while dashing with Sweeping Blade, Yasuo will do area of effect damage at the end of the dash. Another reason this is skill is amazing is because it applies on-hit effects and can critically strike. What makes this so great is that this allows the items you build to be very widespread. Items like Trinity Force, Iceborn Gauntlet, Statikk Shiv, and Ravenous Hydra become possible items for your build. However, most of these items give unneeded stats and become less cost-effective.

Wind Wall (W) - Your Wind Wall is a defensive move to keep you from getting poked in the landing phase, and to reduce damage from the enemy carries during team fights. During the laning phase, you'll want to bait out the enemy's poke then quickly wind wall to mitigate all the damage thus allowing you to go in for minions safely while the skills are on cooldown. Remember, this skill gives vision!

Sweeping Blade (E) - The Sweeping Blade ability is definitely my favorite part of Yasuo. At later levels, the cooldown is so low that once the dash's cast is over, it's back up. This gives you high mobility in team fights and gives you a wide array of escape routes. One of the best places to run away to is the wall behind the golems because you can place your wind wall to the golems and dash to the larger golem. The tricky thing about this though, is that you have to be very close to the wall to make it over.

Final Breath (R) - Final Breath is a very team reliant skill. If you find it difficult to land the knockup from Steel Tempest, you better have a team that can knock them up for you. Champions like Malphite, Gragas, and Shyvana, are a few that I find extremely effective with Yasuo. The best thing about this ability is that you can hit multiple people. You can chunk an entire team with this and still be able to dish out a lot of damage afterwards. However, you need to ask yourself if it's the right time to go in.
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Skill Sequence

As harass:
First you'll want to dash at them with Sweeping Blade.

Then auto attack to proc your statikk shiv if you have one.

Immediately after auto attacking, strike them with your Steel Tempest.

Then escape by dashing through a minion using Sweeping Blade.

Going for a kill:

Before going for a kill, make sure you've used Steel Tempest on a minion ONCE.
First, dash to the enemy champion.

Once in range, Steel Tempest them to proc any on-hit effects, then auto attack while you wait for your steel tempest to come off cooldown.

Then, Steel Tempest again to knock them up.

Once knocked up, immediately use your Final Breath.

Keep using auto attacks and Steel Tempest until you get the kill.
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Obviously I have to put the Champion Spotlight. It gives a great explanation of his abilities, recommended items, and a little bit of gameplay.

In this video, Anklespankin plays Yasuo, and although he rushes the wrong items, he still gives a good commentary and a good final build.
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In conclusion, Yasuo is a very versatile champion. Although he's extremely fun to play, he needs team communication, so I recommend playing him when you have people you play with on Skype or Raidcall or whatever. Remember not to build full damage. If their team has some kind of cc lock and you're caught in it, there's nothing you can do about it. I hope this guide helped you learn how to play Yasuo, and HAVE FUN! :D
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Change log

12/15/13 - Guide Created.

12/17/13 - Added Passive explanation.

12/18/13 - Added new build path. Added Summary. Added Videos. Made some slight visual changes.

1/2/14 - Removed/Edited some build paths. Edited Skill Upgrade Sequence Notes. Edited Pros and Cons. Edited Runes.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Pixel Bliss
Pixel Bliss Yasuo Guide
Yasuo Top/Mid Build :D

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