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Yasuo Build Guide by Minipom

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Minipom

Yasupp - Yasuo Support Guide

Minipom Last updated on January 20, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone!
My name is Christopher but Minipom is okay too. This is my first guide and I am always up for constructive criticism and questions. I played Yasuo since the day he was released and i love him. Don't think he is boring because his kit looks so simple, it's fun to play!

I discovered this build when i wanted to play Yasuo once again, but all lanes were gone.
In my opinion you can carry whole games with this build, because you get a full carry by mid-late game because of this awesome goldsystem! This is a funsupport and maybe other champions like Thresh or Leona are better in this role but give this build please a try. So let's begin!

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Pros / Cons


+ Doesn't need a resource
+ Free poke through Way of the Wanderer
+ Blocking nearly every Danger with Wind Wall
+ Fast and fun playstyle
+ Long Range and short Cooldown Ulti Last Breath


- No escape without a target for Sweeping Blade
- relys on Knockups for Last Breath
- hard to master
- needs an aggressive ADC

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

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Summoner Spells

Primary Summoner Spells

Helping you escape and engage, but be careful not to flash into your death!

Stops the enemy ADC hurting you and/or your ADC and slowing them so you can reach them or escape even better.

Alternative Summoner Spells

You can also play with ignite for the extra damage but you have to watch out, not to steal kills with it. I don't say it's bad if you get kills but your ADC needs them even more!

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Standard Sequence: max your poke and after that your "blocking nearly everything that could do some bad things to your team" Wind Wall.

You can max your Sweeping Blade before Wind Wall if the enemy team hasn't any dangerous pojectiles.

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Try to use it's effect as soon as possible and on the Minion, that gives the most gold.

Place it around 02:30 min besides they have a good early-gank champion like Lee Sin.

Use it when your Health is dropping under ~70%.

Early Backs

You want this item as fast as possible, because the cooldown of the charges is reducest to 30 seconds which results in more gold.

Gives you the Movementspeed that you need for Way of the Wanderer and to reach enemys or escape.

Gives you the [stealth ward]s you need. At this point change your Warding Totem for a Sweeping Lens to clear Wards.

Gives you crit for more poke, Movementspeed for Way of the Wanderer and Attack Speed for exchanges.

The damage is the perfect poke (You see why Yasupp is fun to play? You never stand still!) and is overall a better version of Zeal.

Gives you a little bit of sustain and damage

or Get Mercury's Treads if they have heavy CC and/or much magical damage in their team. Get Ninja Tabi if they have heavy physical damage.

Mid Game

or Choose which one you want to buy first. The Crit and Movementspeed of Zeal or the higher Movementspeed, Attackdamage and Health of Phage.

This will make your Steel Tempest hit even harder and gives you everything you want.

Gets you more tanky and gives you an extra Stealth Ward.

You can get this before Last Whisper if they don't build much armor. Don't forget the active which gives you extra sustain and damage. This proccs on your first Steel Tempest hit.

Defense in Late-Game

Get this for some Magicresist and a nice little shield that blocks the first Spell that hits you. (You mad Teemo? :> )

Get this for some extra Health and a nice slow everytime you Autoattack or use Steel Tempest.

Get this if they have Champions that need to be slowed, either Movementspeed or Attackspeed. Or if they have alot of physical damage.

Get this if they have many Autoattack Champions and they focus you all the time. This is the last choice in my opinion, because as soon as they see you with this item, they probably won't attack until they have to.

Alternative Items

You can change an item for it if you want higher Critchance and critdamage.

Get this if they have heavy CC (e.g. Amumus Curse of the Sad Mummy).

You can get this instead of Ravenous Hydra if you want.

Zeke's Herald You can also get this if you have a AD-team who needs some Lifesteal.

Why no Ruby Sightstone?

It just doesnt fit into this build. If you delay your items you won't be as strong as without Ruby Sightstone, besides everyone has a trinket and you can buy Stealth Wards without the item. But if you or your team can't live without a Ruby Sightstone then buy it early and instead of Last Whisper or the tankitem in the finished build.
Testing with Sightstone and I think It will stay in this build.

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Early Game

First of all: Defend the red or the blue before the game hit 01:50 min, help your jungle if he starts near you.
When you are in lane get rid of your Spoils of War ( Relic Shield) and start stacking your Steel Tempest so you have your tornado ready. Then try to hit the enemy ADC with that tornado. You don't need to get near him, try to reach him with max range. Around level 3 you can start to dash into their minions with Sweeping Blade wait a little bit and use your Steel Tempest with the tornado to poke them. Dash out after that. If they hit you while you do this it's no problem because you have your Way of the Wanderer which will block most of it. Ward around 02:30 min and don't forget your Warding Totem.
Go back if you drop low on Health or you got a Kill at Botlane and buy Targon's Brace and a few Stealth Wards and boots if you can get them.


Poke even more and by now you can go in a little bit deeper. When you got ult try to engage but don't do it if they are near their tower or could kill you though. If your lane works good you can roam too. Don't forget to use your Sightstone.


Sell your Targon's Brace for more space and get all the good items. By now you are a big danger to the enemy team if your lane was working quite well, use that. Don't engage with you Last Breath anymore and wait for your team to engage, the enemy team could kill you with one cc if you don't watch out.

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Yasupp is extremly strong with an aggressive ADC and gets even better in lategame. You can change whole Teamfights with your Wind Wall because it blocks so much (e.g. Sejuani's Glacial Prison or Gragas's Explosive Cask).

I hope this Guide helps some people to find the way of the Yasuo support and like i said I am always up for constructive criticism and questions.
See you on the fields of Justice!

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26.12.2013 Added Sightstone and Ruby Sightstone after the feedback. Thanks for that!