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League of Legends Build Guide Author UnhallowedGeralf

Yeti Riding 101

UnhallowedGeralf Last updated on December 7, 2012
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O Hai Dere

Welcome to my first guide on MobaFire. I can't believe I just used that cliché sentence but whatever.. This is my Nunu build guide that I play alongside my friend's Kog'Maw (Matthew's Kog'Build). That said, I'm sure there's room for improvement so leave a comment if you feel differently. I am all for progress. Let us begin, shall we?

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Why Nunu? Why Support?

Nunu is a more aggressive champion than some other supports but he can still be played as one. I enjoy playing support but not the passive kind. He only has one real support-ish ability, but I think he makes up for it with damage output and tankiness. Also fun to play, if you actually know your lanemate.

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-Works for those annoying sustain-based champions like Swain, Dr. Mundo and Vladimir.
- EVERYBODY seems to be running this lately... It is very useful, but I find it to be invalidated by DoT, so I tend not to run it. Also, it does absolutely nothing for the carry, who is the priority.
-I like to take this cause it gives nice map awareness. If sombody else has it though, you don't really need two CVs.
-What I find myself to be taking most often. Heal the carry, stay alive, etc. Gets you out of some situations that Flash will not. Other than CC locks...
-Shuts down an AD carry. Makes people run through mud. Some people prefer this, it's not a bad choice.
-Never tried it, will update when I have a chance to try it.
-Not a horrible pick.
-See Promote.
-For a support? Nah.
-There shouldn't be any real mana problems with Visionary and philosopher's stone.
-I hate to say it, but the support does not move the heavens and shake the earth just by being alive. Except possibly Janna.
-Only for jungling.

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Updating this is gonna be SUCH A PAIN...

I go 0/21/9, defense for tankiness and utility for... utility.

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An Explanation For The Skill Sequence

I'm a support... But I max E first? I find it more useful cause it results in the carry taking less damage and having more time to deal damage. Do what you want, but I find this setup nice. Also, it's more intimidating to the enemy laner when the support can chunk their life at Lv. 9, which also makes them pay if they underestimate you. Yeah, I lapse a bit into the tank category. I find it more useful.

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-I start with a health crystal cause it builds to an easy Heart of Gold and extends your life expectancy early on.
philosopher's stone+
-Gold items. Make up for not last-hitting. I usually get these two for tankiness and sustain.

-Full tank item. Now with 100% more Force-of-Natureiness.

-More life. I get it for the 100% passive proc. Makes it impossible for someone to outrun you and your lane partner.

-Damn, they removed it.
shurelya's reverie
-Speeds up allies, support item, builds out of philo stone.

-Reverse Shurelya's, another support item, builds out of heart of gold.

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Other Items

-Make AD carries hate you.

-Hexdrinker Vs Karthus
Only real reason I can find for getting this.

-If you're getting beaten down.

Those are about all the items I use, feel free to deviate.

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Feed the carry as much as possible. Hopefully you know them IRL, so you can be on skype or sitting right next to each other. Or both. Anyways, communication is essential as a support. If one of you screws up, the other is screwed over. 7 things to do in this phase:

1.Protect carry when in danger
1st priority. If Tryndamere is diving them, slow him.
2.Feed the carry
Do not last hit. Do not take kills. Assists work just as well as a support.
3.Harass/Zone enemy
Stand in a bush and jump out every 5 seconds to poke an enemy. Keep them from getting any farm.
Self explanatory. See the warding section, only do this when in the clear, not when your carry is being beaten up.
Teamwork and communication are essential to playing support. You and the jungler are the main sources of vision for your team. Make sure you know what is happening and help to the full extent of your abilities.
6.Hold lane
Do not give out global gold. It's not Christmas(and if it is, that's no excuse). HOWEVER, if the turret is doomed, don't make a dramatic last stand and go down with the ship... erm, turret. You will just give out more gold.
ONLY DO THIS WHEN THERE IS NOBODY AROUND YOU, which should never really be the case. Anyways, better you getting minions than the turret/allied minions.

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Mid/Late Game

Your carry should be a monster. If not, you:

    Had a hard lane/got countered
    Fell asleep
    Screwed up
My pet Kog'Maw usually exits the Laning Phase with 4-8 kills. Less kills=less deaths, I swear half his kills come from -_-
and ALL the minions. We usually go for Dragon at this time, along with the enemy team's buffs, ESPECIALLY if they have a jungler. If you look at the cheatsheet, you will be amazingly tanky, feel free to initiate whenever your team is ready. Blood boil should be on 24/7, on an AD based champ if possible. You COULD also use it on a slow AP carry to let them catch up. What you do really depends on who you are with and what they are doing. Just help out as much as possible. Use CV freely to give map awareness and never facecheck unless you have at least 2 allies with you. Keep Baron and under control at all times. Assume that the second your ward goes out, the entire enemy team will be there. Continue stealing buffs and go for Dragon / Baron if the opportunity presents itself. Use your ult for initiation, zoning, or stopping minion snowballs. I actually do that 50% of the time. Everybody laughs at me but you can kill lots of minions and save tower damage in 3 seconds.

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When warding something important like Baron or Dragon , CV the area first so you know you won't be ganked (and if you are going to be ganked, do something different).

There was once a Hecarim. Whilst playing with my friend BlueEyesWhiteKid ( Alistar), I warded a bush. Later, I noticed that said Hecarim would repeatedly stand in that bush and wait for us to overextend. Of course, we could see him and were prepared. Somehow he failed to figure out the bush was warded. Later in the game, we just pinged the bush and our Talon came and jumped on Hec, killing him in 5 seconds. 2 green wards (150g) had saved about 3 lives and gotten a kill.
(Do this if somebody has a bad habit of jumping out at you)

People often underestimate wards. Playing standard PvP, you almost NEVER see them. Anyways, get wards because it gives you an unimaginable advantage over those scrooges who would rather die than spend 75g for a damn green ward. Wards also help with MiAs. I have to admit, I tend to forget MiAs but ward. My teammates don't even notice cause they see the enemies coming.
Anyways. Sight ward

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So yeah.

Thank you for reading my guide, or skipping to the end. Please leave a comment so that I can improve the guide for future aspiring yeti riders. Thanks to Remi/BlueEyesWhiteKid for making it so I don't have to lane with random idiots in PvP, jhoijhoi for her hilarious (and useful) guide to making a guide-Making A Guide by jhoijhoi and Mordekaiser for being Numero Uno. Good luck to you all on and off the Fields of Justice!