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Yorick Build Guide by zygen360

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zygen360

Yorick Gouls gonna get ya!( AD Yorick Guide and build)

zygen360 Last updated on June 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys Zygen360 here with my Yorick Guide and build I have been waiting for Yorick for a while before he came and I was excited for him I have been playing him as a main pretty much since he came out and I think I've got a good feel for him and I am ready to share my tips and tricks with you!

So here we go!

As a reminder this build and guide is all on my play style some people may not like this build due to there playstyle being Differing

Without further delay let's start!

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So I pick up Greater mark of desolationGreater mark of desolation reds As pretty normal AD runes. Then for Yellows I pick up Greater seal of vitality Greater seal of vitality. Giving nice Hp At end game and working into the overall build since your getting atma's impaler And as for blues I like to go with some Greater glyph's of alacrity For some nice bonus attack speed since yorick has a bit of a lower base Attack speed.
As for quints I always like to go with Greater quints of fortitude Because who doesn't like some extra bulk to there champ? and again works with atma's impaler

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I go 21-0-9 Grabing The reduced Cooldown(or Cd) In the offense tree and the 15% Spell penetration. Now some people will be asking why? Well here's the thing Omen of pestilence And Omen of Famine Actually are magic attacks. Therefore its not really a bad idea to pick those up. If your getting ignite don't get the mastery for improved ignite since the effect is useless on yorick since it just gives AP which yorick has no use for. I Don't grab extra damage vs minions since I find yorick does fine without it but if you'd like to take it feel free. I also don't pick up The extra crit because I don't see yorick as much of a crit champion but more on that latter.
I Grab reduced death timer In the utility tree Since I never really found the Incressed health regen and mana regen very helpful. And grab improved ghost because well, Why not? I also grab the extra Xp And gold per 5 Since I don't think you'll need mana with this build much.
On to the next chapter!

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Ok now for items. First I start off with a sapphire crystal I see lots of people pick Regrowth or doran's shield or even Ruby crystal while I have no problem with any of those I Personally like to get Tear of the goddess faster with sapphire crystal lower's how much gold it cost plus I love the health pots to.

Then I grab boots of speed Now your wondering, Why not pick up a Mercury treads Mercury treads right away? Well first off you most likely will not need tier 2 boots(Altho sometimes you may need it.)But the 50+ movespeed That mercury treadsMercury treads Gives isn't really needed with yoricks Omen of war being maxed since that gives you a nice little movespeed buff.

I then grab a manamune Now some people may say you won't need the mana and while that can be true depending on your playstyle This is just how I Build yorick The manamune Gives amazing Mana regen so you can zone out pretty much any lane and you get a little added Attack damage(Or AD)Added in there making it not a total pointless item.

Then after I grab mercury treadsMercury treads And then I get a sheen I find this item to be a core item on yorick with his Omen of war And this your auto attacks do massive damage! Not to mention late game.

Next I go for the easy choice of trinity force No not lich bane because it is based off of your Ablity power Which yorick doesn't get much of and has no use for.

By this time your going to be into mid game And this is where your going to be getting Items to gain Hp with making you more bulky These can differ depending on the game but By a normal game I would grab a banshee's veil You may also grab any other set of items if you really like such as a Warmogs armor If your getting heavy focused or if they're heavy in AD get a Thornmail
Ect really you can grab anything that is heavy counter to the other team. But please grab some kind of Hp or armor or Magic resist item because trust me your going to need one of them.

Next item I go for is black cleverBlack clever Not only does it give a nice AD bonus it also reduces the targets Armor and gives a attack speed buff(Or AS) Which is all very handy. Now some people may want to get an infinity's edge Infinity's edge which is fine but personally I pick the black clever even if it is less AD it reduces your targets armor and gives a still nice AD and AS buff.
Now I would not pick up the Bloodthirster Because you already have Omen of famine Which heals you for the 50 percent it deals then heals for whatever the goul's damage is. So I would skip this item.

Now for your last item atma's impaler Now Why wouldn't you pick this item if your building bulky? it adds Around 60-80 AD somewhere around there with your HP at this point if you grab these items(maybe more with warmog's armor

By this point have fun with your full build of items maybe solo baron(Trust me it can be done if your maxed on items maybe even sooner) HAVE FUN :D

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Skill Sequence

I to start with Omen of war Because its the most helpful early on to me and best for lvl 1 teamfights then I like to pick up Omen of famine due to it being yoricks best lane skill. Then I pick up omen of pestilence As it and omen of famine help major for your harassing and keeping the other team on there feet.

Then I like to max omen of war due to it being very high damage early game and his best damaging skill certainly when you get sheen
Remember to get omen of death when you can(lvl's 6 11 16)

Then I like to max omen of pestilence for its nice slow since lvl 1 it's slow isn't very useful.(its 15% at lvl 1 I think 45% at max lvl)

Then of course you max your omen of famine next (what you gonna spend it on anyways lol)

Now some people may use differing skill order's but if so I recommend not getting just boots of speed But get mercury treads mercury treadsSince you won't have your omen of war Speed buff.

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Summoner Spells

Now I will explain what summoner spells I pick for And why.
Viable picks:
I pick up ghost and ignite on yorick for a few reasons the reason I pick up ghost is with your Q and ghost together your going to start running like crazy and one that't pretty amazing to see and two. its also amazing to escape with in general if you can't hit a minion before running.
Ignite is my second summoner spell pick for a normal game and why I pick this is really just to help deal a bit of damage extra. You don't have to pick up ignite you can always pick any of the other viable summoner spells but for me this is my personal pick.

Flash I remember the days I use to think it was the best summoner spell Still a good summoner spell on pretty much all champions best on squishys tho. still a nice viable choice

Exhaust is also a nice replacement for Ignite Even if yorick already has a slow a exhaust and omen of pestilence Your target won't have much chances of running. So still a nice choice if you would like to pick it up.

Teleport is nice on pretty much all champions certainly when soloing. I would only pick this up if soloing or if your team doesn't have any teleports.

Cleanse is a nice summoner spell for squishy champions who need to be attacking and can't Aford a Hard CC from someone like Sona's Ultimate or ect. But I normaly don't like this spell since I forget I have it a bunch.

Not recommended spells

Heal.. Really not a spell I would pick for most champions anyways Maybe on a support or sometimes on a tank for early game agresive play but otherwise this really isn't a good choice in my opinion.

Clarity. Isn't really something I recommend since with this guide you won't need that much mana. plus a waste of a summoner spell for AD damage champs most of the time and isn't that helpful late game anyways.

Fortify Is an OK summoner spell but really I only find it a good use on a tank and on very certain ones.

lol this summoner spell is still here?

not really any good except for on very certain champions.

Maybe On a support but overall got nerffed and isn't very good anymore.

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Team Work

most of your teamwork comes from using your ultimate omen of death
Use omen of death on your AD carry if you can since the Renevant is only affected by there AD
It doesn't last long tho so maybe you will want to wait for a little before using it.

In this build if you've gotten some bulky items you may be able to be off tank a bit despite yorick being a bit of a squishy champion.

And really just use your gouls and help take down the high priority champions(the carrys) Not much to this really just a little bit of working together! Remember never troll your team doesn't help you any.

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Pros / Cons

Here is some pro's and con's with this build.

Spaming of ablity's and no worry's for mana.
High hitting with shen -Trinity Prox(Prox is the buff it gives for using an ablity)And your Q together.(omen of war
Decently bulky so you don't die often.
High end game hits with your Q(omen of war
Rips armor up take down those bulkys!

A bit more in the middle then most builds not quite as high end AD as if your building like carry or something but not quite as tanky as a full on tank.
missing a chance for extra items by buying mana items.
trinity is expensive!
This build is in general expensive!

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Well that's pretty much it for now! Hope you enjoy!

Btw I know that yorick is pretty under power'd as of this moment but he is alot of fun!

Thanks for reading!