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Yorick Build Guide by MisterPaytwick

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MisterPaytwick

Yorick - Throw them into their graves from the jungle!

MisterPaytwick Last updated on December 7, 2012
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Hello everyone, this is my first build for my lovely (not really sure) Yorick, the Gravedigger. About grave digging, this build was thought to be played from the jungle and do fearsome damage while being tanky enough to aim for the candy named " enemy carry".

Here come the build and why I build that way, but it's not a new set of items, so this build may be say as a "how-to-play" an aggressive Yorick jungler-roamer.

As usual, if it isn't the way you play him (or because a Yorick totally raped you in your last game) try the build first, give advice, ask for tips if you think about a new test, then vote.

I will leave you to mouse-over the items and skills when I don't think about anything useful for it. And you may find a very complete list of the terminology of LoL here

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Pro's / Con's

+Fast jungler
+Bad*** sustain
+Nice damage output
+Useful and versatile ultimate
+1vs1? You mean 4vs1, isn't it?
+Great skins
+Meet their jungler? Yell: COME AT ME BRO!
-Mana starving
-No real escape tool
-Need opportunity to do a nice gank
-Unwise use of ultimate mean a waste
- Omen of War need to be enable by hitting.

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As you may see, I take Greater Mark of Armor Penetration (x9) to have this lil' armor penetration that do awesome thing. Plus it work against neutral minions.

The seals of Greater Seal of Armor (x9) to be tanky enough to have an easy jungle.

While the Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist (x9) give you magic resistance per level. Why? Neutral don't hit you with magic and you'll gank at level 3, so you'll have already +4.05 MR(0.45*9)

Greater Quitessence of attack damage (x3) will help to deal early damages and get sustain with the Omen of Famine

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Tanky masteries to make you easily dominate those squishy before they can even scratch you (When you gank at level 3 a Ashe level 2 and kill her and her support without losing 1/5 of hp, you know you do right, thanks a bit to those masteries.)


Give you a nice and useful up on the Exhaust as Armor and MR reduction.

Scale with your main ghouls ( Omen of War and Omen of Famine), help you with the jungle and give a bit of sustain with your life steal.

A bit of Attack Speed isn't bad for a jungler. Even if Yorick don't use a full auto attack gameplay.

You won't build a lot of Armor Penetration, so it'll be useful against tank.


Improved Smite give you some extra gold, so you can use Smite every time it's not on CD before their jungler is ready to do any second buffs/drake/baron.

A little bonus of Armor.

More HP mean ghouls harder to kill.

Quite useful for a jungler.

Yorick is a bit slow IMO. Plus, thanks to Yorick's high sustain, you can have it during a lot of time.

Cooldown Reduction is always nice, and since Yorick cast a lot, it's a pretty nice mastery.

Again a bit of free tankiness.

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Summoner Spells


Favorite spells

Exhaust give you a nice ability to gank, shut down AD carry, shut down the jungle when you meet him and give you a good defensive skill (if you need, use it, Omen of War, run.)

Smite, because you jungle. Take it. Don't think you don't need it, and even if you don't need it, take it to secure buffs/drake/baron, steal their buffs, ease the jungle a lot.

Viable spells

Flash, cool on every champ, its an escape tool but can act as a gap closer.

Ignite may secure a kill, blow down the life steal/spell vamp (gonna face stamp that Fiddlesticks) but take it only if you are fine with gank and escape.

Cleanse is a very useful spell if you know when to use it. But Quicksilver Sash, if they have a lot of hard CC, and Mercury's Treads should be enough.

Ghost give a nice MS, allowing fast travel, ease gank, escape.

I still don't really tried other spells. If you think one is viable, tell me and I'll try it.

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Yorick's abilities give him his unique play style: an AD Tanky Caster overwhelming his foe with ghouls. Let's see a bit of it.

Yorick's passive Unholy Covenant is nice for early game, powerful mid and just amazing late, by giving you a little bonus of damage output and tankiness. Each ghoul give you 5% less damage taken and deal 5% more damage. It's mean a bonus max of -20% damage taken (a free Leviathan) and +20% damage bonus.
Fight with Omen of War:
  • Reset your auto attack (as Nasus' Q, Talon's Q, etc.).
  • Give a nice bonus damage.
  • Enable Sheen's passive and use it.
  • When you land it, you get a nice MS bonus.
  • Give a little help to push and tower dive.
Control them with Omen of Pestilence:
  • Give an AoE slow.
  • Early-Mid give some damage.
  • Check every brush.
  • Check the jungle and blues from the river.
  • Block skillshots.
  • Harass from the other side of a wall (They won't back)
  • Give a little help to push and tower dive without target.
Harass with Omen of Famine:
  • Every time it deal damage, you get 40% as life steal.
  • More AD mean more sustain.
  • Move to be in range, pop it and fall back. Repeat.
  • Needed to jungle.
Give 10 sec with Omen of Death:
  • To give extra time for you dead carry.
  • To give extra damage output.
  • To tank and push turrets.

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Starting Items

Long Sword
Starting with a Long Sword will give you sustain. Yeah, thanks to Yorick's E Omen of Famine as it scale +1.0 Bonus AD. But it's improve your damage too, that mean faster jungle and better gank. And it's a part of the Trinity Force.


Health Potion
Sustain again. I only need it when I finish red buff, so I can gank without problem as I don't get below 70%-65% of my HP when jungling. But you may need it earlier: that mean you don't cast as much as you can. As you should have the blue buff, just cast more.

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Core Items

Trinity Force
Trinity Force give nice bonuses, and because Omen of Pestilence is AP, every bonuses is useful. It give a proc very nice: every time you cast, you'll deal 150% of your AD on your next autoattack, this will make your Omen of War hurt like hell. Expensive but delicious!
Sheen > Phage > Zeal

Atma's Impaler
Atma's Impaler make you a dangerous foe, especially against AD carry. With your HP and the armor, they'll have a hard time to kill you. The extra damage of the passive will make you a good fighter.


Frozen Mallet
A sh*t load of HP and a bit of AD. The Frozen Mallet' slow will be used instead of the Trinity Force one.

Yorick is a caster, and he use a lot of mana. Yorick without mana will be useless until they focus him instead of the carry and as it's not your role to be the tank, you need mana. This item won't only solve your mana starving when you can't have the blue but give you some nice AD: see the math section.

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Favorite Build

The final build

It's a close-to metagolem build, pretty nice to make you a "Jack of all trades, master of none". Nice tankiness thanks to the health pool of the Frozen Mallet, armor of Atma's Impaler and MR of Banshee's Veil.

If your team is well balanced as it should be, this build make you that awesome offtank we all need. You'll be hard to kill and you can don't give a damn about this little tank who try to hurt you will you rip apart his carry. Oh! And you can cast ALL THE DAY!
Recommended build sequence:
Item Sequence

Health Potion

Boots of Speed


Tear of the Goddess


Mercury's Treads


Trinity Force

Giant's Belt

Ruby Crystal

Frozen Mallet

Atma's Impaler

Banshee's Veil
WARNING: The boots are just my favorite one, ALWAYS take the one you need ( Ninja Tabi for a heavy AD team, etc...)

By the way: Yeah, I may build Atmog and Fratma, when I usually think this combo isn't the best one (the kind people do because they are stupids as it don't synergize so well with the champ', but it's not the topic of this build). But in the very case of Yorick and Olaf, those items synergize so well with the champion that I think it would be a waste to avoid them. They must be made for those both champ'!

In Yorick's case, it give tankiness and damage (same to every champ with this) AND synergize with the passive: As you should know it now Unholy Covenant work to his best when you have tons of HP and a nice out put of damage. I'm currently working to find some other builds.

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Early game

Ok, since you kept reading until here, you should be like me: a necrophiliac player who like Yorick. Yorick's early game is totally insane: as soon as you are level 2 or 3 you'll have the toughness and damage needed to face almost every champions.

It's where you'll start, with the blue. If it can be pulled, it's pretty cool but you don't, or a least shouldn't, rely on it.

[*]Start by smashing it a bit and cast your Omen of Famine when you need it (as soon as it spawn, it deal damage and you get back 40% of those damages as HP.). When ever you can cast it, cast it. As I said about the passive: it give 5% of damage bonus AND 5% less of damage taken.

You get your level 2 as you take down the blue.

[*]Put a point in your Omen of War and do wolves. Finish them with your Q to gain so MS and run to do the wraths, cast both of your ghouls and finish with Q. Go and do red. Then gank.


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The math section (I did it for you!)

Long Sword
I start with a Long Sword as I said to have a high sustain. The Quints (remember: Greater Quintessence of Life Steal) will give you a nice sustain later. But right now, at level 1 you'll rely on your Omen of Famine:

At level 1 Omen of Famine deal:

55 + 10 ( Long Sword) +3 ( Brute Force )= 68 Dmg

and so give you get back 40% of 68:

0.4*68=27.2 HP back every time your ghoul hit.

Manamune give you 20 AD and tons of mana. it's true power is the passive: 2% of your mana max as AD.

With the build of this guide you'll have:

895 (base) + 1350 (fully stacked Manamune) + 250 ( Trinity Force) + 375 ( Banshee's Veil)=2870 mana

It'll give you:

0.02*2870=57.4 AD

To put it simply: My build give you: 106.54 Bonus AD but you'll only have 1325 Bonus HP.


Atma's impaler
Aside of the armor and CrC it give you, you'll got plenty of AD from it:
1951 (base) + 250 ( Trinity Force) + 700 ( Frozen Mallet) + 375 ( Banshee's Veil)=3276 HP

So it'll give you:

0.015*3276=49.14 AD

instead of

It's the AD get from the combo the reason of this choice, as I think your Omen of Famine give you a good sustain and need AD.

Frozen Mallet+ Atma's Impaler:
20 ( Frozen Mallet) + (700*0.015) ( Atma's Impaler's passive)=20+10.5 =30.5 AD

Warmog's Armor+ Atma's Impaler:
Not staked Warmog's Armor:
920*0.015 ( Atma's Impaler's passive)=0+13.8=13.8 AD

Staked Warmog's Armor:
1270*0.015 ( Atma's Impaler's passive)=0+19.05=19.05 AD

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