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Warwick Build Guide by uWontMakeIt

AP Offtank You can run, but you can't hide!

AP Offtank You can run, but you can't hide!

Updated on August 19, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author uWontMakeIt Build Guide By uWontMakeIt 143 8 4,964,949 Views 94 Comments
143 8 4,964,949 Views 94 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author uWontMakeIt Warwick Build Guide By uWontMakeIt Updated on August 19, 2016
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Hi All. Welcome to my Warwick guide!

The base idea behind the build is to maximize the damage per seccond, the DPS we can deal. Warwick's skills Hungering Strike and Infinite Duress together with the Eternal Thirst passive deal magic damage - Piercing Thoughts is a must have mastery, same reason Wit's End is a must have item. His W Hunters Call increases attack speed which again helps us in dealing more damage with on-hit effects. Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer doubles all on-hit damage of every 2nd Auto Attack. This will double the damage of Fervor of Battle , Eternal Thirst, Wit's End, Titanic Hydra and Blade of the Ruined King. Can you see where this is going? :) Lastly, Infinite Duress procs all the on-hit effects x5! If you follow this build and do not fall behind early game you will wreck any team fight past 20 minute mark. Trust me on this ;)

*S6 change list:


- sorry for not updating the guide for so long. I have not been playing much for the last 10 patches... made little changes to the build, mainly taking the %armor pen mastery and cleaning up the items section. Its not much but I hope to find some time for more work in near future. GL HF


- the Enchantment: Bloodrazor replaces Enchantment: Devourer and messes up the build quite a bit. I will update it as soon as I have some time for testing.


- Masteries changed to 18-0-12
- Fervor of Battle deals damage and stacks from your ult. In patch 6.1 using Infinite Duress at lvl 18 with 0 stacks it will add 280 damage to your ult and 112 damage to each subsequent auto attack. This is a huge buff to our burst and DPS.
- Back to AD reds, they increase our AA damage by 13,5% level one - much faster clear time.


- Full Attack Speed Reds and Quints are back into the build - the new Savagery mastery compensates the change of 8,5AD from Reds.
- Scaling Health Yellows - tankyness late game, when needed
- CDR change to 6/3 as there is no more 2,5% from masteries
- Huge change in masteries focusing on Resolve tree
- Dead Man's Plate implemented as a main armor tanky item for its speed buff and extra DMG
- Titanic Hydra added for its OPness in late game.


I am uWontMakeIt PL, playing on EUNE, Platinum II in Season 3, and Plat I-III in S4. Managed to get Dia V in pre5. Hell Yeah!

I decided to share with you my idea on how to build Warwick for ranked play. The build will of course work on every level of play.

Warwick has always been one of my favorite champions and since the arrival of the new Feral Flare I found that he does not need to build as a tank anymore! Instead he can do tons of damage mid game to go tanky in late.

S5 made it easier with the introduction of the new jungle and new items.
Skirmisher's Sabre and it's bigger brother Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer were made for Warwick!

Build works extremely well and I hope it will bring more WWs back into the game as he is fun to play and can be game changing with a well timed ultimate.
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How to do well using the build

Decided to add a little chapter about what to and what not to do with Warwick using this build.

Step 1. STAY SAFE! Warwick is very weak in the early levels and easly counterjungled! Farm your way to level 6th and upgrade to Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer ASAP - if not ahead with an early kill skip level 1 boots till you have the upgrade!

Step 2. Keep farming! Only gank when your ult is nearing to be off CD or to help a teammate nearby.

Step 3. Do not be greedy for risky kills. Even if you get the kill, you will lose a lot of time not stacking your Devourer.

Step 4. Lev 1 Infinite Duress has a really long CD, even with our CDR reduction, so use it wisely. This ult can make or break a game. Don't chase kills if it makes loosing time you should use stacking! ;)

Step 5. Rift Scuttler gives 2 stacks, Dragon , Rift Herald and Baron Nashor give 5. Focus on killing the river creatures as often as possible, they give Vision, speed buff and more stacks than jungle camps!

My way to play Warwick is quite obvious, but let me stress this again: Farm and stack Devourer as much as possible!

Now some advise on fighting/ganking as Warwick

- If you have an option to do so always get into melee range to AA,Q,AA before you use R (one of the reasons I find Ghost superior to Flash is making this combo possible;). You will deal much more DMG and you can force a flash before you catch your target anyway. One more thing - ult only when your ally can reach you for the kill.

- Learn to toggle your E on/off to keep the enemies unaware of your gank.

- Teamfights are where fed Warwick shines. Enemies can not allow you to get into their back lane and that fear is our greatest tool to zone the enemies. We excell at chasing high priority targets and taking them out very quickly.

- It is sometimes usefull to leave a low priority target at low health just to keep the speed buff On.

- Use the JNG buffs to your advantage, Ward Removal and Vision in both yours and enemies jungle is essential in mid/late game. Don't forget about this.

- In 1v1 situations, if the opponent wants to fight back, do not use your Q or R right from the bat. Exchange some AAs first. Both of the skills heal you for some serious numbers. Using them with full health is a waste of potential advantage.

Think thats all for now - Will update if anything else comes to my mind. GL Guys!
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Greater Mark of Attack Damage and Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed to help with the clear time and getting us to lev 6 as soon as possible. I choose Greater Seal of Scaling Health for late game tankyness and Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction for past level 6th CDR on ULT - no need for MR in the JNG anyway. Our goal is to farm our way into mid game where we really shine as an Anti Carry Magic DPS dealer. Then the further into late game the more tanky we get.
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6.1 - Recent buff to Fervor of Battle brings a change to 18-0-12. Insight 's 15% CDR on summs is kept and I believe its worth more than Savagery+ Runic Affinity . Pairing it with Ionian Boots of Lucidity gives us 25% CDR on Smite = faster clear time. My goal is to cut the jungle clear time to a minimum allowing for quick level 6th and later to stack Devourer at on optimal rate.
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Smite is an obvious choice for a jungler. What makes this guide different is Ghost. Most Warwick's take Flash and there are some positive sides of it. Great escape and Flash Ulti are the most obvious ones but Ghost is superior to Flash on Warwick for several reasons. It has a lower cooldown. It allows a gank pre 6th after taking Red buff . Ghost + 1 level in Blood Scent and the Red buff allows for a decent CC and chase that should be enough for a level 3-4 kill or at least forcing some summoners out of the ganked lane. You can use it to get back from base quickly if needed. Later on Ghost becomes even more powerful as it scales with Blood Scent levels and gets buffed to 40% and even shorter CD with Enchantment: Distortion. If you know you can secure a kill do not hesitate to use it! Flash is still a very good pick and I use it in comps that I know it will more usefull (to much CC to get to the target on Ghost for example).
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

Eternal Thirst passive is the very reason behind the core items and rune choice for this build. It is an on-hit effect ability that deals more damage with every hit up to 3 stacks and sustains us the same amount. So? We need Atack Speed and more on-hit effects to make it even more effective ;)

Infinite Duress as all the ults is maxed 1st. Exceptional ganking ability. Gap closer together with a 1,8 sec lock on the target that is unable to do anything other then take ultimates damage + 5x on hit damage from Eternal Thirst, Fervor of Battle , Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer and all on-hit items. That makes for tons of damage and should secure a kill every time its up in the mid game. Focus on ganking mid, as its the easiest to take down!

Hungering Strike is maxed 2nd, great source of damage also usefull to heal up in the jungle or during a gank or a team fight.

Hunters Call is maxed last as the levels past 1 only grant 10% buff to its level one 40% Attack Speed bonus. It complements this build perfectly and buffs your team as well! Grants you assists with out touching your foes! And lets you deal insane DPS once the 2 core damage items are build.

Blood Scent is maxed 3rd to improve the speed boost and vision range everytime a low health opponent is nearby. This scales with 27/40%% from Ghost. Good luck to anyone trying to escape ;)
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Feral Flare was the reason for this build to come to life. Before its arrival the only way to build Warwick was a Tankwick. It's new version from preseason 5 Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer is even stronger! Allows faster clear time and gets us to level 6 very quickly. This item gives us everything we need as a Jungler. Attack Speed and on-hit magic damage growing with every big monster, assist or kill! A must have on any Auto Attack reliant champion and a brilliant item on Warwick.

Every stat from this item is great for us. 40% Attack Speed, 40 on-hit magic damage, 40 Magic Resist and 5 Magic Resist stolen on-hit (up to 5 stacks)! Remember that all our skills and on-hit damage are magic. It is a must have in most scenarios.

After the recent change they now give 10% CDR on summoner spells, pairing it with Insight gives us a 25% reduction on both Smite and Ghost. A must have early game! You can exchange them in very late game scenarios for Merc's or Ninja's.

What's next?

Perfect fit for Warwick allows us to get to the target with it's speed buff, deals 100 extra dmg and slows for a short period allowing an extra AA to get in. Nice thing to do if you attack a seperate target is to go into melee range (can use ghost to help) AA+Q+AA+R for a nice combo and have another Q waiting right after the ultimate. A new must have item!

New item that fits perfectly into this build. Gives a nice DMG buff together with tankyness necessary for the late game.

Best late game damage item we can get. Provides Attack Speed, Attack Damage and %health on-hit. Got nerfed in preseason so I would only go for it as a last item.

Old possibilities, still viable

We all know how annoying for the enemy team this can be. If you decide to be the main initiator for the team this is a must have and should probably be bought as 4th item. Its a good pick with every build anyways.

I used to build this as my 4th item in the old build as it covers everything necessary at this point of the game. Extra armor and health to be able to tank champion damage as well as for tower diving. The active is the CC we lack on Warwick and again it scales into late as we get tankier.

Good item to have on Warwick. Health, Magic Resist, CDR and even more sustain. Works extremely well with Blade of the Ruined King. I buy this or Banshee's Veil depending on the situation.

Health, armor and more magic damage. Perfect for adding extra damage together with some tankiness. Works best with Sorcerer's Shoes.

If there are 3 (or 2 fed ;) Auto Attack based champions this is an awesome item. 90 armor and 20 CDR, which gets us close to the 40% limit, are great. But the main advantage of this item is the 15% Attack Speed reduction to all nearby enemies.

Great item to have. I believe it can be better then Spirit Visage. Gives us similar stats but the advantage is the shield that forces the enemies to use more of their spells to disrupt Infinite Duress or loose a member if they don't ;). Very good pick on Warwick.

Sensible pick vs a strong AP team. Helps on all fronts. A lot of AD complements life steal, a lot of MR and the shield. Very nice to have.

Situational item. Works with both AP and AD build. Still only usefull when your team really lacks CC. Makes it impossible to run from you but again you should not have any problems catching on with out it either.

Situational item. Its cheap and works very well against a fed ADC or Auto Attack based enemy comp. Do not build in other occasions.
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I hope you can use this guide to have some fun with Warwick as I certainly am having loads ;)

One thing you need to understand is that there is no ONE good way to build a champion, with Warwick being a great example. It all changes depending on the team comp and how the game goes. You need to think about the choices you make during the game as it is them that will decide on the result.

Considering all that I believe that the build path I present is optimal in most cases. It complements all of Warwick's strenghts and makes you a semi-tank with CRAZY damage from all the on-hit effects of Eternal Thirst, Fervor of Battle and 4 out of 6 items.

If you find this guide helpful or have an idea on how to improve it please let me know in the comments. I am aiming at making this guide as good as possible.

Now go and get some kills! ;)
League of Legends Build Guide Author uWontMakeIt
uWontMakeIt Warwick Guide
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You can run, but you can't hide!

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