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Sivir Build Guide by Ooiboy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ooiboy

Your Injuries Will Be Sivir

Ooiboy Last updated on February 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Sivir, the Battle Mistress

I bought Sivir mainly because she was 450. This was way back when she was still Underpowered and really weak. Then they buffed her and I still thought she was underpowered and weak. My opinion of her changed when I saw 3 ranked games in a row in which a sivir dominated my team. I decided to try her out. After 2 normal games, I started a ranked game. I won, so I started another, and another, and another, until I hit 10 ranked games played with her. I won about 8 of them and lost 2 of them.

A couple days later, Sivir got nerfed by Riot. :[

Why does riot have to ruin everything?

She, however is still playable, and a good champion to play.

This is my guide on how to play Sivir, the Battle Mistress.


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Pros & Cons


Massive Damage
Long Range
Easy to Farm with
Extremely Good Pusher
Extremely good Chaser. Impossible to run away from


Mana Starved
No CC.
Focused a lot
Like all AD carries, a tad bit squishy

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This is Sivir's most wonderful passive. It gives you 50 movement speed after basic-attacking an enemy champion. It makes her very hard to run from. It is a great chasing item, and is a great part of Sivir's kit. It can also be used to run from people and a really easy way to kite enemy champions.

This is Sivir's Q. It scales with both AD and AP, but is better with AD. It deals more dammage to the first champion hit and does 20% less damage through each target. This Q deals a LOT of damage to champions early game more then late game. It also has a VERY long range for your everyday turret sniping needs. I max this abilty first because it does the most damage.

Makes your next hit deal more damage, and bounce around and around and around. Low cooldowns on this W helps you get minions extremely easily. You just pop W, pop Q and all minions are gone at higher levels. This is how i have an average of 200 minions per game. It's such a great farming and pushing tool.

This blocks a spell and returns mana. This is a beautiful spell and helps your sustain. If you have good reflexes then this is the spell for you. If you see your opponent shooting something at you, you can pop this in the blink of an eye. Also, in big teamfights when you see someone coming at you, just use it. You get to block the first major ability of the game which always happens to be an ult or a stun that can ruin it for you. This game turns the tides of battle into your favor.

This is another reason why Sivir is impossible to run from. This gives everyone including her a movement speed buff and attack speed buff. Though it was recently nerfed, it's still a useful activities. It acts as a Shureliya's Reverie buff and can turn the tides on any teamfight. I use this ability right when the teamfight starts, or when i get to a teamfight late and we need to chase down some enemies. This can be used in sync with shurelyia's reverie.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

When maxing out, R>Q>W>E.
you need ult for obvious reasons.
you need your boomerang blade as it is your main source of damage early game, and hurts a lot late game.
W helps you farm.
E is a utility. It doesn't really change much throughout the levels and is not as useful as your ricochet.

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Summoner Spells


Flash and Exhaust
Sivir DOES NOT need ghost. She's fast enough without it.She already has two built in abilities that make her move faster she does not need another one. Theres such a thing as too much. You always want to have at least one escape spell on a champion, and Flash is a great way to overcome obstacles when you're escaping. This paired with exhaust for the 1v1 advantage when fighting. Exhaust helps you win almost any 1v1 fight.

Teleport I don't usually get this, because I feel that there are more important things to take then teleport. Teleport is not worth the summoner slot. Cooldowns are too long and are not as applicable as other spells. If you take this, replace Exhaust.

Clarity I don't ever take clarity. If you can get a good support or if you can land your Spell Shield well enough, then you shouldn't need to waste a slot on mana. Take this if you're horrible at landing your E though, if you need. Or you can just get a lot of Mana Potions like I did when I started playing Sivir.

Ghost : As I stated above, ghost is a waste of a spell as sivir already has 2 speed buffs in her kit. She doesn't need to be able to go 800 movement speed, as fun as it sounds.

Ignite : exhaust is a better choice. I guess Ignite could work, if the enemy team is full of healers like Dr. Mundo, or Warwick, or Swain, or Soraka.

Smite : NO

Promote : NO

Surge : Never tried this and never will

Heal : This could work. If your support doesn't have it, then I guess heal would be a pretty good choice. I don't take it however as it doesn't promote the whole AD CARRY ALL THE THINGS role you play.

Cleanse: I should probably put cleanse at the top. This is a good choice for a summoner spell if the enemy team is full of CC champs. This is a good way to just escape their cc and not get pinned down early game. If you get CCed early game then chances are you're not gonna make it.

Clairvoyance : NO.

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The main build for Sivir shouldn't need to be explained. You want to always grab AT LEAST:
One The Bloodthirster, One Phantom Dancer, and one Infinity Edge. All other items are built based on what you need during that game.

The Bloodthirster You must have AT LEAST one of these on Sivir. They give a ton of damage, and a ton of lifesteal which not only helps you survive longer in teamfights, heal back all of your life after a teamfight, but makes your Q and autoattack do a lot more damage.

Infinity Edge What AD carrys' items are complete without an Infinity Edge. This is another main part of Sivir's build. Every crit will do so much damage and leave your opponent dead or about to be. Lots of AD, Crit Chance, and a Crit Damage Booster makes this an item for sivirs everywhere.

Phantom Dancer Attack Speed, Critical Chance, and Movement Speed. 3 stats that you will end up needing. Sometimes I grab 2 if I'm fed enough. This drastically makes you attack faster, move stronger, and do a lot more damage. Must-have.

Berserker's Greaves I get berserkers greaves like most other AD carrise. The attack speed is necessary to help you last hit and attack more in less times. Do i even have to explain this choice?


Trinity Force I don't usually get this on sivir. It's quite expensive, and doesn't hurt as much as the other items do. I see many sivirs get this however. It does buff up your Ricochet and make your attacks slow to add to your passive speed.

Frozen Mallet Slows all enemies that get hit and gives you much needed Health and survivability. Makes it impossible to run away from you. I don't usually get this item also however because it doesn't exactly give you much damage.

The Black Cleaver I get this item when the enemy team has a LOT of Armor. i don't usually need this however, but it still helps.

Last Whisper Same reason as Black Cleaver. basically a cheaper version, but I prefer black cleaver because of the attack speed.

Madred's Bloodrazor I get this item when everyone on the opposing team is stacking health. It just helps you shred through them and deal a **** ton of damage. High costing though, but it gives good stats.

Manamune I DON'T LIKE MANAMUNE. It is not worth it. It takes too long to get farmed up, and it doesn't give nearly enough Attack Damage in the end.

Wriggle's Lantern This item is good on almost every AD carry. I get it if I need a little bit of Armor and when I'm having trouble with my last hitting.

Warmog's Armor & Atma's Impaler if your team doesn't have a tank, then this could be a good item to get. It makes you survive longer if you happen to die a lot. I wouldn't recommend it however because Sivir is an AD carry. not a tanky a champion in general.

Vision Ward/ sight ward Get wards. It helps your support. just because you have a support doesn't mean you should be forcing them to get wards. To you, a ward is just worth 3 minions. If you're farming good, that shouldn't be a problem.

ANY OTHER TANKY ITEM IN THE GAME: This means Thornmails, Banshee's Veils, Guardian Angels, and those items ONLY. Other items shouldn't be used on Sivir as they shouldn't be your job to get it. You can get those items above if you need them however, those are the only tanky items I actually get.

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Runes & Masteries


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

I get the usual runes that I get on every champion.
I get flat armor seals and flat mr glyphs to survive longer in battle so I don't get picked off by a couple hits immediately. I get armor pen quints and armor pen Marks just for the late game effect on sivir. It's based more on survivability then the do a ton of damage and die runes.

I get 21/0/9 masteries. I get all the necessary points in Offense for any ranged AD carry. I get the 9 in utility for the help early game. The mana regen and mana helps greatly, though just a small benefit. I also get Runic Affinity because throughout the game you'll be needing red.

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Who to lane with.

Sivir is a very aggressive champion. A very aggressive champion needs a very aggressive support.

The Best Choices for Supports:

Taric: Taric is a good support to lane with. The stun is a good way to land your Q 100% of the time, and the armor and AD buff he gives is delicious. When playing with a Taric, you need to play very aggressively.

Sona: She is a very aggresive champion. She can almost secure you first blood and play AD carry herself if she needed to. Her early game damage output is beautiful and unmatched by none other.

Alistar: If you get a good alistar, then by all means, go for it. The Headbutt, Pulverize and Pulverize,[[headbutt combo is a good way to get kills. He's also a natural tank so he can just take all the damage while you stand far away at a safe distance throwing out boomerangs.

Soraka: Though soraka is a non aggressive champion, her early game sustain can be crucial. You won't have to worry about your mana with a soraka, and you'll be able to harass and spam your abilities. You also don't need to worry about going back to base every couple of seconds. I once laned with a soraka to 6k gold.

Janna: Janna is the last on the list of good supports for Sivir. She can initiate with her Q, and make you stronger with her shield. Her slow makes it even harder for the enemies to run away from you.

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Early Laning Phase

If you start on Purple side, and you're jungler is not starting at mini golems and won't get to mini golems until the end of the route, i suggest getting them.

To get mini golems, have your support and you stand on opposite sides of them. Start out, and hit it once, run, hit it once, run...kite the hell out of it until you run out of range, and it starts to chase your support. Make your support do the same thing until both are dead. Make sure you get the mini golems. This puts you above half a level and helps you hit level 2 before the enemies can. If you follow these instructions correctly, you should take about ZERO damage.

When laning early game with Sivir, you need to make sure to get the last hits. Don't spam your boomerang blade and your ricochet on minions too much as the mana is crucial to the actual fighting. When you try to land your Boomerang Blade make sure no minions are in it's path, as the damage gets noticeably inhibited. once you hit level 9 you should be able to clear minion waves with a single Boomerang Blade and a Ricochet. I first leave lane to go back to base when
1) I die.
2) I have about 2.5k gold.
When going back to base, I get a Doran's Blade, a B.F. Sword and Boots of Speed.

When initiating, make sure the enemy doesn't have full health. Never initiate on an enemy that has full health. You gotta poke. You gotta harass y'know. Then get in a bush, wait for them to get near, and spring out and kick their ***es. If they're smarter then that, then just wait for them to make an exploitable mistake. Try to bait them into turret diving.

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When playing with sivir, you need to make sure that you're staying in the back. Like any Ranged ad champion, you're going to be EXTREMELY Squishy. Do whatever you can to make sure that the other people on your team are in front of you. Your job is to do all the damage, not die seconds into the battle. Don't be afraid to use your flash to get behind the enemies. Sometimes when I play Sivir and a teamfight is breaking out, i like to flash behind a wall and deal damage there behind the enemies. then when we win the fight, I have an early lead on them and can easily kill them.

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People Sivir are Good VS.

Sivir is best against champions with easy to dodge abilities.
If you see an enemy pick:
Caitlyn: This is the best person to play against with sivir. She is extremely easy to manipulate for mana. Her traps are free mana as you can just pop your Spell Shield and step on them. If she uses her Q, then just pop a boomerang blade back and trade the damage off.

Teemo: same reasoning as with the traps and the easy to feed your mana withness. The blinding darts are easy to counter also, because you can expect it. basically whenever teemo goes toward you, just pop your E. He's also extremely squishy, so your boomerang blade will almost kill him immediately.

Alistar: Alistar's combos are easy to block. You just have to anticipate it. When he headbutts, immediately press spell shield and get the hell out of there.

Soraka" Extremely squishy champion. A couple autoattacks and a boomerang blade should be enough to kill her.