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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Unsactioned

Your Lee Sin Resource (AS, Jungle, AD)

Unsactioned Last updated on April 6, 2011
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Let me start off by saying haw angry this build making process made me. My internet screwed up and I had to restart this build from the beginning FIVE times!!!!!!!! And if that wasn't annoying enough the icons didn't work so I had to go through and fix them!! This is only my third build and my spelling and grammar is not that great so don't judge lol.

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Pros & Cons


Great ganker
Good Farmer
Good harasser
Good support
Great damage output
Amazing jungler


Low scaling
Hard to use and master

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AS/Jungling Runes

Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation- The armor penetration given by these runes allows you to deal more physical damage directly to your enemy.

- Dodge allowing you to take less damage therefore increasing your survivability allowing you to stay in the fight longer.

- More AS therefore increasing your damage output allowing you to get more kills and faster kills.

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AD Runes

Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation- The armor penetration given by these runes allows you to deal more physical damage directly to your enemy.

- This is an optional Rune you can use Seals of Evasion that works very well I would even recommend it. The reason I use these Runes are 1. Because they are affordable. and 2. For that extra damage early game helping me to play aggressively.

- The reason behind this rune isn't that great it's very simple. More damage. More AD = More damage dealt with your abilities.

- Another simple reason. More survivability. More survivability = fewer deaths on longer time in team fights = more kills.

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Alternate Rune Choices

- If you can't afford evasion seals this is always a good choice.

- If you don't want Alacrity Seals buy these to get more attack damage. I use these while I'm buying dodge seals.

- This is a good choice to have because you will be hitting Crits alot and doing more damage with them will help you kill your enemy fast. The faster you kill them the less time they have to do damage to you therefore this increases your survivability. These are very expensive so I don't use them.

- I love these. I use them on Shaco. These increase you attack speed which increases your damage output. I normally use three Desolation quints but I have used one Desolation quint and two of these and it worked very well.

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AS Items

- AS and move speed. The move speed is a must for anyone and the attack speed it gives you is good for this build because this build is about attack speed.

- Large amount of AD and CrC. The reason i get this item on my AS build is for the simple fact that every builds for a DPS needs some attack damage.

- Move speed, AS, and CrC. This i got for the move speed and AS the crit chance is just a bonus. The move speed allows you to catch your enemies, get away, and do hit and runs.

- AS and armor pen when activated. The AS on this is 60 which is awesome plus the armor penetration when you activate it helps you get kill very quickly.

- AD, CrC, and AS and move speed when activated. This gives you a small amount of attack damage and CrC. I go this item for its AS when it's activated this along with Sword of The Divine makes a great combo. This is and item you can get before your phantom dancer if you want to be very aggressive in early to mid game.

- stacking AD and LS. I love The Bloodthirster. Because of its stacking AD you can get this instead of Infinity Edge and get another AS item like another Phantom Dancer. If you get full stacks on this I would sell you infinity edge and buy another phantom dancer but this is going to lower you AD by a lot so only do this if you can keep your stacks. And if you don't want another Phantom Dancer and you think you can continue to get stacks buy another Bloodthirster instead.

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Jungling Items

- AD Armor and LS. This is an item i don't like much but I have to admit it works great on Lee Sin. The AD helps you kill creeps faster while the LS and Armor help you stay alive. When the Armor and LS of Wriggle's is combined with the armor and LS of your W you can take down any creep. Dragon is a piece of cake at level 6.

After Wriggle's it's the same as the AS build. You can use the AD build instead of the AS build it will still work just fine either way.

Now I feel like I should explain the item purchasing order. After your first recall you wont have enough money to buy Madred's Razor so you buy a Long Sword. This will help you kill jungle creeps faster enabling you to purchase Madred's Razor faster.

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AD Items

- I bought this just for fun and I love it on Lee Sin. The dodge chance it gives you is great on him. It increases your survivability by giving you dodge and, because of your masteries, giving you bonus move speed when you dodge.

- I get this because I can get the full stack on it give me a large amount of AD. If you don't think you can get the stacks or you thought you could but your dieing to much buy either a Last Whisper or an Infinity Edge.

- I got the Phantom Dancer on this build for its AS and Move Speed. The AS helps increase your damage output while the Move Speed helps you to chase down your enemies and get away. If you don't want to buy this I would recommend an Infinity Edge or if you think you can get stacks get The Bloodthirster.

- This items placement in this build is optional. I get it before I get an Infinity Edge because I know I can get the stacks on it giving me 100 AD.

- Get this before your Bloodthirster if you can't get the stacks you need with it. This will give you 75 AD and CrC while the unstacked Bloodthirster only gives you 60 AD and LS.

- I think this item is underrated. It gives you 55 AD and shreds enemy armor. This combined with The Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge make and over powered trio.

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Alternative Item Choices

- This gives you good attack damage and armor penetration. If you are going to buy this get it in place of Youmuu's Ghostblade.

- Get this item if you are going up against a heavy ability power team or a team with Karthus. Get this early game in place of Youmuu's Ghostblade.

- This is another good item to have against a heavy ability power team. It gives you attack speed, magic resist, takes 42 manna from your enemy on hit, and deals additional damage based of manna taken.

- This allows you to revive where you died giving you a chance to get a kill or escape. Get this as your last item in place of Youmuu's Ghostblade.

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Skill Sequence

First use Safeguard / Iron Will to shield your self before engaging with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike then use Tempest / Cripple to get in front of them and proceed to use Dragon's Rage to either kick them backwards or into the jungle. If you kick them into the jungle use Flash to get in the jungle with them. DO NOT KICK THEM INTO THE JUNGLE IF THE HAVE FLASH.

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Summoner Spells


- Chasing/Escaping

- I use this to secure kills early game

- This will help you get kills and escape. I don't use it because you already have a slow.

- Lee Sin makes a great jungler (but I jungle with everyone).

- I will use this with Lee Sin sometimes just so i can chase people down better but you'll already have enough move speed so you don't really need this.

- This is very handy if your going against a stunner, like Sion, a slower, like Ashe, or a blinder, like Teemo.

- I use this if I plan on pushing lanes hard. I wait until I see an empty lane then I teleport to it and push it until an enemy comes or I destroy a tower. I also use this if I think I'm going to die.


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Team Work

Lee Sin is not an initiator. I sick and tired of seeing Lee Sins initiate a team fight and then whine about dying. YOU'RE NOT A TANK!!!!!! You should be one of the last people to attack during a team fight. Be sure you communicate with your team and make a focusing order so you are all focusing the same people. Use Safe Guard on team mates who are low on HP. Be sure to get out of the team fight before you die. Don't be a hero and go save a squishy if they have more than one enemy chasing them or you're low on HP.

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Start at the Golems Smite the one you want to attack and use a hp pot and Safeguard / Iron Will. Continue to due this until you killed them both. Then you should be lvl 2.

After the Golems you go to the Banshees. Attack the blue one after you activate Safeguard / Iron Will. Use Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike on it to kill it faster. Use Health Potion if necessary.

After your done killing the Banshees go to the wolves. Kill the smaller ones and then kill the big one. Use Safeguard / Iron Will during this to reduce health loss. Use a Health Potion when done and move on to Blue Buff.

I know your low on health but you can do it. Use Sonic wave on one of the little ones. Kill the little critters first. Always have Safeguard / Iron Will on!!! Smite the big guy while your killing the little ones. Use Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike on the big guy as much as possible. Use your two Health Potions during this fight. You'll barely live through this.

Then you go back and buy a Long Sword and Health Potion x2.

Then go kill the Golems and Banshees to get enough money for Madred's Razor. After you have that go kill the lizard. Kill the little ones first.

After you have Red clean the jungle one more time and then kill Dragon. After you kill the Dragon go back and buy Wriggle's Lantern

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Knowing What Boots To Buy

- You don't need these boots you will already be getting enough move speed from your Phantom Dancers or full stacked Sword of The Occult. Same thing goes for

- These boots are great against just about everyone. If you are laning against someone with heavy CC I recommend these. Also if there team has a lot of stunners or a silencer or blinder.

- You don't need these boots at all. Your cool downs are very low as it is. The only thing this would help would be you Ult.

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1. Make sure you never try to take on more than one enemy at a time unless you're fed
2. Get Red Buff before team fights if possible
3. If you get focused run
4. Use hit and run method
5. Set up Sight Wards
6. Gank often
7. Don't get greedy
8. Use Sword of the Divine and Youmuu's Ghostblade Together
9. Kill squishies

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I hope you like my Lee Sin build. It took a lot of time and was very annoying to make. Please comment below. Feel free to ask questions I will answer them as best as I can.
Thank You,