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Rumble Build Guide by Exs Xena

Jungle gold

Your new jungle pocket pick | [9.14] Rumble jungle

By Exs Xena | Updated on July 26, 2019
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Dark Harvest
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Middle Lane
Ranked #1 in
Middle Lane
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

Your new jungle pocket pick | [9.14] Rumble jungle

By Exs Xena
Hello everyone, and welcome to my third guide already here on Mobafire. I'm DSM Aubery (ig name), I am a Platinum jungle and support main (EUW), who has been playing League of Legends since the beginning of season 5, and ranked since the end of it. Ever since I started playing ranked intensively, I've always hit at least gold. This is the first season I attained Platinum in soloqueue.

Furthermore I'm a business engineering student at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). I'm a big fan of eSports, watching it ever since I started playing competitive League. I'm supporting King-Zone DragonX. I started playing Rumble at the end of season 5, and by the end of season 6 I really started maining him in the toplane, eventhough I was a main jungler at that point. When Spirit, during S6 Fnatic's jungler and Reignover, at that point Immortals' jungler, both picked Rumble jungle at around the same period, I decided to try at aswell and as funny as it gets, it worked out really well. In this guide I'll try to convince you why Rumble in the Jungle is not only a cool skin, but a super broken pick too!

Why did I decide to spend a couple of hours writing a guide for Rumble I hear you asking yourself? And it's a good question indeed. There is in fact a trivial answer to this question. First of all Rumble is, if you talk about both mechanics and macro-gaming, one of the hardest champions in the game, Rumble jungle however is a little bit easier, because you won’t have to deal with getting ganked (when played toplane). Still, Rumble has a hard kit due to his passive, and is hard reliant on a good cast of his Equalizer. Rumble jungle has always been a pocket pick, both in pro-play and in soloqueue! I’ve been playing it for a very long time, and most of my mastery on Rumble has earned trough jungling. I wanted to give the community an easy going guide to solocarrying with Rumble in the jungle, I hope you’ll enjoy the guide, and catch me up playing Rumble jungle yourself!
DSM Aubery


Strong clearing power
High damage amount
High skill pay off
Always usefull, even if behind
Strong counter ganking


High skill cap
Useless when “overheated”
No escape tools when counterganked

Rumble in the jungle isn’t really your usual soloqueue jungler, yet it’s a super broken pick! Rumble has really strong ganking power, especially when he has his The Equalizer available! Picking up Dark Harvest instead of Arcane Comet will give you the additional benefit of scaling even harder as the game progresses. You have really strong clear, which is handy against any kind of jungle opponent. When later stages of the game arrive, he has tremendous objective control with his ultimate! Just look at some of the MSI 2015 games where Rumble got picked, the ultimates in the middle of the baron or dragon pit sometimes won the game on its own! Tons of reason to pick this beautiful Rumble up along your jungling voyage!

  • Main rune tree
  • Domination: For jungle Rumble, there isn’t really a debate about your main tree, domination with Dark Harvest is arguably the best option. Rumble top prefers Sorcery most of the time, but in the jungle this doesn’t really benefit you all that much! It’s a little bit the same as with Karthus jungle.
  • Major rune
  • Dark Harvest: As I mentioned already, dark harvest is the best option for Rumble jungle. As you start getting your way trough the early game, you’ll start trading a lot against the opponent jungler, and you’ll get into some skirmishes, which allows you to grab up quite some souls, which empowers your already op scaling. It’s exactly the same as Karthus jungle!
  • First minor rune
  • Taste of Blood: Healing when you damage enemies is always a great tool to have, especially when you’re playing a big damage output champion as Rumble. Picking up this one allows you to stay longer in skirmishes and to be a little bit extra safe.
  • Second minor rune
  • Eyeball Collection: Eyeball collection will grant you extra adaptive damage based on enemy takedowns, once again, it’s all for the scaling!
  • Third minor Rune
  • Ravenous Hunter: Ravenous Hunter will grant Rumble healing when he deals ability damage, and you are lucky, because Rumble does basicly 100% ability power damage, apart from jungle clearing. You’d prefer this over the two others, because of the extra safety and the fact you can continue your jungle pathing and skirmishing for a longer amount of time, which cuts your amount of backs, which is always an advantage in terms of xp and counterjngl possibilities.
  • Second tree
  • Inspiration: As a second rune tree you will wanna pick up Sorcery. Why? This tree buffs ap damage dealers, and that’s what Rumble needs! You could argue to go for Inspiration, but from my point of view, you’ll go a bit to defensive then! It might be something you wanna take the first few games to get the hang on Rumble, but surely not always!
  • First rune
  • Transcendence: Most Rumble builds won’t include that much CDR, so it’s always handy to pick up some extra CDR trough your runes. For Rumble top I’d suggest you taking Nimbus Cloak because it’s a big boost to getting away from ganks. But since this isn’t a Rumble top guide, it isn’t really relevant going into that.
  • Second Rune
  • Waterwalking: Nice buff to Rumble’s low mobility/fact he can’t get over walls such as most other junglers. Good pick up to get fast to your lanes to get ganks, overall the best option from where I’m standing.

Jungle item rush
  • I think no one will doubt the pick up of the Runic Echoes, but it’s worth talking a bit about why I’d opt into the Stalker's Blade, instead of opting into the Skirmisher's Sabre. For Rumble, a lot of his damage in teamfights, aswell as in skirmishes is done by his The Equalizer, so (especially in early-mid skirmishes) you’ll want to slow your target so he stands longer in your ultimate. This way you might find it worth to slow the target, and deal tons of extra damage with your ultimate, than to give him some extra ignite effect with the Skirmisher’s sabre.

Second item
  • One of Rumble players' favorite items is the Zhonya's Hourglass! The answer to the why question is fairly easy. Especially new Rumble players, player with less then 30k mastery or players who don't play Rumble on a regular base, tend to have a lot of trouble with his passive, the heat system. When you rush Zhonya's as a second item, you can allow yourself to make these mistakes in crucial fights, so you can reset your heat with the Zhonya's. Apart from that, it's in general a very effective item on heavy melee ability power damage dealers! You can build this item in every game, and so do I.

  • The Liandry's Torment is another very famous item for Rumble, especially when played toplane this is always a rush, unless the enemies pick a Riven or a Renekton for example, an ad attacker that can dive you. Liandr's passive gives you more damage the longer you fight, which is perfect for Rumble because he'll stay in the fight for quite some time with his Flamespitter and The Equalizer. The burning effect is always nice too.

  • The Morellonomicon is another great early pick up on Rumble, especially against tanky comps with some regen. E.g. when playing against a Dr. Mundo and a Swain, this item should be second item without a doubt! Because of the magic pen on the one side, and the grievous wounds on the other side.

Third and fourth item
  • Back in the past, the Void staff was almost always a third item for Rumble toplane, but these days, because of the importance of some other items, it fell out of priority. Yet it's a very good situational item, it's very strong, and a good pick up versus very tanky comps as the item itself suggests. I would build this, if you will build it (because it isn't really a prio item anymore), fourth item, after your jungle item and your 2 core items, just before finishing your entire build. By the time you get to pick this item up, enemies will have stacked some MR so the timing should be quite good.
  • Banshee's Veil is usually a good pickup against poke heavy magic damage champions. I like to build it vs champions such as Vel'Koz, Fizz and so on. Champions with a whole lot of AP burst potential, and skillshots. It's a good item to pick up as a third or fourth item, because Rumble by nature won't have much MR. So when you play against heavy AP comps or some very fed AP assassin, this is a really good choice in itemisation!
  • The Rylai’s used to be a very popular item on Rumble in the past, because it would slow everyone hit by The Equalizer. But over recent patches, and actually it’s fair to say over since more than a year, the Rylai’s fell out of popularity quite significantly! Why? I guess because Riot changed other items such as the Morellonomicon, which is straight away better on Rumble because of the magic pen. Still in some situational games, such as games with all low mobility champions, this still might be a good item to consider picking up!
  • The Hextech Protobelt, very famous on champions such as Fizz and Ekko, is a very very agressive and cocky item for a Rumble, yet it can work out because it gives you a little bit more mobility, and very hard pressure in the 1vs1 early. It’s an item you can pick up as a second item, so in fact it’s listed wrong here under “third and fourth item”. You should never pick this one up as a second or third item, because at that point in the game the early spice from this item will be gone already! In general, if you are rollin’ early and you really want to snowball as hard as possible, go this item to burn down your opponents!
  • The twin shadows is personally an item I don’t ever pick up on Rumble, yet it’s something you can always build on a mage champion, and especially in this meta where it became very popular. We’ve even seen KZ Deft picking it up first item on Morgana adcarry in LCK. It can be especially handy when trying to spot opponents in the fog of war! It gives you a strong amount of AP, some CDR and movement speed, all good stuff for Rumble. But you’d pick it up just for the active, not really for the stats immo.

finishing your build
  • When the game goes beyond 35-40min, there is only one good option for your last item, the famous Rabadon's Deathcap! It’s a high cost item, and therefor you don’t want to rush it early in your build, because it will only give you flat ap, but as a last item it’s the only valid choice! It will increase your AP by 40%, which is huge! When you go to real late game, there really is no other option than this item! In the past, some players in pro-play tended to go for this item 3th item, but immo, and pro-players these days share this opinion, you shouldn’t do this anymore, just because there are better items with other additional stats you should build early!

Junkyard titan (Passive): Rumble has a rather unusual passive, the infamous heat “thing”. The big question, how does it work? I’ll try to explain it briefly, because you could write an entire guide only about how to exactly work with this passive. The main idea is that every time Rumble uses an ability, he gains 20 heat, so when you does his entire rotation (Q+W+ 1x E) he gains 50 heat. Once he attains half his heat bar, so 50 heat, he’ll enter the “danger zone”. Once he’s in the danger zone, all of his abilities except The Equalizer will get buffed, for example your Flamespitter will do 50% more damage. It’s very crucial to learn how to play around this passive, and to be able to properly manage to setup your heat when going for ganks and skirmishes. For example you don’t want to enter a lane with 80% heat, because once you cast 1 Q, you’ll become “overheated”. Once overheated, Rumble silences himself for 6 seconds, making himself unable to cast any abilities. While Rumble is overheated, he’ll auto-attacks will become empowered tho, that’s the reason why you should take some attack speed in your rune page. One more thing to add to this description: Once you haven’t used any ability over the last 4 seconds, your amount of heat will start dropping at a rate of 10 heat/second.

Flamespitter (Q): Rumble’s main damage source is his Q, the ability with which you can “toast” opponents. His flamespitter throws out fire towards the enemies, burning them for 3 seconds. The flamespitter has a certain are, triangle shaped, in which enemies will get burnt. So in fact it’s some kind of a skillshot, but not a skillshot too, something in between. When attempting ganks, this is your main damage source.

scrap shield (W): Scrap shield is your only defensive tool, it will give you both a shield and movement speed. It’s very important to manage your passive well, so in harsh situations you still have atleast 10 heat to spare, to use your W to get away from the fight! When you are in the danger zone, you’re effects will be empowered by 50%, just as the 50% from the flamespitter! The shield will scale 50% with ap and by level, the movement speed will increase by level but ofcourse, doesn’t get affected by ap scaling. Using scrap shield when pathing through your jungle is very effective to trigger your danger zone! Because early you’ll have quite some cd on your flamespitter, you will want to use your W to trigger the danger zone.

electro harpoon (E): For Rumble in the jungle, the electro harpoon isn’t the most useful tool. When playing in toplane, this might be, in certain matchups, your most important skillshot because of the heavy poke damage. In jungle, you can just use it to clear your camps faster, and when ganking you can use it to slow your target. That leads me to what the electro harpoon’s do: they damage the opponent, scaling with 40% AP and it slows the target, scaling with level but not with AP. Danger zone empowering both effects once again by 50%. A good combination to cast is an empowered Electro-Harpoon to get a good slow onto the target, immediately followed up by The Equalizer to get the maximum out of it!

The equalizer (R): The R ability for Rumble, his ultimate, is called The Equalizer! In this paragraph I will go into the technical details about the ult, because I'll write another entire chapter about how to use it, because it's fair to say it's quite difficult and unique. Rumble's ult draws a line of rockets, leaving a burning path for 5 seconds, dealing magic damage (scaling with 17.5% ap), and slowing opponents stuck in the line for 35%, the damage effects will remain for 1 second after the opponent left the ultimate. Combining Rumble's The Equalizer with cc is really big, because the enemies will absorb so much damage! If you want to get a complete breakdown about how to use the ult, check the final paragraph from my guide!
In general when jungling, there are a couple of things you have to keep in mind, and if you are just starting to play jungle, some things you really have to learn, atleast if you want to start climbing that ladder! You need to get proper vision control around the jungle crosspoint: the river! Set up pinkswards on crucial spots, get your trinket placed on specific high activity spots, such as marked in
yellow on the pictures here beneath. Keep track of the enemy jungler, and try to punish him for agressive manoeuvres. For example when he's trying to gank botside and you are topside, either way try to gank top, or when top is pushed in, grab away some camps in his jungle and get vision! Let's dig deeper in the jungle pathing now!

Red side jungling
As indicated on the picture, the jungle path is rather straightforward. You should always start with a double leash botlane > golems > wolves > raptors (easy to take with Flamespitter) > red brambleback > krugs. After your krugs, or just after your red, you have quite some options.
  1. Gank toplane, if he's pushed in
  2. Wait in the trybush. The enemy jungler (depending on the matchup) will finish his camps in more or less the same time, and probably he'd wanna gank top too. Waiting for a short amount of time in the tribush might be worth, if it results in a strong countergank. Don't wait too long, because you don't wanna waste all of your time waiting for a jungler that won't ever come!
  3. When the opponent jungler made a quick clear (e.g. red > wolves > blue > gank) you obviously won't be able to countergank, but you can try to punish him by placing some vision, and getting the track onto him. This is beneficial for your sololaners in the coming minutes!

Blue side jungling
The way you should, or you can jungle trough blue side is a bit different. You should ofcourse start the Red Brambleback , it's a big buff on Rumble, followed up by Raports. Some people tend to go for Krugs after Red, but personally I feel like this is a waste of time, let me explain. When you walk all the way back to the Krugs, you kill them (which will cost you most time out of all camps), and then you have to walk all the way back trough an already covered area, to start Raports at low hp... You see my point, this isn't really the most viable option immo. You should start Red Brambleback > Raports > Wolves (Smite) > Blue sentinel > Golem > Rift Scuttler . Once you killed the Scuttler, you once again have several options.
  1. Gank toplane
  2. Countergank toplane
  3. Invade and get deepwards, see yellow dots. If you see an early gank on top or botlane, you might wanna sneak into the jungle, place a ward at the bush near the Raptors, and take as much as you can! This ward is very very important, because the jungler has 2 ways on how to run over it, through swapping from Blue to Red jngl, or by coming from base, so more chance of spotting him out!

Why trying to counterjungle during the first rotation on blue side, but not on red side? The answer is, in my opinion, fairly straightforward! While playing Rumble, you don't really have any escaping tools, so invading blue jungle when playing red side, might not be smart because you are covered by all these walls. Invading red side when playing blue side, is easier because you'll have easy help from your midlaner (if you have one...), and the entrance is easier to access.

*note: When starting on the other sides of the jungle, invading options are the other way around.

Work in progress.

If you really want to start maining Rumble, and in case you're struggling to really get the hang on his ultimate ability, this is a very important chapter. When taking Rumble to soloq and especially high end soloq, once again, this is the paragraph you should be focussing on! Meta's were Rumble was very strong, such as MSI 2015 are important studying material in terms of his ultimate! Just check out some of these games, with players such as Huni, Marin, and Korro1, they have really strong plays on Rumble.

Throwing out your ultimate in ganks
Something very important to keep in mind for ganks, is that your ult has a significant slow amount, 35% to be exact! So you anyway want to keep him as long as possible on the line! When ganking you have to imagine before you attempt your gank, what his escape pathing would be. When ganking an Aatrox, Kennen or Ekko, you might wanna wait until they have used their escape tools, before throwing out your ulti. The next things is the way you are going to drop it, are you going to throw it vertical so he has the change of running all the way through it, horizontal so he has to walk on it and take the stun anyway, or in a diagonal way? The answer isn't black nor white, so you have to judge it depending on the situation.
  • When the toplaner is playing around the bushes: the best option (in general) here is to lay it in a diagonal/vertical way, because this will get him trapped inside of the V line (ult & wall). Especially when going for a multi man skirmish, the diagonal way is the best one. When ganking 1vs2, this vertical one might be the best option.
  • When the toplaner is in the middle of the lane/at the riverside: You might want to get the ultimate horizontal so it blocks the natural escaping way. This will make sure you'll get slow and damage no matter what.
  • When ganking botlane: Same as for toplane, but because it's a 3vs2 now, you'll basically always want to lay it in a V shape, in a diagonal way, because it will ensure you getting slow on the enemies, which can be combined with cc from your support.
  • When ganking midlane: Opponent midlaners are usually assassins, or other very squishy targets, so don't think too much about the cc, just think about a way to deal as much damage as possible in a rapid way. Wait out escaping tools such Corki's valkyrie, [{ekko]]'s dash and Katarina's dagger dash, to lay down your ult, this will always ensure you to get the kill!

Throwing out your ultimate during teamfights
Landing a good The Equalizer during teamfights is key essential to winning games as a Rumble player, therefor you need to have good understanding of the different ways of ulting during teamfights. You need to learn how to use them, in order to become a reliable late game carry! For example how would you ult agressive? How would you prefer to ult if you can just choose wherever you're fighting? How would you ult when you'd have a flanking Kennen or Hecarim? I'll explain it all in this paragraph!
  • Ulting in a standard midlane aram teamfight: The best way to ult in this kind of teamfights, is a diagonal equalizer once the fight has been initiated. Why would you want to lay it in a diagonal way? The answer is straight forward! Let's say you have a standard set-up, 2 tanks in front, 2 carries behind and a bruiser or flanker hopping around the 4 allies. When someone engages, or when the enemies engage, you will want to split up the fight so your carries get the time to get auto's or ap damage in. By splitting the fight with a diagonal equalizer, you'll give time to them to get damage in. This will also deny the possibility of a counter-engage from the enemy team, when your team engaged.
  • Ideal spots to throw out your ultimate: A well oriented Rumble ult can sometimes win the fight just on its own! For instance, when fighting in the corridor at midlane, between the two walls, and you are all 10 on that narrow piece of space, you can dish out your ultimate and just destroy everyone because they have to walk all the way over it to get to safety! I've played games where those ultimates just destroyed the entire enemy team, even-though they were far ahead sometimes! Keep in mind that as a Rumble player, these narrow corridors are the perfect place to ult, so by preference you'll always want to fight in these places, aka in the jungle.
  • How to ult when someone's flanking: In general, it's the best option to dish out your Equalizer in an aggressive way, but by far not always! Imagine you're fighting around drake (I will come back on this) and you see an enemy trying to flank your entire team, you don't want to just rush your equalizer on the enemy team before it's to late, but you might wanna block off the flanking path by laying your equalizer on his flanking path! This is called a defensive equalizer, and this cans sometimes win the fight. Keep in mind, you'll probably deal more damage by throwing out your ultimate on the enemies, but in the end, what's more worth? Them acing you with all 25% hp remaining, while you got deleted by a flank, or you denying the flank and winning the fight? It's a calculation you have to make for yourself!

Throwing out your ultimate in neutral objective skirmishes
A last way you can use Rumble's The Equalizer in a very effective way is around neutral objectives, such as dragon and baron . Rumble is very famous for splitting up fights around neutrals, due to his equalizer. When going for neutral objectives, it's very important to always have your equalizer up, because its impact is so significant.
  • Fighting in the pit/river: When you'll be fighting around the Dragon or Baron, in the river or in the pit, it's very important to land a solid ultimate. You want to split up the fight by landing your equalizer in the middle of their team. This will ensure the splitting up of the fight. Once the fight has been split up, their carries won't have protection any longer, so your assassins and your adc can start bursting their carries! Great, fight won, and free neutral objective, win, win and even more win!
  • Taking the neutral objective: When you have started the neutral objective, and there is even the slightest chance of the enemy jungler stealing it, you should throw out your equalizer in such a manner the entrance to the pit gets blocked for the opponents. You should lay it across the entrance, so there is no way for them to get inside unless walking over the The Equalizer. But when they run over it, they will get cc'd and you can just burst him/her. Once again gg fight won!

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