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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Thode

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thode

Your very own doombot top Preseason 5

Thode Last updated on August 29, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Blitzcrank with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Gangplank oh no he outpokes you early and you can´t take him in a fight, ofc after you get your sheen and 6 he is a Teemo.
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Blitzcrank got it all mobility, huge cc, high dmg and is like a rock. What he does best is to secure the enemies carries and make them cry Tear of the Goddess, not just peeling for a worthless carry who don´t deal dmg. Now here is a guide who tells you how to play blitzcrank like a doombot and go Power Fist the carries yourself.

Hope you enjoy this guide to my blitzcrank top.

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This is one of the first questions that people asks me "Is it even viable?"
I would say yes. It all depends on the meta really. Like all champs it struggels when its counters are up in the meta. I had a rough time when the toplane was filled with , and . I would say it was not viable at that time and I had a win ratio with blitz in ranked at about 48%. Now here later in season 4 the top lane changed to more squishy champs and blitz got a lot more viable. Right now my win ratio with blitz top is 60% also counting the bad start in the season. I have played 139 games as blitz this season and find the win ratio most satisfying. Therefor I think this champ is viable if you just take your time to learn him.

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Pros / Cons


- Great cc
- Nobody know how to play against him
- You get underestimated
- Good dmg
- Amazing teamfights
- You will be called a god when you win your lane
- Pretty tanky
- Amazing baits with shield
- Easy to setup a gank
- Strong mid game and can peel lategame
- Destroys towers


- No sustain, like at all
- Abnormal play style
- The rage quits....
- Weak early game
- You need to be able to hit your grab
- Really bad at clearing camps
- Bad wave clear

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The weapons

Why ad blitz?

Ad works really great with his Power Fist and can unlike ap keep dishing out dmg making him more reliable, where ap has a 12 sec cd before doing dmg again. His Overdrive also boost the ad. The passive on his Static Field makes him want to keep sticking to targets and dealing tons of dmg.

The build

Early game

Now I start the build building up my Mana Barrier with Tear of the Goddess. The tear gives a good mana regen and mana which in the end give Blitzcrank health. After that I go for a mix of dmg and Mana Barrier with Sheen. Sheen is a must on blitz ap or ad cause of his Power Fist, its like they are meant for each other.

Mid game

After the early game items I leave the mana build and goes for some more standard tank items. Why? The shield is not viable if you focus too much in it. You simply don´t become tanky enough to be able to run up and make the carries cry. A Frozen Heart would sound good on paper but it comes up short in the game. It don´t give much mana. It gives 400 mana and you only get 200 hp on your shield, which is only up every 90 sec. Its a very low hp stat and why you need to go for real hp items after tear and sheen. You don´t necessary need to go Sunfire Cape but I like it and rarely opt for anything else. If full ad I sometimes go Thornmail first for the fun of it.(Yes I actually play for fun)

After sunfire

After sunfire I like to get some dmg if even or ahead. Either with Trinity Force or frozen gauntlet cause they rock with his Power Fist. You don´t need more dmg then that at the moment and should not upgrade Tear of the Goddess unless you are really far ahead and is looking for some fun. Instead go more tanky with Randiun's Omen and Banshee's Veil or guardian angle. After that or in between upgrade tear.

If you are behind after Sunfire Cape you got two options.
1. If the enemy team is ad or the main dmg source is ad buy Iceborn Gauntlet
2. If the enemy team is ap or the main dmg source is ap buy Banshee's Veil

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1.Always take Flash. Can´t even name all the plays you can make with flash on blitz

2. Ignite or Teleport. I normally opt for Ignite in soloq cause I wanna carry. It gives you a nice burst of surprise dmg and really boost your lanning. Teleport is good against champions you struggle against and if playing on a ranked team. More strategy and you can go back to spawn and heal. Therefor always take Teleport against champions with great harass in laning like Teemo and Jayce. It can also be really good against though champions with tons of sustain, where there is no chance of getting a kill. It could be a Shen or Malphite where you simply don´t have the burst to take them down. I have made a note for which champs you should mostly opt for tp against.

For questions to skill order look under my notes to the skill order on top.

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How to play blitz!!

How to pull

Now how to do it is simple. Don´t let the enemy know you are trying to pull. It goes for every time you try to pull someone. It can be pretty hard to pull of(Yea I laughed really hard).

This is a classic trick to pulling in lanning. The enemies minions is under your turret and the enemy champion stand close to the turret, maybe trying to harass you. Go front and lasthit the minion which block the way for your Rocket Grab and use your Rocket Grab right after your killed the minion, for a surprise grab. Another good trick is in teamfights or trying to start a teamfight. Run at a target you don´t wanna pull seeming like you wanna pull the target but instead use it to position yourself for the real target and grab him. Like run at but you wanna grab ****py who is standing a little to the right. Then wait for being in range of and then grab him. Simple. Another smart thing is don´t use your Rocket Grab for dmg if its not a clutch situation. Stragglers after a good teamfight seem to forget you have a grab after they flashed, making them a easy pickup for the doombot.

Early game

Lanning is the time where blitz struggles most cause he has no sustain and poor farming. Now the way to play blitz in lanning is you hit and run! All the time! It may seem weird but it works oh so well. The trick with blitz early is to go up to a champion, hit one auto attack and then use [[power fist] cause it resets you auto attack. After that run away. Another good trick is to pull somebody into the turret!Most of the games goes with you waiting under the turret until six where you get a major power spike. Blitzcranks ult is seemingly hard to use and it destroys your farming but can be really powerful if used correctly.

Now you may think that Blitz´s ult is really easy to use. You only have to press it, like how hard can that be? Then plz go up and look at the ability and read the passive. The main dmg comes from the passive but its insanely hard to use and the reason I have a abnormal play style. You need to be fighting away from minions for it to work!!
. Luckily blitz have some pretty neat grabbing and baiting. So how do you guide people away from the minions without grabbing? Its pretty simple, you just go away from the minions and they will follow or come at you. Seems a little dumb right? Yea but people don´t know the strength of the doombot. Getting low health will most of the time bait people in cause of your mana shield. Making them run around after you, like with Singed, can be a great way for your ult to do dmg. Therefor the hit and run strat.

Now you need to know how to fight soldier!
Pretty simple hit Power Fist, pop Overdrive, run away and wait for cd.
1. If he don`t follow you wait for cd and repeat
2. If he follows you don´t run too fast. It may sound dumb but you want the passiv from Blitz ult to hit him when he chases. Keeping running until cd then turn around and use Power Fist

Keep doing this until you can 1v1 him. NOTICE this is tricks to fighting strong champions but most champion you can take him in a fair fight after 6 if its away from the minions and without running away.

Mid game

Here you trives and don´t even need the stupid tricks to kill most lane opponents!Now here you really want to find a chance to get away from toplane and go start some teamfights. Now this is a delicate maneuver cause you don´t want to loss your turrets and not something I will teach in this guide(maybe in another one?). If your team truly suck stay or there is no opportunity just stay top. Blitz kills turrets and can easily punish a teleport bot from the other toplaner with a turret.

Now what to do in teamfights at mid game is to catch the enemy. You are a doombot from hell and the enemy's have no idea about your epic Mana Barrier. The best way is to wait for a opportunity to run at the stragglers and Power Fist them or simply grab them. Its really simple and you should be able to take out anyone but a overfeed champion or Pantheon. Always be on lookouts to grab carries into your team under a teamfigt. Now when a teamfight start don´t try to peel the carries if the enemys carries are around. Go kill them instead and then take out their bruiser like a real doombot. Just run up at the enemy carries while you dogde the critical skillshoots and Power Fist them to death. If they try to flash or run just keeping running with you Overdrive on and try to grab them.

Late game

If they have a carry or support that does you can´t kill the carries late game, then peel for the carries. If not try to do as in mid game. It will though be a lot harder cause the enemy carry now deals tons of dmg. Even if you can try to kill the enemies carries it will be better first to consider your own carries safety and stick with them cause they are the main winning factor in the late game, not you. Your main goal is to make it possibly for them to deal out as much dmg as possibly, just as a support blitz. Now this should not be a problem cause you carried though mid game and got your team a lot of kills and gold.

Some kind of summary

I tell you this is a winning strategy. You don´t even need to win lane or even go even to have a huge impact on the game in midgame. Just the small tanky and dmg stats on blitz makes him a teamfight monster. The smart with this strategy is you can always adapt to a carry killing doombot or a peeling machine. The real mastery of teamfight blitz is to be able to decide within instance the teamfight start what role you are going to play.

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Some quick steps to rember
    Stay away from minions for ult to work!
    Hit and run
    Learn to pull
    Don´t go full mana build
    Learn when to opt for
Ignite or Teleport
Go have some fun

Plz leave a comment down below if you thought something needed to be changed with the guide.