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Yuumi Build Guide by LuxIsMyCrush

Support Yuumi guuide 10.5

Support Yuumi guuide 10.5

Updated on March 6, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LuxIsMyCrush Build Guide By LuxIsMyCrush 5 4 25,499 Views 7 Comments
5 4 25,499 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LuxIsMyCrush Yuumi Build Guide By LuxIsMyCrush Updated on March 6, 2020
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Runes: Aery

1 2 3
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus

Font of Life

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
Exh heal
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Yuumi guuide 10.5

By LuxIsMyCrush
What's new this patch?!
Yuumi get massive changes, her E got something buffed but honestly it's stupid mana cost increases not make it really worth, having a total of.. wait, 160 mana at max rank, at 100 mana at rank 1.
No the passive give again mana and shield, BUT the attach can be interupted a lot easier and have cast time, which makes you extremly vulnerable everytime you deattach from someone. She also can't teleport with allies now.
Her Q also get some nerfs to make things even better, most important one is the duration got reduced by a second.
Hello everyone in this guide I will try to teach you the core parts of Yuumi and how to play her support. As a warning from now, I will not go to in depth so everyone can get easy the important informations in a fast way.. and I am not so good at details.

So first of all, Let's describe Yuumi, she is a mage support with a lot of sustain, and most important thing, that can make Yasuo mains to convert on support role: she can be afk the entire game without punishment whatsoever.

Her kit is quite interesting to play with, and bring a completly unique playstyle on botlane thanks to her You and Me! that attach on an ally and remain there how much she wants. (important to note tho, but not really a big deal after recalling you get deattached of your ally).
Another signature skill is Prowling Projectile that follow your cursor on map until it hit something or expire.

Overall Yuumi is a nice and fun to play champion with a lot to offer, but have some weakness too. She's extremly squishy, so while not attached to someone she will die very fast if not instant, her raw damage is not something great, but for a support are ok.

tldr: your basic attack grant you a shield that did not expire and restore mana, if you attach to someone while having that shield, your ally will have it insead. Good for small trades since your shield will absorb it, or just to absorb some poke from enemies (on your adc). Also in some scenarios it can save your adc from death, using that passive at it's maximum potential can make the difference between a good yuumi and an afk one.

So this Q, is really impossible to hit if you are not attached to someone, it is really slow and enemies must really pay not attention or have no vision at all to be hit by it, anyway if you keep it a second in air before hit it will deal additional damage and slow the enemy (which will happen most of time you are attached). Honestly this skill seems like is like that just to say "you don't want to play yuumi attached, well **** you, no skillshots for you" cause it is literally impossible to compare how bad it is on yuumi by herself and how good works while she is attached on someone.

Anyway, that is your single damaging skill until level 6, so you better try to not miss it and your adc not random back when enemy is in max range.

So basically you attach on someone, if you random deattach to them instatly the skill will have a small cooldown before you can attach again, so you better wait (is a little timer bar on your skill) until you can safe deattah and attach again. You can freely switch on which one to be attached.
While attached you get some bonus adaptive power based on ally ad/ap and allies get adaptive power based on your ad/ap. AP have a higher percent exchange than AD.
With the new patch things are getting a little worse, now Yuumi have a cast time on it, which means enemies have time to stop her, also CC puts the skill on a 5 seconds cooldown, even worse, Yuumi can't follow allies with Teleport and will be kicked out of them

So this skill got reworked almost completly, and now it is kinda simplier to explain, the heal now is a fix amount instead of being based on target missing health, it's stats seems a buff from every aspect, but mana cost was ridiculously increased.
This skill basically heals an ally, give him an movement speed steroid for 2 seconds, and an attack speed steorid, but it's high mana cost will make it difficult to spam or use in lane phase, the passive will help sustain a little but it's also risky.
Yuumi CAN'T heal both herself and allies at same time, so if you want to heal yourself you MUST not be attached while using Zoomies
This skill works greant with Ardent Censer and ok with the rest of items that interaction with healings.

Basically you need to hit enemies 3 times with your ult to root them, your ult is pretty fast so it will not be instant but they can flash away.
It works great while enemies are alerdy affected by some CC, so you can have a guaranteed root (I recommand Glacial Augument build if your team have basically no CC).
Items and why they are great

Ardent Censer

Lich Bane / Iceborn Gauntlet

Knight's Vow

Twin Shadows

Athene's Unholy Grail


Abyssal Mask

I think I explained all items that need an explaination , if you need more info about any other item choise feel free to ask in comms, depending on how important it may be I can update the guide or direct answer you, but I think all other items are self-explainatory and intuitive.

Mejai's Soulstealer
Summon Aery is so far the best rune for Yuumi, it have all you need, decent poke, shields and basically no cooldown. oh and don't forget, AERY IS A CAT TOO. The poke damage from Aery is decent early game but falls in late, it's shields however are great in all steps of the game.
There you can find more information about Aery's interactions with certain items
For second line Manaflow Band just seems the best option out of the others, since you will ult most of time attached you do not really need the bonus movement speed of Nimbus Cloak nor Nullifying Orb magic resist, so being able to have enough mana to spam your heals and Prowling Projectile seems the best choice.
Next we have Transcendence which is one of the best runes you can find in game, a lot of morons will say it may be useless, especially if you build a lot of cdr?! (I do no think they read all the effects) but let me explain why this rune is awesome. Basically you get free 10% cdr at level 10, with the bonus cdr from flexible rune ardent and Ionian Boots of Lucidity (but most of times you will not build boots tho) you have alerdy 40% cdr, not to mention even if you build more cdr, THAT WILL NOT BE WASTED, extra cdr are converted in adaptive damage, which mean for example if you have 50% cdr you get free 20 AP.
So tldr: you will get a lot faster 40% cdr and if you exceed that amount you will get more AP.
Absolute Focus is also a viable option, since most of time you will be full hp, you can easy abuse that rune and increase your power both for poke and healing.
For last line you can choose from both Scorch and Gathering Storm, but since Yuumi really did not deal too much damage, Scorch will help his Prowling Projectile on an relative short cooldown, on other side the ap from Gathering Storm will also helps your healings to be even better in late game, because of it's AP scaling.
Revitalize is just great for champions that can spam heals and shields, it will increase both your Zoomies heal power as well as your shieds, it will become even more ridiculous high with heal boosters like Ardent Censer
Your Prowling Projectile can easy trigger Font of Life while you are attached, as well as Final Chapter. Font of Life will heal your allies that attack enemies marked, so on short, more healings. If you are not really a fan on that rune you can take Demolish and take faster turrets, but most importantly, plates, even if, Font of Life is definitely better, as Demolish require your lane to be winning alerdy to aplly it.
Well i am to lazy to explain that part, basically is a supportive strategy to slow enemies to death with your slow actives and basic attack, you can find easy on youtube probably something more explainatory (spoiler, i did not find a general one, just ahri montages) but that strategy work on anything Ican assure you (even if I myself I played most of time just glacial ahri)
ok i find something to explain extremly good how this works
Taking down objectives
Well right now there's 2 scenario for best usage of your kit for taking turret fasters.
1. If you have Ardent Censer you want just to chain attach on your team (spam You and Me! from teammate to teammate, as they will get passive attack speed by granting them shields with either your passive or aery, and cast Zoomies on someone, preferably adc but anyone that can hit turrets hard is a good target.
2. In lane phase, you want to attach Zoomies and then de-attach and hit the turret, repeat it when Zoomies is avaible again, since her attack speed is pretty handly.

If the objctive is Baron stay attach all the time, you will lose fast your whole healthbar, but on something like herald or dragon you can apply the strategy from top.

Be careful at dragons btw, they are very powerful.
Gameplay and strategy
So I'm gonna rework this whole chapter as Yuumi get a kind of mini rework, would be easier to start from zero than just change some details.

Still aplyable hint is while you are deep warding you can ask someone to stay around you, so you an easy go back safe, for example at the start of the game or for baron vision.

Lane phase
Yuumi is extremly weak early right now, your Prowling Projectile will deal.. almost no damage honestly, so your main usage for it is to farm gold from Spellthief's Edge. Your You and Me! got some nerfs and now if you get hit by an CC it will be forced on a 5 seconds cooldown, so it's pretty risky to de-attach, that being said you will only get off of your teammate when you want to proc Bop 'n' Block and get your shield and mana, that will result even in an favorable trade or free shield (as if they trade back all they'll do is to destroy your shield). The mana is extremly important right now as Yuumi skills cost a lot more mana, especially compared to their overall usage.
Try to not use too much Zoomies in lane at low ranks, as it costs A LOT OF MANA, and the heals and attack speeds are pretty LOW, even lower if you compared cost for effectiveness.
So lane phase is basically gold farming and keeping your adc alive, Zoomies start to become decent a rank 3 tho, when it gives 150 heal 35 attack speed for 130 mana, still seems like a scam cost but in that moment you will also have some mana regen items, so using it will not be as hard punished.
Because Zoomies is both an heal and attack speed steroid it's the best if you are not using it at the start of trade/fight, to use it's maximum potential, but you can use the second your adc get hit once xd.
You can also use Zoomies for chasing as a way to gap close, but only if it's absolutely necessary, since it's a high mana cost spell and your only heal, you want to use it mainly either for heal or attack speed.
That being said you want to max Zoomies first, followed by Prowling Projectile and ultimate whenever is avaible (6,11,16) and max You and Me! last.
Once you finish the quest and upgarde your Spellthief's Edge be sure to upgrade your wards into Oracle Lens, then later if the situation require you can change Oracle Lens into Farsight Alteration but 90% of time you keep oracle!

And I guess there is ending the lane phase, I didn't mentioned it but be sure to ward, you are kind of immobile so you can't really deep ward alone, that would be suicide if you do not know your jg location, but you should be able to keep vision on drake and the ganking spots, as well as at least one bush on lane, if we assume your adc will also use his wards and not let all hard work to you.

Mid-Late game
In that stage you have not many options, just stay attached to someone, when they are close to baron/drake go and ward it then go back, try to pick the best anchor for you, it happens a lot that people will not stay grouped so you must figure where you need to be the most.

As for fights, both in lane phase and fights, you can de-attach to get an shields and go back, that is extremly helpful in close fights as you grant your teammate a shield and a little damage to enemy.

NEVER de-attach to block an hard CC, blocking a skilshot is ok, but blocking something like pyke Q is a death sentence becaues your You and Me! will be forced on cooldown and you have no way to escape, you are very immobile and you probably don't have flash. Blocking something like Ezreal Q is fine tho.
Unique?! "Flashless" strategy
Well now that I think is not really something unique, some few other champions can do it too, but not supports, but that is unique cause Yuumi avoid any consequences of it.
If you build no boots at all you should be 90% attached tho, it still works good as you can jump directly on the next item, the single drawback is that you need to be sync with your team, so don't recall solo, you will have a long way back to lane, also don't go solo anywhere if there are no allies extremly nearby of you.

Flashless one is more forgiveable tho, as you just use another summoner spell insead of flash, to provide more utility or defense to your teammates. I kind of mentioned no boots one first cause, you can likely play both in same time, which would work great but again, if you do plan to not build any boots, be careful your team, especiall your adc is aware he needs to be around you on every single back to get in time to lane.

So again as a summary, you abuse You and Me! by ignoring some crucial mechanics every other champion has to do usually (nothing new until now i think), and increase more and faster your utillity and impact on game.

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