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Zac Build Guide by Verhill

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Verhill

Zac: Biological Artillery

Verhill Last updated on March 31, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Zac with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Bard Not really an issue, just be careful as his ultimate will put you into stasis, but your ultimate will stun continue.
Akali I don't think she is much trouble even if she throws her cover down. All of your spells can still hit her.
Jinx Her flame chompers will still trap you even if you try to jump over them
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Hey guys, this is my first guide I've done so feedback would be appreciated! I've been playing Zac since about I started playing League of Legends and he's so much fun. Zac takes some getting used to with landing his E just right but once you get a handle of him, its game over for the other team.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is always a good spell for getting out of a bad situation or closing the gap. Especially paired with Zac's ultimate let's bounce which grants movement speed and slows enemies can make him rather mobile

Smite a must have for zac, simple as that. Make sure you get use of your jungle buffs and bonuses and have a charge ready in case your team wants to get a quick dragon.

Teleport I never take it but if you want to then go for it

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Skill Sequence

Your passive with a 300 second cool down, you split into blobs and can reanimate. You can just imagine how mad an enemy can be after burning a Noxian Guillotine or an Ace in the Hole just to find out you're still alive. It is vital to pick up your blobs after using an ability before an enemy does not just for the health but because it takes a second off your W cooldown.

Your last priority, although the slow may seem nice your raw power of Elastic Slingshot and Unstable Matter are just more important. A nice poke if you are holding a lane still.

A great ability, its already short cooldown is reduced by a second when you pick up a blob. Taken into consideration with your other abilities this ability can be activated quite a bit in a short period of time. It can also be activated during your let's bounce

Zac's signature ability, it can reach pretty far and bounces the enemy in the air. It has a very early high cool down so be careful in early ganks. It can be cancelled by waiting too long or moving if your window closes. I'll talk more about landing this later.

let's bounce His ultimate which can be used for a nice damage and bounce back, or a good get away. Don't be afraid to burn this in a risky situation, it has a relatively low cool down if you're building correctly.

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Does not use mana but instead sacrifices health for abilities. This makes building his items easier as it is one less factor to deal with.

A great jungle item for zac, it helps maximize his clearing time especially since we are maxing E not W first. You also gain 15% of your missing health from casting smite which is another sustain boost. I like to put the magus enchantment on it to helps with your AP and the 20% CD helps a lot with your long E cooldown.

Good for increased movement speed while moving from gank to gank, great on most junglers. Homeguard is a good addition but enchant how you see fit.

Basically a signature item for Zac; health, health regen, MR, and CDR. What more do you want? Oh and the 20% boost to self healing is pretty cool. Always get this item, allows you to sustain like crazy. Always my third item.

Good if you need more MR and is a good source of extra AP.

I love this item on Zac, it can be hard to activate while using your ultimate but if you are worried about being to squishy while being AP heavy this will take those worries away. Just Elastic Slingshot into the enemy group, pop off your ult, and activate zhonya's if you're low.

I dont really get this item but it gives health and AP, both in a good amount.

I love this item on Zac, with the magic penetration, health, and AP it is already a good item. It's passive is what makes it though, it's damage over time is doubled for a movement-impaired units. This is really just double dipping with your Stretching Strike.

I like this item especially when you're up against a fed adc with high attack speed.

Another item I don't usually get, I think the AOE effect is just alright. Much rather get randuin's.

Speaking of Randuin's, the CD isn't bad and the passive can help if being poked by a pesky marksman. The active is nice if you are trying to chase down a mobile enemy you just can't seem to get close enough to pop off you W on.

Although spirit visage will already give you a good amount of health and MR, the shield can be a life saver against a frustrating Rocket Grab or Javelin Toss

This item I usually save if you're being targeted for some reason and you want to mess with the enemy team. Your passive Cell Division is essentially the same thing, but now you have two chances to die and live. More of just an item I buy for fun.

A massive source of health and health regen, another signature item for zac that provides great sustain.

I only get these two if the other team is just not having a good time. Its fun to see how high of a percent health your Unstable Matter can do.

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Creeping / Jungling

I always start and smite gromp and then blue as you'll need the CDR, then go to red. Your smite should be off cool down by the time you get there. After gromp and the two buffs you should be at level 3 with all your main abilities. If all lanes are fine go raptors and wolves, but if mid or another lane needs an early gank then do it. Even if you fail miserably your Cell Division is a safety net. Once you get rolling just go through the jungle jumping from one camp to another on your way to gank city.

The rift scuttler is a great minion for Zac to kill, it's free health!

I don't counter jungle a whole lot because I'm always busy ganking, but if you're in the area don't be afraid to steal a camp or two. Your W and smite can make quick work of a jungle.

Zac can steal dragon pretty easily if you play it right, make sure you either target the weakest enemy/jungler on their team. Bounce them up and use your ultimate to stall for a couple seconds while you get your smite off (can be cast while bouncing). Best to do when your teammates can come around while they are focusing you for stealing drag and do a nice little clean up.

If your team wants an early dragon have your support come over to help and you should be able to do it no problem, Zac can also solo dragon mid game.

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Team Work

This is where I talk about why I love Zac so much, he can go really well with a lot of team compositions. In order to properly use him its necessary to know how his bounces work. If you land your Elastic Slingshot for example to the left of an enemy champion, they will bounce to the right, shoot behind them and they will bounce forward. Get where I'm going here?

Lets say top tower is going to get taken, if you launch in from the jungle and bounce on their champion and hopefully take out most of the minions you can either move him to or away from the tower as necessary. If they make the mistake of attacking you, use let's bounce to move him again just as you would for Elastic Slingshot to get him targeted by the tower and unable to do anything for a second.

Make sure you communicate clearly with your team mates; let them know if you're gonna go in, hold lane, just harass, or whatever you are doing. You might think its a good idea to launch in but they'll tell you to back off. Communication is key to winning all games and especially with Zac, don't go in unless your team is ready as you might get caught and unable to get out.

Zac's Elastic Slingshot can be cancelled by a knockback such as Alistar's Headbutt or Vayne's Condemn which can make getting out a bad situation difficult. Be careful.

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There is a lot of flexibility with Zac, no pun intended. Play around with items and masteries because everyone thinks every item performs better or worse. I am working on a tanky guide for Zac which has different benefits and drawbacks. I am also working on a guide for building top/ mid lane, and even support. He can be tricky to master but has high reward if done correctly. He is a fun champion so don't get mad if you can't land your E every time. Thanks for reading hope to see you all out there!